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    Time of Flight / LiDAR continuous autofocus is really quite remarkable technology. There are rumours Panasonic will implement it on future cameras like the GH6. Don’t you wish the current autofocus-challenged cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K or GH5 could have amazingly smooth Dual Pixel AF-like performance? Well, you could soon be in luck. Time of Flight Autofocus is a reality and I’ve seen it working. With this prototype add-on, a Time of Flight sensor sits in the hotshoe and talks wirelessly to the Pocket 4K. The autofocus motors in the Micro Four Thirds lens are commandeered based on real-time depth sensing information from the LiDAR beam. I met up with CDA-TEK’s Ian (BTM_Pix on the forum) this week in Manchester to take a look at what he’s been working on. Read the full article
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    Hallo friends, here is my contribution. I hope you like my final film. Looking forward to the great pleasure of exchanging experiences and technical odditities and tricks once Andrew gives the signal for releasing info next week. Thank you for your beautiful films, discussion and the awesome spirit. Thanks Andrew and everyone for inspiring us to film something personal. Here is my labour of love, shot last week and edited over night until just now cheers! Thank you very much!
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    Thanks for the positive feedback. Much appreciated. Please buy it I've run out of gaffer tape making this one so that integration will have to wait for a while.
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    I'm not one of the heavy-duty contributors here but thought this was an inspiring idea and blew the dust off my very first self bought camera. Happy to see it still works and my muscle-memory was back within five minutes of handling that good old boy.
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    Can't speak for Ed but I'm fine thanks mate, just been a bit busy writing some code to contribute further.
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    Unpopular Opinion?

    I'm a manual lenses guy. I despise auto focus for my filming. Even when it works I find it more of a curse than a blessing. Weirdly, I like it when subjects move out of focus and someone on the other side of the lens makes an organic correction to maintain it. And I love a slightly sloppy but creative rack focus. It's a neat trick of the craft. I'd rather have imperfections created by humans than perfection created by programming. Am I simply justifying my anachronistic (read: old fart) attitudes or do I really have a legitimate point? Am I alone? Is anyone else attracted to this?
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    Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Super Guide and Why it Still Matters Today The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera was released in 2012. At the rate that cameras are being announced these days, that’s a century ago in the consumer/prosumer world. The camera was released with very little fanfare as it didn’t have a monitor and was marketed as a great companion to drones, head cams, dash cams, sport cams, etc. Some people rigged it up, but for the most part it wasn’t exactly the most popular camera at the time. Though I keep speaking in past tense, this camera is still available to buy today - though with the Pocket 4k and 6k on the market - it’s very unlikely anybody is buying them. As we enter the most competitive market ever for the low/mid tier videographer and filmmaker, I am here to tell why this small unassuming - and rather ancient by todays standards - camera is special and why it could fit well with some of you. This guide is meant to be a fun way to explore a hidden gem, not to cause a spec war, fanboy war, or any kind of mean spirited debate. It is just an opinion of one person, but something that I have been thinking about doing for awhile. Lets get into. Brief History The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera shares the same sensor as it’s older cousin, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. A camera that truly revolutionized the filmmaking world, by giving filmmakers that didn’t have the cash to buy expensive cinema gear a camera that had an amazing cinematic and filmic quality to it. Something that wasn’t found in DSLRs at the time with not only the film look, but also specs. The camera could record internal RAW at a price point that was and still is unheard of. But the camera suffered from many issues. The screen was garbage, there was a lot FPN issues, and most notably the battery life was straight up horrible. Batteries would last around 20 minutes and often times much less. The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera shares the same sensor as the original pocket. Its’ a sensor created by Fairchild Imaging, with a sensor called the CIS1910F. Fairchild are a company based out of San Jose, CA. They have created several sensors for Blackmagic, but I believe the new sensors of the Pocket 4k/6k are now Sony sensors. The sensor is important in this guide, because thats where the special sauce lies. Blackmagic Micro Differences to Pocket The Blackmagic at first glance seems like a stripped down original Blackmagic pocket. The thing