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  1. "13.1 stops at a signal to noise ratio of 2". Let me tell you the truth.. you dont shoot at 2 SN ratio. Because thats "visually" horrible.
  2. Outsourcing production and logistics to China wasn't a good idea after all.
  3. The only problem with 8k is codec.
  4. I don't see any systematic issue, except overreacting to some first world problems. but assuming there is a serious problem.. ok, say no to offers and don't accept the job. No need to constantly talk about it.
  5. Canon NEEDS this camera badly, cause their current FF models are not selling very well considering they have 50% "overall" market share. But what made you think Sony will not have a 8k camera to ship in summer?
  6. I don't feel good about this quad bayer thing.
  7. Ironically I need AF in 60fps more than I need it in 24fps.
  8. They had no clue its possible through HDMI, or worth the effort. It was Atomos idea. And S1H was developed long AFTER Atomos shared the idea with Panasonic.
  9. Adding a feature no other camera under $2000 has is not a disaster by any means. Because they did it finally: https://m.dpreview.com/news/3228623333/nikon-announces-z6-z7-raw-video-output-upgrade-new-firmware-adds-cfexpress-support Both the the delay and $200 fee is direct result of Apple-RED fight over that stupid patent, which didn't end up well for consumers. Bash Nikon for many mistakes they did that everything around was under their control. This one is not one of them.
  10. Nope. The only advantage is that it doesn't need thick AA filter for native 4k, which is good thing. At 60mp, its not like real 60mp. HDR mode will look artifact free, but sacrifices resolution and noise performance.
  11. They made this specs sheet cause there are customers for this sensor other than Sony Imaging. But who are they?
  12. Who are the judges? Can we ask them take an IQ test? Or maybe its too late for IQ test and we should consider MRI scan. I think some parts of their brain have serious issues.
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