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    Neumann Films

    Blackmagic Design > RED

    PRICE RED Helium Ranger + Monitor: $31,400 URSA Pro 12K + Accessories: $11,500 The new URSA Pro is 37% of the price of RED's comparable offering. SPECS RED Helium Ranger: 8K @ 60p (12:1 Compression) 4K @ 120p (Cropped Sensor) URSA Pro 12K: 12K @ 60p (5:1 Compression) 8K @ 110p (No Crop) ANALYSIS The new sensor technology that allows you to shoot at lower resolutions for higher framerates is arguably the most important aspect of this camera. That and...price. There's really no reason to be in a RED at this point in time. I guess if you hated money you would stick with them? I'm scrambling to find one area that RED would beat BM in and I can't think of one. It was always codec but we might just be there with the release of this new version of Blackmagics Color. Add in the full ecosystem compatibility with Resolve and the fact that it's almost 3x the price. Seriously, if Blackmagic wanted to make a dent on the high end I think they just blew it up. RED is going to have to innovate AND lower their prices (drastically) just to be competitive again. You will have outliers and people that stay loyal to the brand for whatever reason...but if you're unbiased and just looking to make the right purchase, I don't see how RED makes any sense. As of today at least. Seriously a crazy release and few days here. I don't know if I have ever pre-ordered>cancelled pre-order>pre-ordered new camera in a 48 hour window before.
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    Many years ago, when footballers were still earning only a bit more than the average working man, they used to have their wages further reduced in the summer period when no games were played. One of the finest players of that era, Tom Finney, told a great story about his colleague Tommy Docherty trying to get a better pay deal for himself. "Tommy came down from Celtic, and had a fairly good season with us. In those days we used to line up in the corridor before going in to the manager to find out our terms for the following year. I went in to see Bill Scott, the manager, and he said I'd be on the same terms as the year before, £12 a week during the season, and £10 a week in the summer, which was known as 12-and-10. Tommy went in after me, and was told he'd be on 12-and-eight. `I'm not signing,' he said. `I've just found out that Finney's on 12-and-10.' The manager couldn't believe it. `But Finney's a far better player than you,' he said. `Not in the bloody summer he's not,' Tommy said." I've been reminded of that story again by numerous comments I've been reading about the S1-H and its AF system. Yes, the R5 and A7Siii might have much better AF systems than the S1-H but not when the camera has overheated they haven't.
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    Buy an S1H. It's actually a bummer to see so many youtubers/bloggers/influences/blah supporting Canon and Sony as they continue to under-deliver. And here is Panasonic, who for 4-5 years now has been on an absolute roll (GH5 > GH5s > EVA-1 > S1 > S1H), giving us super reliable products with the best IQ and specs on the market with things we ask for (dual XRL, timecode, video tools). Please, everyone buy Panasonic. I don't want to use a Sony in the future. And while I love the C200/C300III/C500II, I don't want a mirrorless camera that craps out after a few minutes.
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    Canon delivery

    Yeah, he's done really well there persuading London to switch on its Christmas lights for him to shoot that test.
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    Oliver Daniel

    Canon delivery

    I’m excited - got my camera cage sorted and ready to go!
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    Yet you still hear people complain about the Alexa green cast, the Red yellow wash and the pinkish skin from canon colours. Put a Zeiss lens you get a blue cast, put a canon or a Cooke you get yellow, but a sigma you loose some red/yellow ect... Shoot on film, you get several colour cast depending which lab is going to develop . If the image is striking , no one is complaining about the sky being the wrong shade of blue. Once you cut through the marketing BS and learn how to use a grading suite, none of that matter.
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    Why are they using Potato Jet's old studio?
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    These are some stills from a recent GH5 doc project
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    Maybe Canon will come out with an ice pack option:
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    RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW

