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  1. I heard atomos takes the a7 series video feed into a 10bit dnxhd file. Unless they are just shoving a 8bit sensor output to a 10bit file, than thats not going to really make much difference. Sigh.. So I guess HDR is left for the pros in that sense. That article is confusing to follow, solely because im not a pro. Way to many things to follow and do for HDR. Wish they made it simple if they pushing all these HDR tvs to the market.
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to understand a concept that maybe someone could help me with. I plan to make videos in the future to be displayed on OLED HDR displays. The equipment I will be using is 2 LG oled 1000nit hdr displays (one for davinci grading and one for final output), and a future a7s or a7r model with atomos inferno. Now the question is, during slog2/3 shooting, do I need a slog to rec2020 LUT, unlike the slog to rec709 lut. Or can I simply work with the sgamut colour space? Also could someone explain me what output settings for bluray in davinci resolve would I need to sa
  3. Thank you for bringing back a memory of myself quite a while ago. I have surpassed mortals by going to levels beyond numbers now. I am now a super saiyan god. Its the hero 4 black. This forum is so odd in posting and quoting with on mobile devices.. This could be a repost.
  4. Hey guys. Heres a video I made around Toronto for fun. My first take at really pushing a gopro footage to its colouring limits. After I will focus more so on content and poetic cinematography once I get new gear (waiting for BMC to create something small like red with Ursa like power, dont like eng style cameras). Do provide feedback on what you would love to change if it was your video and what not.. As for the girls-models.. They arent real models. I just needed two girls in the video to see how gopro could handle skin tones... Sadly to say it sucked. But what do you expect from a $500 actio
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