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  1. I don't notice a major color shift after the swap, though I no longer have any unmodified hero 5's to compare it with. I'm pretty sure I got the lens from Amazon. If you search for "M12," they have lots and they're mostly pretty cheap. I don't have a modified RX0 (or an unmodified RX0). As far as the modified GoPros... the Hero 5, I still use as a car camera. I have a couple of unmodified Hero 7's that I can use as car cameras if I want to go back to a wider angle or if it's extremely rainy or dusty. I haven't used the Ribcage Hero 7 for a lot of useful stuff, but I'll be star
  2. inde - Yup, I also have a Yi 4k+ where I used a pliers to pull the original lens and a Hero 5 where I did the same. The Yi now has a 7mm lens semi-permanently installed and the Hero 5 has a 5.4mm lens semi-permanently installed and set to infinity. Not much need for glue on the Hero 5 - the M12 mount is tight enough that I had to use a pliers to screw the lens in. I like the look of the 5.4mm lens! It's still wide-ish, but not even nearly as crazy as the fisheye that came with the camera. The 7mm on the Yi might be a bit long for most things, but it's sort of nice for a motion timelapse w
  3. Unlike the others here, I've had pretty good luck with Ribcage products... to as much of an extent as can be reasonably expected. I first bought their kit to convert a Yi 4K+ to C mount and I somehow botched the installation, but they were willing to help me un-botch it in the end. Ultimately, I found that C mount lenses were extremely difficult to use with the Yi because... The internal screen is tiny and not very high-resolution. This made critical focus nearly impossible, even when using a loupe. There is no HDMI output option to use an external screen to check critical
  4. I was just coming to say the same thing. The E2G has been shipping for a few months already, but since it is not very high-demand, it's generally a special order-only item. It's only a 1" sensor, though, and as far as I know, only up to 4kp30.
  5. Big things are happening! I just received my E2C which is the smaller budget version of the E2. It can shoot 4k at up to 30fps in ProRes and it costs only $800 (I got it for a little less due to early bird preorder)! I'll be doing some comparisons of it vs my bigger E2 tomorrow, hopefully. Also, for the full-size E2, Z Cam just released firmware 0.86 which, among many other nice improvements, adds 4kp160 (2.4:1 instead of 16:9). I hope to find something that is moving tomorrow to play with that as well.
  6. I won't use the term "color science" because it's really dumb in the context of a fairly simple matrix operation to map values read from the sensor to values to be output to a file. However, the colors coming right out of the camera look really nice to me - and the footage is really flexible. The camera's biggest weakness right now is audio. It really needs a powered mic to get decent performance. The engineers have promised an improvement with the next firmware release. The camera's second biggest weakness is CAF performance. It's really decent for contrast AF and is generally p
  7. The P4K doesn't really have "better codec options" at this point unless you mean braw - and that will probably be less of a competitive advantage when ZCam release the first version of their raw implementation sometime this month. Otherwise, the ZCam has ProRes HQ at up to 4kp30 and ProRes 422 at up to 4kp60 as well as h.265 with decent bitrate. If you tested months ago, the quality of 4kp120 has improved since then - they upped the bitrate on it a bit. In the next release, they are upping it more (I think to 500 megabits/second). And you're very likely right about the A73 sensor - or
  8. I had the E1 (was in on the original kickstarter at full price) and really didn't like it. I ended up selling it for almost nothing. I gave them another chance with the E2 and I really love it. It's a really huge leap ahead in usability and quality. There's firmware coming in April that should be addressing some/all of the complaints with the camera - including improving the audio and increasing the bitrate in 120p (they already increased it once, but they are increasing it again after users requested it enough). And FWIW, even though the firmware number is 0.xx, I wouldn't consid
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