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    Fuji X-T4

    6K Open Gate, 6144x4096, 24/25/30p 6K UHD, 5760x3240, 24/25/30/48p 6K DCI, 6144x3240, 24/25/30/48p 6K Wide, 6144x2592, 24/25/30/48/50/60p 4K UHD, 3840x2160, 24/25/30/48p 4K DCI, 4096x2160, 24/25/30/48p 4K UHD (Crop), 3840x2160, 50/60p 4K DCI (Crop), 4096x2160, 50/60p 2K FHD, 1920x1080, 24/25/30/48/50/60p 2K DCI, 2048x1080, 24/25/30/48/50/60p 2K Wide, 2560x1080, 24/25/30/48/50/60/72/96/100/120p 2K FHD (Crop), 1920x1080, 72/96/100/120p
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    Newsflash: Almost every large company is run like this. Once a company achieves a certain scale, old school management principles come into play. A strict hierarchy is established and innovative minds tend to get pushed to the bottom. Companies are run by MBAs, not by camera nerds. Small start-ups can run a bit leaner and display truly innovative and disruptive behavior. But that only lasts until it's sold off or becomes a key player in the industry. Then the dogs start chewing at each other. About Black Magic, I appreciate the image quality on both the Pocket 6k and the Ursa Mini. But the so-called "industrial design" is pretty atrocious and the build quality still leaves a lot to be desired. They would do well to charge a few thousand more and equip their camera with fully aluminum bodies, so that they stand up better to on-set use. And the Pocket has the worst form factor of any camera on the planet. No amount of cages, rigs or battery plates can turn it into a functional piece of cinema equipment. It's like a camera designed by an ancient Egyptian who'd only seen a camera in hieroglyphs.
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    Benjamin Hilton

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    From a promo I did recently with the GHA color on the interviews, you have to skip in a bit to see them: Funny thing, I was in a meeting a little while back with the Director of a really big TV station in the States and was showing him a video I did using the GHA color, while watching it he turning to me and asked under his breath, "you shoot on Red, right?" I took it as a really big compliment I must say😉
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    So having shot with the bmpcc4k now for most of 2019 figured I'd share a finished video if anyone is thinking about doing wedding work with one.
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    Well I can say I'm pretty impressed. It works in bright conditions as advertised and the files I'm now getting from my Z6 are blowing me away. More samples and impressions to come.
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    Fuji X-T4

    Nice, waiting to upgrade from an unreleased camera to the un-unreleased camera Al this 6k+ plus talk, while 90% of productions using the 3.2k Alexa mini.
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    How Can I Be A Young Director?

    No worries. Sometimes I wonder if ZachGoodwin is a real boy or a character someone has created. With that said, I'll play along... I think the point of the "hometown" documentary was supposed to be a simple assignment to get you working on a quick and small film. So, I wouldn't worry too much about the demise of the project. But if there is a business or even an interesting person that would allow you to make a film about them and it intrigues you, then go for it. I think the greater point you need to think about is that a filmmaker needs a film to make to be a filmmaker. I always thought you wanted to be a narrative filmmaker, so why not spend your time making 60 second short films? Write it, cast it, shoot it and edit it. Then wash, rinse, repeat. Good luck.
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    Plastic Fantastic

    Another one of my favorite Plastic Fantastic lenses is the Nikon Series E 50mm f/1.8. When the Series E lenses were released, Nikon was chastised for their poor build quality. But in comparison to today's lenses, they're built like tanks. About 6 months into filming my movie, life took a turn and I went through a rough patch that's really just beginning to smooth out. Unfortunately, that rough patch forced me to sell all of the lenses I was using to shoot my film. I dug deep into the gear closet and pulled out the Nikon 50mm 1.8 Series E. This is the result of that test... In some weird way, the rough patch I went through was a blessing, it forced me to look at my film in a different way and eventually led me to probably my favorite of Plastic Fantastic lenses... the Canon 28mm 1.8. I've posted plenty of shots from that lens, so I won't bore anybody with them, but that is one lens I will never sell. By lens metrics, it's not even that great of a lens, but its rendering oozes character and mood. In my opinion, it's probably my favorite lens of any lens I've ever used. Canon has a few Plastic Fantastic lenses. I would love it if Canon came out with a budget friendly cine lens lineup using these lenses' formulas in proper cinema housings.
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    Fuji X-T4

