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    The media created Trump. The Apprentice. A top ten show in America. Where every week Trump is a smart hero to everyone who wants to make it in America. A successful billionaire to those who don't better. The man who can fire you. A man in his Trump airplane, with his fancy suits and beautiful woman and a vision of success, of the American dream, to those who know nothing better. The media gave him coverage during the primaries. Nonstop coverage. Waited on him to speak. "Did you hear what he said?" "Did you hear what he tweeted?" Put on the screen his rallies even before he got on the stage. While they gave a third of that coverage to Hillary Clinton, the best choice in defeating the monster. Trump the monster. They made this monster. Because - he was GREAT for RATINGS. Because he was a carnival backer. Entertaining as hell. It was a fun reality show for everyone! He knew what to say - what soundbytes work. He was a natural extension of our TV culture's endless reality-show culture that has been going on since the 90's. Leslie Moonves, CEO of CBS was quoted as saying in reference to Trump: "It May Not Be Good for America, but It's Damn Good for CBS." The man who will most likely appoint supreme court judges to destroy Roe vs Wade, the Paris Climate talks, the marriage equality act, and any sort of green energy reform. So what do we do? Take away the one thing the mainstream media cares about: their RATINGS. To sink the news divisions of any mainstream media service that potentially destroyed the planet in exchange for a quick billion dollars. THIS IS REVENGE for them destroying our future. It's time to get angry. To not be reserved. These fuckers just took away female reproductive rights because they wanted to buy a new private jet. Why couldn't they get their ratings from their entertainment division? You greedy little fucks. I am calling on all of you to work on and create alternative new sources and docs and FB videos that steals away their eyeballs. Media that is more engaging and more thoughtful and ethical enough to not resort to ratings grabs above all else. Above human lives. There are so many causes that need videos - that need larger audiences to get behind - green energy movement, human rights movements, international policy movements, college education movements, b-corporations, local politicians and efforts. Critical looks at the world's major banks and international powers - so much stuff. We can do this. We have the talent and skillset from our 10,000+ hours of learning and learning and learning to use our powers for good. Let's get organized. Let's all talk about this. Let's figure out how to divide up our limited time to do this all.
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    Thank you so much! yeah lol im always right about US politics in terms of predicting the future –– even this year anyway please send my dollar to: Kaylee Fabian 1234 Anystreet Cario Egypt 11311 P.S. @Ed_David i also bet myself a dollar that you would start this thread
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    Exactly, Sanders, and a couple more, for sure. I believe the problem was that people had to vote for Trump, we all know (we that didn't vote for him, because he was ELECTED, do not forget that) how bad he is, but the Clinton family is not the most democratic of the Democrats, so people vote against the "establishment", and Trump and Sanders were the anti-establishment vote, Hilary wasn't. Right now the world goes left or (far) right, Clinton was center-right, and that was it. Already Trump - Putin - Erdogan are.forming an unholy alliance, who is going to stop them? And who are going to devour? I see that US people do not have the whole idea of how the president of the United States affect the whole planet, maybe you worry about your salaries right now, but aggression and negativity goes around and comes around. This person supports the idea of teachers teaching with guns and punish women that want to have birth control. Seriously..
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    Dont forget Olympus (em1ii)

