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  1. Did you know Nikon compress highlights in nef files? Nothing in this patent is new. BTW, "Control over the use of one's idea really constitutes control over other people's lives; and its usually used to make their lives more difficult." Richard Stallman
  2. When they don't have enough cash: how can we develop new innovative problem-solving features with this budget? A change in business model is necessary. When they have a lot of guaranteed cash flow: why spending months to develop useful features when we can add a bit AI hype and call it a new version?
  3. I remember Atomos CEO said August is more likely, but didn't promise any date. I guess there are some problems with big events licenses.. in a football match, if you are a still shooter, you only have right to shoot still. With a still camera capable of raw video all around them, broadcast guys and their license holder companies will be mad. I hear they even see short burst of A9 20fps raw as a threat.
  4. Eric Calabros

    Sigma FP

    Which you can't hold.
  5. It's not impossible. Nikon and especially Canon are doing similar task for their sRAW for years, though the result is softer than native lower resolution image. The problem is it needs significant and constant CPU processing which Z6 is not designed for.
  6. I would pay $5k for the monitor if it was one of a kind display, but I'm pretty sure Korean and Taiwanese display makers will introduce a comparable or very close to be comparable one with 1/4 of the price in next 6 months.
  7. It was an odd announcement.. many things are not clear at all. They're definitely afraid of A7S3.
  8. Its not Trump's decision. It's a decision made by many people in the government, including democrats, to stop China breaking the "global industrial democracy" rules. Trump just loved to approve it. Its not about market domination (Obama sided with Apple in their fight with Samsung, and it didn't stop Samsung from gaining market share in the US), its not about lagging behind tech (Taiwan is already ahead of Intel), its about respecting the rules. Whatever they are.
  9. Its not just calibration. Many people watch these tv series on their phones and tablets. If they are OLED, their max brightness is very low (how many of total mobile viewers have Samsung flagships?), and if they are LCD, glowing blacks make the whole thing horribly flat at max brightness. And then we have compression issues. In dragon fighting scene, it was like watching a 9gag clip in its gif days!
  10. And we're supposed to "see" the damn signature.
  11. We're not watching a documentary. A movie about war in the dark, shouldn't be as dark as a real war in the dark.
  12. This market is so much smaller than what it was that it doesn't matter who is number 1 or 2 or 3 in sales anymore.
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