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  1. Hi guys, Some friends of mine are having a bit of a problem with a video they made - there's this wierd strobing effect over one of the angles. He told me that he can't even export the video again, so I'm thinking something in his editing suite - I'm trying to get a hold of him to get more details, but for now, may i leave the video and canvass some suggestions? Thanks a lot! Raven The effect can be seen at 5:10
  2. 8bit 422 over HDMI, I am awaiting my speedbooster, but there has been a manufacturer delay according to my retailer
  3. MattH, no-one has any issues with your skepticism, in fact I think we all really rather agree that it is sensible to wait until we can see the results of the camera, and it's support network. DBounce however was not being skeptical. His gambit is that Kinefinity are conterfeiting prores, as evidenced by his link to a federal counterfeiting website, on the basis that they are a chinese company. "China doesn't need permission do they?" When everyone pointed out that his evidence was shaky, and the full picture indicates that they are in a convoluted process of getting the licence legally, (which
  4. To be fair, when you have a camera with serious rolling shutter and 4k (a6300, I'm talking about you), a "crop pan" is brilliant
  5. It's almost certain that they are not manufacturing their own microswitches, but buying in from a factory which makes microswitches for millions of different products. They will be the smallest of the small customers, and probably got sent switches with the wrong orientation of cap. It happens, especially with micro-scale initial orders, that's why pre-production exists, they will have discovered the error on assembly and that is the stage where they can correct it in their next order. Delaying their launch for such a hiccup would be business suicide, and that would be a decision that would ma
  6. The 4k image is nice, and hard to beat at any price range, but it's the overheating. I've never had my camera overheat, even under stress testing, so good copies do exist, but I would be dishonest to suggest that the chance of getting a good one is even close to acceptable. There are tricks you can do with ram heatsinks, and similar, especially if you can cope with the articulating screen losing it's articulation, but how many times are you going to tolerate it overheating at a wedding? It depends I guess on how you use it - if it's strictly a camera where it's nice if it gets something, but y
  7. For what use? I'm a user, and the only use i can reccomend it over any other camera is if you want a small interchangable lens camera that will take great shots no matter what you are photographing, holding its own in sports, landscapes, portraits etc - though a compromise against larger cameras or cameras specializing in a narrower area of use. I couldn't reccomend it over others as a video camera, unless 4k is REALLY important to you, and even then, it has it's issues. It's also the best emount crop camera, if you're into vintage glass photography, it's a seriously good camera. tlt
  8. Impressive as the article is, it makes me want a DSO Trump more than ever
  9. It's not quite differently for each object - your brain can correct zones differently, but it's not great at it, and things like hormone levels can affect it greatly, a simple fight or flight state can turn your vision black and white in some zones! Definately think twice, depending on your sensitivity to WB issues, it's not really reliable, and it sounds like you are sensitive to them Try to get it perfect for you in camera, especially with 8bits, but don't expect everyone else to see perfect for you as perfect for them! Even when you're trying to shoot a realistic scene colourwise,
  10. Imagine you have a card that is a theoritical perfect white. Any visible wavelength which strikes the card is reflected, none are absorbed. The sunshine has only a few wavelengths missing or reduced, so let's say photons with wavelengths R-O-Y-G-B-I-V (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet) leave the sun. They then strike our atmosphere. As we know, by looking, the atmosphere scatters blue more than red, but at noon, the sun passes relatively little atmosphere before hitting your eyes, so at noon, the full compliment of ROYGBIV hits your card and bounces into your cam
  11. I'm sorry, you make completely false statement, I gently correct it, but I'm the one with the problem? If you want to go off topic and have a private conversation with me, use the pm system.
  12. Zeiss didn't do an 80mm in C/Y mount, and the 85's they did do are world class, two of the finest lenses ever made. The 40 is ludicrus to try to use as a result of it's size, and why would you when the 35's and the 50's are so superb?
  13. Edelkrone? Just to get a feel for their products, they look excellent but get mixed reviews. They have 5 new products to unveil as well.
  14. That looks like a nice cage, I particularly like that the camera can stay on it's photgraphy QR plate inside, you can potentially pull it out and go into photography mode really easily. They deliver to italy from the website for only 10 euros, so you should be able to order it directly and get the quoted price?
  15. Electronic shutters have zero wear.
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