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  1. I still wonder why they never released an E-Mount version... this would have been a perfect lens for these Sony cams in low light! The native Sony 16-55 2.8 costs 1.5x times as much and I'm not sure it's worth it with all its flaws...
  2. Cool, thanks for the footage at low light! Looks better than expected. Would you be nice to see such a shot it while the drone is moving... I wonder why nobody tried this (even if it doesn't look perfect)...
  3. Helpful links but still no real low-light or night time shots... would love to see them just for comparison...
  4. Thanks for pointing to these other drones, the Hubsan sounds interesting...
  5. @DaveAltizer Hi Dave, can you please say something about the low-light capabilities? Could not fine any review covering this... Since the sensor is tiny I don't expect much, but I would love to see it...
  6. I'm looking for a secondary camera for underwater shooting with decent low-light support for 1080P. Most GoPro footage I've seen fails in low-light and I'm somewhat afraid of housing my A6300... The Olympus Stylus Tough TG-5 looks interesting, it's rugged & compact, but I would love to hear your personal experience.
  7. Cool, thank you, wasn't aware of the Amaran... this one seems to be quite popular and support color temp via filters: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1137208-REG/manfrotto_mlumiemu_bk_lumie_muse_on_camera_led.html
  8. What ultra-portable video LED light you guys can recommend? I need to change color temperature and intensity - and I love the form factor of this light, which is NOT made for video (http://www.energizer.com/flashlights-lighting/folding-lantern) but can be positioned very easy and without the need for a tripod.
  9. 100MBit XAVC is sometimes not enough to compress the noise in > ISO 3200 properly - in closeup it's a time-smeared mess. I would say the compression of the P-Frames does not like the high frequency noise pattern. What are your best settings to denoise/un/sharpen in camera to get a more non-smeary behavior? I think many XAVC settings are also available in the other Sony cameras, so any other user's recommendations are welcome. Thank you!
  10. True, would be nice to use ACR functions without DNG conversion in the first place...
  11. No, I'm talking about the lens... overall Lightroom has so many useful tools for lens correction like Vignette, Perspective, Hotpixels and CA... Has any of the grading tools / NLEs directly implemented them?
  12. Yes, of course this is a pixel peeper issue in the end ;-) Nevertheless I'm surprised that there are no After Effects plugins to remove it, while there are several to add it...
  13. With stills this is easy in Lightroom, but which software supports removal of Chromatic Abberation in video? In 4K this is quite visible, especially with manual lenses that are not recognized by the internal camera body correction...
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