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  1. What about them? If you reduce or remove a lens coating, you decrease the light transmission that the lens is capable of. How much by, will be determined by the specifics of the glass and coatings in question. Uncoated Superspeeds will have less transmission than the original coated versions. That’s just physics Are rental houses documenting the transmission loss and adding additional markings to the few lenses they’ve had de-coated? Probably not in most cases. But that doesn’t change the fact that those lenses are losing some degree of transmissiveness.
  2. Without the coatings, the elements aren't as clear, therefore less light is transmitted through the glass. Hence the loss in transmission.
  3. Could you share your HLG to Arri LogC LUT? (or the steps to make it?) I've been trying to figure out input settings in LUTcalc that would work for that, but I can't find HLG anywhere.
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