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  1. It could be S1-S that's price around $4-6K and offer the whole sha bang or a new GH6 with L mount.
  2. In case anyone looking for Sigma MC-21 compatibility list, here is a good resource https://www.tttphotography.com/sigma-mc-21-ef-l-lens-adapter-compatibility/ Sample video
  3. I'm waiting for DJI Osmo Pocket Pro with 1" sensor. That would be enough for my needs.
  4. It doesn't matter to me. Maybe to Sony's fanboy. If it does use Sony sensor, why couldn't Sony enable 4K60? All I care is the final image IQ. As long it doesn't have any negative impact, that's all it matters to me.
  5. Your conspiracy is so twisted. Why would Sony sell Panasonic their "patented 5.76 million dot EVF" and allow them to be the first manufacture with Sony's highest EVF and sensor with 4K 60 but won't sell hybrid AF? It isn't like Phase detect AF is something special new feature no other camera has it before like 4K60 or highest EVF. Why would Sony license to Nikon & Fuji their sensors with hybrid AF but won't to Panasonic. Sony sensor division is independent of their camera division on who they will license it to. They will sell to whoever has the money to pay for it. Or could it be Panasonic do not want hybrid AF that has banding issues reported with Canon EOS R, Nikon Z, and Sony camera. It's rare but does happens. Check out DPReview forums for posts related to it. Panasonic mentioned they want to prioritize image quality and did not want to compromise on the IQ. I'm not sure if they will ever succeed, but I applaud them for going against the grain to figure something out with DFD tech and making mirrorless cameras not small like everyone else for those that prefer it. It's nice to have choices.
  6. If the A9II do not have revolutionary sensor like global shutter, at least better ergonomic and 5.76 million dot EVF, 4K60 then I'm not interested in $4500 camera. A9 has very fast read speed too but when you are shooting flash, it still requires HSS. A9 is a better camera for sport and action. It depends for whom. If you are looking for 20 fps, best AF, then A9 I found 7 fps to be enough but prefer a camera to have great ergonomic, EVF, IBIS, fully touch screen LCD. Some people prefer 4K60, unlimited 4K 30. Once it has 10 bit upgrade, it will be bigger gap of things it can do vs A9. The S1 excel in alot of area that the much more expensive camera A9 cannot. Someone mentioned they are able to handheld S1 and get 2.5 second image whereas their Sony A7III 1/10 is a hit or miss. This is from someone who own both camera. Sony IBIS, non fully touch screen LCD is really behind the competitions. For that much money, I expect it to excel in most areas not just AF over S1. Yes I know it's an older camera. I can afford A9, but I don't see any value for things I don't use - 20 FPS. The superb eyeAF is nice, but it isn't needed for me to get the shot. All the competitions do good enough job for me.
  7. It depends on what A7RIV offers. If it has better resolution (rumored 60 mpx), match Panasonic S1 5.76 million dot EVF, and similar body design for $3200, I have no interest. It just an incremental upgrade that are more expensive than my S1 that I bought for $2000 and get to use it now. One of the reason I bought the S1 now is because it come close to the perfect camera for me. It has great ergonomic (for my preference), 5.76 million dot EVF, great IBIS (handheld 2 seconds), dual card slot, eyeAF, menu, color, USB C. I might be tempted if Sony has a revolutionary sensor, but eventually Panasonic and Nikon will have it in their next camera. I'm traveling a lot this year to once in a lifetime destinations so I wanted to upgrade my 5D IV. If the A7RIV is a revolutionary camera, I don't mind buying it later at cheaper price and consider the S1 a rental. But who knows if A7RIV will offer something revolutionary. I'm not going to wait around for the next best thing. 5 years from now, A9II/A7RIV will be old news and we will keep waiting for the next best thing. S1 is a very capable camera for my needs now. Canon EOS R is a $2300 camera without IBIS, no dual card slot, no 4K60, 2.5 year old sensor, EOS R Pro will cost a lot. It's rumored to be a high resolution camera like 5DSR that's going to be release in 2020. I don't know if Canon will handicap this camera in someway or sensor finally caught up. 60 mpx EOS R with dual card slot doesn't really impress me especially $3200+. We don't know until it's released. If it's offer something revolutionary (global shutter, 5.76 million dot EVF, better ergonomic, 36 mpx 16 bit sensor) for my needs then maybe I can justify $4500 price point. I'm cautious with what the internet says especially after the rave review of A9 and A7III since it doesn't really apply to me. A9 20 fps doesn't impress me other than the eyeAF (nice to have but not really needed) nor does the A7III price point of $2000 when I found its ergonomic, menu, 2.36 million dot EVF, 900K non touch screen LCD, build quality to be lacking despite internet raving about the camera.
