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  1. Hi Everyone, It's been a while that I posted something, but really want to share this one! The first shooting session was somewhere in the European spring this year. It took around 4 sessions to get all footage together. It required some patience to get the right weather conditions that had both a dreamy effect and were also flyable for the pilot. Let me know what you think about this one: Gear used: Panasonic GH4, Phantom 4, TRD beholder DS1 and a gopro 3/4 black.
  2. I really appreciate your lengthy comment!! And I think you have a good point about the 'slider style', definitely one to think of! About the length, I think people having interest in buying such a house can watch the video for a bit longer than people not seriously thinking of buying something, but I think I could certainly be shortened at a few points. About the tour, I did not intend to make it look like a tour, because it should leave people something to think of and keep interest. And although it was quite hard to make a tour, because it should include hallways (which are boring) everything was edited quite logically, not totally random. I just love to film and think there is market in the place where I live and think real estate is a market that can give me jobs on a regular base which is why it's interesting. But it is definitely not something I only want to do! It was my first real estate video, so your comment is of great help, thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I shot a real estate video last week with both my Phantom 4 and the GH4. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!
  4. Thank you Helsinki! I only brought a pistol grip gimbal and was able to get most type shots. Used it in most shots and applied some post stabilizing to make it even smoother!:)
  5. Hi! Here is the third and final part of the New Zealand trilogy for the ones interested!:) A lot of other awesome places again. Cheers!
  6. Hi everyone, Here is part 2 of the New Zealand trilogy, all shot at the west coast of the south island. Hope you enjoy! And, if any tips, please share:)
  7. Hi Everyone, New on this forum and relatively new to filming. I would like to share video that I shot in the wonderful New Zealand with my new GH4 in 4K. I backpacked through the country for almost 2 months and made 3 videos. The first video is only shot on the North Island. Both of the second videos are shot in the South Island. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!
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