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  1. looking to purchase a NX1 flash (metz) if anyone is selling for a reasonable price....someone also said that yonguo (Yn 560iii) works with the nx1...but i'm not too sure about that
  2. the newest version of VLC, it stutters really bad and become pixelated , tupp, I am getting better results with the mplayerx since I Just tried it.
  3. I am using a macbook pro 13" 8g of ram 2.4ghz intel core i5 and VLC hates these files...but if I upload to dropbox and watch on my iPhone 6....looks fine?
  4. really looking at the metz 44 af-1 but can't find one anywhere for the samsung....not even Ebay.....any help would be appreciated ..thanks!!!
  5. I think I am going to bite the bullet and get a battery grip also.......need that extra weight...at least I do..thanks for everyones input
  6. Loving my NX1......but I find it very "light" in my hands.....use to my heavier canon cam (w/battery grip) just wanted to see if people felt the same way....and would you recommend the battery grip. I prefer the extra weight...and would/does the grip make a substantial difference weight wise?
  7. I bought mine from lens rental ($820), the pancake lens 30mm from b &h....and just got a nice deal on the 18-55mm (f3 though)on eBay the seller has a bunch he is selling and is taking offers and I got my 18-55 for $50....extremely happy with my purchase, still trying to get used to the camera though
  8. Just got my NX1 was ultra excited.....updating to the latest firmware and its stuck on 95%......not a good day.
  9. Amazon had the NX1 for $1000 (body only) last night..was debating on biting the bullet for it....then bam..today back to $1500......mannnnnnnnnnnnn
  10. Can anyone give me any info on the still capabilities in the NX1. The video capabilities look to be great ( I want one)... how does the stills stack up to the canon's, gh4 (I don't like the lumix still's but love the video) ect. Any info would help me in my making my decision. I love the video capabilities, but I am using Final cut to edit and understand I can't just drop footage directly...and it needs to be converted to progress. Looking at the 7D mark II, NX1 and possibly the GH4. I know thats 3 different camera's but want top notch stills as well as video.
  11. I am still considering getting one. If I can get one cheap.....and use my rokinon/canon lenses with an adapter. The images are still great. I know there won't be any new updates at this point, but if the price is right, it can still be a great tool. I miss shooting the panasonic gh series, but I hated the stills in that camera. If I find one for under $1000 with accessories....I might just bite the bullet.
  12. I really really really want this camera, and I have been doing research for the past 2 weeks on the NX1. I love the video image and I also love the still images (something I never was too fond of on the GH cameras). I personally always respected Andrew Reids...opinion on cameras...AGES ago when the GH1 came out...I asked him for something specific pertaining to the camera ( I forget what it was...a setting/update/hack or something) and he emailed it to me right away. It may to be the most popular camera, but I love the images I have sen from the camera. Worried about wether or not Samsung, wil
  13. It's been awhile since I posted here, but I am in the market (in a month or so) for a new camera....and I am very intrigued by the NX1......Ilove what I am seeing in terms of video, and I also love the stills. I am hearing that samsung is about to abandon their camera lines....but I Still feel like this camera is a monster
  14. I am going to get the gh3 base don the fact that my gh1 is on its last leg. My main concern is the stills, I know its going to have great video. I am also concenred about the price of the battery grip (and the lack of any info dealing with the grip). How much is the battery grip going to cost and how good are the stills going to be? Does anyone have any idea?
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