is, it actually cleaned up quite a bit inside the hood. The micro received a new more modern processor, allowing it to clean up some FPN issues and improved rolling shutter. Though not a low light beast, it handles things generally better all the way around compared to the Pocket. When using a monitor, accessing the menus though tedious with its button placement, is much more responsive - where the pocket was a lag fest. Here is where we get to the good stuff. The micro cinema camera on paper and at first glance seems like a bit of a letdown. No monitor? No cold shoe? No handle? Canon Batteries? But, thats because of how Blackmagic marketed it. They didn’t market it like how Red or Zcam do it, which is a modular camera with a build your own adventure way to build it. They didn't even really offer accessories for it. But that is how it needs to be looked at. You get a brain and you need to add accessories, there is no way around it. But building around it is not as daunting as most people make it seem and once you take the step, you really unlock something special. Whats the Point of This and What Makes this Camera Special? I am going to use some overused/misused terminology here to explain how the footage looks and what makes it special. In a current era where modern sensors show every single pore and are mostly made by Sony (with insane modern feats) - there is an organic look about the early Blackmagic cameras (BMMCC, BMPCC, BMCC) that is special and has a very film like look to it, which is what Blackmagic set out to achieve and emulate. This is going back to Fairchild and what they were able to achieve. The look that is ever so popular with almost every young filmmaker and over used on almost every filmmakers youtube titles - which is a ”cinematic or film look”. Yeah, I know, you want to argue its lighting and lenses and actual cinematography skills that achieves that. You are right. But there are still more tangible attributes besides that which can affect the way a video looks. Color science, DR, a soft look, and motion cadence are 4 keys to getting that look. If you can nail all of those, you get a rather easy filmic/cinematic look out the box. And the Blackmagic micro has all of those and is really the last Blackmagic camera to ever use one of those organic sensors that Fairchild brewed up. It’s also the last and only Blackmagic camera that you are able to buy today that has one of those most special sensors every created for its cheap price and accessibility. . It is a hidden gem and footage from the camera are often confused for cameras way out of its league. It’s a look that modern mirrorless cameras don’t often have, at least not without heavy film grain, pro mist filters, vintage glass, added motion blur, etc. What makes this camera special is not on the spec sheet, because 1080p isn’t going to making you excited. It’s not on the paper that will make you go “wow”. It’s simply with the footage. You can throw all the specs you want. The footage of this camera and the fact that it’s still available today new and very cheap used, is the reason for this entire guide. Keys To Rigging You need a cage and an external monitor. There is no way around this. If you don’t purchase or have those, there is no point exploring further. Remember, like I briefly mentioned above - don’t think drone cam or sports cam - think modular RAW capable cinema cam. Smallrig and 8sinn both make cages for it, I have the smallrig and don’t see why you would need anything else. Take your pick with monitor, that is a personal choice, but I prefer something with Sony style NPF batteries. If you only shoot RAW with this camera (which is what I do) - then you can basically set your settings and forget them. I would leave your ISO at 800 and manage your light with your lens aperture and variable ND Filter. There is no need to go into any menus, other than to possibly reformat your memory card. If you do that, you avoid the headache which is the awkward placement on the menu buttons. If you shoot pro-res and you want to constantly change settings (ISO, WB, etc) then you will need to either get used to the buttons or buy a second hand “One Little Remote”. Which is a little add on module that can help you change your cameras settings without menu diving. For battery, you can use canon batteries for about an hour/hour half before it dies. Or choose the best option, which is to buy the NPF bridge (https://www.starvingartist101.com) which allows you to simply attach NPF style batteries to the camera. With this option you can get around 4 hours of battery life on 1 charge or even longer if you opt for the larger style NPF batteries. A monitor most people already have. And if you shoot RAW, which is kind of what makes this camera special and what I recommend using, then you don’t need to menu dive or you can simply use the one little remote. And if you use NPF batteries you now have a cinema camera that doesn’t require v-mount batteries and can shoot RAW video for about 4 hours. All in an insanely small package with amazing footage. I think thats what gets lost with this camera is that people complain about having to rig it up - but a lot of the add ons are either pretty cheap or you already have. The NPF bridge is around 30 bucks. Cage from smallrig is around $80. The monitor you prob already have. You really don’t need the one little