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    Looking back I owe everyone a big thank-you for using the forum and taking an interest in the blog, it is amazing what it has turned into with so little effort on my part I think this place must be the only website on the entire internet without adverts. Long may it continue like that. Got a GX9 arriving tomorrow... about time I did a review of something cheap with the big shift to high-end stuff. Let me know what you'd like to see in the review of it.
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    As someone less than politely pointed out on the other thread, I appear to have been a bit of a lazy arse in the almost 12 months since I tripped over and found the Cinelike d thing. You may recall it happened because I was researching making a hardware controller and after several iterations, here it finally is. And yes, it does look rather like a calculator doesn't it? The different iterations (including an Android app at one point!) have been in pursuit of making something small, standalone, self powered, fast connecting, push buttons and with an integrated screen at a lowish cost and, well, here we are. Here is the finished spec and features : Compatible with all Panasonic Lumix cameras that can be controlled by wifi Integrated USB rechargeable battery Full colour screen 20 keys with 3 bank switch keys giving 60 direct switch operations of functions Control of Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance, Colour Profile, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness and Noise Reduction. Automatic unlocking of Cinelike D and Cinelike V on GX80/85, LX10/15 and TZ10 Control of manual focus in fine and coarse steps Control of One Shot AF Control of Record Stop/Start Store and Recall 8 focus points 4 selectable transition speeds between focus points Store and Recall 8 setup presets (each consisting of Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance, Colour Profile, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness and Noise Reduction) Presets are stored in non-volatile memory so are available in any session. Boot time to camera connection and control under 2 seconds. Wifi control range tested to 20m. Optional accessories : Interface module to support Nintendo Nunchuck controller for manual focus control (native lenses and adapted lenses with smart adapters) and zoom (integrated lens cameras and power zoom lenses only) Wireless interface module to sync remote record and stop on supported Tascam, Zoom and SoundDevices audio recorders. The controller fits a regular cheap cellphone to threaded adapter holder so as well as being used handheld it can be mounted to anything you have a need for with the right attachment so could be on a cage or a gimbal or whatever. I'm going to be doing some more testing of it in anger in the next couple of weeks and I'll put up a video of it in action then. So, I have been a bit less lazy than first imagined By the by, the controller has both wifi and bluetooth so it begs the question would anyone be interested in a version of it for the Pocket 4K ??
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    Andrew Reid

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    My dear erstwhile member can you please stop attacking John Brawley now. I have long since given up on camera forum arguments so might not be completely up on who is right and who is wrong-evil / killed-a-kitten, but can we tone it down a bit. It's JB! We could be learning so much and having such interesting cameras talks with a film industry guy and I am sure one of the only people with a Blackmagic Pocket 2 prototype yet instead a handful of you are just bitching. It's pointless. Even if you disagree with him on certain matters, hold your tongue a bit for the benefit of the rest of us who are interested in what he has to tell.
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    Oliver Daniel

    My new music video showreel!

    Hey Everyone, Here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve shot, graded and edited for music videos between 2012-2018. The shots in the reel not done by me are the drone shots. For you camera nerds, I used...... Sony FS700, FS5, FS7, F55, A7SII, A6500. Panasonic GH3, GH5. DJI X3, X5R.
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    I like the pictures. A lot. This camera will probably replace the micro cinema camera for me as it’s not much bigger and is much easier to work with. I didn’t feel as strongly about the 4K production camera / Ursa because they were limited, principally by dynamic range. I have a deep affection for the 4.6K sensor and have shot nearly daily withnit since before it was launched. I know it very well. This pocket camera will integrate and sit very nicely alongside the 4.6K. It’s already a closer match than the micro for me without having really tested it in an A/B scenario. I was a little worried about it having less DR Than the 4.6K but I think the other clips show some great examples of what this sensor can do. “Nature” was incredibly tricky material to shoot as anyone who’s been in that situation before would know and it was unfair to see it being derided. Those that did so only reveal their own inadequate understanding of what those shots reveal. I can think of a million other scenarios I would have rather done but these sequences were specifically produced to illuminate what the camera can do in specific situations. What im almost more excited about is the unification that Gen 4 brings. As I mentioned earlier, it’s pretty much the same people at BMD that brought you the first camera working on this camera. They’ve learned a lot (and so have I) and I think Gen 4 is really strong. I wish this and extended video would get rolled out wide already as I think half the issue I see with users of BMD products is a lack of knowledge in grading. Now BMD do have perhaps the greatest colour correction tool on the market BUT they don’t make it easy to get to a great result without a little arcane knowledge. Even I often run into issues when working by myself and I see extended video being a great step in addressing that shortcoming. There’s no point in talking about how great you can make images shot RAW if you don’t know how to do it and can’t easily or intuitively find a way to do so. With regards to the 4k Pocket. Its a genuine low light contender. I was really impressed at what a useable picture it produces with little lighting. I’m laughing at those that said it’s overlit. I mean a 500w chimera dimmed to almost nothing so the background lighting would still show though the tinted hotel windows is very very low light, much lower levels than the idiots demanding I walk out on the street and light by sodium were demanding. Again, I laugh when I see comments about how noisy ISO3200 is but I’m guessing those users aren’t aware how much image processing their cameras are doing at high ISOs. BMD allow you as the user to choose your poison. A very very underrated feature. And like colour correction it’s almost too powerful because users haven’t been instructed to change their expectations, nor how to add noise reduction or sharpening so they can season to taste. The best testbfootage will be friends users so the sooner they ship the cameras the better. Hopefully Gen 4 means there will be less hysteria about its performance and a few will realise there’s no point comparing it to a GHx or a Sony and learn to get the most from what it is good at. JB
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    My New Pocket4K Android App