    Nothing on the screen yet. That's the next big rumor we are all waiting on. Larger screen like the x-A7 and fully articulating would be game changing.
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    Andrew Reid

    Canon EOS R5 8K monster official topic

    4K on the A7R IV at 60MP is actually very good, it's a nice image. D850 from 46MP also very impressive. Does it pixel-peep as well as oversampled 6K? Is it as good in low light as an A7S? Not quite, but within the normal usable window where 90% of shots are it is closer than you'd think and up on the big screen it looks great. I see the EOS R6 having better 4K than the EOS R5. On the R5 it will probably be pixel binned 4K in full frame mode. If it is oversampled from 8K I'll be surprised, and if oversampled from 6K it'll have a crop. Rolling shutter in 8K will be something to watch out for. It'll probably be quite bad, if you look at current fastest electronic shutter (Sony A9), that is a 24MP chip with stacked DRAM. The 'normal' 24MP chips have quite bad rolling shutter in 6K full pixel readout stills mode. So either Canon has a very fast running sensor the likes we have never seen before, or there will be a big trade off somewhere. That's why I think its sensible to wait for the R6 specs to come out. Maybe wait until June to make a decision. As per the R6 rumours, 1D X III specs in a mirrorless camera for $3000 would be very attractive, especially if they keep internal 5.5K RAW in there.
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    How about Panasonic getting some better AF capabilities? They need that more than 8k...
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    Sounds like you all need a HipJib I suspect my overhanging fat bastard stomach would interfere with smooth operation.
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    Shot this with an XT3 and GH5.
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    seriously guys, this is like a conspiracy theory sequel, you guys just need to sign julia and mel 😉 from the photos, seems like someone got a lemon and understandably h'e'd be upset. Most of us would be upset too. Sadly life is not a box of chocolates, not all the time anyway. This is precisely why i bought new, so that i would be covered under warranty, that way, i was covered if anything did go pear shaped. Really i cant say how many units bm have shipped around the world however i'd expect a very small percentage to have issues whether thats manufacturing, transit or something else. but the same could be said for any company. I think the facts bear this out we haven't seem a mass recall of p4k's or p6k's. Certainly some people for whatever unexplicable reason got a defective unit. Sadly in this day and age after about 5 minutes to resolve the issue ( no pun intended ) its all dumped on the internet for the consumption of the whole world. Which seems like to me at least more of an attempt to vilify rather than resolve an issue. I cant see how airing dirty laundry in the forum is productive at any level, bmd is not the empire striking back 🙄 it seems extremely optimistic that someone would buy a new model of camera then take it on a professional shoot days later. Nobody buys a rocket, lights that thing off and expects it to make it to the moon and back the first time 🙄 any piece of equipment needs a suitable time of testing and proving, regardless of what it does. If your doing something special with something brand new and said equipment fails, well i think you only have your self to blame. I'm all for whistle blowers, their the last bastion against wrongdoing, be that at government or corporate level. But if two individuals having a bad day they but heads, its going to get messy real fast regardless of it being corporate or football, add a bit of pride and the situation is generally unrecoverable. Ultimately rightly or wrongly its the boss who pays the cheque so he gets the last say. Not sure we need a royal inquisition to sort everything out all of the time. Unless you could prove bmd are using a child labour slave force i don't think its any of our business. what goes on. mercer i cant say i agree with you about bm cutting corners. I haven't owned any earlier bmd cameras. For me i can hold the p4k in one hand and a canon and a number of older but still usable still cameras in the other. it looks and feels like any of the other plastic housed cameras that i own, it seems solid enough after 8 months or so it hasn't fallen apart, the pcb hasn't fallen out neither has the battery door been an issue. sure it would be nice to say that the frame was magnesium and all that crap but that may have put it out of my range perhaps. Personally i cared abit about the image, there was enough evidence from previous bmd cameras for me to justify lashing out on a new p4k. I figure bmd is australian, i'm australian, i should be a little bit patriotic.🏳️ with a p4k i should future proof myself for little while. Anyone that denigrates the original image from the pocket has to be an idiot. I suspect that some people have a need to feel special or privileged perhaps, any thing that impacts on that aura tends to get denigrated pretty quickly. There are many cinema cameras out there that give a great image, it really shouldn't matter what one chooses to work with. I chose the p4k others may opt for an arri or something else its their choice. i''m kinda blunt at times i may or may not of inadvertently trod on some toes if i have offended you thats too bad, but feel free to downvote me 😀 if i appear like a bmd fanboy so be it, btw i'll get my own box of chocolates😉
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    We are pleased to confirm that all of the First Wave PBC orders have now been despatched and your contribution account updated with your tracking number. You can track your delivery here : https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/ Now that the PBC is out of the door, the development of the autofocus adapter that goes with it will be in full swing so I will likely be far less active on here so if you have any issues then please contact us directly at [email protected] Once again, many thanks for your support and I look forward to showing you something interesting with the focus controller on here soon......
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    The camera is basically the LAST thing you should upgrade. First: Lighting - get some basic lights and learn how to use them Set design - get some much crazier lights and learn about set design - music videos go all out on this so don't hold back Composition - learn about framing, camera angles, camera movement Directing - learn how to work with talent to get the best performances from them - writing and even performing music are very different to knowing how to look good in an extreme close-up Business - making a good film isn't the same thing as making money Yourself.... learn about colour theory, learn how to edit ('cut on the beat' is one style - learn 15 other styles), learn to colour grade, learn about in-camera special effects and only then start to think about camera equipment... or, at least, don't think about spending more than a few hundred. A good way to be practical about it is to only use money you earned from shooting videos to invest in more equipment.
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    Canon EOS R5 - 8K30p 4K120p

