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  1. Targeted photographers and 16:9 screen? 🤔 Dictates very low res sensor. We can't use pixel binning for raw.
  2. They can make a compact f/1.4 lens today, especially in wider than normal focal length that short flange of the new mount can help, but it will be soft wide open, at least by recently established standard. They marketed mirrorless lens as optically superior to DSLR lenses, now they can't distance from that. I have no problem with a relatively soft f/1.4 lens if price is reasonable, but the YouTube backlash will be enormous.
  3. I think the overall size of the display is a problem too. iPhone 15 Pro now records prores 4k60p to external SD in log, and its a 6.7 inch state of the art display.
  4. Somehow relevant to my question. Now they're comparing iPhone 15 pro 5x camera to 24-70mm lens at 70mm. Yes, DSLR image has higher quality, but the fact that we're now doing this comparisons shows that a $3000 camera lens combo should deliver a lot of value to stay attractive for younger generation.
  5. Let's assume you are product manager in a Japanese camera company. You want to add a new video oriented hybrid to your line up. By video oriented hybrid I mean a video camera that can be used for still photography, rather than a still camera that can shoot video very well. Please be specific about the specs. And consider, as a product manager, you should have a clear plan for future updates releasing every 2 years, and at least one firmware update in between. Also be realistic to keep the price at $2k. I don't want to know what you personally want. I want to know what you think the market wants. Thanks.
  6. The thing is back in DSLR days, f/1.4 purpose was not giving a balanced option in performance/size/price. They made f/1.4 because it was the fastest AF lens they could make for the mount, AND 200% zoomed in sharpness wasn't such a big a deal as is today.
  7. Nikon started at 2018 and now has more 400mm lens than Sony has 40mm. Glass business is hard, and Canon/Nikon are basically optics company. Canon didn't start the full frame mirrorless transition with a bold sensor message, it started with a bold glass message: 28-70mm f/2.
  8. Another active cooling solution I forgot to mention:
  9. To be fair its mostly a Sony thing in our community. A lot of video/hybrid shooters these days know nobody other than Sony (a side effect of superiority of one brand's marketing strategy over the rest of industry), so when you question Sony, you're in fact questioning their career.
  10. https://youtu.be/K4586b8iR2Y?si=rG-m8TUfkH8L0kgc
  11. Use 4k nraw instead. Smaller file size, less noise. Its pixel binned, but your customer won't notice that. Watch this Nikon Canada video for quick guid on Davinci color management setup for nlog: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1OniQF68UiM
  12. Just proves the processor has no "accelerator" unit for advanced h.265 profiles so the encoding is done inefficiently, hence high power consumption, hence unusual temperature.
  13. Didn't address my issue, which wasn't about audio: its shiny and reflections can be distracting in some situations. Maybe its cool for TikTokers, but not for everybody. If I was one of Japanese camera makers, I would make a collaboration deal with them to have the receiver unite inside the camera. Yea that increases the costs (hardware and license rights), but can be killer feature for a hybrid camera. Sony is too proud to accept any other audio brand superiority over itself. "RODE Inside" alpha? Forget about it. Canon thinks it has enough patent to do that its own way, and the whole idea is too radical for Nikon.
  14. Everything can drive people away these days. Either admins try to micromanage behavior of everybody to keep it nice and clean, or just let it run like chaotic village, as Elon is doing (and fails at it). Among 10 forums or online groups that I'm even a "veteran member", I only feel free to write my uncensored opinion in just 3 of them. And it was yesterday. Today is 2, cause another one banned me. As someone from the depths of third world I see western people take personal attack too seriously, to the point that now everything can be personal atack. Since the days I was 15 I've been a active "hot take" user in a lot of social networks and forums popular in my country, and I don't remember a single day without being the target of verbal personal attacks. But its ok, and sometimes fun. Some of my long time online friends who helped me alot in a vast range of technical and personal issues, are the ones who actively engaged in our mutual habit of insulting each other. Our culture has a mich higher tolerance for that. I'm not saying its good. I'm saying its natural. We're spending too much time and effort to create safe spaces, but its a forever war. It will never be safe enough. Why not make individuals less fragile? There was a polymath in my country, four hundred years ago I think, I forgot the guy's name.. who was interested to join peasant gatherings in poor neighborhoods of the city. Imagine a place like an irish pub, but with middle east culture. One day a group of his students criticized this almost weekly routine and said to the man these people are a bunch uneducated low life idiots who can't talk about anything without using filthy words, why you, a wise man with high social status let yourself be seen assoiciated with them? Its not good for your reputation and your mental health. Stop it. He said: I'm diamond and they're glass. I have effect on them, but they have no effect on me. Sorry that I made it a bit philosophical 😂
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