remote if you shoot RAW or get used to the menus. Memory Cards If there is one legit complaint, its that newer sandisks memory cards do not work with this camera. Here is the scoop: “Please note that we have discovered an issue with the newer revision of the Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I SDXC 95 MB/s cards that begin with the product prefix SDSDXXG. These cards do not work with the following products: 1. Pocket Cinema Camera 2. Micro Cinema Camera 3. Video Assist 4. Video Assist 4K We believe that these new cards have the V30 rating on them. Currently, only Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I SDXC 95 MB/s cards that begin with the product prefix SDSDXP are compatible.” Though that sucks, good news is that if you have a sandisk pre 2018, it should work. Also there are non sandisk cards that do work. I have tested this one for example: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00X1406EC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and it works fine and with RAW. It is still something that you should be aware of. I got lucky and all my sandisks work. Speedbooster There is a dedicated speedbooster for this camera in Nikon or Canon variant. Its called Nikon G to BMPCC or Canon EF to BMPCC. There is a “T” version that has minor improvements, especially to the felt material inside. There are other speedboosters for micro four thirds that will work as well. Viltrox speedboosters also work. The difference is that the specific BMPCC version gives you a 0.58x vs x0.71 or higher crop factor. Resolution Let us now address the elephant in the room. This camera does not shoot 4k. If you want a camera that shoots 4k, this is not it, simple as that. But, if you are a person that cares more about the image quality than the resolution, you won’t be disappointed. But lets say you really do want 4k, well, there is another hidden gem that takes this camera one step further. Inside Davinci Resolve is a feature called “superscale” which upscales footage beautifully. And scaled micro cinema footage to UHD/4K looks fantastic. See Rob Ellis' beautiful video on this: Also even if you need 4k for certain projects, this camera should still be in your arsenal. It’s cheap enough where you can have it along side something like a pocket 4k/6k. Again, the footage speaks for itself. IR Cut and Moire I highly recommend using an IR Cut filter with this camera as there is some IR pollution that can affect your image if you dont use one. You can find some for as cheap as 20-30 bucks. There are also some moire filters, like the RAWLITE OLPF, that does IR CUT and reduces moire at the same time. You install this over the sensor and you dont have to worry about using filters, but it's costly. I don’t have too much of an issue with moire - so for most a simple IR Cut filter could be enough. Where to Buy You can still buy these new today. But you can score amazing kits on ebay, craigslist, etc. You can often find one with a one little remote, cage, and even memory cards for under $700. Some will even include a monitor. You can legit get a full kit for $1,000 - including every thing you need to shoot and rig it up. Conclusion (TL;DR) I made this post because I am a junky of sorts. I buy all the new cameras, fall into the hype traps, and have severe GAS. Every camera I have used lately has left me with a “meh” feeling. Except the micro. Specs can be great, some have amazing autofucus or great color. Some have shit color and shit bitrates. Some are great but the lens system and adapting to it are a pain. And some are plain beautiful but are really expensive. The micro has a rare balance of amazing filmic quality, a lens mount that most of us on here are well aware of at this point, fantastic battery life of around 4 hours with NPF batteries, compact size, legit RAW (not BRAW) to internal SD cards instead of expensive cfast or having an SSD hanging from your camera and its cheap. Ridiculously cheap if you buy used. It also has that old blackmagic special look so many of us fell in love with back in the day and in my opinion is lacking today. It is a hidden treasure in the filmmaking world that is still available new at many retailers. I created this to share and possibly open eyes to what is an amazing camera this is and probably the last of its breed. As we enter the resolution wars with sharper, high res videos, we will slowly be leaving behind that soft organic look. If you like shooting older cameras with vintage glass to get that "look" then you can think of this camera the same way. You do it for the look, not for the specs. Bonus: Footage!!! Here is some great content that I believe shows off this camera and what is capable of doing (All the footage from his reel at the start of this video are from the micro)
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    Here goes nothin'........ Camera #2
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

    I do not want to participate but a specific someone is playing us like a fiddle for 15 pages now. Drags people into the nonsense abyss and single handedly destroyed the P6K thread for everyone that is trying to learn anything at all about this camera. Also, is the individual attacking most people on the smaller amount of time I have ever seen here. Stop feeding him and please try to not completely loose control of the thread, any thread.