    I understand what rolling shutter is. Let me explain even more clearly. If I pick up a camera and shake it while recording, I get motion in the footage because the camera is pointing in a different direction when each frame was exposed. This is called camera motion. If that motion is caused by something like a smooth pan or tilt or is very gradual and smooth, then the motion will have a certain aesthetic, but if that motion is not smooth, but is very jerky with lots of small motion, then it will have a different aesthetic. Engaging a Global Shutter so that the whole frame begins and ends it's exposure at the same time (hey look - I did know what a global shutter is!) does not negate the fact that the camera is facing a slightly different direction each time a frame was exposed. IBIS, on the other hand, actually does negate the fact that the camera is facing a slightly different direction each time a frame was exposed, and under the right situation, will remove that motion from the footage. I get that you dislike the aesthetic of RS, and so switching to GS "fixes" it for you, but I dislike jittery camera motion, which GS does not fix. I'd link to a video explaining the differences between IBIS and GS in order to reflect back your level of condescension when you fail to understand what someone is saying and automatically respond by thinking you're smarter than them, but I don't think that anyone would have made a video on the topic because the differences are obvious. Or so I thought.
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    These recent camera releases have resulted in a significant amount of velocity and trolling right across the web. Every camera is good these days. Every single one. Nor is a single one of them “underwhelming”, why has the bar suddenly been raised so high? Because Canon put 8k in a mirrorless? The S1H, the A7SIII, the R5, the X-T4 all have a purpose to fit your needs. If you can’t shoot good footage with them, the issue isn’t the camera. If one of these does n’t fit your needs, buy something else. I get excited about cameras, but they are just cameras. They are worthless without artists, documentary filmmakers, journalists, Youtubers.... the audience mostly doesn’t give a f**k what it was shot on - as long as it looks good, sounds good and provides value in form of information or entertainment. That time arguing over cameras could be better spent on learning more about lighting, composition, sound or editing styles. Sure, I did pre-order the R5 and cancelled it. Instead I’ve swapped it for 2 A7SIII’s because they fulfil a creative need. And it’s not the end of the world if it’s all just hype - the EVA1 and GH5 still exist and allow me to create on every shoot. For the argumentative, trolls and naysayers, it’s time to get romantic about the craft again. Show us your work. Make more stuff. Have some fun. Create memories. And grow the hell up.
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    He loved the C300 and literally released a video saying it was his favorite camera. 3 weeks later he received a camera to try out that he preferred and instead placed an order for 3 of them. Not everything is a conspiracy. It's okay to disagree with his conclusions, but let's be real.
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    With the new data rates that this thing uses, I was surprised that my inexpensive 1 TB Western Digital Blue SSD could handle ProRes RAW HQ in 5.9K and 4.1K 60p. I plan on using this new codec specifically when doing outdoor weddings. As of now, I have been severely underexposing just to make certain that if the sun peeks from behind the clouds that I don't burn a hole straight through the brides dress, never to be recovered ever again. Canon and Sony have had some interesting releases the last few weeks. The only realization is that the S1H clearly would best both to an extent if it had Canon/Sony level autofocus. With that said: I know how to manual focus. Glass f/2.8 or faster and ISO 12,800 looks fantastic. Anything more, I will light it. I've run my camera for over 4 hours straight (Hindu Wedding) in 5.9K, and my camera didn't overheat! When video work dries up, this thing is a competent stills shooter. I really don't know what job this dynamic duo of S1H and Ninja V can't do.
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    These rules are here to make the forum sustainable and as interesting as possible to read! If I ban somebody, it will not be personal, it will only be be because they repeatedly broke the rules below. I ask for everybody's understanding on this - I only have two goals - to protect EOSHD and my business, and to make the forum a source of high quality camera and filmmaking info. Cheers! First rule is advisory: Where possible, I ask for you please to avoid posting to the following sources: Tony Northrup (YouTube), Cinema5D, NoFilmSchool, Max Yuryev (YouTube), 43rumors, Sony Alpha Rumors, DPReview and Everyday Dad (YouTube). The reason is that in my opinion, I consider these sources to be ethically poor, with too much emphasis on advertising, too cozy a relationship with camera PR departments, too much clickbait, too much sponsored content, or a hostile competitive attitude to EOSHD. As well as this, each of the mentioned channels have at one point had a ban on my content being mentioned (such as on the DPReview Forums), due to my criticism of their approach to camera reviews and honest journalism. They are welcome to do what they like, but in response, please reduce the number of links to these sources on my own site wherever possible, as to not annoy or mislead myself and fellow users. 