    Yeah, and then at the product announcement you read all the *** *8K at 30fps: Timelapse mode rendering only *4k120: 2.3x crop, AF disabled, 2 seconds recording limit, converted to 30fps only * 7-8 stops IBIS: when combined with 1.8x EIS crop, AF available $8995 That's being said, if they finally give us clean 4k60, no crop, full sensor read out, no binning or skipping, and not BS crippling, I'll order it right away at $3-4k. Hopefully with some sort of articulated screen and not the size of brick.
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    Currently working on Project with S1 the colors and ibis is just bless some footage here ( Wip) this was shot on S1 with 24-105 f/4 with ND Now imagine for sec this camera in Pro hands? (am noob) Edit: Youtube compressed it sooo bad😪 on Davinci it looked so crisp and colourful
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    Andrew Reid

    Canon EOS 1DX MKIII or Fuji GFX 100

    I'd go GFX 100 Larger sensor IBIS Phase-detect AF Excellent 10bit codec, not too huge file sizes Very good EVF Much higher resolution stills Better ergonomics for video (i.e. tilt screen) and more features
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    Camera owning plans 2020

    I am selling my GH5+PL12-60, it is actually a little large/heavy and probably too much camera for my needs. I bought an Em5iii when it came out, (it is much better value after the price just dropped to $999). I just shot some outdoor activities in the pouring UK rain and mud with the Em5iii an Rode videomicro. The interviews were done with two little waterproof Instamics. The IBIS with the Olympus 12-100/4 dual-IS is incredible. You can do much larger movements and walk with smoother results than with the GH5+PL12-60 dual-IS combo. With the x2 teleconverter I can get stabilised 4k from 24-400/f4 FF equivalent. I don't really need my Osmo Pocket anymore, except if I want to do boom-type shots with a selfie stick. The PDAF autofocus works great, especially with the face detect in interview situations. I'm getting a little lazy relying on it as it also works great for reveal "slider" shots and touch rack-focusing. The C-AF was the only reason I got the Em5iii over the Em10iii, but I could have got two for less than the price of the Em5iii! I like the Oly image, but still tweaking a bit to get the best out-of-camera colours (just using natural, -2 sharpening) and exposure without having to do much grading in post. No zebras, so relying on the histogram which is much nicer than on the Panasonics (stretches across the bottom). The EVF isn't as good as the GH5, and the mic input gets in the way of the flippy screen. The GH5 4k 10-bit picture looks better, but youtube and social media where I do my local/community event films have crappy quality, so it doesn't really matter. I do wish the Em5iii had the constant face-detection box during recording like with the newer Em1iii - just to give 100% confidence that the C-AF is doing it's thing. The only missing thing to make the Olympus the perfect camera for me would be built-in NDs. F4 and ISO 200 and no ND at 1/48 shutter is OK in the UK winter, but I use fixed NDs for the sunny weather (tired of fixing vari-ND colour messes in post). I carry the camera around much more than I did with the GH5 so have more opportunity to shoot stuff. I'm also really downsizing my overall kit as I only do small local events and documentary paid jobs on the side. My Voightlander 17mm and 42mm are going too to raise some cash. I'm keeping my GX80s for time-lapse cameras as they aren't worth much on the used market (working on a long-term time-lapse waterproof setup). When I see stuff like this, I know it's me lacking as a filmmaker, and not the camera that I'm using:
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    Beautifully shot. Looks like the 6k wins out by a small but noticeable margin. Both cameras are really impressive though, the highlight recovery tool in resolve is incredible.
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    Plastic Fantastic

    This thread is for all of those cheapie, plastic lenses that shouldn't be as good as they are. There are a few well known lenses that carry the moniker proudly like the Canon 50mm 1.8 and 40mm 2.8, or the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 D. But there are some lesser known lenses like the Tokina 19-35mm that have a cult following and are often referred to as a "Plastic Fantastic." The first lens I will mention is the Canon 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5. For the price, it shouldn't be as good as it is. Here's a sample frame from the 5D Mark iii with ML Raw... I have a few more on my computer I'll add later today. Do you guys have any favorite Plastic Fantastic lenses? Please share and upload some sample videos or video frames.
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    Fuji X-T4