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    Wild Ranger

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Hi, here is a music video that i was DP, shot with GHAlex. it´s on the band's youtube only, so compression sucks. but i can upload some frames https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4hmsEW6PKQ&fbclid=IwAR3cYGmVBw47xgaaULwJKtSEQ9n8E9vpatP_55kWdZnOG371OHM_9_V_5zg
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    EDIT>>> I had a longer reply but really I think "Fuck off" will suffice. I'm joining the long list of people that have you on ignore you complete and utter tit.
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    Nearly done putting every video into a poll. Took ages! Hopefully get everything tied up tomorrow. Cheers for waiting!
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    Creative Cloud is anti-competitive, locking users into a perpetual payment plan with no guarantee of future costs. What started at Adobe has spread like a cancer in the software and creative app industry with subscriber-only plans rather than a one off purchase price. Our subscriptions as businesses, enthusiasts and consumers are stacking up and becoming a real monthly headache, and it is time governments looked into regulating the subscription software industry - starting with the king bastard of them all, Adobe. Read the full article
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    @webrunner5 was right all along!
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    Little Teaser to my entry. Still editing. Learned a lot about my old camera and about camera in general. Lineskipping can be a great thing sometimes.
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    Soon I'll put the link to the vote on the front page of the blog to drum up some more people to take part and vote. Then let's close the poll around Saturday-ish and do the big reveal of gear. Get some photos of the gear and post it. I'll do the same and reveal what I shot. I made two videos with two different cameras. Then the winner of the public vote gets the last place person's camera If he wants to give it him. We're not going to force it out of his hands This is supposed to be a bit of fun really. Then I'll choose a winner of the judge's prize, who will get one of my cameras.
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    So, I've happened across the service manual for our old friend the GX80/85.... A while ago, a brave soul on DPReview cracked open his LX100, located where the internal mics connected and made a breakout cable. Its documented here https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3845240 So with the aid of the newly acquired GX80/85 service manual, I had a look to see where the mics were and was there a similar potential. The good news is that there is. The mics themselves are located under the hotshoe . The service manual provides all the information you need to trace the signal and connect a break out to your own connector. You could conceivably do the same for the speaker output and make a headphone port if you were so inclined. You can use this IR mod guide to get you going with the cracking open the case. https://www.lifepixel.com/tutorials/infrared-diy-tutorials/life-pixel-panasonic-lumix-gx85-diy-digital-infrared-conversion-tutorial And then take it from there with the service manual I've attached here to do the rest of the steps to get to the hotshoe removal. LUMIX GX85 Service Manual.pdf Now, I'm no expert on consumer law but I have a sneaking feeling that doing this mod might invalidate your warranty a little bit so its all at your own risk. What we could really do with is someone who already has a completely dismantled GX80 to try this out for everyone eh @Andrew Reid ?
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    OK, I‘ll do it. But: Seeing the masterpieces you guys submitted I’m seriously afraid to lose my camera (it’s old and cheap and partly broken but I’m somehow fond of it), so I’m entering only for the jury prize... 🤷‍♂️ Shot only with a camera and a rather old lens. No grading. Here it is:
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    aaa123jc: "hopefully I won't lose my new camera" -- don't worry your camera's quite safe, I've just uploaded my entry:
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    Another quick and dirty demo just so you know that I'm not sat on my arse not getting on with it. This is brought to you via the medium of a family pack of Golden Wonder crisps and a microwave to illustrate fast snap between points and also continuous refocus as the king of low cost potato snacks approaches and retreats. It is using an Olympus 17mm f1.8 lens wide open. There is no ramping set but as with the 3C app this will be an adjustable parameter. NB. I was not preparing to put the Leica and those pickles in the microwave. TOF_31_7.m4v
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    The free version of Resolve has almost all the functionality of the paid version, and a one-off purchase (of $300 IIRC) potentially comes with unlimited future upgrades. They don't guarantee that, but I bought a dongle when v12 was out and it still works on v16, and people who bought at?previous versions are also around saying the same thing. If you buy a physical dongle then I think you can use it across however many computers you like, just not at the same time, and you won't be subject to the Apple store licencing restrictions. There are also threads of people petitioning BM to give it still image editing so they can also ditch LightRoom, but I'm not sure on how likely that is. Come on in, the water is fine
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    Hello EOSHD community! I must admit that although I follow your website on a daily basis, Andrew, I haven't really commented or posted much on these forums. Regardless, a big thank you for all the honest, passionate, critical, informative and damned funny content you've shared over the years! In any case, here is my offering, for what it's worth. This was a great little project to focus the mind and soul!
