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  1. "Temporary" was a lie. "Its just a disruption" was manipulation of public opinion. Its not a disruption anymore. Its ruining people. "Save the lives" was wishful thinking. It wouldn't work with that level of state incompetency, and it didn't, as expected. Vietnamese didn't have to live in prison and gradually become financially destroyed to save the lives of their neighbors. You still talk in a way like there is two side, the science side and denier side. Sorry, that fake duality expired many months ago. The "know what to do" side have no idea what its doing:
  2. Its like saying poor people in developed countries shouldn't call themselves poor, because some kids somewhere in India are dying because there is no enough food. Slavery is about a situation where a person or a group of people, commonly known as master, decides how you should live. Some people have legitimately concluded that they're in that situation right now. The mathematical measurements of misery is not the subject.
  3. Every policy has its limits. Restriction for two months is very different with same restriction for two years. People calling it slavery or any other names, is completely natural reaction at this point. I live in a country that people simply gave up! Its not that only you understand the common sense. Humans are more complicated than that.. they're not coded with C++.
  4. Why a compact cine camera shouldn't equipped with a 16:9 display?
  5. Resolution is going to increase, but at this dpi, power consumption will be scandalous.
  6. Both Sony and LG are now producing wall sized commercial microLED displays. Its still overpriced for consumers, but the price decline has been dramatic. If you want to provide content for that massive sized medium, you definitely need a pro gear, and 8k is bare minimum. But camera makers completely ignored this emerging technology that gonna change interior architecture of our buildings forever.
  7. Everything can be worthless. We don't price gold based on unique specifications of its atoms. We as buyers and sellers have an agreement that these elements worth this much, or don't. If you could buy a sandwich with a piece of rock, that would be money. So a statement like "designed to be worthless" is meaningless.
  8. Inequality of wealth is not the problem. Its inequality of rules!
  9. Not completely. 8k HDMI output is 8bit only. Full frame 4k is pixel binned at all frame rates.
  10. At this price I want a bigger body.
  11. And the housing is a cheap plastic that cracks easily and causes horrible misalignments. An optics company.. they're certainly not.
  12. Trade shows are still alive, but its just for 10 youtubers who don't know how to use the device. Traditional trade shows was a democratic hands-on event. Now its a fascistic single party of fools event.
  13. If Apple was interested to have a pro camera business, they would buy RED. They didn't.
  14. Impossible is strong word for a technical limitation like that.
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