    Pleased to announce that my Pocket4K app for Android is now complete and is with beta testers so barring any calamties will be available from the Play store on the 21st of December. Here is a screen shot with a quick run through of the features from top to bottom : Across the top we have the controls for Aperture, ISO and shutter angle. Next up we have the colour temperature and tint controls, the preset white balance selectors, the Auto White Balance button and, of course, the Record button. Beneath that we have the 8 snapshot memories which you can use to store and instantly recall 8 different custom settings of ISO, Aperture, Shutter Angle and White Balance. To store the preset you long press on the memory slot that you want to use and to recall it just short press. Haptic feedback is given to indicate that the preset has been written and the currently loaded preset is denoted in orange (M1 in the shot above). Presets are stored in non volatile memory so are always available in any session. Next is the focus controller, which is operated using the slider and/or the fine tune buttons. A long press of the button moves instantly to closest focus and infinity respectively. The AF button in ths row activates the single shot auto focus. To accompany the focus controls, you then have 6 memory slots (A to F) to store focus points and you can switch instantly between them by simply pressing the required one. In addition, next to these are the controls for A-B-A focus transition and the speed control. Again, all focus points are stored in non volatile memory for use in any session. Finally we have the controls for applicable MFT power zoom lenses with the same interface as the focus controls (including long press for instant minimum/maximum zoom) and 4 non volatile memory positions for later recall. There is another function that it can do that I'll let you know about closer to release date and I will put up a little demo video of it in action late next week.
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    What a shame. Who are these "deep state" BMD insiders that are here pushing an agenda ? Myself and Hook. Who else ? What do you guys think, there's a plot and conspiracy ? You guys don't wat these contributions I guess ? I'm here because I've been a member here for years and I'm on many camera forums and this is just another one I like to read and contribute to where I can. I want to know where all the clowns that were saying on this thread that the world was going to end because BMD didn't have any footage out yet and that definitely meant something was very wrong and the shipping date would be missed. All I've seen so far is that a planned marketing campaign by BMD that has gone off the way they intended. They commissioned some actual filmmakers (not bloggers or camera reviewers) that make certain types of film (natural history, action sports, nature) to make some films and then they released them and the camera originals. Then they gave some cameras, complete with some boxes as if they were new to some secondary users, and whilst having them also under NDA, got them to shoot some test footage and allowed some of them to release that footage. Again. Not reviewers. Not bloggers. About a thousand reviewers and camera jockeys have done a bunch of made up comparisons and VLOGS based on existing footage. (hey I love seeing my footage being butchered by grading nerds) Think about it. No blogger or reviewer ANYWHERE has gotten a functioning camera to shoot with as far as I can tell. Because that's not what BMD want to do with their marketing of this camera. This isjust marketing 101. They need people using the cameras in the many difference specific sectors of the market will use the camera. Camera reviews aren't part of that plan. (though it hasn't stopped people doing it based on existing footage) Until it's shipping, it's their choice to give it to whomever they want. I'm tired of this entitled bullshit. I recently left a few facebook groups I was on for this camera, and I'm doing the same here. Frankly it's juvenile and I don't need the agro I sure hate explaining what should be obvious. There's no slight. BMD have a marketing department and they have a plan and it doesn't involve forums, bloggers or camera reviewers. That's not a snub, that's just them marketing the product in the way that they see fit. JB
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    Andrew, the comments about grading weren’t intended for you specifically. Read the post. I was talking in generalities about recent facebook groups I’d left and a similar entitled tone here. It was not a personal attack but you chose to take it that way. Cmon, I shoot these shots for BMD for exactly this purpose. To be downloaded and graded. If I was truly precious about it I wouldn’t do it again and again would I ? You’re throwing a tantrum, publicly, because you dind’t get an invite to a BMD event that is seems like few even knew about. Somehow you think that’s got something to do with me so you went and wrote a post about me. A really lovely piece too. I’ve said it already a thousand times. I don’t work for them. I don’t have that much to do with them day to day. Last contact I had with anyone at BMD was weeks ago. It’s not my job to make sure YOU get some attention from them. That’s on you to make that case. And by the way, this kind of childish unprofessional behaviour is exactly the kind of reason any company would think twice about