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    Got lucky with the weather yesterday out filming my piece! Definitely a challenge using my chosen camera body and was wary of it's pitfalls. In keeping with the rules, I'm not revealing my choice but the only thing I will say is that I use the latest version of this model in my professional work and boy do we have it lucky now!! The technology has definitely moved on considerably in a relatively short period of time. Looking forward to the results from the judging phase!
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    Even without VLOG, I'm loving this camera and floored by the colors and dynamic range. Here are a couple screengrabs from a shoot I was on yesterday, using the HLG profile. I'm very, very excited to get my hands on the log upgrade. I think this is the first time I've ever had a video camera where I'm actually choosing the DR I want scene-to-scene at my discretion, rather than being forced to deal with limitations of the camera. There's plenty of room in the shadows and highlight roll-off is silky smooth. Color me impressed.
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    OK, sorry, I couldn't resist anymore ... 300€ immediately off, 1 free battery (90€ worth), and the 200€ worth offered VLOG upgrade finished my efforts to resist... OK, now I have to sell a lot of stuff ahah !
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    Frame grabs from a shoot yesterday, 1080p 120 fps upscale to 4K in Resolve.
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    Nikon to Release 60MP Z8

    Latest leak: The 60MP mirrorless from Nikon obviously share the same sensor (variant) as Sony A7R IV. But it'll extract the full potential of this sensor in both stills and video department, by employing 16bit RAW mode (as in GFX100) and supersampled 4K video with various crop factors and aspect ratios.
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    ok, so bmd has had its moment out in the sun again and a couple of more threads have been started, you'll either buy one or you wont . Now cam we get back to the important business at hand ? like creating content and judging said content 😉
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    Anyway, here’s yet another shot from my film...
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    Yeah...sure...meanwhile in my office.
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    https://www.facebook.com/VICE/videos/345786596351138/UzpfSTEwMDAwMzA5NTc4ODA1ODpWSzoyMzgzOTkyNTc4MzM3MDQ5/ @webrunner5 will approve the choice of camera used by the director! 😉
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    maybe bc for the vast majority of us, its a buggy/crashing nightmare.
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    Some more test shots with the 35mm 1.4. This time in B&W...
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    so after the reveal whats next ? what are the odds of making it a monthly or bimonthly challenge. to give the users of the forum something to aim for, or aspire too perhaps ? cause we all do a lot of talking, something to keep us learning the craft would be really constructive as well.😉
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    good thing is the 6k as a isb_c port to charge / power it actually they do have some https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera/workflow?fbclid=IwAR0sgY7iPmAG3SHMnW4eAGXaRgwplf-ghSxSc5KvzvwecALbYBfvVEXJNN0
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    'Caged Bird' - An Animation

    Hey guys, Yesterday my daughter and I made this animation. I've not done it much before, but it was a nice way to learn 3d space and camera moves in AE. Although it was just a fun little project for a rainy day and I didn't have any intention of showing it to anyone, I'm proud if it and her in many different ways, so thought I'd upload it. Would love your thoughts. EDIT: the images were scanned from paper drawings with a €70ish camera - does that count for the cheap camera challenge? 😁
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    With that being said, I personally like the idea of a play on words using your name. For instance, my last name is Mercer... so how about Mercernary Films... my first name is Glenn... maybe Glenntertainment Productions LTD... In the end, it’s probably better that I have a film or two done before I worry about such things. I think that could be the name of my production company as well.