    Man, that footage looks processed to death. Shouldn't be surprised, as Olympus JPEGs are heavily tweaked, but look how much sharpening there is on the birds' feathers. Look how the noise reduction turns all the grass into mush. Look how most colors have little or no variation across the object, just a wash of one single color. There's definitely a place for a small camera with IBIS, solid AF, low rolling shutter, and nice colors out of the box; in fact, it seems like the perfect run and gun/travel/gimbal companion. But I don't think it could be my only camera, and probably not my A-cam on a narrative.
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    @Ed_David I will keep in mind this is a film forum By the way, thank you for your Samung NX1 short...helped me determine it would be a good camera for what I do (film my family)... This election cycle, the media gave us TRUMP (the "monster you see") versus CLINTON (the "hidden/corrupt" monster). I voted against Clinton, for Trump. Bernie may have won, taping into some of the very same "forgotten" middle class anger that Clinton ignored. But what do I know...I voted for Ron Paul and John Edwards once This election cycle, the amount of negativity pushed at you was overwhelming. No coverage of policies or anything of substance. Regardless of political view, I feel Americans were short-changed on meaningful content... Even now, the media is more worried about how their pundits missed "calling" the election right than reporting anything real. People on the losing side were bound to be hurt, angry and scared...either way. Even still, mainstream media is doing nothing to bring healing to the land... Your call to making informed content, not based on ratings, is exactly what is needed (how, where to distrubute is another thing altogether)... I know I'm rambling...just wanted you to know as someone who voted the other way...I share your hatred of the mainstream media and what they fed us for ratings...
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    yes there was - it was Bernie Sanders.
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    The main issue is not money, is war, there is something very 1936 everywhere in the world. Right now we needed the best leaders we could have and unfortunately we have the worst, everywhere. It seems like Russia, Turkey and China are the most determined to change the status quo, and there is no force right now to counterbalance them. uS are in decline, with the worst (a)political leader in the whole world (I know North Korea, still believe Trump is clueless of anything politic and geostrategical), EU is dying and they wait only for the Italian referendum to give a shot in the heart, and the final one in the French elections in Spring, the rest of the world is concerned more with financial affairs (Germany including which is 4th or 5th in military power in Europe alone). Who is going to fight Russia when they will invade Ukrain, and whoever they want(remember Crimea, you should, it was last year?) Who is going to stop Turkey invading Greece, Northern Syria and Northern Iraq, and completely annihilate Kurds (which are one of the biggest nations in the world, without a state, 30-40.000.000). China is building islands to control the south east seas. There are more things to loose than money. War happens.
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    Maybe Trump will Make Canon Great Again.
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    Fritz Pierre

    GH5 10-bit 4:2:2 internal?

    @Mattias Burling...I think judging by the footage I've seen you produce on the LS300 and owning both GH2s and GH4s, the GH5 will be a no-brainer for you...the GH4 is the only cam I pre-ordered, and actually thought of pre-order on the Terra 6K, but its for a specific project, and if the funding for that comes through, I might bite the bullet and go for the Varicam LT...will still get the GH5 as a companion camera...I've yet to sell any of my GH camera's...IMO Panny just makes camera that work and I need that reliability on a set...
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    Guess the camera (again)

    Ok, this might be getting old but what the heck. Not my own footage (by the very talented Arsen Sarkisiants -who I suspect could make anything look cinematic) One hint- the camera does have a log color mode...
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    This is so full of ignorance and straw man arguments that completely cherry picks the facts. Actually @Damphousse, I apologize. I think you are slightly misinformed, but you are entitled to your opinions.
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    Well said...we may even find out we were never really "two halves" to begin with...more like "four quarters"
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    Let's be honest, Sanders would have lost by even more than Hillary did. The 50% increases in ObamaCare premiums was a major blow to the Clinton campaign at the end. So you believe that the media should pick and choose who they give coverage to as long as it isn't Clinton or Trump... or someone else you disagree with?
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    anamorphic for NX1

