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    Time of Flight / LiDAR continuous autofocus is really quite remarkable technology. There are rumours Panasonic will implement it on future cameras like the GH6. Don’t you wish the current autofocus-challenged cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K or GH5 could have amazingly smooth Dual Pixel AF-like performance? Well, you could soon be in luck. Time of Flight Autofocus is a reality and I’ve seen it working. With this prototype add-on, a Time of Flight sensor sits in the hotshoe and talks wirelessly to the Pocket 4K. The autofocus motors in the Micro Four Thirds lens are commandeered based on real-time depth sensing information from the LiDAR beam. I met up with CDA-TEK’s Ian (BTM_Pix on the forum) this week in Manchester to take a look at what he’s been working on. Read the full article
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    Thanks for the positive feedback. Much appreciated. Please buy it I've run out of gaffer tape making this one so that integration will have to wait for a while.
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    Well, I haven't posted on EOSHD for ages, but when I saw this competition I thought that sounds fun. I dropped by on Bexhill-on-Sea on the South Coast yesterday on my way to somewhere else, and shot this footage over an hour or two. No grading, straight out of camera. Manual settings (although fairly limited choice that's all I'll say). Edited on my laptop this evening. I bought the used camera on ebay for £133. I'm not sure if this is the sort of thing you're looking for Andrew. As long as I don't come last.
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    Pocket 4k with Metabones XL and Zeiss CP.2 shot in BRAW 5:1
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    Unpopular Opinion?

