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  1. I use google translate, I reckon he's a pirate?
  2. I do not know What do you mean? My friend the clone system to another computer on a desk HEVC not open, do not know where the problem. But I find Premiere Batch manual proxy method, happy
  3. My friend did not buy Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015.3 but can be used normally, but installed on other computers can not be used, and who knows the mystery?
  4. I am not a publicist, I'm just a netizen, and I do not speak English, I had to use Google translate, or can not communicate with you
  5. Haha, specifications have not come out, you should understand Chinese, right? This is ridicule
  6. Broadcast address http://www.filmaker.cn/thread - 66141 - 1 - 1. - html
  7. Video, I hope the shutter speed can be set, perhaps a hacker can break this limit?
  8. About to begin http://www.filmaker.cn/thread-66142-1-1.html
  9. I can not set the shutter speed to 1/10 Sony may assume an arbitrary shutter speed
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