    The Kowa BH is overpriced and in terms of sharpness, the prominars are better. Sankor is a great alternative as well. I personally like the look of the 1.5x anamorphics. I own a 2x ana lens, but I'll pick a 1.33x & a 1.5x as well, get the right lens for the right job.
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    The reason why Trump won is because Hillary Clinton and the democratic party tried to force their will on the American public. They stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders and basically cheated him out of the nomination. They then continued to use all of their connections to try and stack the deck against Trump- getting debate questions beforehand, getting sent articles and news reports for editing from the media, etc... If it had not been for wikileaks exposing all of this we probably never would have none what they were trying to do. The DNC, Clinton, and their connections int the media tried to supplant Clinton as president.It wasn't about what the people wanted it was about what they wanted. In doing so they had a canidate who is one of the most corrupt and hated polititans out there. Looking for someone to protest, someone to blame, look no further than the Democratic party. They tried to force Hillary on us, they failed and this is the result.
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    I'm sorry this is so stupid, I don't even know where to begin. Love him or hate him, he received the worst media bias against him than any previous nominee in recent history.
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    This sums it up for me got to love the Scots
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    If Clinton would have won, each of us would have gotten a free RED Raven and a year of Vimeo Pro to boot. See what you've done, America?
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    We could send a petition to trump to ban all camera companies who don't put atleast 4K10bit prores and compressed raw in their video capable cameras, after all these japs steal your money by holding back on functions and selling new cameras with minimal upgrades over and over again.
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    gh4, g7 or g80?

    Hey. yeah the G7 / GH4 / G80 all have different advantages and disadvantages. I've owned a G7 for a while, and think it's incredible value for money. However in comparison to your GX85 I think all it offers is a mic input and the Cine D / V picture profiles. I wanted to pick up a second panasonic body, and was also choosing between the G80 and a 2nd hand GH4. I actually went for the GH4, when I found a good deal on one. The headphone jack is useful for me, as I'll be shooting some casual interviews / vox pops with a minimal set up. It's nice to have the 98fps slow motion option too, though the image quality does suffer in this mode. The lack of stabilisation is a disadvantage, for sure. I figured I'd get a lens with stabilisation for now, for the times I want to shoot handheld. The G80 with those Nikon Primes & speedbooster should be capable of capturing nice look images, I imagine. One thing to look out for- If you're planning on using Nikon G primes (like the 35mm f1.8) on a speedbooster, make sure you use a speedbooster with it's own aperture. I don't think you'll be able to close down the lens aperture since it's done electronically on Nikon Gs. I know the Metabones Nikon - MFT does this (though is expensive) - I think Fotodiox do one with an aperture also. Since you're looking to use un-stabilised primes, the G80's stabilisation will be of a huge benefit shooting handheld. I've seen Panasonic are looking to update the firmware to improve the stabilisation at some point hopefully soon. The G80's rolling shutter is significantly worse than that of the GH4 (& the G7), for what it's worth. The iso performance is also slightly better on the G7 / G80 over the GH4. Sadly there's no clear winner. On paper the GH5 looks like it might be best of both and more, but there's no indication as to when it'll be out, and it will cost significantly more than either of these options. Hope that's of some help!
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    Look I'm not saying its a good or bad idea, but your assumption about border walls is wrong. Israel made a huge one, and its unbelievably effective. Even Palestinians admitted its very effective, and they are master of tunnel making.
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    Out now: FCP X 10.3

    Not fixed then. I noticed a few months ago that I couldn't map the 'Magic Keyboard' (german version) to FCP X shortcuts (left bracket, right bracket etc. become Umlaute- äöüß). Wrote to Apple, but there is no solution other than buying a traditional keyboard or use FCP X in english. The translation to german is flawed. In FCP 7, they didn't translate the important stuff like Browser, Viewer, Canvas, Playhead and Timeline. No one knows what the german word for browser would be anyway. In 10.3, it became worse. Originally, they had translated roles ('Rollen' in german) to Funktionen (functions). Because a term of analog film, reel, translates to Rolle as well. Now they call it Funktion in some places, Rolle in others. Very confusing, particularly for newbies.
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    Interesting video.......Paul Joseph Watson sends his condolences.
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    Don Kotlos

    GH5 10-bit 4:2:2 internal?

