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    EVF and Polariser

    I've been using a SONY A7R II + 16 - 35 GM + HELIOPAN Pol filter lately around water scenes, removing reflections etc.... I've found the EVF doesn't always provide the best "feedback of image" (so to speak) , its very difficult to notice the exact effect at times, more so in a very sunny environment. Seeking some options or opinions for either a remote small external EVF via HDMI or a work around with the native on camera SONY EVF... Thanks......
  2. 5D MK II + early 50mm ?


    Flea sale find so no real financial damage was incurred.


    yep thats it , thanks for the info.....


    Hey folks , found a ZEIKA CINE 11/2" F 1.4 LENS ,not sure if it has its mounting flange missing OR this is a type of mount??/ Not sure what it came off, but it has at least 12 blades in iris, all metal construction and is obviously built well.. Any ideas on mounting/format covered/adaptability?? Thanks.........
  6. Thanks for the info,I'll have a couple of stops down from max aperture, polariser and lowest ISO available versus shutter speed . I'll look into the Lilliput accessories for an extended hood and get a demo and go rom there. Thanks................. Generally speaking as the riders progress into the frame there nearly all tracking faster to left or right out of frame rather than hurting at to speed toward you, so I'm laying it down to the peaking aid and a good depth of field.. I'll be able to place a few marks on the lens as focus reference points - and surf breaks generally all develop over the same reef/break.SO a bit repeatable in the method with wind/tide changes eventually alter the area Spoke with a couple of pros's some time ago and a general comment was that after you've been with a long lens for long enough you'll get the feel for focus from how big your subject actually sizes in the frame of your viewfinder. Summer down here is not far off..Looking forward to what comes of it..........
  7. I'm lucky with being in good light and having a few stops of aperture down the barrel, the monochrome preview sounds visually very workable. Read/looked at some reviews on different bodies colours and peaking strength's ,but will remain in the M4/3 , 4/3 domain .
  8. Sorry my bad spelling, should read "have you ever had to" use focus peaking accurately..
  9. Seen some nice 4/3 lens including the 300 f2.8 on sale at times - was the genuine Olympus 4/3 to M4/3 adapter a dead set good bit of gear.(Nikon and Canon will probably release something for their legacy mounts when the mirrorless bodies hit as well)!! Ever have ti use the focus peaking in an accurate situation??
  10. Just put together this in-expensive out fit for some surfing shots on the local surf beach's ,to test the water and see if it worked OK.. A very cheap EPL1 body, Pentax 42mm screw 300mm f4, elcheapo screw to M43 adapter, VF-2 View Module. Gives me 600mm in equivalent view angle to 35mm. No shortage of sun and good light so easy to run low ISO'S with a decent shutter speed. So the burning question !!!!! I'm happy to manual focus on a hefty tripod locked down, B U T - I want to change the body to an upgraded model with focus peaking in a M43 mount for the generous magnification you get with 35mm based full frame telephoto lens, yes the body will do both stills and capture video. I've never done any work with the assist of focus peaking. I'm open to any brand, so looking for recommendations for focus peaking abilities OR would you adapt a 5" monitor with focus peaking abilities. Using the VF-2 was a challenge not the fastest refresh rate and stuttered a bit, so looking for a really clean view and accurate focus peaking..would be great... Thanks for your in put....
  11. I used the "Mag filter stick to the front of the lens in 58mm thread" , no vignette in 24mm equivalent view, got from EBAY NEW. Worked very well with slim ,lightweight filters...... Couple of small things but helpful was to move the screen away from the body, open the flash housing , and opened the covers to the ports from memory - anything to slow down the overheating process. Just for the heck of it - I just grabbed a GOPRO 6 with the KNEKT Dome and trigger for a Hardy Reef dive on the Australian Great Barrier Reef and with the Linear in 2.7 K gives you a bit of a zoom. Reasonable battery life, bit of a flat profile for colour grading, ultra small and worked past 5 minutes in 4K ...... Touch screen and RAW for stills if you please..


    Had a run with the 17 & 24 TSE previously and was highly impressed with both on what is achievable, next and currently is some Emount gear then build up on some standard and short tele. Clear zoom looks like to be the magic bullet for the current term ,great info thanks a lot....


    Thanks very much, saw an old name up front there too!!!!!!!!!!!!! How time rolls on..........


    Yep got an A7RII with some nice wides , but curious to know what the 2 x factor robs from the output????
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