1. Please be polite to other users where possible, although lively debates and disagreements are ok and to be expected. However, when it comes to the site owner myself, I would like you to bear in mind that your remarks are in my house and on my phone screen. So it is especially important not to come here with a hostile attitude to the site owner, as I do not wish to see this content and it will result in an instant ban, strictly enforced for the reason I don't want trolling at work, or during home hours, and in my personal life. 2. Please do not promote your own products without OK-ing this with me first, especially ones which compete with my own at EOSHD. This includes camera guides, colour profiles, LUTs and alternative blogs or forums. If an account is setup for the main purposes of selling LUTs for example, this is not ok and you must clear this with me first. I can sometimes agree to work together! If I like your work, I'll reach out! However I will always reserve the final say on this, for the very obvious need to protect my own livelihood and website. Please do not use your forum activity to take customers away from my own site. 3. Topics and viewpoints relating to communism, obviously baseless conspiracy theories, MAGA and US right-wing politics are not allowed on the forum. I welcome people of all reasonable left and right political views but I do not accept far left or far right propaganda on the forum. The filmmaking community is largely a liberal art and Trump endorsing views aren't usually welcomed on set, so it's important to keep in mind that the same applies to this corner of the film and camera industry too. Please understand this is not about political censorship, even if it seems that way, this rule is about avoiding a hostile and divisive atmosphere on the community, and to ensure topics aren't side tracked. It is also about standing up for what's true, avoiding bullshit, and being a good guest in my house. I reserve the right myself to raise wider world issues on the forum and for people to respectfully agree or disagree. However, I draw the line at extreme views and unethical standpoints. 4. Please try to post original content. Only linking out to other sites and YouTuber content creators will not be tolerated as EOSHD should not simply be a rehash of somebody's private web surfing history. Please try to contribute real-life experiences of camera use, images, actual filmmaking and relevant topics in an original way. 5. Please do not regularly bump your own topics, like for example an editorial style compilation of YouTube videos you've found on a certain topic. The forum should not be an advertising platform for poor quality content. A few relevant clips are fine in the context of a discussion! 6. Serious trolling is absolutely forbidden and results in an instant ban. In general, users with a hostile attitude to myself or my friends on the forum will be banned immediately. Even first posts from new accounts are moderated. If a user rejoins under a different name to continue the abuse, email, IP address and all meta data will be logged and depending on the situation, legal steps may be taken and law enforcement may be notified about threats, libel or online abuse. 7. Please do not post completely off-topic posts and please keep chatting & small talk to private messages! When a topic has a lot of short chatty remarks, off topic opinions, personal remarks and small talk, it can be difficult for users to find the objective, factual camera information they came on EOSHD for. 8. Any account set up for product advertising purposes will be banned. This can include representatives from camera or accessories companies, who use the forum to promote a product in an obviously biased way without acknowledging the site owner or contributing beyond the purposes of promotion. Carefully disguising this as helping users on a technical level will not pass muster! 9. Fake users are not allowed on the forum, bots are pre-moderated. All spam accounts will be deleted.
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    IDK....... It may not work for YOU but it may be just the ticket for others. I can see this being a great tool for wildlife doco's using S16 lenses. On a tripod in a hide sitting and waiting for days at a time for THE shot. I have a very nice selection of S16 glass in PL, ......Angénieux , Canon. Some of the S16 lenses have impressive reach for thier size - S16 lenses really help when you have to hump all that gear into the bush. 6K @120 fps down scaled to 4K. Whats not to love? A long S16 lens shot at 6K - this allows for re-framing and punching in with a 4K delivery - if I need that. I f I dont I can just down scale to 4K. If I need 220 fps I just shoot at 4K. I see this camera as an exciting enabler. 4/6K from an RGB digital sensor seems to give S16 glass a new lease on life. And those frame rates...where exactly do you get that on S16 other then here ??? OK so you have no use case.......good for you. But to exhibit such a small mind to say this is just no good for S16....hmmmm, ok then fella...if you say so. You keep believing that while the rest of us explore what we can do with our high end S16 glass and 220 fps @4K. A game changer I would say. A TRUE game changer. I can see the price of S16 glass going up because of this, much like the effect the BMPCC had on S16 glass some years ago. Before the BMPCC, S16 glass could be had for little. Not now. Looks like history may repeat here. Its going to be interesting to see how this pans out.
