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  1. Part of RED's justification in overpriced cameras is that RedCode development cost were so high and that RED is the only company that could provide RAW. It kinda puts a big dent in RED's business model and price structure.
  2. The S1R has a $700 price drop https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1455068-REG/panasonic_dc_s1rmk_lumix_dc_s1r_mirrorless_digital.html the S1 has a $300 price drop. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1455066-REG/panasonic_dc_s1body_lumix_dc_s1_mirrorless_digital.html
  3. I found this on a site about h.264 license. Q: Is it safe to use such patented algorithms? A: Patent laws vary wildly between jurisdictions, and in many countries patents on algorithms are not recognized. Plus the use of patents to prevent the usage of a format or codec on a specific operating system or together with specific other software might violate antitrust laws. So whether you are safe or not depends on where you live and how judges interpret the law in your jurisdiction.
  4. My bet is after they open up ProRes RAW on the Z6 they also announce 10 4:22 4K internal and 4k 60p external.
  5. RED will lose this battle. Apple has been down this road before and it says a lot the they are going after RED in the courts. Remember RED suing SONY? Atomos has said ProRes RAW is coming later this year. The screen capture from Atomos was dated Aug 1, 2019 Nikon also outlined what the first few firmware updates would be and they've stayed on schedule. The lack of a more locked down date does concern me.
  6. I thought Atomos already has agreements with RED to record / capture Pro Res RAW thru their recorders? or are you saying Apple would have to do the same-thing Atomos had to do with RED?
  7. I am not a former EOS member. Sorry to burst your bubble. How many other people did you have issue with?
  8. Living in America doesn't mean you like Americans does it? The question you asked the EOS wasn't what I commented about and you seemed flustered and triggered in your last 3-4 post. You commenting on how RedCode is great and Canon can't do RAW shows you don't know much about RED or Canon. Why do you keep taking shots at me? I haven't posted comments directed at you, I didn't start any new conversations with you. Why do you take issue with me defending the P6K? Why take personal shots at me? Did I ever post comments to you that offended you? No, so why get nasty with me?
  9. The post you just made is trolling. I made no comments directed at you. You guys don't like AMERICANS and that's all this is. You all ran off @webrunner5 because of his views and you attack me for saying the same-things camera related comments that other people post about. You might want to create a few more new click - bait titles for your You Tube channel instead of bothering with me.
  10. Andrew why's this guy allowed to use this language ?
  11. Last time I checked Sigma Primes, Canon Cine Primes, Zeis, Rokinon and others are EF mount. The test so far show P6K with EF mount out performs the P4K with speed booster for resolving clarity. Look at the videos comparing the two cameras. I'll say it again the EF lens options are limitless based on choices and quality. You need more lenses and quality then you need your head checked. Why are you so triggered? This is not a political board or discussion. You don't know my world views or political views. Let me guess you're not an American and don't like America or Americans.
  12. No problem bud. My original statement was easy to understand. It's great you're in the m43 camp and will defend that camera and mount all day long. But lots of people welcome the P6K and see the advantages. It boggles the mind to think a NEW BM 6K camera can be released and at the same time has this group of m43 P4K owners have horrible, mean spirited, non factual and brutal half a page long comment on why the P6K is not for them. It's like the P6K is the enemy and they have to tell everyone not to buy it.
  13. Hey I responded in kind as one. How does EF mount have less options? The lens options are endless and for serious cine shooters EF gives you options that you can build around. There's no extra cost in dealing with 6K footage. You like spreading false information motion don't you? If you're working with P4K 4k footage then you're not talking a hit working with 6k Braw in Resolve. Resolve has CPU and GPU requirements that are the same for the p4K footage and P6K footage. But keep spreading false info to make your case. It's been proven the P6K resolves better detail then the p4K. This should worry you but you don't get it or have already made excuses for it. The P4K is a great camera and no need for you to justify your P4K purchase unless you feel threatened. You can keep your tricked out speed boosters and the issue it brings. I know P4K speed booster users feel like they're beating the system and that they're smart using speed boosters to cheat the camera up to better specs, but most pro's have embraced the P6K because they see the advantages. And if the additional cost of the P6K bothers you then you really have no business owning the P4K or P6K. ( I paraphrased this from multiple users when they said it too me).
  14. Since reading comprehension I lacking with you I'll clear this up. I think (EF mount is better) and have seen better argument for EF mount and lens for the P6k then the other way around. Did you see more detail in the P6K? Most side by side comparisons show the P6K resolves more detail. Other then that the image quality looks identical ( the P6K does look better in low light even though other have said the P4K with booster would be better),
  15. Awesome OP Crevice - You make a strong case for this camera with footage that backs it up.
  16. What Sony and Nikon models are you looking forward to? MFT lens won't cover the APS-C sensor, right? I think and have sen a better argument for EF mount and lens for the P6k then the other way around. MFT P4K users are more vocal but the side by side samples sow better detail and clarity on the P6K EF mount. You can't get detail back if the P4K can't capture it. The P4K looks great until you compare it to the P6K. (detail wise).
  17. I think the added or loss of detail is the difference between the P6K and P4K. Unless you zoom in you don't notice and if you didn't have P6K footage to compare it to you also wouldn't know the P6K had more detail. Detail is also not sharpness.
  18. I was just mocking you and your comments big guy. Oh my videoish comment was joke taken from Mattias. I like all P6K footage because I can see past a LUT or badly graded footage. People use the word videoish and cinematic when they don't know what they mean.
  19. You only have to use Resolve for color grading, then edit down and transcode the footage out to ProRes HQ. Then FCPX or PP. It's not the issue most make it out to be. Resolve has killer color grading set up that blow FCPX and PP away. But for editing Resolve is not fast enough for me. And I love FCPX.
  20. Man this P6K footage is so bad and vidoish. Wow the P4K looks like a baby camera next to the P6K footage.
  21. You missed the point PAL. The deal is if you read the post I mad and the ones from the older Motion cadence is when you break down and look at what camera produce good motion cadence, you realize it's not about 24fps and 1/48s but as @Oliver Daniel wrote: "It's no coincidence that expensive cinema cameras (and BM cams) have this motion cadence (very high shutter readout, RAW and ProRes, high bit rate) and consumer cameras do not at all (besides the 5D Mk 3 Magic Lantern)." "So in a nutshell, for beautiful motion cadence, shoot in RAW at 24p and 1/48s with a very fast rolling shutter /global shutter, with manual "proper" cine lenses and finish in ProRes. Come think of it, I now find my post pointless, as I thought we all knew that anyway!! " I clearly wrote about the same-thing as Oliver, not a well, but the same. You guys decided you didn't like my tone or the words I used. You even posted a dork posting about ND filters on a iPhone. So you can keep posting and then run it back with "I'm sorry everyone for posting again". I made my point clear with the help of @Oliver Daniel older post. "expensive cinema cameras (and BM cams) have this motion cadence (very high shutter readout, RAW and ProRes, high bit rate)"
  22. Skip77

    Motion Cadence

    I bumped this thread because it has good information that previous posters took the time to debate and comment on. If you don't want to post fine. Not sure you need to announce a deleted comment.
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