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  1. Yes it is, and I can't really believe that it's a hardware limitation on all of the cameras: GH5, GH5s and S1. Maybe their normal and very good way of Focus Magnification is not working during recording hardware wise. But than they have to programme another magnification feature which only magnifies 2x or 4x times. It is possible I am very sure and I think they are just not aware of what Killer feature it is for so many of us. I think this feature can pump up sales for the S1.
  2. @Andrew ReidDear Andrew, from the article it seems that you are in a good contact with Panasonic reps. Could you please ask them to include a focus assist (magnification) during recording or at least ask why this so important feature is not included in the gh5(s) and also not in the S1? Sony with their A7x line has it included and you find this feature in all broadcast cameras (Sony fs5,fs7, Canon C100-500) It is such an important feature for so many people who are shooting documentary, reports, television and so on. If you can't plan a scene focus wise you really need this feature to be sure you are in focus. You can't really judge focus even in Full HD but especially not in 4k. Also the great viewfinder of the S1 will not help. Its not about the resolution of a EVF or LCD, its about the inability of the human eye to really be sure you are focused. We really need a focus magnification during recording (even 2x would be great and enough, if more is not possible). It would be so nice if you could come up with this issue if it happens that you talk with them again. If I write them an email it will not get to the right people. I think it is so easy to implement via firmware upgrade and processing power can't be an issue anymore (at least in the s1) to include it also during recording. Thank you so much if you could do that. I love the GH5 and will love the S1. But this is such an important feature it nearly lets me switch back to cameras like the FS5/7, C300... Best Jakob
  3. Jak234

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Hi Sage, Do you know if the S1 with the Vlog (not l but the full vlog) Update will be compatible to your plugin? If not will you make it compatible? Thanks! Best Jakob
  4. Jak234

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Does this mean a direct conversion from HLG? that would be awesome as it just uses more of the 10bits and the color space 2020 is really sufficient even its not that big as vlog.
  5. Jak234

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    and... its only such a shame that vlog uses so less of the 1024 values of 10bit that HLG is using. I heared its only 604 vlaues...
  6. Jak234

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    So do you also have this opinion? That the HLG Version is not that good color wise? I bought your lut and now think of buying the vlog as well.
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