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    I finally recieved the mc-21 adapter today so I did some totally unscientific moire tests after seeing that dpreview chart which I thought initially looked very sketchy. To my suprise it did conform to reality. The S1 does seem to suffer from alot of moire in APS-C mode. I find the levels of moire in aps-c is near unacceptable, I believe panasonic has messed up here in their quality control. Also the 4k image is a bit softer than expected. However in 24/30p the moire levels are very low and the image is much cleaner so there it delivers stellar results. I think S1's strong points is its dynamic range and low light performance but it does come with some drawbacks unfortunately (atleast for us that mainly got it for its 4k60 and high frame rate modes..). Setup: S1 firmware 1.2 GH5 vanilla firmware + dummy adapter Lens: Samyang 85/1,5 AS IF UMC II VDSLR at f4 S1 settings: All default. Standard picture profile and 8-bit video. Might try to play around later and see if the moire can be lowered with some settings adjustments.
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    @Zach Goodwin2 how abt Basic Bitch Entertainment
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    DJI new mirrorless camera

    I hear a lot of people complaining about a lot of things recently on the internet, then you just realize they are 14-24 years old, and it's on the internet! I, too, am very happy with what I have seen in my life. Starting pro work at 1999, I seriously do not have much to complain when I can get a dual ISO speedboosted m43 camera with raw(even with a B in the front) and a perfectly fine, professional even, editing program for 1500€ and I can fly my own 10bit log 1" drone and stabilize my cameras and have computerized sliders and other such devices. The horror of Adobe Premiere 15 years ago! 400 ISO was the absolute maximum, cameras and lenses cost an arm and half a leg, to shoot aerial production companies were flying actual planes. It is good to have some perspective in life!
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    Let's set a final day then, I'm too impatient Can't wait to see the bargains and unusual finds you guys have come up with. So the final day to post your video will be Monday 5th August at 20:00 GMT+0. Then we can start voting and then later in the week the big reveal of kit.
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    Here's a still from my first shoot with the Andromeda tonight, video will be forthcoming! For a camera this old, the results are incredible. The portable laptop rig worked like a dream, and better than I could have hoped for: ::Hackintoshed PC laptop with modular SSD bay for recording (2TB SSD for shockproof, fast performance, up to 18 hours continuous recording) ::External laptop battery pack, 70,000 mAh for 7-8 hours of power-up time Once I had my settings dialed in, I could just close the lid to the laptop, set it in my special backpack and focus on getting my shots. It's incredible, and I'm looking forward to all the things I'll be able to do in the future. Footage in motion is just awesome!! Video coming soon, but in the meantime enjoy this still! 000001.tif
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    RED Hydrogen 2 (Komodo)

    Apparently RED isn't done with its attempt at the Smartphone business. It claims the industrial designers(?) screwed up the first phone, and that this time they will nail it. Good for people who have money lying around to waste. "HYDROGEN has been the single most exciting project I have ever worked on. It has also proven to be the single most challenging program I have ever been a part of. While Oakley sunglasses and RED cameras were (and are) built in our own factories in Orange County, building a smartphone with challenging and new disruptive technologies at the RED factory just wasn’t possible given the competitive nature of the the market. We chose an ODM in China to prepare the HYDROGEN One for manufacture at Foxconn. While Foxconn has been fantastic, our ODM, which was responsible for the mechanical packaging of our design including new technologies along with all software integration with the Qualcomm processor, has significantly under-performed. Getting our ODM in China to finish the committed features and fix known issues on the HYDROGEN One has proven to be beyond challenging. Impossible actually. This has been irritating me to death and flooding our reactor. For this reason, after months of vetting a new design to manufacture house, we have begun the work on the HYDROGEN Two, virtually from scratch, at a new ODM that is clearly more capable of building and supporting the product we (and our customers) demand. We also have put into place a new internal execution team along with world class design-partners that we have carefully selected. The HYDROGEN Two is being methodically designed and crafted to surprise and exceed expectations… again, just as you would expect from us. Additionally, we eventually