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    My thoughts: I don’t really get how people are upset that 8k raw overheats...why are you looking at a small mirrorless camera if you need long captures of 8k raw to begin with? Buy a real cinema camera. I think everyone is forgetting what this camera is and what was asked of Canon. Everybody is getting mad at canon for giving us what the majority of people asked. People wanted a canon mirrorless camera that was full frame with amazing IBIS, dual pixel autofocus, high megapixel count for photos , and could shoot 4K 4:2:2 10 bit uncropped, with a swivel screen. So, they did that. They did exactly that and more. So then they thought, well we could give them a full raw 8k readout of the sensor and have them record as long as they can before it overheats, better than holding it back. Also, we can throw them 4K 120 as well and also have them go as long as they can before we max out. I mean, might as well give them everything the camera can do, instead of just not unlocking it and having the magic lantern folks do it for us, right? So they threw in some crazy bonuses nobody was asking for and here we are, people bitching. The camera everyone wanted is here. The full frame autofocus beast with great IBIS, 10 bit, no crop, and great at photos true hybrid by canon is here and we are upset. Are we complaining that they have the overheating numbers written down? Because there is no way It’s a shock that 4K 60p 4:2:2 10 bit with dual pixel autofocus will overheat near the 40 minute mark...or are we surprised that 8k raw in a mirrorless full frame with IBIS engaged, dual pixel autofocus, and no crop in a small mirrorless overheats? I mean, what are we mad about here? This is the camera that everyone wanted. There are several frame rates and resolutions that Canon threw in that will be very useful within the limits of this specific camera and yes they have limits, but at least they are unlocked and not behind a magic lantern hack like the old 5D. As someone that shoots an equal mix of photography and video, this is a dream camera. I get a high megapixel camera and high quality video, with all of canons special sauce including their great autofocus and colors. I see no mention of limits for standard 4K 24p and 35 minutes of continuous 4K 60 is more than what I need. If it’s not for you, than that’s fine - keep waiting. There is so much negativity in the world right now, that I’m honestly not surprised that Canon finally doing something good gets shit on. I expect nothing less at this point.
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    This thread is insane. All this over a chart without any actual tests. I remember buying the a6300, a7s2 and a7r2 despite the internet overload about overheating, single card slots that no professional would ever use, 8-bit 4:2:0 video with blotchy zombie skin tones, crop on everything that's not 24p, only 4k30p and so on. I live in Florida and never had any issues despite using it on a gimbal all the time in the sun and shooting longer takes, it doesn't take much to swap batteries or turn the camera off when not in use, or not leav it sitting out in the sun all day. I took them to Africa on safari shooting thousands of frames and hours of video, also took them to Dubai, Egypt and Israel in August when it was upwards of 125f. Now we have a camera that shoots 8k raw, 4k120fps with amazing AF, class leading IBIS and can even shoot 45mp stills with bursts of 130 raw images or infinite jpegs if that's your thing, and its trash because you can't shoot an entire wedding in one take? Wow. Can't wait for the shitstorm with Sony's cripple hammer on the a7s3 and the pendulum to swing back to the R5/6 and how "I can work around the issues, its worth it for raw and 120p." This reads like a Sony Alpha rumors post. LOL!
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    While 20 mins overheating times in certain modes are a bummer and could be a problem for some people, I for one, am glad they took the “lets put the feature in” versus saying “heat limitations wouldn’t have allowed it” and released something less exciting or groundbreaking. They would haven been lambasted for it either way. It’s a lose-lose for them and they made the better decision here in my humble opinion. Wether the headline is “R5 falls short: only offers 4K60p cropped” or “R5 has potential to overheat when recording 8K RAW(!) 4K120p(!), or oversampled 4K from 8K HQ mode(!). The later headline is forgivable!
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    Andrew Reid