working with you. Instead, you launch a highly personal assasination blog post as well as numerous personal attacks because I dared to try and explain that to you in a way that you thought wasn’t deferential enough ? You don’t do this for free. You sell something. I don’t but you actually do. Having traffic come to this site means you have a greater chance of selling something. You sell LUT’s and you sell guides and you use the traffic here to do so. So don’t pretend all this free traffic is somehow a favour to BMD and free publicity. I didn’t even see the post you made about the BMD footage till your personal attack on me, but I noticed when I read your BMD post you’re mixing in a bunch of references to LUT’s you’re trying to flog. How about this... Delete every single post of mine. All the IP that I’ve posted and shared on this forum? All those posts where I’ve shared my knowledge and experience. Go ahead and put your money where your mouth is. JB
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Make it 40... to me this camera doesn’t even exist. Eventually we’ll have footage from John Brawley or Frank Glencairn or Noam Kroll and the footage will look amazing. More people will love it but a few will find something wrong with it... Eventually card info will be released, and more people will complain. Eventually AF tests will show up comparing this camera to the PDAF of the a6500 and more people will complain. Eventually low light tests will show up comparing this camera with the GH5s or the a7sii and more people will complain. At the end, when it’s released, a bunch of people will complain because they hate that they have to use an IR Cut filter and they will complain that they only get 45-60 minutes of battery life and that they wish it had IBIS... And eventually the usual suspects will be the only people that have the camera and the footage will be absolutely gorgeous. The End.
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    Well, here we are then. The 3C app is now officially available from the Play store for Android devices. 3C enables you to remotely control and monitor the primary functions of your Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K from an Android device using Bluetooth LE. Using 3C, you have access to the following camera functionality. Aperture ISO Shutter Angle White Balance Record Focus & Zoom (with compatible lenses) With 3C you can also store your own custom setting sets for exposure, focus and zoom parameters for later recall as well as automate transitions between stored focus points*. For ease of use, 3C uses a single screen touch interface to control all of this functionality and avoid the need for you to have to activate any sub-menus to change settings. 3C has a scalable user interface to enable you to remove focus and zoom controls from the screen should you not require them and wish to run the app on a small screen Android device. In addition, 3C can also be used as an interface hub to enable control of the camera from compatible Bluetooth gamepads. You can purchase 3C from the Play store here http://tinyurl.com/y5eyujeu You can read the PDF user guide here User Guide For 3C v1.1 by CDA-TEK Ltd .pdf You can use gamepads from iPega and 8Bitdo that support keyboard mode and examples of these are https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00KA6OR7Q (iPega) and https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B017PAX036 (8Bitdo). 3C will also support wireless live viewing from the camera in a future update with additional hardware.
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    I inserted myself into the discussion last night when I probably shouldn’t have, but I do stand by my opinion that Andrew should have been invited to the Manchester event. I, for one, never felt that John Brawley was to blame for this and feel that most people on this site have been very thankful for his contributions, not just about info on the upcoming camera but his openness about the inner workings of a Hollywood set and his methods of shooting. But the disdain displayed to Andrew in this thread is mind boggling. I don’t always agree with him, but the man has wholeheartedly opened his craft and home to a countless amount of strangers for free. There is not one other site in the video community that is completely ad free and he rarely asks for a thank you. I can only imagine the cost it is to upkeep this site. I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit that I find him infuriating at times, but I would never question his devotion to his craft and his readers. With that being said, I feel JB’s reply to the events was unnecessarily rude. Perhaps there was a breakdown in communication as Andrew has already stated but for every person that felt Andrew could have handled the snub differently, they should equally admit that JB could have handled his response differently as well. BM was born on the backs of hobbyists and enthusiasts. We paid for the R&D of the Ursa Pro with every Pocket or Micro we bought. As much as we appreciate their inexpensive cinema cameras, they are only available because we decide to purchase them... it’s like a television show, it only exists at the behest of its viewers. But in the end, they are both artists and artists are passionate, honest and sensitive people... they must be to put themselves and their work out into the world for scrutiny.
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    Andrew Reid

