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  1. Hey guys - just a few things: To clarify, I am not affiliated with any company or product mentioned (as should be painfully obvious), but I also recently got my second strike (and the worst part is, my first strike was because I used incompetech music, and Kevin McCloud himself emailed Vimeo to explain that I had fully complied with the terms of using his music, and that the claim had not come from him, the sole owner and writer of his music - but they left the strike on my account, because f me apparently) But to get my video's off, I have been using an automatic video downloader, c
  2. Art in which the supposed audience are not supposed to get it, generally work because the people who believe they are the audience are not. Some artists are their own intended audience, taking amusement at the bewilderment, or for others to take amusement at the same thing. When you make a work intended for (insert group here) and that group of people see it and say it's rubbish, then it's rubbish. Art is a lot of things but one thing it can never be is audienceless. Art by definition is supposed to be seen or otherwise experienced. Sadly artists are just normal people and come with the f
  3. "so many people can’t interpret the correct target of a film or even a joke, because they are too thick." A joke, or a film that has to explain itself to the audience is a failure. If the audience don't get it, then you as an artist have failed, you've either marketed it in such a way that the wrong people are going to see it, or you're not a very good artist. Now if you're trying to show something to an audience that they wouldn't usually see, and are trying to show them why your work is good, then you both need to expect the discussion about it, along with the criticism and for only the
  4. Ed - re. the question of your character thing, I don't think anyone questions your character at all, you come across as a motivated force for good in the world, an all too rare person in this world, and while I believe humanity is fundamentally comprised of good people, we have built a society which rewards selfishness and punishes altruism, which is why I personally admire you greatly. However, I discussed on this board the Philip Bloom thing last year with you and while I don't and would never queston your character, the thing you did to me and others from what I have observed is that y
  5. I can appreciate that from a sellers point of view, but as someone who has had his life savings scammed out of him - over £6000 by a dodgy seller, when buying a wheelchair, of all things, and had it returned thanks to paypal - that paypal mark is one of the few things that gives me enough trust to buy from sellers that I have never heard of before. So while it may feel frustrating as anything to have done nothing wrong and be forced to give a refund, even be left out of pocket by it if the goods are unsellable, I do wonder if the trust paypal brings in attracting customers is more than worth i
  6. Hardly surprising that a company like Shure can out-do Rode in the microphone department, nothing against Rode, they make great products, but Shure are up there with Electro-Voice and Neumann yet manage to charge a lot less.
  7. The camera you have + some lights
  8. Or the black magic micro studio camera Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K With such a small Micro Cinema Camera design, we quickly realized that if we removed the built in recorder and digital film sensor cooling and replaced with SDI connections and a 4K video image sensor, we could build a really small studio camera for live production! The Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K looks the same as the new Micro Cinema Camera but it’s really a completely different camera because its a broadcast quality Ultra HD studio camera! Although you can use it with an external recorder as a production camera
  9. Hey! Great to see you here! Glad you're enjoying that lens, I mean it, keep it as long as you need! Great work, as well, this is awesome, I know you had trouble seeing the screen, but think about what you include and leave out of a scene, as well as where you are focussing, this would be my only advice for this. Can I just mention, my favourite part, on the rowing boat in the fog scene, look at the beach, that child makes me smile every time!
  10. ​Considering that 4 days ago, one of your realistic hopes for NAB was that this camera was going to have slo mo, and you only re-evaluated that to be the Mk3 later, after the rumour was released, I'm going to suggest that you're not one of those Japanese testers, neither have you had enough access to one that your job would be at risk
  11. Guys, seriously, read and re-read jcs's posts, he is bang on with this stuff! JCS - I'm currently trying to decide between the SD Pre2 and the RME Babyface - have you ever used the latter? I've heard plenty of people talk about it being as good as, with better software and drivers, but that kind of flashy marketing campaign always makes me suspicious. That being said, the Pre2 I've been using is driving me nuts with it's quirks but it's too much on an investment if it can't match for me.
  12. ​I am not discussing with you the differences in the psychology and measurable differences in physiology of serial killers and no, I will not restrain from telling you that I think your theory is too stupid to discuss with you. This way you know full well why I am ignoring you. I would rather talk to the man outside my building who has conversations with the cheese in the supermarket. Although I will say, you have either never made a mistake in your life, or are guilty of the same offence you accuse Clarkson of - not properly planning as to how not to make a mistake. Which is disturbingly what
  13. ​Occams Razor - Has he spent the last decade planning, meticulously plotting how he can conceive to bloody the lip of one unassuming man OR did he get drunk after a long day and over react to not having hot food. For what it's worth, there are books written of the physiological and mental differences between normal people and serial killers. But if you really want to conflate planned mass murder for deviant gratification with anger, I won't stop you. I'll think very poorly of your intelligence, but I won't stop you.
  14. ​Er... no. This statement is entirely untrue. You plan to kill someone, you are by definition not leading a normal life.
  15. ​No-one think's you're clever. No-one. Troll, continuing to be off topic. If you want to insult me, use the PM system, where I don't have to be restrained with what I say to you. Can't help but to notice that you have no answers to my questions either, I'll take that to mean you literally can't disagree with anything I said.
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