    More info: Dual SD slots Another IBIS confirmation Price similar to E-M1mkii http://www.43rumors.com/new-gh5-and-leica-lens-images-from-paris/ http://www.43rumors.com/ft5-panasonic-gh5-price-is-the-same-one-as-the-e-m1ii/
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    Yeah, good idea to remove batteries from gimbal when traveling. ? I had a similar experience with Zhiyun's customer service. very fast turnaround time, but I did have to pay $25 for shipping the unit back to China. They returned it by FedEx free of charge within a few days of receiving it. The long handle on the Crane could come in handy if you do many shots in inverted mode, aside from that, I agree, it could be a bit shorter.
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    Flying in dreams - Paramotor 4K

    Hi Everyone, It's been a while that I posted something, but really want to share this one! The first shooting session was somewhere in the European spring this year. It took around 4 sessions to get all footage together. It required some patience to get the right weather conditions that had both a dreamy effect and were also flyable for the pilot. Let me know what you think about this one: Gear used: Panasonic GH4, Phantom 4, TRD beholder DS1 and a gopro 3/4 black.
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    Haha, yeah I thought this thread would be shut down pretty soon. A thousand dollars?? Sounds too good to be true! You can buy one tripod
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    But if it makes money why will it matter if it is safe or not?
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    Suck it Hillary supporters. I voted trump and he has already made me thousands of dollars. Instead of flying thousands of miles to China to take video at the great wall, I'm going to wait until WE have a great wall on our southern border. Its cheaper and more convenient that way ;-) beside, have u notice how much cheaper the peso is now that trump is president elect? In addition, since trump is against regulation, perhaps I can finally start taking aerial videos in our national parks (when it is safe and unobtrusive to do so). Maga!!!! Folks.. Maga!!!
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    Caleb Genheimer

    anamorphic for NX1

    I use NX1 with a Kowa 16-H/8Z. My personal opinion is that 2X looks by far the best. Otherwise, just shoot spherical, crop, and add some barrel distortion in post. with the UHD capabilities of the NX1, cropping off the sides to get 2.35 or 2.66 is really no great loss. The Kowa is among THE best anamorphic glass, period. Full stop. Add a Rangefinder or Rectilux, and it also becomes a versatile and useable professional tool.
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    Maybe! It'll just be another d*ckhead like Trump but they'll tell us the overheating problems have been solved and he can shoot faster.... ;P
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    So we'll have a president upgrade in a couple months?? :D
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    Trump is like Sony, he promises the world, will never live up to his 'promises' and overheats when called to action. Clinton is like Samsung cameras, dead but people keep banging on about her. I prefer Canon and Panasonic.
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    Oh alright then Trumpon.
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    Lets not forget that EUA is not a democracy, it never was. It's plutocracy. The only positive thing on the election of of Trump is the none election of Hilary. But these doesn't mean Trump is a solution, by the contrary, Trump is very dangerous. So I think Resistance has to start now. I know americans like to say god bless america, but if I where you, I would put my faith i God, I would instead say that the supreme court bless america, and I hope that this big problem may serve as way of bringing people together, interested on their political system, and on how to change it from a plutocracy to a real democracy that is indeed representative of the people. A government of the people, by the people and for the people. And also a government that delivers an affordable small camera that records 12bit 4444 in 8k with a very efficient codec that makes small files, ready to go and easy to edit.
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    since nothing he said is true or can be fact-checked, then it may actually be a good sign he will do some good. for one, he is unlikely to build a wall.... the question is, will he get his way? his party isnt exactly on the same page as him. my guess is that, he will actually spend way too much time fighting his own party and gets nothing done (abit like that coalition party [tory and lib dem] in the UK). (i dont follow politics keenly)
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    I searched and found 51.6% of people with the right to vote in US were women. And Trump won. Humanity embraced masochism.
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    She WAS better. Useful post.
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    IMHO, your Killary wasn't better. At least now her bloody hands are out of Libia, Irak, Siria, etc. Mine is another useless post, nothing to do with the camera world (sorry)
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    Canon XC10 4K camcorder