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Thanks Karim And Dan, yes webrunner is right. It's a cultish following around the Pocket camera. For example, I understand that Facebook targets each post to a subset of my followers on the EOSHD Facebook Page, depending on the subject. It's automatic, I don't have any control over it. But a lot of pitchforks came out for me today on Facebook which confused me because EOSHD supporters, followers and friends don't usually behave like that.... I know why this time was different, because Facebook had targeted a Blackmagic article at the Blackmagic hardcore fanatics and they didn't like what I had to say. As for typical BM roll out, yes it is. Trade shows have less meaning to everybody outside the bubble. Most customers don't want to be teased for half a year or even more before they can get the damn camera in their hands. Blackmagic should stop syncing their announcements to NAB and instead put the announcement out a week before they start shipping. The irony is, here I am feeling upset about being passed over for a camera in my hands... with a hardcore of Blackmagic users saying "what a crybaby EOSHD is" when at the last few camera launches, those very same people were moaning about not having a camera in their hands, because it's late or whatever. At the end of the day, I reflect on the course this thread just took and I regret it. I stand by my hurt over the camera and snub, but I regret what's happened. Take what you read from everyone on forums with a pinch of salt including even yourself whilst saying it! And including me. I am not myself on the internet sometimes, nobody is. The internet is a weird simulation which is causing issues in real society across the globe all the time. It's not real life, it's a machine-assisted facsimile of it. John Brawley and I would not have behaved the same in real life. The internet is an argument generator and a distorted mirror and I might indeed have to shortly go to the pub and have a stiff drink.
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    It sounds like you’re threatened by this camera so you’re making sure you point out any and all shortcomings you can. Isn’t sissy a bit emotional ? You’re reaching. Some people will be happy with 10bit 422 as their maximum image quality as long as they have a tilt able screen and autofocus. Most serious image makers know that 12bit raw and 10 bit ProRes for half the price trumps the MILC features you’re desperately trying to remind everyone your precious GH5s has. Mostly because “filmmakers” don’t tend to use those features anyway. I don’t use AF. But I shoot narrative drama. What I need isn’t what others need. For the majority, they will prefer the utility of the form factor, longer battery life, AF and IBIS on the GH5 and will find the bare minimum for serious work 400Mbps codec to be good enough. People who care about image fidelity will likely prefer what a Pocket 2 produces side by side and will also decide that they can work around the shortcomings that pertain to the way they work. The same way others will prefer to work around the shortcomings of a lower bit depth more compressed and sub sampled image because other features are important to them. On board batteries on an Alexa mini on my last show were lasting about 40 mins by the way. I guess you’re calling me a sissy. JB EDIT by the way, I don’t think it’s at all appropriate to use sissy, a word that means effeminate man or homosexual. Maybe you want to change that.
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    Nice piece. Oh and the cheque is in the post for this plug Mind you, I hope the notes he was taking were along the lines of "lets track this maverick down and license it" rather than "lets track this cheeky bastard down and sue him" !
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    Will be joining the YouTube party at some point.
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    I am certainly not bigger than a camera company, or more important than Blackmagic and I think people may have seen the hysterics as a bit silly. I accept that yes, possibly I have shot myself in the foot. Having said that, EOSHD is bigger than me as well and is a real community. I was standing up for the community and not just for myself. This was a perfect storm for me. A combination of several factors which caused me to get upset enough to write that article... First the Canon EOS R launch and the new levels of invasive of PR offensive we are seeing from the camera companies to quell dissent and turn even Caleb Pike into a "it's not perfect but WOW what a great camera" kind of guy. Rather than the person he should be, a "1.8x crop sucks" kind of reviewer. Secondly the overwhelming feeling of shithead sycophants climbing above my site, in the VIP lane, completely undeservedly. Thirdly the geographical positioning of the Blackmagic event, it being on my doorstep. Next the fact Cinema5D were paid to fly in. I could have walked in. Finally, the John Brawley factor on here and the lack of support from most of my own readers, honestly all this is enough to give someone a nervous breakdown. It's hard to really get across how I feel, because it is a weird situation and I think the internet is a bit weird as well. In real life, people don't say the things I say or say the things to me that I have had to put up with. People need to calm down, myself included. It's only a camera. But I do feel the future of camera and tech journalism is at stake. In fact it may already be absolutely dead. And the most depressing thing of all is that the reader is fine, unawares, and on the most part notices no issue. No, that wasn't my intention. Yes I have dug myself into a very silly hole. I'll be the first to admit that. Yes Johnnie at Cinema5D is laughing his business head off as we speak.
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    NX1 is actually more advanced with H.265, 6K readout, 1080/120fps and it is 5 years old.
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Sure; it depends on what you'd like. Fuji and BMD have very good, usable color. I personally will use P4K with GH5; I hope to have EC to do a production this summer. 8 bit is tricky; I'd prefer to only support 10 bit cameras, though I will try to find a way that will give viable production level results with 8-bit. I think Log is not really in the cards there. Bit of really cool news; last weekend, the director of a film starring Josh Hartnett wrote to me to say that they were using the GH5 with EC as a pick-up cam alongside Alexa Minis and XTs. He said that a senior Star Wars colorist was doing the grade, and said that 'everybody was very impressed' with it. I was pretty thrilled with that
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    I'm going to be back up to full throttle on EOSHD starting today. For those of you who are wondering where I've been and what I've been doing, here's a glance at what I've been working on... Read the full article
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    I filmed this over 5 weeks in Colombia on a personal trip. I brought along minimal gear... well as minimal as I could Let me know if you have any questions and if you are thinking about visiting Colombia I would highly recommend it!
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    'The Cold Dark' - teaser