    Sigma family business philosophy

    Kazuto Yamaki is admirable. He recently agreed to be interviewed on EOSHD, and I hope to bring you that soon. I think we should think more about the corporate vs private business philosophy of camera companies. Sony just released the 14-24mm F2.8 GM for $3000. At a time when a lot of pros have less work due to the pandemic and downturn in the economy, I think this pricing is sheer greed. Meanwhile Sigma have their own 14-24mm F2.8 of similar or even better quality - $1200. And their affordable 16mm, 30mm, 56mm primes for APS-C - all F1.4 and exceptional performance. Sony and Canon will likely want $4000+ for their latest cameras. A reminder that all large publicly listed companies exist purely for the benefit of making as much money as possible for shareholders, and it's also about moving manufacturing to where labour is cheapest - with all the environmental and social impact that brings to the planet too. Sigma are different and we should support that.
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    ATEM Mini Pro ISO Version

    Quite bold of BM to be releasing a new version of the ATEM Mini Pro when they have barely delivered any of the current one but here we are. As the name suggests, this new one lets you do ISO recordings of each individual camera, audio track as well as the master tracks to a single USB drive. It then saves your live cuts and all of those recordings (and other media such as overlays and titles etc) to a project that you import straight into DaVinci Resolve onto a timeline for further tweaking. If you are using BM Pocket cameras then they can be recording BRAW internally at the same time and Resolve has a new function to swap these as the source tracks in that edit with a single click. With the addition of the ISO tracks this is now some serious capability not just for straight live to air/net productions but also for anyone doing any multi-camera production that you would want to have post edit control of like a live performance recording, sports game, YouTube tutorial etc or even a low budget soap opera ! The developments that BM have been up to with the ATEM Mini series is probably not, on the surface, of that much interest to a lot of people on here but it is very innovative and is a real showcase of their end to end pipeline. Using an ATEM Mini, the Pocket 4K/6K cameras are turned into fully fledged studio cameras with remote control of on board colour correction and automatic tally functions but without losing their ability to simultaneously still be recording BRAW cine formats internally. So you can simultaneously do a live production in HD, use its built in encoder to stream live to the internet, hand off a USB stick with a video of the ready cut version to a client, record each individual track for easy post refinement of the mix and still retain the option to use 4K or 6K RAW master versions of those tracks to create a higher resolution finessed version with a single click. A four camera system that can do all of that for a total of under £6K or £9K depending on whether you go with 4K or 6K is arguably as revolutionary as any of their camera releases. I can also see it having a lot more applications in the "new normal" and offering some potential new opportunities to anyone who is already invested in Pocket4K/6K cameras. The bonus is it is a new product launch that can be discussed without reference to thermometers and stop watches
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    Sony unveils their new menu designer.
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    I have two propositions for their new logo..
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    A new tweet by canon rumors, who I find the most reliable of all rumor sites, says that Canon is open to adding BRAW to their R series cameras. This would be the biggest company to add BRAW to their cameras other than blackmagic themselves. It doesn’t matter if you care about these Canon cameras or not, every single person should be rooting for this to happen, because if Canon adds it, it forces the hand for Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, etc to add it as well. And when that happens, we all win. BRAW is our only choice for some sort of compressed RAW, because of REDs patent ruining the party. BRAW in more cameras means cheaper media, easier editing, color grading, etc. So, make some noise so canon knows we want this or whomever your favorite brand is. Sites like this one have pushed brands to be better and right now, they are listening and we need to continue to be loud. BRAW should be in every single camera that takes video seriously.
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    Beach food shoot. Both with Nikon 24-70
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    As there are so many threads on R5,R6 and 1Dx III I thought is better to have a dedicated thread for editing perf. Machine used for the test is a gaming notebook i9 10980HK, 2070 Super Max 8GB Vram, tested with files coming from internal M2 SSD and directly from the CFexpress card (no difference in the result). Resolve 16.2.4, NVidia Studio driver. Very simple grade, 1 node for LUT, 1 node for LGG, 1 node for color boost, saturation and mid tone detail. RAW: 5.5k RAW 30 -> 5.5k 30 timeline realtime 5.5k RAW 60 -> 5.5k 30 timeline realtime 5.5k RAW 60 -> 5.5k 60 timeline 30-35 fps 5.5k RAW 60 -> 5.5k 60 timeline realtime (half res RAW processing) 8k RAW 24 -> 5.5k 24 timeline realtime (half res RAW processing) 8k RAW 24 -> 4k 24 timeline realtime (half res RAW processing) 8k RAW 24 -> 4k 24 timeline 15 fps 8k RAW 24 -> 8k 24 timeline 15 fps but not usable as you get gpu out of memory h265 10bit: 4k 120 all-i -> 4k 30 timeline no realtime 4k 60 all-i -> 4k 30 timeline no realtime 4k 60 ipb -> 4k 30 timeline no realtime 4k 30 all-i -> 4k 30 timeline no realtime 4k 30 ipb -> 4k 30 timeline realtime Observations: - RAW is much easier in perf than h265 10bit, afiak no HW acceleration is currently supporting h265 10bit 4:2:2 only 4:2:0 or 4:4:4 - Thanks that you can set half res RAW (you can even set quarter res) on the decoding setting you can work in real time and then switch to full res for final rendering. - Very strange that ipb can playback in realtime and all-i not, it could be a Resolve issue - You need to disable Intel Quick Sync in Resolve preferences if not you cannot view h265 files, this seems a bug as they could detect that is not compatible with quick sync. - 8k timeline with 8GB Vram is just not possible in Resolve. So even frame grabbing becomes an issue. 6k timeline works for frame grabbing. Did not test the limit here. - It is a very powerful notebook but no where near a powerful workstation... is a tad slower than a i7 9900k 1070 machine. Hopefully both Resolve and CPU/GPU vendor will better support h265 10bit 4:2:2. Bottom-line what you save in storage in not using RAW you will spend in time converting the footage. Would be cool that other reports their experience in this thread and also with other NLEs.
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    Blackmagic Design > RED

