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  1. Not really sure what those 2 videos are supposed to demonstrate. In the case of Crowder he conflates a different issue (the potential effect of price caps on a small ISP) with net neutrality. Both videos use whataboutism to deflect away from the issue. I don't think either video will educate anyone on anything.
  2. There is a pretty good VST plugin called ReLife by Terry West. Version 1.42 you can find as freeware around the internet. For version 1.5 you have to make a 10 Euro donation at his website. http://www.terrywest.nl/utils.html
  3. I'd try changing the gpu setting to opencl, to see if there is a cuda compatibility issue.
  4. I'd put the Davinci export through Handbrake. The x264 encoder should achieve the best quality for the low bitrate needed.
  5. CSI Miami predates Transformers by about 5 years.
  6. You're seeing exactly what you should be seeing. It's just that with ungraded log material it will be more obvious. Parts of the image with plenty of light will not suffer from noise. Other parts of the image that are low light will show noise unless noise reduction is applied in camera. This is just the physics of the situation. To see less noise without using noise reduction, you have to increase exposure (more photons hitting the sensor).
  7. Anyone interacting on DPReview should take this advice......... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcb4_QwP6fE
  8. My understanding is that unless a channel has more than 10000 views total, there won't be any ads on that channels videos.
  9. AKH

    Sony A7S/R and HDR

    I'd give this blog article a view: http://www.mysterybox.us/blog/2016/10/27/hdr-video-part-5-grading-mastering-and-delivering-hdr The previous parts may also be helpful, especially part 4.
  10. I'd recommend giving Media Player Classic Home Cinema or VLC Player a try, they come with most codecs built in so you don't have to do other updates.
  11. Being a PC guy, I'm not familiar with how colour management is handled on a Mac. Colour managed video playback on PC is pretty sparse. Edit: Media Player Classic Home Cinema is what I use.
  12. If you view a sRGB gamut image on an 100% AbobeRGB gamut display without colour management, the saturation will be higher than expected. If you view an AbobeRGB image on a 100% sRGB gamut display without colour management, the saturation will be lower than expected.
  13. Wide gamut monitors without colour managed playback perhaps?
  14. The info out there is a bit contradictory, but I've not found a way to directly enter a Kelvin value on my D5300. The cool white fluorescent WB setting should be a Kelvin value of about 4200 and that can be fine tuned either way.
  15. There are tools that that can demultiplex the streams out of media files then remultiplex back into a single file container. When you do that you can specify the frame rate of the output file. Any audio stream will then be the wrong length in the new file unless edited. Videohelp.com is a good repository for these type of tools (MP4Box GUI is an example that outputs mp4 files without re-encoding).
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