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  1. Hello Johnny, very nice still you got. But I am not sure wheter to go the same route going medium format. I have FF Primes like the awesome Minolta Rokkor 58mm 1.2 (https://phillipreeve.net/blog/minolta-mc-rokkor-58mm-11-2/) and classis samyang 20mm 1.8 ,35mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.4 Coincerning depth of field I dont think I will get less depth of field going with a medium format lens than with this fullframe 1.2 or 1.4 lenses I already have. But I would love to hear your comments Cheers Jakob
  2. IBIS: So true, it feels like having a heavy shoulder camera on your back! Concerning not using it on anything below 18mm. I have a Tokina 17mm 3.5 (fantastic lens!) and it worked okayish... Your stills really look amazing and now I did my research on the Summicrons. Would be really an investment as I already have a samyang 35mm 1.4 (the 35 samyang is really good), a zeiss whatever 50mm 1.4 and the famous mc Rokkor 58mm 1.2 (best bokeh ever they say) and a samyang 85mm 1.4. Why would you say the Summicrons are so special? Are we talking about real old ones or are they available n
  3. Thank you so much, i was searching for something similiar for a very long time!
  4. What is a hijib belt? I am only shooting with a Xiaomi 3 powerbank. Its perfect!
  5. Yes I think the Panasonic s1 will be a king. I tonly takes time that everyone really understands what a nearly perfect camera this is. So much better then the gh5. Makes me wonder whether the gh5 also took some time until it got so popular? By the way the german site slashcam tested the s1 very fast with the vlog and they are very impressed about dynamic range, colour rendition.
  6. @sage: yes Please Panasonic S1. Its a killer camera and so many people will request in the future. Concerning Luminance in recoding 10bit. Shall i activate 0-1023, 64-940 or 64-1023 in my Panasonics s1 (VLOG) to be most compatible with your gh5a lut right now? Thank you
  7. @Lars: did you see a difference when getting nr to -5? Also would be -5 for sharpening better in terms of in camera sharpening? Most people on the gh5(s) hat nc -5 an sharpening -5
  8. in germany they are out of the serial number boxes. ? Should come next week tells Panasonic. Still, i love the company
  9. @Sage: do you think will the Lut will be workable on a Panasonics S1? It is Vlog and not Vlog-L. Also it should have significant more dynamic range. Does that mean underexposing to use the Lut? Best
  10. can you tell me what hand strap this is? thanks!
  11. so how it comes they are sold in germany? Are they limited there to less than 100mw?
  12. Yes it is, and I can't really believe that it's a hardware limitation on all of the cameras: GH5, GH5s and S1. Maybe their normal and very good way of Focus Magnification is not working during recording hardware wise. But than they have to programme another magnification feature which only magnifies 2x or 4x times. It is possible I am very sure and I think they are just not aware of what Killer feature it is for so many of us. I think this feature can pump up sales for the S1.
  13. @Andrew ReidDear Andrew, from the article it seems that you are in a good contact with Panasonic reps. Could you please ask them to include a focus assist (magnification) during recording or at least ask why this so important feature is not included in the gh5(s) and also not in the S1? Sony with their A7x line has it included and you find this feature in all broadcast cameras (Sony fs5,fs7, Canon C100-500) It is such an important feature for so many people who are shooting documentary, reports, television and so on. If you can't plan a scene focus wise you really need this feature t
  14. Hi Sage, Do you know if the S1 with the Vlog (not l but the full vlog) Update will be compatible to your plugin? If not will you make it compatible? Thanks! Best Jakob
  15. Does this mean a direct conversion from HLG? that would be awesome as it just uses more of the 10bits and the color space 2020 is really sufficient even its not that big as vlog.
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