  8. I don't do video, but I took this camera out at night shooting at ISO 3200 and it has nicest 4K I've seen and the IBIS is really impressive. I'm traveling more this year and this camera definitely make me want to shoot more video than my 5D IV ever did. I did one paid photo shoot, one afternoon and took it to Disneyland all day and it did not feel heavy at all. I was nervous because of so much people on the internet complain about the weight but after trying at Panasonic event and using it for extended period of time, it feel so good and balance with a heavy lenses like Canon 24-70 2.8 II & Sigma 105 1.4 Art with hand strap and neck strap. I don't have an issue with Canon 5D IV weight either. You should give it a try before listening to fanboys on the internet. I really like the ergonomic, features, and some thoughtful Panasonic has. The dynamic range & ISO on this thing is amazing compared to my Canon 5D IV/EOS R.
  9. 2020 is when Canon is predicted to have their EOS R Pro cameras - high resolution model and EOS R pro. They will have their trinity lenses and 85 1.2 RF. The rumored price of 85 1.2 RF is supposed to be $3250 with tax included. I think Canon anticipated less sale and price it accordingly to economy of scale. Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon all have pro and cons and I think their next model will address some of the complains. I bought the Panasonic S1 because it come closest to the perfect camera I want now while waiting for the next big thing if those companies ever deliver. I got the S1 for $2000 while waiting to see how it unfold. I'm still reluctant to commit to buying native lenses because 2020 landscape will be different.
  10. He doesn't have the camera to test it. Here is a review from someone who has it since 4/4. The Panasonic S1 REVIEW. Darn NEAR PERFECT Digital Camera Here is from someone who used it more than 3 months. Video shooting with Panasonic S1: Long Term Real World Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95sH-HDHN4M He lack any credibility when he doesn't even have the S1 to try it for long term.
  11. Yup. A7SII was $3000 so I can't imagine it being being cheaper than that. Outside of getting global shutter, there isn't anything Sony will do to make me want to get it. That's why I bought the camera now and enjoy it for projects I enjoy Panasonic attention to details, ergonomic and enjoy using it. Sony may have good features (eyeAF) but I feel disconnect with the tool. I figure in my lifetime, I will probably have 25+ years of upgrade, I might as well buy things I enjoy using and relatively affordable (I got Panasonic S1 for $2000 after selling the pre-order specials).
  12. No problem. I think you are hard on them. The manual was out a month ago. Here is the manual on the English website: http://eng-ca.faq.panasonic.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/55502 The link I first send you is on the first page of Google search result "Panasonic S1 Manual". It isn't hard to find it for me. Panasonic had extensively help guide on YouTube that was released a couple before they release the camera to go over all the features this camera: https://www.youtube.com/user/PanasonicCanadaHelp/videos They have provide FW update in the same month they release the camera. I'm also in the US. I don't usually read manual for any camera, but decided to read it since I had some time before getting my camera and I thought the manual was extensive in providing details of all their features. There are alot of features!
  13. Panasonic S1/R manual has been available for 1 month now. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/62426156 Here is a direct link to the manual if you are interested. https://eww.pavc.panasonic.co.jp/dscoi/DC-S1/P_PP/DC-S1_DVQP1869ZA_eng.pdf
  14. EOS RP do not have DPAF 4K and no 4K 24fps. EOS R do have it
  15. What can Sony do that's beyond S1/Z6? Great AF, 4K60 10 bit internal and/or global shutter along with 5.76 million dot EVF is the only way they can beat S1. I doubt it will be $2500 when it's debut. By then Panasonic S1 might be closer to $2000 with better ergonomic and built quality. I think they are caught off card by Panasonic. I don't think Sony can do 4K60 w/o crop and 10 bit internal without heat issues unless they design bigger body like S1. They might severely limit the recording time as well. I agree with you that quality wise is where A7SIII has to land, but people are more concern about specs than compromises Sony made to reach a price point with the A7III (2.4 million dot EVF, 900K lcd, poor build quality). I suspect A7SIII is the same - 4K60 10 bit for 10-15 minutes
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