    I fully agree, for all of us who are working professionals means we need to think about the business perspective of any purchase. When I buy a Panasonic G85 later this year it will be purely a hobby expenditure, just like buying a set of golf clubs would be, thus the price / benefit / ROI doesn't matter. So long as I like and enjoy it, plus I can afford it. While if I buy some $5 pouches to protect my "G3 IEMs" which I hand out to the director/scripty/clients/producer/etc then those are clearly a business purchase for me, and I can easily see a positive ROI from them thanks to their low low cost and the protection and professionalism they'll provide my "G3 IEMs". Thus I purchased these instantly when I first read about them yesterday. But if I buy a new Lectrosonics SRC, then maaaaybe I can convince (fool?) myself there is a positive ROI somewhere in the loooong term from owning a fourth Lectrosonics SR While if I was to buy an Aaton Cantar X3 recorder full kit (with Cantaress / Hydra / etc) then I know my ROI is going to negative on that! That isn't a smart business decision. I'd lose less money buying that set of golf clubs instead. Now to bring it back to the wedding business, and to stop talking about the sound department, did you get any more clients due to filming with a X-T3 instead of an X-H1? Did any of those clients you did get, did they pay you more because you had a X-T3? Did the X-T3 save you time? (remember, time = money) I'm going to take a wild guess and say the answer to all those question is a no. In fact, just maaaaybe the X-H1 is a superior camera for weddings than a X-T3? As due to the huge amount of footage taken, often 8bit is preferred over 10bit (thus the X-T3's big advantage is negated), and due to the nimble handheld nature of shooting weddings the IBIS exclusive to the X-H1 shines through as a big strength of the X-H1. Perhaps you could have gone all of 2019 without buying any cameras at all?? Or maybe only a very small purchase. For instance, hypothetically speaking if you just had only 2x X-H1 but already have a spare Ninja V lying around then there could be a good positive ROI from getting the cheap X-T200 (or X-T30) when they were announced. As the Ninja V unlocks unlimited record times, and a third camera would add a real tangible benefit at a low low cost as a locked off wide to save you in the edit when both the A & B cam gets compromised during a wedding (sometimes just due to bad luck, someone walks across one camera, and from the other camera angle the bride is looking ugly in that moment). Or just simply to improve the edit! To spice it up by cutting to another angle now and then.
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    Only SOMETIMES? 😉 Whoops! I mean "disaster" of course. Although it can be a recipe which leaves a distaste as well if it all goes pear shaped! There are some rare exceptions when it might make sense, to borrow or lease. Perhaps when you've signed a contract for a steady flow of work coming in, and everything is already inked and signed in blood. Perhaps you'll feel it is worth the risk to prematurely jump ahead before the invoices are even paid? Still is a risk. Plus there could sometimes be tax benefits around leasing vs owning outright. But you shouldn't be asking a bunch of internet accountants (nearly as bad as internet lawyers!) for advice on this point. And if you're not making a full time income from this line of work, then don't do it. Get at least a basic level of money coming in the door first! Walk before you run.
