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  1. Thanks guys, I appreciate the input!
  2. I'm looking for a secondary camera for underwater shooting with decent low-light support for 1080P. Most GoPro footage I've seen fails in low-light and I'm somewhat afraid of housing my A6300... The Olympus Stylus Tough TG-5 looks interesting, it's rugged & compact, but I would love to hear your personal experience.
  3. Cool, thank you, wasn't aware of the Amaran... this one seems to be quite popular and support color temp via filters: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1137208-REG/manfrotto_mlumiemu_bk_lumie_muse_on_camera_led.html
  4. What ultra-portable video LED light you guys can recommend? I need to change color temperature and intensity - and I love the form factor of this light, which is NOT made for video (http://www.energizer.com/flashlights-lighting/folding-lantern) but can be positioned very easy and without the need for a tripod.
  5. 100MBit XAVC is sometimes not enough to compress the noise in > ISO 3200 properly - in closeup it's a time-smeared mess. I would say the compression of the P-Frames does not like the high frequency noise pattern. What are your best settings to denoise/un/sharpen in camera to get a more non-smeary behavior? I think many XAVC settings are also available in the other Sony cameras, so any other user's recommendations are welcome. Thank you!
  6. True, would be nice to use ACR functions without DNG conversion in the first place...
  7. No, I'm talking about the lens... overall Lightroom has so many useful tools for lens correction like Vignette, Perspective, Hotpixels and CA... Has any of the grading tools / NLEs directly implemented them?
  8. Yes, of course this is a pixel peeper issue in the end ;-) Nevertheless I'm surprised that there are no After Effects plugins to remove it, while there are several to add it...
  9. With stills this is easy in Lightroom, but which software supports removal of Chromatic Abberation in video? In 4K this is quite visible, especially with manual lenses that are not recognized by the internal camera body correction...
  10. @aldolega: True, but the Commlite gets really mixed reviews and Metabones is too expensive. But thanks for the reminder!
  11. I shoot in 4K. Scaled down to FullHD it looks better good, especially after denoising. Nevertheless I'm surprised by the mushy compression which makes 4K low-light not very tempting...
  12. I've been testing the a6300 in low-light a bit but I found the 100MBit XAVC-S codec looks quite mushy in high ISO (like 1600 and above) even though the noise itself looks ok-ish. Sadly the bitrate is limited, did any of you find a good way to handle low-light with that camera? Unluckily the Zeiss 16-70 is only F4 so there is not much I can do lens-wise - I really miss my Tamron 17-50 F2.8 from my Canon Rebel :-( Thinking about sending back the Sony but I have not found a good alternative for low-light camera + 10-18mm F2.8 + 16-50/70mm F2.8 lens for under 3000$...
  13. @IronFilm I was also thinking about the 18-105 F4 lens, but since I also want to take photos at night the Zeiss seems to be sharper and with less chromatic abberation (depending on the batch, there seems to be a quality diversity)... I looked at a good number of review, but a usual this doesn't help to decide ;-)
  14. Thank you! Recording times do not matter that much and a7S is still quite expensive in Germany... so probably the A6300, but too bad that the 16-70 lens is only F4...
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