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  1. I don't need RAW, but I like to see Nikon in full attack mode. I like to see what they gonna do in second generation of Z.
  2. Eric Calabros

    Canon EOS RP specs leaked, features 26MP sensor and 4K video

    If 8bit 1.5x crop is ok, Fuji's new XT30 is just here and its only $900.
  3. Eric Calabros

    Why Sony is not rushing with the A7S III

    My gut feeling says the differentiator isn't just resolution and frame rate this time.. they will add XLR ports. It's a bit odd to ask camera makers "don't process it" instead of natural "process it better". They gonna charge north of $3000, so they better put a modern CPU in there. I think if my smartphone's Snapdragon had access to the data integrity high end full frame sensors deliver, would surely make a much better output.
  4. Eric Calabros

    Apple could unknowingly be tipping the scales for filmmakers

    This business is unsustainable because of ridiculously high production costs, it doesn't matter which one of big names is supporting the ecosystem.
  5. Eric Calabros

    Aren't you waiting for the Panasonic S1?

    60p is only external. So if you're Sony user, you better wait for A7S3.
  6. Eric Calabros

    Aren't you waiting for the Panasonic S1?

    I don't care it will sell or not.. I'm sure it will put pressure on big three, especially Sony, and that's the only thing matters.
  7. You get lower DR at high ISO cause the amplification needed to increase the brightness of darker areas is too much for already bright areas. With this new pixel design, it could be possible to amplify only those pixels that need to be amplified. So you get near ISO 100 DR with very low noise at say ISO 12800. Other than fabrication complexities, there is big problem in profiling the output, because it's not going to be linear, I guess.
  8. Eric Calabros

    Fstoppers moved to Puerto Rico. Have you had the desire to move?

    Technically speaking, only indigenous Australians don't need to compensate for that thing.
  9. One ADC per pixel, with variable amplification. They're working on it.
  10. Eric Calabros

    Vimeo legal blunder leads to $10 million fine in Italy

    Yet another reason to think of media conglomerates as enemy of people.
  11. Eric Calabros

    Nikon Z9 and Z5 plus affordable 4K shooting D5700 in the works?

    In Nikon related rumors never trust anyone other than Nikonrumors.com, and we haven't seen NR talk about Z5 or Z9. And it makes sense. 2019 for Nikon is a year to concentrate on delivering promised Z lenses, and refreshing DSLRs to send "don't worry" message to F mount loyalists.
  12. Eric Calabros

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    Canon only needs to offer a full sensor readout 4k in M50 replacement, then Sony APS-C is done.
  13. Eric Calabros

    I’m at CES 2019. What do you want to see?

    How many cine camera you know with 5k raw capability and how much is the price? If Z6 sensor is capable of 12bit/30 fps output (and its a big if), then they could possibly deliver more than 5k. Here is the quick bandwidth math: What currently going to processor: 3840x2160x30(3x10bit)x30(fps)=890MB/s What could potentially go to HDMI: 5838x3284x12(bit)x30(fps): 822MB/s
  14. Eric Calabros

    I’m at CES 2019. What do you want to see?

    - I never said they're lossy RAW. - Rolling shutter speed is not an indicator. Nikon changes a lot of things in Sony sensors. - These sensors can use a 16bit ADC and yet output only 10bit signal.
  15. Eric Calabros

    I’m at CES 2019. What do you want to see?

    Judging a footage's data integrity from a visual examination of a youtube video of a display in an exhibition booth, is not a fact. Its a funny speculation. Anyway, you can always encode 8bit signal with 10bit codec, or 10bit signal with 12bit codec. 1. It can be linear or log. Did you know the 12bit still raw image in photo cameras are actually 10+2bit? 2.a. We can't be sure its exactly IMX410. 2.b. We're not talking about the ADC.