    "Dude" you literally called it plastic multiple times and didn't know the camera was metal. You've been talking out of your ass.
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    Blackmagic Design > RED

    Holy shit, are we really complaining about how it looks now? It's not going to win any awards, but it looks fine. All the buttons are easily accessible and it's easily rigged up. Are we really gonna pretend that RED cameras are good looking? They're boxes with a mid 2000s gun anesthetic.
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    Look I'm not going to get personal here. I don't know the guy in real life. At the 1:10 mark: "Let me be clear on something. There is way too much speculation going around about an issue that doesn't actually exist (yet)". Really?! No. It's not speculation. 100% factual. Canon official test timing info. At 1:23 he whines: "None of the press has had a production camera. All the cameras are pre-production" Perhaps he can explain then why Canon went to all that trouble testing the pre-production camera to calculate overheating times and releasing them publicly if the problem suddenly won't exist by the time the final firmware is ready? Canon did all the testing on the beta firmware camera. Same hardware as Peter McKinnon was given and likely exact same firmware version. It's two weeks from shipping, the beta firmware is basically the final one. The hardware is final. The thermal design is final. Jared just doesn't get it. But then the whiney voice really ratchets up a notch because one of his viewers dared pointing out a fact or two! The viewer said "stop ignoring the overheating". "What I am ignoring?" he responds! "The document that is floating around purportedly from Canon?" Purportedly... I get it... Discredit the facts. Discredit the source. Heaven forbid - Don't mention the original source EOSHD, during the time all other major sites were stone dead silent on it. I am not finishing for credit. But again it illustrates the sheer cheek of it. Clearly I or CVP don't deserve an ounce of his publicity or thanks for expanding his knowledge and breaking the news first to his audience? And when you do simply add up what Polin has said, it absolutely stinks. Gloss over the fact the timings are legitimate. Imply they aren't even final. Imply the overheating is "speculation". Imply there may be zero wrong with the final camera. Say how great a stills camera it is. Claim abject poverty and that the video you're watching puts no money in his account. Say the actual overheating timings may not even be real! And then to top it all off... "If it is real, Canon are really honest!" The sheer fucking cheek of it. His viewers commented that he's "getting his bank account lit up for these videos". And of course he denies it. "I'm not getting paid by Canon..." What he forgot to add was "...this time" This is a guy who has no problems sitting on a beach in Hawaii for the EOS R launch, hotel and flight paid for by Canon. Of course he is getting his bank account lit from the videos. They are monetised. And the gist of the last 5 minuets if you can get that far is... Canon are honest! I am honest too! Now watch these YT ads and click these links so I can get even richer. 160k views on the overheating controversy and of course not a single mention of his original sources for the info. Not even the CVP video let alone EOSHD. I don't envy these creators. I don't get any satisfaction from being handed cameras for free or going on press controlled junkets. I make a good living off EOSHD and don't feel the need to have 160k views on each video. But if people wonder why I'm not championing the American YouTube Circle Jerk and chomping at the bit to join in, well... Here is exhibit B, out of 10,000.
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    The wide-angle selfie 30p IBIS autofocus shot is the new "video". I'd like to get back to cinema. So today I decided to do an experiment. Found a cheap Nikon D850 for 1500 euros. No IBIS. No AF. Going to use a tripod. Shocking!! Every time I have AF and IBIS I'm tempted to use it, and it really is inferior to a tripod and manual focus in terms of "cinematic". So much unmotivated camera movement out there and robotic focus. Nothing against it as a shot-getter, or for convenience sake but I am tiring of watching it. Floaty, artificial and "YouTubey".
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    Ideas for next EOSHD challenge

