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  1. Astvald

    A6300 vs. A7s mk1

    You're dead right! That low light ability will never replace proper lightning and in the most situations it's not even necessary to shoot higher ISOs than 1600. Lightning in general for me is the most important part of film making and since I started I never had the opportunity to be lazy on lightning my scenes properly. But that's not the point for me here. Same with FF. I search for the best about 1k Eur body which gives me state of art video features and a gorgeous 1080p image for this price range. I don't have to deliver 4k yet. I can't even handle it on my edit setup. I'm not dissatisfied with S35 or afraid of shooting S16 or M43. So let's just say all these cameras (G7, A7s, NX-1, E-M5ii etc. (not the A6300)) get the job done for me. Which on I'm going for? To answer this question I'm looking for the "extras" which the cameras can offer me. 4k? In body stabilization? Low light? FF? - For me low light is the nicer extra over 4k at this moment but I don't know if I will regret this decision maybe someday. btw I own 3 lenses. All canon ff. I made this decision in reference to upgrade someday... Thanks for warning about the Sony color "issues". I recognized it in many sample footage shoots too.
  2. Astvald

    A6300 vs. A7s mk1

    First of all thank you for all your help! I'm very grateful There are plenty of good arguments. I try to get my hands on an A7s now. Cinegain, your overview is great. Thank you. I agree with your mirrorless argument about the film making features so Nikon is really no option for me. Before this will happen I really can stick with another Rebel series camera. Also I don't see the E-M5 mkII aswell as the NX-1 over the A7s for me. In other words for this money for me low light > internal 4k. Same for GH4 and G7. I watched sample footage the whole last night and really liked the full frame look and the overall 1080p image you get from the A7s most. Moreover I think I get the best video features possible yet in this price range. Especially the codec aswell the S-Log is something I think I want to work with. Please correct me if I am wrong
  3. Astvald

    A6300 vs. A7s mk1

    Hey guys :), I shoot music videos/shorts since over 2 years on my 700D with ML in raw. This body is broken now and I have only about 1000€ for a new body. Except a few times with a 5Dmk3 I never shoot with another camera. This is why I need your help. For years I'm interested in every new camera release so I'm informed about all the key features and the overall resonance of the A7s aswell the new A6300 but never had chance to shoot with. Besides I could not find any comparisons between these two cameras so my questions are: (1) Which one to buy? A6300 or A7s mk1 (2) How big is the upgrade from the 700D ML raw footage range to the A6300 4k downscaled to 1080p footge, A6300 1080p mode aswell the A7s mk1 1080p footage? (3) Considiring that 4k is not really necessary for me yet, is the older A6000 (less than 500Eur) a serious option for 1080p compared to the 700D ML raw? 1000€ - A6300 / A7s mk1 (used) 500€ - 700D ML Raw / A6000 Don't know what to go for - really appreciate your help and answers! best regards, Jonas
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