    Hey guys, just finished a short we shot in 2017 November. This was an interesting project and probably my best short yet though it does have some issues in pacing and dialogue. Here's the teaser: Would be awesome to hear how the teaser works. As this forum is quite technical, if you have any questions about cameras or whatever, feel free to ask, I'll try to provide answers. We shot this one all over the place with a Blackmagic Ursa (DoP by Ehetyz, a forum member here too.), 5d mark III raw (with one days worth of wrong resolution to boot), sony a7s ii and one shot from a nikon d850. The length of the finished version is 19 minutes and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it, festivals first I guess. Anyone here have any ideas what to do with shortfilms haha?
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    Meet the GimbalGun™

    penis camera look like a serious product now
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    Shooting at 200 ASA Again

    Now we all shoot at 800 asa. actually, I have heard some younger people get upset if they can't shoot at 1600 asa. Pretty amazing to me. Since most modern cameras can do this easily, and that gives you enough natural light in most locations, you just come in and shoot. The style these days is use what already exists, and augment the lighting, and use grip to subtract light. Subtracting light. Before ASA 800, when many of us were shooting at around 200 ASA, you would add light. Now we show up, use a window light - maybe put one light outside of it, and then 4-7 pieces of gripwear to cut it. Toppers, cutters, siders, eggcrates. But a recent job I did for a liquor commercial, we were shooting with the digital bolex as a b camera. The bolex is a beautiful organic image, with a ccd sensor for beautiful motion and the ability to use 16mm glass, which is beautiful and lightweight. We lit for this camera's low native iso, and the A camera, the alexa, we set at 200 ASA as well. At 200 ASA, I was back to where I started 10 years ago, and it was thrilling again. Light didn't spill all over the place - it faded into the darkness, had lots of falloff - and everything was deliberate. We Could liGHT up spaces deep in the bar with red color, and push light into areas we wanted, and hide the rest. It was easier to do, since there were less stands to place on the ground and less rigging to do. Grip takes up a lot of space and stands. Lights - not as much. And we ended up making the bar more interesting than what it was - we transformed it. (I'll post videos and stills once the spots are released. It was putting on a different brain from an earlier era - cause we had to move a different way. And we painted with 1k tungsten lights in a jem ball again and got that tungsten warmth again. That color of a tungsten fresnel - it has a golden warmth to it. Coming back to it, it reminded me of how unmatched by LEDs which have more green and yellow in them than that pure lovely orange glow are these chinese balls. To rediscover those old tungsten fresnel units, that was also important to me. These old lights you can now get as every grip house throws them out, as the world has moved onto led lighting like skypanels, these old lights are a thing of beauty.
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    For long-time GH1 to GH5 shooters like myself, loyal from the beginning, at a time everyone else was shooting Canon, the S1 is a milestone. I have a bit of an emotional attachment to it already, being the first Panasonic full frame camera. It is not my first L-mount camera though. I’ve been shooting with the Leica SL for a few years now and it is still the most clean, ergonomic, minimalist full frame mirrorless body. It cannot, however, match the sheer size of the feature-set on the £2000 Panasonic S1. Read the full article
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    cinematic color?