    I think YouTube camera review videos shot on unusual cameras would be good. Like an R5 review shot on a thermal imaging camera for example.
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    The REAL story is that the r6 is the camera to get. That alone beats the s1h for the PRICE. 10 bit interal, 60p, Log, ibis and DPAF. End of story. This overheating issue is a distraction as the people who are spending that much money on an R5 will know what they are getting into. If you are shooting 8k raw or 4k 120p for interviews, god help you. The r5 was never going to be the camera for you. But if you are just shooting clips and stock footage travelling it will be fine. You can wait for the Sony but it will not beat the r6 on PRICE, nor will it touch the r6 in the IBIS department - which judging by the footage is immense and Olympus level. But I get that it is very easy to poo poo canon. Neumann is right, they should be celebrated for what we have been given.
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    Everyone is lining up to buy the camera purely based on specs. There are so many intangibles yet to be learned: Rolling Shutter Dynamic Range Highlight Roll-off Detail in the shadows (Are the blacks crushed?) Flavor of CLOG How strong is the low pass filter (Maybe great for skin, but maybe not so good for when you need detail.)? ISO limitations before noise becomes a factor (Especially important when shooting at high frame rates like 120p) Record length limitations I really hope this camera is as good as it looks on paper. I want one if the quality of the footage is there! But what happened to the Canon cripple hammer? Is it gone or does it still exist.
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    Well they did base it on a design of a hybrid 20D and 5D. Just not the ones people were expecting.
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    Lame AF is showstopper for Alexa then too.
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    People who think the image out of the A7SIII, a $3500 mirrorless camera, isn’t very good or the skin tones are off are nitpicking the shit out of it. I feel sorry for you people. You will never be happy. Put everything in context. This is a fantastic release from Sony. They improved almost everything from the A7SII and kept the spirit of the A7S camera intact.
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    Defending a manufacturer's fuck up via the medium of advocating a 3rd party add on cooling device with rotating blades is quite literally putting the fan into fan boy.
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    I suspect that in the entire history of cameras, there has never been as much hype, followed by pre-orders, followed by hysteria, followed by cancelled pre-orders...before a camera has actually gone on sale to the public as there has been with these two firebrands
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    Maybe Panasonic would be willing to trade the S1H “fan technology” for DPAF. Fair trade!
  39. 6 points

    Lenses - Sticky Topic

    Speaking of Voigtlander, I'm (finally) editing the trip we took to India in late 2018 and pulled out a few hero shots and did a basic grade to get a feel for the project and to get some inspiration. That was the first trip I took with the GH5 and Voigtlander 17.5mm and one of the concerns that I had was low light performance as the GH5 isn't known for it, but it wasn't until I got back to the hotel and looked at this footage that I realised how good the combination really is. Here's a sample grab of the tour guide when we went to Varanasi to watch the nightly religious celebrations and see the cremations on the shore. No idea if it was wide-open or not, but this is a basic grade, some NR, and some film grain over the top, no sharpening applied, and it's even got a small negative amount of mid-tone detail. GH5 was in 150Mbps 4K IPB and HLG. I can't recommend these lenses enough.
  40. 6 points
    DEALBREAKER ALERT. A 15000$ 2020 MAC PRO cannot play back in real time the R5 footage. Does not matter Premiere Pro Resolve, FCPX. Nothing works even 4K30p won’t play in a high end 2020 MacbookPro. The reason which he does not say in his video but I know is 422. HVEC is supported by latest hardware but not HVEC 422 so it’s like at the beginning of the HVEC codec when hardware acceleration was not supported. Your 15K computer cannot edit the footage, but within a year or 2 when computers support 10 bit 422 HVEC correctly a 1000$ laptop will edit it better than your MacPro. In the meantime, we are screwed.
  41. 6 points
    John Brawley has said they are still tweaking the IR filter and it will be a different one on the final camera release From.dvxuser.com IR filtering is still being tweaked. My comments wouldn’t mean much because I had a prototype camera that had a different IR filter than what will ship so that’s a bit difficult to draw conclusions from. I used all internal ND’s on my shoot. There was also a calibration difference with my camera that wasn’t picked up till recently. Most of the RAW files are shot at the default WB of 5600K +10, which is the “standard” BMD daylight default. BUT When you start to go into he RAW tab you’ll find it’s really about -500K to -1000K (Less warm) and -5 to -10 tint (less magenta) I didn’t change these on my initial clips, but I have on these ones... https://vimeo.com/440479199 Which also by the way show the 8K and 4K modes
  42. 6 points
    Honestly they are the target audience. They are RED users that use the resolution heavily in their edits for cropping and zooming, also have been heavily critical of the RED ecosystem in the past. Big reasons they are switching: - In camera backup to 2 cards. - Ability to use common media instead of RED mags, which is HUGE for their storage costs. - Every editor in their office now has a fully featured copy of Resolve.
  43. 6 points

    New Blackmagic Announcement Soon?