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    I reviewed the EVO I for fstoppers. Bottom line: good hardware, some nice features but the gimbal performance was horrible with constant and severe horizon drift (roll axis). I still see some drift on the video posted above. It also suffers from multiple glitches. The colors were a bit "flashy". It had some potential but they need to fix that. As for the EVO2, I'm curious about the quality if 8k on such a small sensor with a very limited bitrate (120mps). There is much sensor an h265 can do and the lens won't exactly be Sigma art... Looks like a useless gimmick to me. It's advertise as a digital zoom feature. Perhaps because they can't mount a proper optical zoom or don't have a good gimbal tech to stabilize it? I'll try to get my hand on the EVO2 for review. We really need more competition on this field. PS: the support chat is very good and responsive with Autel. Big difference compared to DJI...
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    Favorite lenses FD 24 1.4L

    your talking about the 50mm 1.2L piqued my interest i remember a guy using a fd 50mm 1.2L for wedding photos he uses the flare to surround the couple, looks quite nice to me i had to check and it seems like the 50mm 1.2L is the way to go. He also likes the 50mm Summilux ASPH which is well out of my price range. I may well have come up with another reason for the a low light beast going to do some tests tomorrow. If i can get close to what i want to do i'll have two reasons to start saving by the way whats the filter size on the 50mm 12L ?... thanks https://www.slrlounge.com/real-lens-flare-right-way/
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    I too started with the GH1. Then GH2, then GH4, then GH4R, then GH5. Back then these where cutting edge cameras and the people who used them back in the days have evolved and learned to get better at their craft too.
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    Canon EOS R5 - 8K30p 4K120p

    Option A: Canon has a secret sauce and manages to release 8k on FF mirrorless camera. Not only Canon is going to abandon years of crippling policy but they are going make a massive technological come back by beating the competition. Option B: they gonna fuck it up one way or the other with weird limitations, exorbitant pricing, marketing specs for the stickers on the box but without value for users (8K is actually time-lapse mode or upscaled 4K). Normally, I would be inclined to pick Option B but since their sub-par product line and pressure from the competition starts having an effect on their sales, we may not completely rule out Option A. Finger crossed.
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    Some of the Magic Lantern Raw apps that process MLV files will also process cdng files to ProRes and they have a lot of features to repair issues with the raw files. I don't really need any of those features so I don't know if any of them will help this issue but they might. I know auto detect black levels is one of the things I tick off when I use Raw Magic... but I don't think that program processes cdng.
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    Mine just arrived! Paired it up super easy and adjusted the button settings to my requirements, but not had a chance to use it properly yet. Looking forward to it though.
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    The 35-100 is a dream for this I've found! I'm so glad bought it!
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    MFT to X-mount?