realized that the original camera module would have to change due to the fact our ODM was not going to competently complete the module that they committed and guaranteed to do. Our best option was to modify the program and bring it back into the RED house. We have completed the new and extraordinary sensor and redesigned the package. Jarred at RED will be posting about Komodo fairly soon. Its capability will vastly exceed the originally planned module. The HYDROGEN One and Two will integrate with this new camera. While it does not replace its big RED brothers, it will certainly be a complimentary camera for cinema grade images at the highest level at lower pricing. We fully understand the frustrations of our customers since I am one as well. While issues have been the result of our original ODM’s short comings, we also understand that customers solely look to us for their satisfaction. We remain committed to taking care of our customers the best way we can given all the circumstances. To that end, every HYDROGEN One owner will get significant preferential treatment for the HYDROGEN Two and/or new Cinema Camera model, both in delivery allocations and pricing. HYDROGEN is still the most exciting project I have ever worked on. We continue to be committed to further advancing the “image capture in your pocket” device as well as providing the highest quality image capture devices to more people than ever before. We are not done…" Jim Jannard https://h4vuser.net/t/july-23rd-update-discussion/10046/59
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    Mattias Burling

    Sony - the new Canon!

    Its interesting to me that when the Youtube hype train was in full motion for the A7iii and GH5 everybody was on board, but not this time. My only guess its because this camera is not meant for the audience of this forum. And I seem to recall about 10,001 posts on this forum screaming for a mic jack in these types of cameras. But jut like always, when we get it we immediately move the goal post. Ive started shooting Polaroid again. Its liberating
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    @mercer I have used the Rokinon 12mm f/2 extensively, I really like it. Tiny, bright, plenty sharp, great minimum focus distance, a no-brainer really. Flares are a little bit messy. Mine got damaged somehow and the internal focusing elements got all messed up, but after I took it to a lens technician the infinity focus is bang-on so it's a cinch to get shots really quickly. Here are a couple stills that I think show off the versatility of the lens, flares, bokeh, etc.
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    Truth. For them it's like taking candy from a baby. Why make the effort, when you can sit back and still watch the money come in. Though you'd think at some point we've hit the point of no return, when they seriously miscalculated their luck and it finally runs out and are surpassed from all sides by the competition with people now jumping over to the latest greatest shiny toy to never look back. Though, admittedly I'm getting my first Canon in years with the PowerShot G7 X Mark III. Sure, in true Canon fashion it lacks 24p, rather than Canon's own benchmark DPAF it has quite shoddy contrast based C-AF, does have a mic-in, but nowhere to place an external mic for instance... but Sony doesn't exactly come through with their RX100-series either and the latest Panasonic LX100 iteration was a laughable update. The thing seems killer for social media content creation, maybe not the best thing for actual video production and cinematography, but then again it's a compact cam for crying out loud. Canon is pretty much the epidemy of 'point-n-shoot'. And we live in a world where videos shot on shaky potatoes go viral, so, picture quality really isn't the end all when you've got the right content. It's more about going the shortest distance from hitting the record button to the upload one (saves you time endlessly pixel peeping/grading/managing storage etc too) and that's where they're winning the crowd over. They're the no0b's choice. But I have no interest whatsoever in their EOS-M or EOS-R line-ups. For actual video production and cinematography I'd still pick up a feature-rich Panasonic.
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    Is the Canon 90D around the corner?

    Haha... another hopeful... The enthusiast crowd are very vocal, but Canon knows that its all talk and no walk... Their bread and butter are consumers... and who do the Consumers follow??? The pros... Even if the enthusiasts were able to sway the pros or the general publics opinion, then you get some crippled version of what what we really want.... only 4K/24p with 1.5 crop.... no 1080/24p.... no 1080/120.... so and so forth. Just look at the RP as an example... its not going to be better than that...
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    Many of us never use AF in video. So it's not "excuses". More like "not caring".
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