    I'm in my early 40's and started solo shooting 20 years ago. No IBIS, No AF......you don't need these features to be a solo shooter. You need to take the time to master the craft better. Please don't take that as me saying you are no good or I am better than anyone else, because I still have a lot to learn myself but not having AF and IBIS shouldn't stop you from shooting quality footage. Plus, Solo shooters have sooooo many cameras to choose from these days if that's what you need. BMD are not a compact camera maker like Sony, Panasonic, Fuji etc. They are more comparable to other professional arms like Sony Professional. BMD make much much more than cameras and the consumer market is not really their thing. I'll admit, 12K is lost on me although I have worked on my fair share of productions where we have been shooting 4K for 9:16 output and have needed to shoot with the camera on it's side.....major PITA! With 12K at least, we won't need to do that. This camera is not for everyone, and that's ok. At $10,000 it's attainable to many freelance DP's and the same price as the FX9. Sure, the FX9 is full frame and that is super desirable right now, but currently, the FX9 can't do 4K50/60p in FF and that's a major drawback to many. If BMD are are showing off right now and that results in super speedy workflows, improved codecs, improved colour science trickling down for me using their cameras at 4K or 6K (advancements in BRAW will trickle down Grant said) then I'm OK with that.
  44. 6 points
    I enjoy his channel but if ever there was a wrong camera for him it is this one as it would have overheated by the time he got to his second point.
  45. 6 points
    Neumann Films

    Andrew Reid AMA

    Long time member, infrequent communicator here. I got into it a bit with Mr. Reid the other day for the first time. After discussing it with him privately, I found that he and I were much more similar in our views than I first thought. He and I both just had bad days...on the same day. So that got me thinking...I spend time here, it has been a resource for me in the past (whether educational or casual reading/browsing). I think it's easy to take a site like this for granted. We tend to just assume there's a team or that it is all automated. It's not, it's one guy and it takes time from his day and other things. So, I wanted to do an AMA and get to know him a bit more. I will start it off. Please post questions in bold + italic and tag "@Andrew Reid". @Andrew Reid What art form interests you the most outside of film? Also...what is your favorite CURRENT local restaurant (no chains)? PS...I know Andrew is too humble to make this sticky or pin it. But I think it should be. If it is sticky or pinned it's because I'm requesting it. I think it would be good for the health of the site for people to have a better sense of who is behind it. It would add a personality that would make things more civil and you would probably notice that you don't get stressed as much.
  46. 6 points
    Crazy indeed. Look closely at 0:51. The AF cannot distinguish an eye from a butthole.
  47. 6 points
    No. The whole point for me and for millions of FF mirrorless owner in the world is to have a do it all camera. I hate to carry 2 body with me on 60 miles trek at 3000m in the mountain or on summit attempts. Granted, not millions of shooters are mountaineers, but millions of them are travelers, and hate traveling with 2 cameras if one could do it all. So not only I want to carry 1 body, but I want great IBIS. It remains to be seen if the A7SIII IBIS is the same shit as the A7RIV, or excellent like the R5. It remains to be seen if they included Venice color science, and completely changed the body ergonomics and buttons and menus. Since I never shoot more than 1 min clips I do not care about the overheating. BUT, if Sony could have a quad bayer that gives me 12mpx video and 48mpx stills, with much better ergonomics / buttons / menus, better color and better IBIS (basically matching the R5 on those aspects) then I would stay with Sony for 2 reasons: I am already in the ecosystem and I would rather have 12mpx video / 48 mpx stills with the obvious advantages it brings (rolling shutter...) than having just 45mpx. However, I value MUCH more having great IBIS, great body feeling and pleasure of using the camera than having a quad bayer only. It's not like Canon is much behind in spec like always before. I remember an article from @Andrew Reid about how important having a camera with a good body and interface is, that it gives you the will to actually go and shoot and that bodies with poor ergonomics do not inspire you. I kind of agreed at the time. It seems you do not take this into account anymore in your R5/A7S III comments Andrew. I understand the frustration you have with overheating and your pro work that requires long recording, but I am sure you have plenty of gear for that job already and I am sure you will very much enjoy shooting a lot with the R5 for creative short videos.
  48. 6 points
  49. 6 points
    My camera isn't built up at the moment. But the principle is get the camera as far back on your shoulder as possible, most builds I see are far too front heavy. And I use arri rosettes as much as possible, as they firmly lock into place. Edit: Just found this picture of me from four years ago shooting a short film with the F3, this isn't how I'd rig it up today, but gives you at least a rough rough idea:
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