    Exactly my point, David! This is a must have in the indie world to duplicate routes... Go figure the optionS we have at the manual side... ; ) MFT is the most versatile lens format ever, most affordable, truly most and a must! ; -)
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    It's almost as if you feel the need to excuse it, as if it being normal makes it ok to run a shitty organisation that could be far better if the ethics and management were improved upon. Canon and Blackmagic have been the biggest disappointments for me both in terms of how they treat staff (and myself included even though I don't work for them) and their products.
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    Favorite lenses FD 24 1.4L

    Yeah the prices of some are just plain silly. There is a bit of myth/legend about the first FD 24 1.4 though. I guess they probably did not make too many of them and while optically the same (I think) the first version has an extra blade so i guess many of those are really for collectors now. Then there is the fact that no one else made a 24 1.4 for a very long time (even now there are not that many....just the 2 FD versions, the 2 EF Canon versions, 1 Nikon, 1 Sigma and 1 leica (edit and the new Sony) and maybe one or two others at most and most of them have come in the last 10 to 15 years or so). I really did love the 50 1.2 L but I like the Sony Zeiss 55 1.8 even more though I still regret selling the FD 50 L. I wish my 85 did not have the dissolving bearings thing too and I think the three lens set of FD Ls 24/50/85 is pretty special still and differs from any other legacy lens set in all having those large hand ground aspheric elements. A few more from the 24 (the first stopped down a fraction, the second wide open as is the third)
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    Okay, so you're right - there's something going on here. Although my 800 is stable and i got a quick flicker in 400, just once at the start of recording. There was a fix to the original firmware that 'stopped' something that sounded like this. But clearly hasn't. Although it's not something i've seen in the footage i've shot - so i can't say it's always happening. I've gone to the source of the files and i believe there's some scaling to the channels that is the cause, in which case there's hope to fix the data before debayer if it has caused a problem. In the DNG's there is a value called black level, which is subtracted from the image. I see different minimum values for this across two DNGs and i can compensate for that in RAW Digger to see. Even doing that i believe there is a scale going on with the channels. If it's something that can be sorted it would be best to sort this before debayer in the RAW DNG files. I will have a word with them to add to any other reports sent. What we should work out are the circumstances under which the camera does this... cheers Paul EDIT: So i've passed on the files to sigma and see what they say. Useful for others that have similar files to do the same.
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    I can see both sides of this argument, but personally I'd feel very uncomfortable doing this, and when I see anyone taking a photo in my general direction, I always turn my back to them. In public spaces, you don't 'own' your face in this regard, there's no legal reason for someone to ask your permission for a photo, and they don't owe you anything from the profits they may make from it. That doesn't mean it isn't rude. I straight up disagree with your privacy statement Andrew, these days privacy is rare and if we don't hang onto every last shred of it, there won't be any left at all. Paparazi sitting in a bush taking photos through someones windows could be their art, but I whole heartedly think that is very wrong. In the UK, that's legally fine, so long as the photographer is standing on public property. Morally it's disgusting.
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    Out of curiosity, I quickly looked up Nikon / Panasonic / Fujifilm / Olympus, they're all around 3 or 3.5 stars as well.
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    People who use the FS cameras do so because of the form factor and connectivity of those products. The a7S series are hybrids, and address a completely different market space and function. There will not be any significant competition no matter how similar the specs might be. Different tools for different purposes. A pro is going to use the right tool, not the cheapest one. Cost is primarily an issue in the consumer market space, and almost none of those folk buy FS products anyway. So the a7SIII is not going to take sales away from the FS line. That is not an issue for Sony, it is only an issue for the conspiracy theorists.
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    Nah, I actually don't like the 180 shutter rule. A tiny bit more motion blur in the image and it looks more like film to me. I shot a doc once with 25ss and 24fps. Liked that too even though the motion blur is more pronounced. To each his own, but it's a style/look that I think really takes the edge off the "video" quality of a video camera.
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    Canon EOS R5 - 8K30p 4K120p