    I'm a manual lenses guy. I despise auto focus for my filming. Even when it works I find it more of a curse than a blessing. Weirdly, I like it when subjects move out of focus and someone on the other side of the lens makes an organic correction to maintain it. And I love a slightly sloppy but creative rack focus. It's a neat trick of the craft. I'd rather have imperfections created by humans than perfection created by programming. Am I simply justifying my anachronistic (read: old fart) attitudes or do I really have a legitimate point? Am I alone? Is anyone else attracted to this?
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    I win! https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail/?id=sdigpandcgx800bob&categoryName=cameras-compact-system&superCatName=electronics&title=panasonic-lumix-dc-gx800-(body-only)-b 4K for £135 But this got me thinking as well... What if we have a fun "EOSHD Challenge" where we all trawl the bargain bins in our local towns and online, pick something for super cheap, could be $50, $100, no more than $150 or $200... Make a video with it. Then the winner is judged in a poll - on artistic merit, and technical image quality (can be 1080p of course) The winner, wins the camera of the last place guy 😉 Plus a special bonus camera from EOSHD. What do you think? Worth setting up a challenge like this?
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    Follow this advice first @kaylee! It is spot on. The initial aim isn't money, and I would argue the aim is never ever about just money. The aim is good content. Money just "happens" if you get that bit right. I think Dave's advice about the affiliates is good as well, but none of that will apply initially as you build your audience and following. My advice is this: Sheer passion. You have to create the videos based on your passion, your enthusiasm and interest and sheer enjoying in making them. Once it becomes a chore or like work, the content gets lifeless and repetitive. This goes for everything. It goes for filmmakers, as much as it does for dog videos and cute stuff, everything has to have some inspiration or passion behind it to succeed, and you need to be almost obsessive about the subject over long periods of time. You have to love it. If you love dogs, like I do, go for it. You don't even need to think about it initially, just have fun and do what you do. If it's fun for you it's fun for me to watch and I will subscribe and join in the fun. My girlfriend watches guinea pig videos on YouTube, and has a riot. When she's stressed or upset she watches rabbit being washed in bubble bath There is massive demand for this sort of content on YouTube but quite a lot of it about. If you are unique, and I think you are, you'll succeed if you stick with it and build that following. Don't even look at the balance sheet though, for at least 2 months, and obviously don't spend more than you have to creating the videos at first, until you have a following and merchandise (or affiliate income) that can support it. Build a niche and a brand and they will come! Sell t-shirts, sell merchandise to your fans. It sounds like you have an absolute gem of a setting, the forest, the awesome dogs... So go for it and don't look back. When I started EOSHD I was just a forum poster at DVXUser giving out all this info for free on someone else's site and the site admins were horrible to me one day, so I thought - right - enough of this, I'm going to set up my own camera blog, my own forum, and that was EOSHD. I hope my passion showed through! GOOD LUCK!
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    I think this is genuinely a HUGE step. Rarely, do we get such a big leap out of nowhere like this. I've never felt like any other camera was anything other than just good, or expected in 2019. This is different. It's like having a full frame Pocket 4K with nobs on... from the future. This image sits in the cinema world, not the video one. I've shot some S1 10bit V-LOG with it this weekend. Here's a frame: Compared to the X-T3 10bit F-LOG, dynamic range seems wider and shadows cleaner. Image is creamier, and less noisy at high ISOs. Base ISO is 640 in V-LOG, but extended ISO can go a bit lower. Compared to A7 III S-LOG 2/3, the codec is far more robust, less banding and compression, it looks like ProRes. I'll upload the original MOV files soon.
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    Video grabs from a mystery noisy camera with a mystery unsharp lens
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    The results are in. Some are a little funny, others kinda expected but still interesting. When I counted the first time a few days ago the funny part was that J wasn't to far behind I. But I didn't expect this. (BTW, this morning J was still in the lead between the two.)
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    Some footage from Z6. Portrait Profile Sharpening -3 Mid-range sharpening -1 Contrast -2.5 On the format topic, all I really wish for is 10-bit 4:2:2. Internal raw is overkill for my needs. If I'm shooting raw I'm going to be on a set and need monitor anyway, far cheaper to record to SSD in that situation than XQD
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    So, my brother has a channel of his kid playing the ABC's game. The little guy is obsessed with the alphabet and he's a charming good natured kid. So, bro started making videos with his son everytime the little guy wanted to play with his letters. At the end of a year they had made about 150 vids. Somehow the YT algorithm, or an influencer, smiled on their little channel and overnight their subscription rate went from 25 people to 75K; still growing. He turned on the monetize option and just received a check this month for $2K. My bro is a blue collar dude and scrapes by. This is like hitting the lottery a little bit. He puts in the work, sure, but he and his son both love it and they're getting paid for it now. He's making more videos than I do. And, if I'm being honest, they're more engaging than the dry corporate shit I usually do for pay. And, with the extra income he can actually pay a few bills on time for a change. OTOH, I'm an old creative and working under the traditional distribution model of filmmaking. My wife and I have tanked about 35K of our own cash into our latest documentary and we've made, maybe, 5K of that back. So, brave new world, y'all.
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    S1 Anyone?

