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  1. I'd like to give up my XL speed booster in good to excellent condition for an Ultra speed booster so that I can use the same adapter on my JVC camcorder and GH5. If possible in person in Germany (I travel a lot).
  2. I'm helping an NGO set up a community documentary project in the Philippines and was asked for recommendations for a (second) camera for this activity. They already purchased a Canon 77D kit for this so I think it's good to stick with the system - but I don't know my way around Canon at all :) I'd like to invest in a body and one more decent lens that complements the kit. None of this needs to be fancy - project participants are new to shooting and image quality is less of a consideration than ease of use and decent compression. Should be okay to use an entry level shotgun on
  3. Hi @Mako Sports What are you thinking to replace the Manfrotto 502 with and why are you unhappy with it? Need to replace my ancient video head soon and the 502 was on my list... Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm fiddling with some basic 360 content at the moment and while it seems like FCPX 10.4 offers everything I need for this, I'm stuck with how to properly use the 360 patch effect (to hide the monopod). Using the effect itself seems fairly intuitive, but every time after I've selected and applied the source and target areas using the setup mode, not only is the whole project's orientation off after exiting the effect. Worse, when I re-orient the clips to how they should be, the source (and target?) areas for the patch move as well, making the whole effort extremely pointless. Clearly
  5. Hi all, Wanted to share some work from a current project here, most of which was shot on a GH5 in a run-and-gun documentary setting. When war between ISIS-affiliated extremists and Philippine government forces broke out in Marawi City in May 2017, most of the city’s residents expected the fighting to subside soon. Instead, the battle over Marawi lasted five months and forced half a million people to flee, with most of the evacuees seeking shelter in neighboring cities. During the height of the crisis last year, we began working on the independent full-length documentary House i
  6. That's the thing, it's too tight over the foam and too loose without it. I reckon I'm just gonna get the original Rode one
  7. I'd second the Tiffen recommendation. Got it again after breaking one a year ago (and it took a lot of force to break!) For docu work I can't imagine not having one. If there's color shift, I reckon it's the good kind - I like the skin tones with it.
  8. I'm on a mid-2012 MBPr and FCPX edits my 400mpbs all-i 1080p GH5 footage like a breeze without transcoding. Wonder if it could do the same for 4k, but I'm SD-card limited For the kinds of projects I do, everything is there, and very intuitively so once you've wrapped your head around it. Never looked back.
  9. Haha, thanks! I agree with the take on gaffer tape, but I think in this case the thing sits so loosely that macgyvering it just not justifiable
  10. Hi, Haven't been using my bundled deadcat all that much previously, but currently shooting a project with a lot of outdoor components. It seems the el cheapo one I got doesn't attach well at all to the mic and created a shuffling noise in one interview I did when it slipped on the microphone. So, I'd appreciate help on two things: - a model recommendation for a good deadcat for this mic (seems the original Rode one doesn't fit too well either and might create the same problems) - possible fixes in post for the interview. I have the RX6 plug-ins at disposal and already applied a
  11. Deleted the event, imported again through SendToX with flash drive inserted, files were found during import but still missing, went to relink files dialogue and they were supposed to be in all kinds of weird locations, but it did manage to import all missing files from the flash drive this time (though I didn't do anything differently from before). So my problem seems solved, but this doesn't seem overly reliable...
  12. So I had to edit a project in Premiere Pro CC, which I then exported as FCP XML, converted with SendToX, and imported in FCPX without any problem. I was aware that I would have to relink all media files from the project, so I plugged in the drive containing them, selected the folder through relink files dialogue, and it matched all missing files. However, despite finding all matches, it won't relink the files (with the exception of two or three clips, weirdly). I then consolidated all media files to the new library location on another hard drive, and FCPX started copying them all over. When I
  13. I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Pro Tab which I quite enjoy, especially for mobile assignments. I don't plan on doing any actual editing with it, but sometimes it would be good to be able to just split and trim clips on the go in order to send small and specific clips to an editor. That's all I want to do with it, while maintaining the original codec (I'm shooting on a GH5 and have started exploring the FHD 10bit all-I option). Any recommendations? Thanks!
  14. Thanks again everyone for the great suggestions here, Izotope's De-Clip plugin did indeed work really well.
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