    Sounds like your blog name might finally start to make sense again, although the "HD" is starting to look a little small compared to 8K 🙂
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    Video Hummus

    Canon EOS R5 - 8K30p 4K120p

    I’ll believe it when it’s released and in peoples hands. Highly doubt Canon would sell you an R camera with better specs and less money than a C500.
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    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    The S1 is there for those who can't afford the S1H. You lose high speed 10 bit but you still get 30fps 10bit full vlog, same sensor, amazing ISO performance, amazing IBIS. 4K 60p S35
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    I just ordered the Smallrig cage for my Fp. Looks well designed. https://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-cage-for-sigma-fp-camera-ccm2518.html
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    You're doing this wrong. Having anything stuffed in a some sort of pita won't be nowhere near as stable as this: See that? Everything in its own place, organized. No jello effects.
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    Fuji X-T4

    No. That's the a7s III, of course. Just today I talked to a Sony shooter who was hanging on to his S II and dreaming of when the S III will show. I've been shooting on the T3 for less than a year and I bet you I'll have the T4 before he gets his fantasy camera. 🤣🤣🤣
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    Fuji X-T4

    I have used during two weeks of shooting in a recent Asia trip the XT3 and Sony A7III. The XT3 was a massive disappointment. I had to use 4 batteries in a day where I used 1 for the Sony. The grip was awful. The AF was much worst than I anticipated. The lack of IBIS ruined some footages and the stills we took at the same time same place are laughable versus the Sony. I am much more interested to see what the A7SIII and Canon bring at this point
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    Fuji X-T4

    Once you realize that using X-H1 vs X-T3 makes no difference to your bottom line, then it is easy to not be so pissed off at Fuji for "forcing you" to "upgrade" only a handful of months later. Rather if you want to be annoyed at anybody, you can be mildly annoyed at yourself for splashing out on a non-essential purchase. If I "gave my all" I might go out an splurge on an Aaton Cantar X3 recorder tomorrow, along with tens and tens of thousands of dollars spent on audio in other ways. But would I get that money back? Never. In fact, I might maybe even earn less, because for the type of bread and butter work I'm doing currently my Sound Devices 833 suits it better than a Cantar X3. In fact, it could be argued an 833 is going to earn me no more than if I'd stuck with the Zoom F8n / Zaxcom Maxx I had before. So I definitely understand the point of "giving your all, to get the best, as a point of professional pride". Basically did that myself when I splurged out on a Sound Devices 833, just it is important to keep this mindset in check, as there is no limit how deep you can go down this rabbit hole! Next think you know you'll be filming weddings with a Monstro on a Ronin... (these people really exist! But rare, and weddings wouldn't be their bread and butter) I think upgrades should be a bigger leap and further spaced apart. I've actively encouraged people not to upgrade from say a Zoom F8 to F8n, as they should either do a bigger leap (like me to an 833) or wait longer for more than just one upgrade cycle Ditto cameras, I don't for instance think a person should go from a Nikon D7100 to a D7200, it should be a bigger leap in time forward such as to a D7500. Or a smaller time leap, but with a jump up their hierarchy as well, such as a D7100 to a D500. To give a Nikon stills example. Yes yes yes
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    Canon EOS 1D MKIII specs revealed

    I also did notice that is not super stable but it is hard to compare if not using the same focal length,k the same way to carry the camera and also very important the same light situation. Also he does not use the enhanced because he says nothing changes but at least with the M6 II the difference between the two mode is big. The 5.5 and 4k seem very detailed and looks good. On the 120fps I'm not so sure is an improvement over the MkII….. if you compare the same pier scene the normal 1080 with the 1080 120fps there is a very visible drop in quality. Not unexpected but I do not agree to his comment that the 120fps is great. Still probably one of the best FF 120fps but for sure not great.
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    Yes, see what I said before. Basically it will be 8K for the headlines and to have the "8K ready" sticker on the box...
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