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  1. is there any plans to explore the option of using these settings on older cameras like A7r mk1 and A6000 which rely on the built-in app "Live View Grading"?
  2. very nice video. partly why i love coming onto this site. i keep telling myself to hold off until XT2 drops below 1k, but these videos make me want to jump in right now! lol. one thing did caught my attention tho. Andrew posted this in the Canon thread but i haven't see any mention of it in the main XT2 article:
  3. i went back to re-read the press release, apparently they did just that but the Inspire 2 and P4 pro stole the lime light. DJI now offer X4s which is the 1" sensor. they havent specifically said it can be mounted on the Osmo grip, but if it has the same mount as the x5/x5r, i dont see why it cant be used as such. exciting time ahead!! Copy from press: "DJI has also released two new Zenmuse cameras for use with the Inspire 2. The Zenmuse X4S includes a 1" 20MP sensor with 11.6 stops of dynamic range, a 24mm F2.8-11 lens and a mechanical shutter." DJI's own page: http://www.d
  4. this is copied from dpreview, looks interesting! "Visually similar to the original Phantom 4, the Phantom 4 Pro includes a camera with a 1" 20MP sensor with ‘almost’ 12 stops of dynamic range. Of particular interest, the Phantom 4 Pro has a mechanical shutter to eliminate rolling shutter effects from fast motion. It can record 4K/60p video at 100 mbps and offers H.265 video compression." can i just order the camera on the P4 Pro? lol. looks like better than any 1" compact camera offerings on the market at the moment.
  5. im an A7r mk1 owner but i also have access to the mk2. in my experience, you are getting the mk2 for a few reasons/advantages: 1) IBIS, but if you use TSE, then probably doesnt bother you 2) AF, again TSE lens doesnt benefit from it 3) i found my mk1 A7r suffers from shutter vibration problem for lens above 500g. i dont think A7 mk1 has the same problem, but there is some internal reflection problem (for street lights mostly) that may worth looking into. 4) The mk 2 bodies have better colours. i came across Dave Dugdale's video review of the A7rII and i agree with him that
  6. the mark 1 bodies did not get the update. the 14-bit still raw came out for mark 2 bodies Oct 2015, but all firmwares since then for the mark 1 are lens optimisation and no update for raw compression options.
  7. shouldn't be a problem, although i cannot guarantee every R lens will work. but I have a Fuji S5 pro (it's an APSC with a nikon F mount on it), i converted a few R lens (mainly tele 135/180's) and i have no problem using them on the S5. just need to un-do a few screws and replace the mounting metal ring to a F-mount.
  8. i agree with one of the newspaper just before the vote: the general public is simply not equipped to carry out an sufficiently in-depth analysis to make a decision that they won't regret.
  9. I do feel abit sorry for them. afterall, they got everyone to use the word "GoPro" instead of action cam. but with devices from the far east like YI 4K, and endless cheap copies, they need to try very hard to differentiate from the rest. In my opinion, like many other western/hi-tech success stories, they cant complete on manufacturing cost, but they can focus on software and user experience which is often very lacking for the far east product. look at osmo mobile vs the far east offerings; or look at some of the chinese phones (ZTE, LeEco, all just about spec spec spec, and the whole thi
  10. the TV industry version of HDR, to my simple mind, is just a way of setting minimum requirement for brightness to simulate real life bright objects. i do welcome it after seeing some examples on HDR TV sets. Much less gimmicky compared to 3D and VR. i tried the Youtube HDR video on my TV (HDR compatible), but i believe google is restricting HDR mode only on Chromecast Ultra, i.e. native TV app did not go into HDR mode.
  11. since nothing he said is true or can be fact-checked, then it may actually be a good sign he will do some good. for one, he is unlikely to build a wall.... the question is, will he get his way? his party isnt exactly on the same page as him. my guess is that, he will actually spend way too much time fighting his own party and gets nothing done (abit like that coalition party [tory and lib dem] in the UK). (i dont follow politics keenly)
  12. im in the same boat. i mostly shoot stills and i have been fuji user (for still) since S3 pro. but since their recent line up cost more and more (not saying it is wrong to do so), i havent made the jump to XT2 yet. at the same time, oly EM1 mk ii with 12-100mm seems like a good one lens setup. my own observation tells me, oly is good at accurate color while fuji always give pleasing color.... i guess i will have to wait and see more reviews/samples.
  13. wouldn't it be totally mind blowing if fuji provide some way of shooting f-log internally and provide you the LUT (internally or via computer) to recreate all their simulation modes. almost like half way house to RAW.
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