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  1. Cinema5D are attempting a virtual NAB - https://***URL not allowed***/cinema5d-planning-virtual-trade-show-to-give-nab-news-a-stage-manufacturers-invited/
  2. Andrew How long did you have the camera before returning it?
  3. 2020 camera plans? If possible, move to a Canon workflow. XF400 + Canon EOS RP would be good for me.
  4. I like the screen, 10 bit and the ports. Would swap 8k for excellent 1080 and an android operating system with built in WiFi and cellular abilities. I think resolution improvements are a dead end (as a sales factor) as far as the majority of the public, content creators and film makers are concerned. Good on Sharp for trying something new though and I hope it works out for them.
  5. I find Sony’s metering (regardless of the setting used) to be similarly useless.. Especially in photo mode. I’m not buying anymore in the future. Spec’s be damned!
  6. I currently shoot most of my work with two Panasonic GX80’s with occasional use of a GoPro Hero Black 7. For sound I use a Zoom recorder. Apart from interviews, most filming is handheld with no rigs. Bradgate Park Archaeology Field School Ancient History What is Sociology Live?
  7. Whose the audience? What do they need to know? Then answer these questions: Where are we? What are you/the subject doing? Why are you/the subject doing it? And so what? (Or why should I care)
  8. I’m aware of that. I thought i was being clear that I was talking to other people interested in the European model who might assume they get 30 mins continuous recording in all main settings when they don’t.
  9. Just for others interested in this (but perhaps the European version, the gx80) let me tell you the recording specs as they aren’t all the same as you may expect.. All MP4 4k 25p = 29m59s 4k 24p = 29m59s 1080 50p = 20m20s* 1080 25p = 27m09s* * I really don’t know why 1080p gives shorter recording times. I find it quite annoying when doing interviews.
  10. I live in constant fear of that happening to me..
  11. I work alone. I’ll take whatever tech I can to make my life easier.
  12. Can you not use a separate audio recorder and sync in post?
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