    Does anyone else seem to remember that this question has popped up on here previously at some point? As far as I recall, the general consensus was that you need to go into the Settings menu of the camera and make sure "Motion Cadence Colour Science Mojo" is set to ON. Have a go with the Search option just to make sure I've remembered correctly though.
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Emotive Color Version 3 Core LogC Details - Rewrote engine to work at 65x65x65, main files are now at eight times resolution (supporting files processed at that resolution) - Fine tuned multi-pass/smoothing technique, to achieve absolute smoothness of final files - Introduced Averaging (averaging two separate measurements/conversions of a light source) - Corrected LogC rolloff artifact introduced with Verde - Corrected far magenta-red artifact Emotive Color Component Details - Remade EC component to incorporate new Arri primaries that were quietly revised this summer for Alexa LF release (much deeper, more accurate red placement in relation to blue/green, and subtle hue shifts throughout) - Incorporated 'Sat Lock-Out", like hue lock out, that is fully accurate to saturation distribution between relative hues of Arri RGB primaries (corrects excessive saturation of orange/yellow/green in highlights, and under-saturation of blue in shadows) - Significantly refined saturation model - Unified EC for both WBs (taking a que from Arri's single R709) [Tungsten has significantly more contrast, higher ideal exposure] - Smoother rolloff placement in EC component - Replaced Pop with Linear (no highlight shoulder, better alternative to Arri R709) - Remade all PREs with latest process (at 65, provided at 33) - much more accurate and smooth - Entirely new PDF (and supplemental waveforms) - Added Daylight Skintone SBS - Updated 'Always Already' with V3 (Download 'Original File' - *Avoid watching in Firefox)
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    On day 3 and 4 of Photokina, I collaborated with Dave Altizer of Kinotika to record the first episode of EOSHD TV and an EOSHD Podcast. We discuss insider topics such as a rumoured on-chip ND filter by Panasonic, Fuji's "super full frame" medium format strategy and round up some of the highlights of Photokina (including the Panasonic S1R). Read the full article
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Of course Blackmagic are profitable but at the same time, compared to what the rest of the industry are doing, they are 'pretty much' giving away their products. Pocket4k with Resolve = US$1299 Adobe Premiere/After Effects/Audition subscription for 2 years = USD$1248 So after 2 years....yes, BMD have given you a free camera. 😉
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    I think a lot of you (all of you?) come to this thread to learn more about the camera, so I'll save my lengthy apologies for a blog post. It's not been my finest hour, but frustration will do that to a man.
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    I attended a Black Magic event today and got to play around with the BMPCC4k for a while (maybe 30 mins or so). I cannot discuss all my observations for fear of causing unnecessary panic, but I will state a few things I noticed. 1. The autofocus is not the best, but with the M43 lens advantage, and focus peaking things should be fine. 2. A lot of firmware features were disabled and flavours of ProRes were limited along with recording capabilities, to prevent people from sharing random non final firmware footage. 3. The on-board fans for the camera were not only absolutely silent, they were also unnoticeable (I put my finger over the vents and noticed almost nothing). 4. The Windowed HD is a substantial crop. So Metabones may make a BMPCC4k specific adaptor (which would be essential IMHO). 5. Low Light seems decent. I would like to compare the GH5s with it, though the Black Magic doesn't seem to have any noise reduction, and so at higher ISOs, noise seemed visible (as was the high level of detail in the image). I think once a few units reach reviewers, I would love to see this reviewed for low light, among other things. 6. I found it to be heavy with cinema lenses. But I guess this may have been due to the lenses more than the body. Also after the composite, it should shave off at least 100gms off the weight. 7. Very impressive ergonomics. Especially the wheels the grip. After Panasonic's IBIS + OIS we're literally spoit if anything doesn't offer anything like that (Canon cameras?), it's a little disappointing (I know stabilizers are good enough). I feel Blackmagic is working with a lot of accessory makers. I hope they get a battery grip with atleast 3 hours of juice. If Panasonic tweaks the VLog, I am sure they can easily get atleast another Stop of Dynamic Range out of the cameras (if not more). I realised that M43 is in need of a very fast zoom lens with a decent Range (f2 12-36mm). They could make it fat or large, who really cares. And it must have good OIS (for cameras that don't have IBIS).
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    Thanks for the notes. A great deal of The Resident is shot handheld with an Ursa Mini Pro and APO Hyperprimes from SLR Magic. We rig it in what I call “football” mode. Body, wooden camera cheese plates, Dbox, MDR, battery, lens and side handle. I try to keep it as small as possible. Attcahed are a couple of shots I was operating on a pilot in Chicago a few months ago. A lot is also shot with a minimally rigged micro camera, WC cage, self pulling with a 10mm SLR Magic lens and a 5” VA for monitoriing on an arm. Idea being to keep it all very small. There’s a picture here showing the way I work that rig here mid-take. It allows me to get the camera inside the surgical feild and very intimate. We work really hard on making the medical stuff as real as possible. It’s a real prop in that case. Most of the extras in surgery scenes are realy life OR nurses and surgeons. We have surgeons as consultants and we make a lot of prosthetics to be story specific. We have to take some liberties though, usually for time. I mean it’s a 47 min TV show I recall with the scene you’re talking about that graft would normally take about an hour to install and sew. Mina gets it done in a few seocnds 🙂. The whole procedure would take a few hours. So we try to get the spirit right and we try to be very explicit and accurate with the medical depictions. We still get. alot of medical people flaming the show for not being “right” but usually they’re more upset with the way we depict the shortcomings and failings of the US medical system 🙂 We shoot, edit and master in 1920. Fox does the downconvert. You can get 1920 versions from other stremaing services though. JB
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  33. 12 points

