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  1. From Kinemax the same sensor as Terra 6k
  2. "How you tell a story, how you use the camera is exactly the same, to tell a good story" ... " It's a shame one of those tools is disappearing ..." Film vs digital or how long the film will survive?
  3. I am curious about the Cooke 35-140mm Anamorphic... I do not think I can afford it but It's cool to see so much innovation in the world of lenses with Xeen, Veydra and now Zeiss, Angénieux and Cooke with prices more affordable!
  4. After the announcement of the ZEISS Lightweight Zoom 21-100 mm/T2.9-3.9 T this week... Today Angénieux with a new zoom For S35 and full frame camera ! http://www.fdtimes.com/2016/09/06/angenieux-type-ez/
  5. Hdvideoshop offers good service. I bought a Kinemax at the time of its release, there is a little more than a year. I had to return it to Berlin to add the sound block and its connections ... I received it quickly! Personally I would not hesitate to buy Terra 5k at HDvideoshop. They offer a very good service! Terra 5K do slow motion without the need for pixel binning and although it seems CineForm will left his place to ProRes in the future ...! But on the other side with Prores, it will be possible to directly downscaler 5K to 2K and 6K to 4K with Kinestation transcoder!
  6. Lomo Foton 37-140mm f4.5 lens Leica Vario Elmar R 80-200 mm f/4
  7. Nice camera shape with the new battery. Nice package, ergonomic, modular ... Curious to see some footage from the 6K but especially from the 5k ...!
  8. Certainly it's better to be skeptical and wait before judging to avoid disappointment as we can see today with the reliability and the many problems of the UM46. Personally, I am a potential customer of the Terra 5K, very happy with my KineMAX and quite serene about the reliability of Kinefinity. Yes, it's better to be patient before judging a camera but not necessary to exaggerate either because buttons being rotated. This is only a prototype. Slowly but surely Kinefinity has made a reputation for making reliable professional camera with unique picture quality ! No more, not less !
  9. News Shooter NAB 2015 "The big news today is that their European dealer HD Videoshop has told us that Kinefinity have officially been given permission by Apple to add ProRes to their camera" http://www.newsshooter.com/2015/04/30/kinemax-6k-gets-8990-kit-price-will-gain-apple-prores-options-in-near-future/
  10. hahaha A friend of mine, save an owl that had fallen from its nest. It feels very comfortable with humans. It s true that Kinecolor is very classic, I wanted to keep it quite basic, if ever want to play with some colorization and see what it can give. When I have more time I would suggest another further test. I would put REC-709 LUTs and more contemporary grades. I will do something more substantial. For the moment I am trying to do the editing of my first documentary feature film it s labor intensive, especially when you don t have the budget to hire an editor and you have to do it yourself but I hope to have time to propose a new test soon.
  11. A test done quickly with Kinemax Certain shots are a little too red due to a filter and a bad white balance. The compression format is also a little bastard. The compression does not do justice to the image quality. The next move I'll try better compression. https://vimeo.com/12976005
  12. Robert, I have asked your questions about the control level XLR from the camera and the bit rate, to the representative of Kinefinity Europe. I'm curious as well I tell you that when I have an answer.
  13. I would take the time to post Some footage and share my experience with the camera. It seems that the module KineAudio will be ready this summer. I can not say more about adjust the XLR from the camera and the ratio of audio recording.
  14. I just received my Kinemax 6K. I did some tests and I must say I am positively surprised by the camera. I do not know what will be the future of this camera but with the new deal that included the 6k and High-speed, kineAudio, KineMag 120GB etc ... Under 10k without tax, I think it remains competitive for a tool very powerful. The Golden 3k expected to arrive this summer with the HI-speed 4K / sport mode and the KineAudio. For now I can already say it s nice to work with the camera, very stimulating. The results are, in my point of view, very impressive. The CineForm workflow is convenient for shooting in documentary style. Nice menu. I am surprised by the sensitivity of the sensor. By filming in shoulder, I didnt had any problems with the rolling shutter. It was not hard core shooting. Sorry for my english, i m working with my body Google Translate, together we almost write in english I want to take time to share some shots soon...
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