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  1. One of five films created for Morrison’s in the UK (supermarket chain). Filmed on two GX80’s. Discreet, stabilised and good enough for this job.
  2. Apologies, I thought I was responding to Kisaha. The poster who was concerned about not having enough pixels.

    1. graphicnatured


      I thought maybe you were since you quoted them, but I responded just in case. All good!

  3. Ah, so you need the megapixels for cropping the action shots? (If needed?)
  4. I’ve shot quite a few paid jobs with a Panasonic LX100. But then I prefer a camera as small as possible to be discreet. I also prefer people not to realise I’m working. My clients pay for my behaviour, not so much megapixels. What type of photography are you shooting paid work for?
  5. I’d like to see a version of the volt for a mirrorless sized body.
  6. Onya and Ochre https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FyR2KpdGKvc
  7. I’ve enjoyed and been inspired by Johnnie’s work with consumer cameras since I first saw his work for the BBC with the Sony HX9V. I like the fact that he has constantly tested and used low cost cameras in his posts over the last few years. Knowing what was potentially possible from low cost kit (I don’t have his skills) helped me gradually move into video (from photography - https://flic.kr/s/aHsjzwBqhD) to the point I felt comfortable enough in creating videos, that my last contract was creating films only, for a government body. I won’t talk about the other Cinema5D posts as yes, they aren’t probably aimed at me but it’s unfair to say they only create articles about high end kit.
  8. To my eyes it looks like the camera is the same shape as before but has been placed in front of some other unit? Perhaps like the Panasonic YAGH or another camera?
  9. In my last job I used a GH4. With my current role about to end I bought a Sony RX10 iv for freelance work and its sharper than the f2.8 zooms with equal (if not half a stop better) low light performance. Great range and features. Only thing that really annoys me is the electronic zoom for photos. if I had the money, I’d buy the Sony A7iii.
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