    Yes, the Sony looks a lot better in that vid. But, something fishy is going on here or the user hasn't a clue what they're doing. I don't think the XC10 was set to its best picture style for that test. It looks like it could be the most contrasty one, which has much less DR than C-Log or WideDR. Also, there's something weird happening with compression that is destroying detail in the Canon but leaving the Sony untouched! There's an A/B comparison at about 53 seconds in. At 54 seconds the XC10 turns to total mush, but the Sony is fine. Don't trust this comparison. Was this ISO500? Looks good! Implying a firmware fix might be possible
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    NX1/NX500 Hack Test Footage

    I shot it in normal gamma with Eduardo's settings. I just warmed the overall image a bit and use the m41 lut at about 40-50%. Thx
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    Samsung NX Speed Booster

    NXL Canon 50mm F8 (sharpening test).
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    Eric Calabros

    First leaked image of FS7 II

    now only needs a sim card, we can easily dial phone numbers with these buttons, and talk with our client.
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    GH 4 versus G85 for 4K video

    @Cary Knoop What 'high ISO's are you referring to? 3200? 6,400? 'High ISO' is a vague statement, and mud is not an accurate description of the noise artifacts that pop up from 800 and beyond either. In fact, I don't know of any micro 4/3 camera that excels in low light, which is why it's recommended to shoot with fast glass rather than high ISO settings, and I seldom if ever shoot higher than ISO 800 with my GH4 precisely because of noise issues. The G7 supposedly had a one stop increase in clean low light ability over the GH4 according to Max Yuryev (here is a comparison he did between the $600 G7 and Sony's $3,000 low light monster A7s2). And the G85 will in all probability have better low light performance than the GH4, too. So, no reason to prefer the GH4 over the G85 if low light performance is the sole criterion.
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    ade towell

    GH5 10-bit 4:2:2 internal?

    http://www.thecomingconvergence.com/ this was gh4
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    So I've always, always struggled to get SLOG2 right on the A7s. I'm self taught and not a particuarly good colorist. I still haven't learned how to read scopes properly and found myself relying on the presets within FilmConvert to help me get colour and exposure right when using it. I had a couple of tests that were 'OK' but always found there to be far too much noise and ended up switching over to Cine4, and recently, Cine2 when using the camera. For some reason I decided to give it another shot this weekend after playing around with the new Lumetri Colour panel in Adobe Premiere CC, and lo and behold, it is far far easier to grade and I have finally gotten footage that isn't a noise infested mess. Being able to play around with the highlights, whites, shadows and blacks with sliders instead of curves (as I was previously using) gave me way more control over the image. Below is an example of some quick shots I took walking around Berlin this weekend, graded with a Visioncolor Impulz Ultimate LUT. Also have to add, that while the original footage did have a yellow tinge to it, this was easily taken out with the saturation wheel. Single out the offending yellow hue, drop the saturation of that hue, and its gone. Now onto the next mystery of why my Vimeo uploads always end up pixelated when there's any sort of movement...better to download if you're curious. Either way, if you found SLOG 2 was a nightmare beforehand it might be worth checking out again if you have access to Premiere CC.
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    It doesn't have more highlights, whait it does is pull mid grey lower and clip signal at IRE 100. The lower midgrey point may create the illusion of more highlights latitude, but it is the actually opposite. The other three Cine curves go to IRE 109. Cine2 is supposed to be used "as is" and be broadcast safe (hence clipped at IRE 100). I don't think any peaking setting will work well with slog. Peaking relies on contrast and contrast is very low with s-log. One way to sort of work around this is to pre-focus with a contrasty PP and switch to s-log for recording.
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    ​True. The G7 is hardly crippled in terms of video compared to the GH4. There's no MOV, only MP4 (does that matter anyway?). No Master Pedestal I think? No slow motion and no 200 mbps 1080p (does anyone use that?) But everything else is there... Cine profiles, Zebras, curve adjustments, etc.
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    The camera you have + some lights
EOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
EOSHD Pro Color 3.0 for Sony cameras
EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony cameras
EOSHD 5D Mark III 3.5K RAW Shooter's Guide

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