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  1. I live in constant fear of that happening to me..
  2. I work alone. I’ll take whatever tech I can to make my life easier.
  3. Can you not use a separate audio recorder and sync in post?
  4. Canon have always tried for extreme segmentation, I remember this daft situation from a few years ago.. https://snapshot.canon-asia.com/article/en/eos-800d-vs-eos-77d-vs-eos-80d-which-camera-to-get Its clear they still have this mindset only now instead of having too many competing cameras, they have too few. Hence the large gap from the 90d etc to Eos R just for 24p... its a ridiculous situation. Made much worse by the fact they have removed a basic spec to create a difference rather than a genuine technical advance.
  5. Thanks for this. So there is a licensing cost to using h.264 but it doesn’t matter whether you use one flavour or multiple? To put it another way, using more than one frame rate doesn’t increase the licensing costs?
  6. Where’s your evidence for 24fps licensing costs? Please don't repeat your educated guess that’s what is happening here. I'm interested in seeing a link to evidence.
  7. I think you’ve got a over focus on technology, particularly resolution. I turn up on plenty of jobs with small cameras (including the ‘hobbyist’ LX100 and no one cares. The results matter but probably more importantly how I get the results. Quietly, unobtrusive and with the minimum of fuss. I get hired over so many obnoxious idiots with their massive cameras and attitudes to match.. But please, keep making your grand statements..
  8. Mmm GoPro’s are buggy but great.. I use mine all the time on paying jobs
  9. I’m stuck with Premiere as I’m always doing short term contracts and need to be able to slot in with existing teams/workflows with zero headaches. Everywhere I go, Adobe is the standard. Hence I’m stuck..
  10. It’s a shame Sony don’t kaizen the menus, colour science and ergonomics..
  11. Having bought and sold quite a few different Sony’s in my life, I’m no longer tempted by their specs. Menus and ergonomics need radical improvement before I’d be tempted again.
  12. Thanks Kye. I forgot to mention I used the Rode Smart Lav wired into a Zoom H5. I was actually just at the dig to take photos but made this (and 3 other films) on the fly. My favourite type of filming.
  13. I find capturing good(ish) sound helps you forget about the visuals. Shot this on a GoPro Hero Black 7 and Panasonic GX80 with a Olympus 45mm f1.8
  14. I have to smile a little with this challenge. My freelance kit consists of two gx80’s (same sensor as the gx800). One with the 12-32 kit lens and the other with a borrowed Olympus 45mm f1.8. With them I’ve recently shot five films for Morrison’s (supermarket chain in the UK) and photographed a wedding (but with rented lenses). So it would be less of a ‘challenge’ and more my usual experience lol Having said that I think it’s a great idea Andrew Jonathan
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