    Here is an S1 frame grab with my beloved contax Zeiss 50mm 1.7, this was shot in HLG and hasn't been graded at all, just pulled from rec2020 back into rec709. I think the color and dynamic range speaks for itself:
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    By the way, one slight drawback here is the price variation in different markets. Most notably in Sweden where some of the prices I've seen him get gear for means that @Mattias Burling might well end up shooting his $150 entry on an Alexa
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    Even without VLOG, I'm loving this camera and floored by the colors and dynamic range. Here are a couple screengrabs from a shoot I was on yesterday, using the HLG profile. I'm very, very excited to get my hands on the log upgrade. I think this is the first time I've ever had a video camera where I'm actually choosing the DR I want scene-to-scene at my discretion, rather than being forced to deal with limitations of the camera. There's plenty of room in the shadows and highlight roll-off is silky smooth. Color me impressed.
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    OK, sorry, I couldn't resist anymore ... 300€ immediately off, 1 free battery (90€ worth), and the 200€ worth offered VLOG upgrade finished my efforts to resist... OK, now I have to sell a lot of stuff ahah !
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    I dONT kNow I JuST SHoOT raw aNd mAkE ANY colors i WAnT
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    The A7S-III is already here. It has; Sony BSI Exmor full frame sensor (highly likely) 10bit color sampling, internal and HDMI. 4:2:2 150mbp/s 4k internal. 6k full pixel readout (6k to 4k oversampling) 4k 60p in "Hollywood cine" super35 sensor size. Full size HDMI port. No recording limit in 4k 30p No overheating whatsoever. 14+ stops of VLog Wave form scopes. LUT support Fantastic color science. 4k raw over HDMI is on the way. See?...the A7S-III is here today! But its Panasonic that made it, not Sony. Its called S1.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Jesus @Emanuel is one of the biggest owners, boosters on here for the PK4. He probably knows about 50 times more about video than you do. And Hook is on here all the time. You are a silly bastard.
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    Hey Kaylee! I will speak for myself but also speak for my friends who are all in this YouTube creator space making a full time living. I have a channel called Kinotika and I am a full time YouTuber. I went full time about a year and a half ago and we have over 60,000 subscribers...on track to hit 100,000 next year hopefully. First off...the money I make off ad revenue from Google is nothing. I’ll just say it to you....We make on average $1,000 a month off ad rev. That is by no means enough to live off of. On the months where we have had viral videos where we get close to a million views that month, we make $3,000 roughly that month. Even on our BEST months....$3,000 just isn’t enough money per month to live off of for me and my wife and kids. Thats where affiliate marketing comes in. I make sometimes double money or sometimes more off affiliate compared to ad rev...and it is continuing to grow. (I still haven’t even enabled international amazon...so I am only dealing with the USA) On top of affiliate, once we hit about 50,000 subscribers...agents started reaching out to me to represent us. I now have two agents working for me that get brand deals. Have you ever seen a video where they say “ This video brought to you by _____”? That is a brand deal. I get paid often $1,000 or more just to do one ad read. I make four videos a month and if I can get a brand to sponsor every video on my channel...we have some serious cash. Moral of the story is: CREATE AN AUDIENCE OF PEOPLE WHO CARE FIRST. Don’t worry about the money from Ad Rev or even affiliates. The biggest YouTube channels out there make the majority of their money from brand deals. The biggest creators I know for a fact will charge $20,000 and up just for an ad read. You aren’t going to make any money for at least a year or more. It took me about a year of uploading two videos a week every week talking about camera gear before I started making anything substantial. Making an “ENTERTAINMENT” channel is even harder than what I have done because it is difficult to monetize that. You have to gather a large following and then you will get calls from brands who want to pay you to sponsor your content. With what I do...people are already searching for the things I am talking about because I talk about new camera gear every day so it has a high searchability and discoverability rate. Watch channels like Derral Eves, Think Media, Video Creators, etc. They have tons and tons of videos teaching you how to get started. Moral of the story is...make videos that make you happy first. Just have fun. Make stuff you are good at. Don’t try to conform to what you THINK other people want to see. It has taken me a long time to accept the fact that I am naturally good at talking about camera gear and apple tech....that’s about it. Anyways....hope this helps.
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    Thought I’d found an interesting lens... But just getting over excited.
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    Some more test shots with the 35mm 1.4. This time in B&W...
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    FS7 in 2019

    Product segmentation is unavoidable. Sony really isn't that bad. Unlocked FS5 with a recorder can do up to 240fps RAW 4K which is pretty wild. A7III is what imo sent A7S3 back to the drawing boards. Codec wise yeah I wouldn't dream. XDCam managers won't let an A7 line get 10-bit XAVC-I. A7S3 will have a crazy sensor that'll choke everyone, 6K/8K support and a killer new body design with a flip out screen. That is my prediction. Getting back to the FS7, thanks to those for suggesting that Venice LUT. It's an excellent starting point for SLog3:
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    RED Mini-Mag Exposed

