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  1. Its not just calibration. Many people watch these tv series on their phones and tablets. If they are OLED, their max brightness is very low (how many of total mobile viewers have Samsung flagships?), and if they are LCD, glowing blacks make the whole thing horribly flat at max brightness. And then we have compression issues. In dragon fighting scene, it was like watching a 9gag clip in its gif days!
  2. And we're supposed to "see" the damn signature.
  3. We're not watching a documentary. A movie about war in the dark, shouldn't be as dark as a real war in the dark.
  4. This market is so much smaller than what it was that it doesn't matter who is number 1 or 2 or 3 in sales anymore.
  5. In near future your TV is not a device you mount to your wall. Your wall is TV.
  6. Good luck demosaicing this puzzle mess and get a clean 4k as full read out.
  7. I don't need RAW, but I like to see Nikon in full attack mode. I like to see what they gonna do in second generation of Z.
  8. If 8bit 1.5x crop is ok, Fuji's new XT30 is just here and its only $900.
  9. My gut feeling says the differentiator isn't just resolution and frame rate this time.. they will add XLR ports. It's a bit odd to ask camera makers "don't process it" instead of natural "process it better". They gonna charge north of $3000, so they better put a modern CPU in there. I think if my smartphone's Snapdragon had access to the data integrity high end full frame sensors deliver, would surely make a much better output.
  10. This business is unsustainable because of ridiculously high production costs, it doesn't matter which one of big names is supporting the ecosystem.
  11. 60p is only external. So if you're Sony user, you better wait for A7S3.
  12. I don't care it will sell or not.. I'm sure it will put pressure on big three, especially Sony, and that's the only thing matters.
  13. You get lower DR at high ISO cause the amplification needed to increase the brightness of darker areas is too much for already bright areas. With this new pixel design, it could be possible to amplify only those pixels that need to be amplified. So you get near ISO 100 DR with very low noise at say ISO 12800. Other than fabrication complexities, there is big problem in profiling the output, because it's not going to be linear, I guess.
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