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  1. I know for a fact the p4K is not used on BMW commercials. You guys talk down on the Z6 and anything but a big production cine camera is used on REAL professional productions and when I say the same thong about the P4K you get triggered. I don't disagree that the Z6 would be laughed of the set but the P4K with speedboater and limitations would be laughed off any important set as the A camera. BMW would not allow the P4K to be used as the A camera. When you get into bigger budgets everything is vetted and approved and NO ONE will risk reputation to put a $1,295 camera as the A camera.
  2. You responded to no-one. I think the majority agree the press conference is not goin to be the EVA to L mount. You always go against the grain for some odd grumpy reason. As @webrunner5 would say " you can't shoot it on your ass with your iPhone and no one would care". On set the P4K will get laughed off the set. No one is shooting the next BMW commercial on the P4K.
  3. No it doesn't. What P4K does the echo system work with? And NO again on professional productions. If it's professional and matters and has a budget no way will the client be ok with the P4K as the A camera. You'll get laughed off the set by your hired guns on your crew. Because you provide an adapter for the EVA to L. No way is this press conference for the EVA to L mount.
  4. I don't have a storage of Nikon glass but Nikon was the first to the table with 10bit 4K with no crop and the IBIS was great so it worked for me. Nikon said the Z6 or Z series would not have cine features or go towards that market. But we know the Atomos take on the additional features to some degree. The Lumix Cine looks promising to bridge the gap and change old school cine ways. Why would they need a press conference if they were just moving the EVA to L mount?
  5. How does this compare to the Z6 ?
  6. This is going to be the S - series cinema camera. It's a L mount lens push that bridges the gap. Think GH5 features in the S1 body with L mount glass. All this is FF and gives Panasonic the road map to go FF cinema camera next to the EVA in the future. Panasonic is smart. They see cine shooters won't go wit the S1 because of features but don't won't to limit L-glass just to the S1 series. I told you the road map for cine cameras was full frame. This is from Hollywood and not my take on Nikon. This is also a great move because you get the cine features you were talking about along side the hybrid camera body. This is kinda out doing what BMP4K has done. Cine is not going m4/3 and moving backwards. How dose the Z6 compare to the S1 in 10 bit performance and how do you think 12bit RAW on the Z6 will look? I actually love what Panasonic is doing on with the S1 and hopefully this new cine please will be in this product line.
  7. The GH6 is not FF The S1R is going to be able to do 10 bit video with it's update, I think.
  8. My claims are the same chart that was updated into April that was pushed in my face that Nikon sales were down. You need to also call out @webrunner5 as being the first kindergartener on the block.
  9. And your facts are based on what? Nikon is #2 and that hasn't changed.
  10. Read it and get used to Nikon going UP and Sony going DOWN - https://photorumors.com/2019/05/21/japanese-full-frame-mirrorless-market-share-for-april-sony-50-canon-30-nikon-15/?fbclid=IwAR3Og7F6fO5AVC-0VmT6pb4uY6_cKGJ-9z6JdL7WWVGfLO2I8xNEtPgfg_M
  11. Great photography and photographer. His planning is great but he has the "find the shot or get THE ONE shot" mentality that photographers and cinematographers don't have. He doesn't know what's going to happen when shooting elephants or other animals but he's not leaving till he gets that one perfect shot. Lots' of photographers and cinematographers have not clue what that means.
  12. "Either you are mentally ill and your paranoïa is altering your judgment and brain functions," -------- ^^^^^^ This was your post you made to directly and you say you're not getting personal? You actually compare this to my sky is falling comment? Dude give me a break. I defended Nikon based on your comments alone. I never said you didn't like Nikon or the Z6 so stop telling me to look back about what you posted. Post a reply if its not past your bedtime. I posted videos I shot with the Z6 and not many replies. A few on here jack up comments if they have an opening so I'll not no replies as a good thing. Part of defending is not just posting a comment but by showing case studies and you mention the "recall" even though it's a service advisory so I posted issues Sony and Panasonic had that they never fixed. Knowledge is good right, you bash Nikon then do the same to the other companies. You started it with your sky is falling rant. lol
  13. It comes down to cost of the A7II and the echo system people have. It also comes down to Nikon being a NEW system to everyone even to Nikon owners. Funny how the work I produced kept your trap shut and a big mouth like you would love to jack down comments if I posted bad Z6 footage. Other and maybe you posted that Nikon doesn't do firmware updates and don't hold my breath on any updates from Nikon. Well v2.0 hit the streets and worked like advertised. I don't see the bad performance from the Z6 or the bad rap Nikon has right now because the proof from the camera shuts up guys like you. Nikon and Atomos said 12 bit RAW is coming from Nikon. When 12 bit RAW comes out for the Z6 it's going to be a game changer because it makes Sony and Canon up the specs and serious videographers are going to use the A7III for video production. The fallout for Sony will be all the A7III's hitting the re-sale used market because they specs on the A7SIII will show everyone how much Sony's been holding back. That list is 2 months old.
  14. What with the personal shots dude? Go look at the link I posted from Ebay and the Z6 - Z7 are holding there value. No other way to interrupt that fact. Your story about a guy that sold his when he was desperate and behind the dumpster mean nothing. You already exaggerated the "half the original value" so you're an exaggerator of the truth. You're comments and exaggerations about Nikon and the price drop and everything else does come off as the sky is falling because you keep on and keep apologizing for exaggerating but continue to say the price has dropped further then it actually has. Here's a clue. Don't respond to my comments if you don't want a response. You're like the girl in the relationship that want to get the last word in. Give it a rest.
  15. No they won't. Canon and Nikon own the market right now. "In DSLRs, Canon was 1st with a 57.4% market share. Nikon and Ricoh (which makes Pentax DSLRs) came in 2nd and 3rd with 39.3% and 3.1%, respectively.Canon and Nikon together command a staggering 96.7% of Japanese DSLR sales — a duopoly." The market right now is Canon, Nikon and Sony. Besides your ass where are you getting your info? I suspect you've worked on some cool projects and know your shit but you don't know the hybrid market and get all you info from You Tube. People are holding onto the gear they bought and getting by until the next jump in tech comes out. Video is what pushed people into mirrorless and new gear. S1 and Z6, Z7 are the only cameras that will do 10 bit and 12 bit RAW in full frame. Until Sony catches up people are waiting. Nikon's not going anywhere. If you think Nikon was counting on Z'series body sales to keep the company alive you are really out of touch.
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