    GH5s anamorphic short

    I rented a Master Anamorphic 50mm for another project on the Helium, but walked over to Chinatown in Chicago with a couple of friends to shoot this little short with the GH5s. All at 3200 ISO.
  34. 11 points

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    If you want a bit of an insight into how relatively rare this camera still is in the wild, I doubled the amount of Pocket 4K cameras that were being used at the BVE Expo in London today when I got mine out of my bag. I plonked it down on a table that Zeiss had left brochures on but abandoned to setup my app and immediately drew a crowd who thought I was an exhibitor. Of course I did not disabuse any of them of this belief and promptly started demoing the living daylights out of my app.
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    I think offering full frame (no crop) 12 bit raw video on a US$2000 hybrid body pretty much meets the definition of going into complete and total overdrive.
  36. 11 points
    So, let me get this straight... A forum member (who contributes a lot to this place by the way) makes a cautionary post about having two separate failures of a camera model that many people on here may be looking to buy and the response is to criticise his work ? Are you trying to suggest he broke these cameras by virtue of taking photographs that you don't particularly like ? Have I got that right? That both of these cameras self destructed on the grounds of taste? Because if you are not suggesting that then you need to accept that your contribution to this particular thread is as irrelevant as it is mean spirited.
  37. 11 points
    Jesus, what happened to keeping criticism constructive and supportive? I came to this forum hoping to find a community of likeminded film makers interested in the new possibilities of smaller, cheaper cameras, and I stayed because of the variety and frequency of discussions. This forum always seems to be more on top of new news than others. But lately it's all been about attacking other blogs and youtubers, denigrating your peers, and now giving really harsh and insensitive criticism to each other. I would never post my own work in this forum now. I wouldn't expect to receive any useful criticism from a place where there are so many thin-skinned, insecure and defensive people. Of course there are many intelligent, experienced and positive people here too, but they increasingly seem to keep their heads down these days.
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    I just created the first video of hopefully more about how to create a Good Travel Video. All based on my experiences and past, but wanted to see if you guys/gals had any thoughts around things that you would want to see and if you are even interested at all??
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    It was a great occasion to enjoy some of Photokina with Dave Altizer. This video was an experiment in many ways, to plant a seed for more EOSHD YouTube content. I hope you enjoy the start of EOSHD TV - let's see how this goes in the future when I rope more unlucky people in front of the camera and come up with more content (the channel won't just be interviews). We talk about a range of camera-nerd stuff in the video, not least of all that's on the table in front of us. The Fuji X-T3, the Hasselblad X1D and Fuji GFX 50S medium format cameras, along with the other interesting finds at the show. Warning: contains controversial opinions!!
  40. 11 points

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Ive never heard a good DP complain that the Red Epic, Red Helium, Arri Alexa, Sony F55 are not full frame. I've put the Metabones XL speedbooster on my pocket4K and super happy with the look. Andrew, it seems that the whole BMD Manchester incident still has a bitter taste in your mouth. You are looking for any excuse to hate this camera in the same way that most heavy forum users look for excuses to hate on any camera and use a cameras lack of features as excuses as to why they are on forums rather than out shooting nice images. Sorry, I know that view is going to make me unpopular on a forum but I think it's kinda on the mark. Is the Pocket4K for everyone? No. The camera isn't a white unicorn....it isn't the perfect camera for everyone. No camera is. If you just want to shoot bare bones, in the hand video with no light, get an A7III. If you want to VLOG, get a camera with a flippy screen (although interestingly, I know a few vloggers that use Red Helium as a vlogging camera!). It really depends on what your priorities are. The Pocket4k is a solid little camera. Sure I wish the battery lasted longer than an hour and I wish the screen was easier to see in bright sun but having used Sony A7 series, Panasonic GH series and the Fuji X-T2 all as B cams, would I chose to shoot with one of those over the Pocket4K? No chance! I still need to add external monitors to those small hybrid cameras anyway and their battery life is barely any better ( apart from GH series) ........but the Pocket4k image creams them!
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    Can't believe they didn't announce the fourth member of this new alliance that is making compatible products for Panasonic and Leica cameras
  42. 11 points