    Now I never really expected RED to have made the physical media inside their mags so it doesn't come as a massive surprise to find that they contain fairly run of the mill standard drives. Did I think they were taking the piss with the price they were charging for them? Well I still wince thinking about how much I paid for the 64 gig Redmags that I bought with the EPIC so the answer is definitely yes but when you looked at how much Panasonic were asking for P2 cards then it was par for the course. This video - which has been produced by a company that make alternative mags - shouldn't come as too much of a surprise then when they strip an official one and show the components. What I hadn't really appreciated though in terms of significance are the statements that RED have made regarding them developing the drives, the millions spent on custom firmware that writes the data in a unique way and how its a US made product. All of which this video pretty much debunks and in addition shows there being a somewhat innacurate description of the capacity. Charging people ten times what they could buy the product for is one thing but the misleading descriptions is another and one that might well cause them a few issues. I'll be very interested to see what the producers of this video have in store for part 2. Particularly as it appears RED have been trying to sue them.
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    Not necessarily.... That's camera #1. I'm still yet to shoot with camera #2. Stay tuned.
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    Sigma FP

    The game is rapidly changing. I am kind of hesitant to buy anything right now.
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    Managed to activate my code today. From the first shot I could see the improvement. 10bit 422 V-LOG with V-Gammut has truly punted this thing into PRO CINEMA territory.
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Wanted to try out my new Simmod variable nd for times I dont want to keep changing my firecrest Nd's. Seems to work pretty well after messing with the WB shift in camera to get rid of the green tint. Im starting to love using the GH5 with this Lut. I'v never had a camera produce such great colours with minimal effort.
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    i think you guys must be buying the cameras out from under me, i keep getting sniped.... lots of action in the $200 area. andrews probably single handedly buoyed the economies of several nations 😉
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    I just received my EM1 Mkii from B&H used department and immediately loaded V3 on it. I am using the Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 and the autofocus performs flawlessly. As good as Canon Dual Pixel AF IMO and more reliable than the Nikon Z6. I love the colors on the camera and I feel the size of this body is just perfect. THIS is what I wanted. The EM1X was overpriced and always having a grip made it unnecessarily bulky for a MFT camera. Going to do a review on this new setup soon. I feel the upcoming Panasonic Leica 10-25mm f1.7 paired with this camera will be my go to "YouTuber" camera for a while. I love the color science and IBIS is magical. Only thing "missing" is a good 120fps mode...which I can just get with my Z6 when I occasionally need it. So for now my current setup is this: 1DC on a tripod in my studio setup for that 4K MJPG Canon Log. EM1 Mkii for vlog style, run and gun shooting. Nikon Z6 for 120fps and run and gun shooting/ backup cam. Leica Q (which I just picked up used for a steal) pictures of my kid and everyday life/ instagram shots.
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    Many of us never use AF in video. So it's not "excuses". More like "not caring".
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    Geoff CB


    I don't think I have posted this before, mainly because I look terrible in it. Several years ago I used the Tokina 28-70 and a SLR Magic anamorphot together and on a super35 sensor (Samsung NX1) and it worked. It gave a very pleasant look as well. I'm wondering if using the new SLR magic adapter would enable it's use on full frame. If so that would be a full frame anamorphic zoom for ~$2000.
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    Nikkor 35mm 1.4...
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    The camera has one job, process an image. If it needs 3-4 minutes work per image just to make people look normal.. that's not exactly awesome imo. It's like whith the white balance in Slog2. Defenders always claimed that setting the right WB needed extra time and effort and that is perfectly normal.. yeah no.. in every other camera on earth it's a basic setting that takes two seconds and always has. I love Sony cameras. I've bought many, way more than Canons. And I can get really nice looking images and colors out of them, no problem. But doing it fast, efficient and consistent compared to CaNikon, PanaOly, or even Pentax and Leica.. not so much.
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    Here's some S1 Vlog test footage I just shot on the ninja v, pro res hq, Shot with Zeiss 50mm zf.1 Sharpening at 0 noise reduction at 0 Stills graded with FilmConvert fuji eterna https://www.dropbox.com/s/can0ot1k98ogd7a/NINJAV_S001_S001_T066.MOV?dl=0
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    FS7 in 2019

