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  1. I haven't posted here in years, since Andrew Reid publicly berated me for disagreeing with him and belittled my work because I didn't shoot with "a proper camera like a RED or Arri, or even an A7S II ". I'm a nobody, just a cameraman / editor like most of you. A friend told me about this latest rant and I had to dig out my login to say I think this is hilarious. ? I've never seen someone throw their toys out the pram so fast. The sense of entitlement here is staggering. Just because you own a somewhat popular camera site doesn't entitle you to anything. I'm sure the 350,000 viewers of this thread (as you keep reminding us) can make up their own mind on whether to purchase a camera. What's especially amusing is that John Brawley doesn't even work for Black Magic and publicly attacking him serves no purpose. Publicly attacking prominent figures - decrying the press - At this point Andrew Reid / EOSHD is the 'Donald Trump' of camera sites. ☺️
  2. "Ughh, the A6300 only gets it after 3 or 4 tries." - very informative. Thanks
  3. Wow. Quite a response since I last dropped by. Sorry my opinion isn’t welcome and you feel i've caused trouble. I'll quiet down, but wanted to address one or two of the more personal comments made toward me. @DayRaven I comprehend fine. My point being (as it has always been) that it’s about the content we create rather then the cameras used to create it. Yes, it was done as something as a stunt. But Would that documentary have been any more or less compelling if it was shot on an FS7 or Alexa? As for showing you my work, I’m not going to link to any client videos to prove something to a stranger on the internet. I’m not even sure how showing you my work (or you showing me yours) proves either of our points of view? @Andrew Gee, that's quite a post. The last few comments posted here also mention 'canon bashing'. I hope you don't attack those posters too. You post some wonderfully insightful articles here, some great comments too, but occasionally it’s like a switch is flipped and it’s almost as though a different person is replying. I’m just some guy at the end of the day. You run one of the major filmmaking resources on the web. I guess I never expected you to openly mock your audience. My point is and always has been the 80D is fine.. Maybe not if you're shooting the latest Marvel movie. but fine none the less. Perhaps I have low expectations. It’s not cutting edge as you define it, no. I never claimed it was. I never claimed it didn't have moire/ clipped highlights/ect compared to the latest cutting edge tech available. I just pointed out it seemed unfair to trash it so hard and rave about the equivilant Sony while overlooking the sony's flaws. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I never said the 80D was all I need. I shoot with an 80D and 70D. And yes, as you pointed out I also mentioned shooting with an FS7, GH4. PMW500, 101 and more. I use the right tool for the job as I deem it. There's no need to hit a nail with a sledgehammer in every instance. Perhaps every single job you take on absolutely needs to be shot with a cinema level image and mastered in 6k. And thats great for you. Much of my work includes same day event coverage. I simply don't have time to deal with RAW/ Log footage when I need to produce something that looks good in a limited amount of time. I don't need to leech off the knowledge of the forum as you put it. I have years of experience working in the industry. I do visit here for an unbiased opinion on the latest camera tech. But like you said I probably don't get it. Again, sorry for any offence caused.
  4. This is 'The Painter of Jalouzi'. You may at first glance think it's a heart warming short documentary with worldwide acclaim. But in fact, enjoying it on any level would be wrong. Because it was shot on an iPhone. I think that's the message Andrew is trying to get across?
  5. Using an 'EOSHD' approved camera clearly is.
  6. I was about to give him the benefit of the doubt. Then the other comment just below yours made it pretty clear.
  7. I've never claimed the 80D is better then anything else. Just ddint understand why it was hated on so much when it provides perfectly adequate video for what it is. It's a tool. Nothing more. That seems to have been lost somewhere because it doesn't rival an Alexa at a fraction of the cost. Andrew, i'm not sure that's worth answering. I'm deeply surprised that the owner of a leading? Filmmaking site is calling out a forum members quality of work based solely on their choice of camera. It shouldn't matter if it's shot on a T2i or an FS7. I'm genuinely surprised. Shame on you.
  8. And yet it's already paid for itself 5x over in the two weeks I've had it. Weirdly, not one person has been violently sick when viewing footage from it. Not even a little. Funny that!
  9. This thread is now 20% facts. 30% misinformation and 50% "Waghh! Why won't canon put their 4K cinema tech in a camera for $500 bucks just for me." Gotta love the Internet. I've had the 80D nearly two weeks now. It's fine. Video quality is actually improved regarding moire as has been mentioned in countless reviews but nobody wants to hear that. I noticed Andrew didn't reply to my mention of him bashing the XC10 on release and now buying one months later. So I figure if we fast forward a year he'll buy an 80D and label that a 'cinema dark horse' too.
  10. You should have read this post first. This guy says he won't be getting one because it offers "flat looking clinical images".. http://www.eoshd.com/2015/04/canon-xc10-should-you-buy-one/
  11. Quite a sweeping statement to make. So not for anyone wanting to use a gimbal solo with no focus puller then? Only soccer moms have Movi's right?
  12. I've used auto focus when appropriate for the last 15yrs in everything from independent films to broadcast work to corporate. I'm sure the internet would say I'm not professional. I use whatever tools I have to make my job easier and concentrate on the creative side of things. That's what it's all about right?
  13. I'm really no expert on Sony G lenses. A quick google found a page on sony site with 4 in the range. Canon has like 100+ ? the point being. Everyone rushing to buy the A6300 to use with a speed booster and their own lens collection (which I've seen reccomended a few times around the net) whether it's Nikon or canon isn't going to get any autofocus. Lets all look at Kendy Tys work again, of which the majority is shot on 'lowly' t3i with no stabilisation and a battered old 30mm lens. Everyone remember guys, these are tools at the end of the day. You have a Sony tool, fine. I have a canon tool, fine. I also use a Panasonic 101, a PMW500, a gh4 and an FS7K. They're all just tools with different uses. The point of my original post was rebutt how easily the video quality of the 80d was dismissed. When actually it's fine for this price range and preferable for many.
  14. That pretty much proves it right. "Cinematic" I believe he calls it. And in many other reviews it's mentioned the a6300 struggles in anything but excellent light. "Continuous focus during video is still pretty useless for subjects that stop moving; it constantly hunts in and out and completely ruins the shot." From the Tony Northrup review. http://northrup.photo/sony-a6300-review/ Also remember you only get the performance demonstrated above in low light if you use Sony lenses. Obviously the 80d autofocus works with the majority of canon lenses.
  15. Agreed. Then why write two 'hate' posts about the poor quality of the 80D? The first came when it was announced and detailed how the 6300 had the Canon's auto focus beat (without trying either one) which proved to be wrong. And now again in this post. Is it really just click bait?
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