    Ronin S Motion Control VFX

    Got my DJI Ronin S a few weeks ago and while digging through the app realized that I could program tilt and pan moves and repeat them. I paired the Ronin S with a motorized slider creating a small motion control system. This allowed for some interesting VFX in a music video I just shot. I was able to created several versions of the singer interacting with himself while the camera moved around following the action. Check it out:
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    I don’t actually work for Blackmagic. It’s not my job to make you happy or smooth anything over when you have an issue with them not inviting you to an event. It’s not my job to pander to anyone. I don’t answer to BMD. Just like you I’m an independent opinion and my opinion doesn’t reflect Blackmagic’s views. I think you’re misunderstand why I’m here. Nice job on the personal attack Andrew. JB
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    Andrew Reid

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Sorry to hear that, makes you realise what's really important! Very true and it's so relentless, there's a new temptation around the corner every few weeks. Easy to get hooked. These companies are spending millions on getting us hooked. Just like us, they're never satisfied either. It's like in home audio... Eventually you will end up with an end-game, which is perhaps 5 or 10% better than what you had mid-way through the spending spree. I am going to review the E-M10 III next. $500 camera. I'm going to use that instead of the Pocket 4K, forget raw. I'm going to go out, have fun with strange Russian lenses, and appreciate how short life is and how the time is better spent with family than with disposable consumer goods.
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    Thanks for the "welcomes". I (and others at BMD) have been following this thread (and threads elsewhere) so we're aware of what people are discussing and asking but in general we don't/can't comment on a lot of things before release sorry. We appreciate the support and are working hard to deliver the best we can offer you all.
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    Maybe they've deliberately chosen the 14th to announce it as its Valentines Day and they want to show some love to their customers. Or is it going to be a case of Roses are red, Violets are blue, Canon is Canon, No 4K for you.
  47. 10 points

    Magic Lantern Raw Video

    Magic lantern is making a lot of progress with 3K+ on the 5D mark 2! Seems what happened with the 5 year old mark III in 2017 is now happening with the 10 year old mark II... 3K announcement: https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=19336.msg205638#msg205638 Initial 4K progress (10.5 frames per second): https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=19336.msg208417#msg208417 Initial 5K progress (6.5 frames per second): https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=19336.msg208355#msg208355 The 5D mark II has always been limited to 30fps, but there is also some progress in getting higher framerates: https://twitter.com/autoexec_bin/status/1048804509827452928 The forum user reddeercity has some builds on that thread. I am super excited about this, even spent 100 pound on a new motherboard to fix my camera. Video I made using the 3K build: Shot in 2880x1080 resolution, Graded + converted to ProRes using MLV App (https://github.com/ilia3101/MLV-App), edited in Pitivi on linuX. Lenses: Jupiter 9, Helios 44, Takumar 135mm, cosina 19-35 (for one shot) If anyone wants an MLV or DNG or something from the video I can provide.
  48. 10 points

    "Plants" from companies on this forum

    That's great Andrew. By the way have you heard of the Canon EOS R? I've been trying it all weekend and it's just fantastic!
  49. 10 points

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Aware of what? Was he convicted of a crime? We are getting into very dangerous territory when all that need happen is a woman claims abuse and everyone is expected to believe each and every word she says whilst totally ignoring comments from the opposing party. From what I can see, if something happened she should have filed charges and they both would have their day in court. Until then it is nothing more than a case of "he said, she said". I'm not defending PB... I don't have any unique information regarding this alleged incident. I'm just sick of this pitch fork mentality. I'm sure some will take exception to what I have written. To them... you can take a long walk off a short pier. I have personally known someone that was falsely accused. Thankfully, there was an investigation and exculpatory evidence proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the supposed victim was full of $h!t. Really? Didn't someone once suggest something unsavory about you? Should we take their comment as fact without proof also? Glass houses my friend.
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    I thought they’d already discontinued the pocket ? Watch that become a cult camera if it isn’t already. I think they’ll keep the micro going for some time. It’s really a different camera. In the photo above the camera has a wooden camera cage, a Noga arm and a BMD 5” VA as the operating monitor. On front is the SLR Magic 10mm T2.1. I’m manually focussing myself, using peaking on the VA. By way of example almost all of this promo is either Ursa Mini Pro or Micro using that exact rig. This whole scene is shot Ursa Mini Pro I have used a LOT of Ursa Mini Pro and Micro in the resident. Not just as an insert camera, but shooting whole scenes using only the Ursa Mini Pro. Most scenes have a mix of Ursa Mini Pro and ALexa, and I’d estimate more than 40% of the show is Ursa Mini. I tend to use the micro camera for these kinds of surgery shots where I can very easily reach into the scene and get super close before diving down to almost inside the surgical field, and then transitioning back to another actor. It keeps it very agile and alive shooting this way. I’d anticipate the Pocket 2 will replace this rig for these kinds of shots. JB
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