    After much deliberation over my next big camera purchase, I finally ended up going for a used Sony FS7 mark 1. This may come as shock to some as I'm known here as being more of a Canon advocate and was torn until recently in between a C200 & C300 II. That said most of my paid work comes from a production company that uses mainly Sony gear so it kinda made sense to go this route. Also it was simply a deal I couldn't neglect: under 500 hours with a zacuto loupe and tilta v-mount support for under 4000 euros. I think the camera is still very relevant today with beefy internal XAVC-I 10-bit 4:2:2 codecs up to 4K60p, 180fps and a slew of advanced settings including LUT import and the elusive Cine EI mode. Add the XDCA module and you get internal ProRes & Raw external. It's also Netflix approved for those interested in that sort of thing. So far 10-bit 4:2:2 S-Log3 has been a joy to grade. I keep pushing and colouring and it just doesn't break! Where 8-bit XAVC-S files usually start to look cartoonish, the IQ here is solid AF. SOOC the skin tones don't hold a candle to Canon so I'll be mainly shooting in S-Log. Overall I'm pretty thrilled with the purchase, I've been staying clear from Sony for the longest time but this bad boy is on a whole different level I feel.
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    Zach Goodwin2


    Here is the new version:
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    Music videos...

    love this one. so fucked up 😄
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    I don't have an S1 but out of curiosity I downloaded the v1.2 and v1.1 bin files. I wasn't particularly surprised that they would be different sizes but hadn't expected the v1.2 file to be 4.5x bigger than v1.1.... Upon, erm, closer inspection, v1.2 contains multiple loaders and post boot references which might suggest that there is more to come in terms of additional functionality via additional license fees. Let the RAW speculation commence
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    Sorry for all the posts but today was my weekly opportunity to look at some footage and do some color massacre... lol. So here’s another shot from my Nikkor 28mm f/2 lens test...
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    Grant Petty has nothing to do with the decisions made in PR in Knutsford. And to be fair to Blackmagic, said PR team were apologetic afterwards and in favour of reaching out. I believe it would be a very constructive relationship if they genuinely put some effort in. JB's rudeness on here is legendary, but it's in the past as far as I'm concerned, we as a community moved on from him. Hook contributed straight forward answers and good info. There are far more viewers than contributors in this post. How about some more constructive contributors to satisfy that audience of 1 million who have tuned in? Those people who are posting good info is what this thread and indeed whole forum are about. The bitching should always take a backseat.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I bloody love this camera - we are using it all the time to shoot elements for video, projection, visuals, shows, etc. It is great. For my use. I love to have latitude and no macro blocking for when grading. I am not sitting around waiting for the next big thing (anymore). 10bit prores/raw is awesome too. With no external recorder!
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    My Canon FD 70-210 F4 lens, Canon FD 2x teleconverter and Fotga FD to MFT adapter have all arrived now, and first impressions are wow.. this is a really nice lens. Test pics from it to come.
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    GH5, Kit Lenses, Natural Profile. Minimal to no grading.
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    A couple shots from the Canon FD 50mm 1.2 L that I had modified to EF mount. The more I use the lens, the more I like it. I’m still flying blind with my MacBook Air. I am pretty set with lenses, so now I need to decide on a monitor/computer. Since these are all color tests just to look at the footage, I have time to make a decision before editing begins. I looked at some of my previous frames on my friend’s phone and they had a greenish tint that I’m not seeing on my computer and phone... I haven’t checked these, but I assume they aren’t exactly what I’m seeing... ugh.
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    Mako Sports

    Smallrig 3D Rig Builder

    Really cool from smallrig you can build a rig from parts on their website in a 3D space also in real time. A good way to visual any of your future rigs or if you plan to add/build on what you already have. https://3d.smallrig.com/
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