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  1. Their user base is still far bigger than Sony. Its not about Sony users selling all their gears and switch. Its about keeping their own customers who are not doing video seriously...yet.
  2. "First camera company to drop the mechanical shutter." Thats not true. Unless you mean the only "full frame" camera without mechanical shutter. And even with that clarification, its not an innovation. Without very high speed read out, removing the mechanical shutter is just prioritizing the convenience of the producer over convenience of the customer.
  3. Whenever I change any of my relatives TVs settings to these new "true cinema" modes and explain to them why its important, they look at me like they understand and accept the change; but next time I visit and check the TV again I see it's returned to Standard or Dynamic .
  4. f/2 on this sensor should be like f/5.6 on full frame. Are we getting f/5.6 DoF?
  5. Well everybody is buying Sony sensors.. its like saying there is no differences between android phones because the cpu inside all of them is made by TSMC! A1 sensor has its own downsides.. the big amount of data it handles has moved the noise floor. Z7ii is now the cleanest high resolution senor in ILC market. Top notch quality is kinda originality. There is a chance they apply some tweaks they used for Z7ii to A1 sensor. Also there is a chance its not Sony-made at all. Actually its Sony semi that is losing its uniqueness. First Quad pixel AF introduced by Omnivision, highest density sens
  6. Finally you confirmed my first comment. State competency.
  7. Your statistics doesn't tell us what Vermont did that NYC and north east states didn't. Massachusetts is state of science believers I guess.
  8. If they're going the Olympus way, well a $6500 body won't save them. Olympus had that kind of flagship too. If in an industry a single company can satisfy most of customers needs, competition is not going to last long.
  9. That was at its borders. But you intentionally remove the word "border" to make it support your Vermont narrative.
  10. "Temporary" was a lie. "Its just a disruption" was manipulation of public opinion. Its not a disruption anymore. Its ruining people. "Save the lives" was wishful thinking. It wouldn't work with that level of state incompetency, and it didn't, as expected. Vietnamese didn't have to live in prison and gradually become financially destroyed to save the lives of their neighbors. You still talk in a way like there is two side, the science side and denier side. Sorry, that fake duality expired many months ago. The "know what to do" side have no idea what its doing:
  11. Its like saying poor people in developed countries shouldn't call themselves poor, because some kids somewhere in India are dying because there is no enough food. Slavery is about a situation where a person or a group of people, commonly known as master, decides how you should live. Some people have legitimately concluded that they're in that situation right now. The mathematical measurements of misery is not the subject.
  12. Every policy has its limits. Restriction for two months is very different with same restriction for two years. People calling it slavery or any other names, is completely natural reaction at this point. I live in a country that people simply gave up! Its not that only you understand the common sense. Humans are more complicated than that.. they're not coded with C++.
  13. Why a compact cine camera shouldn't equipped with a 16:9 display?
  14. Resolution is going to increase, but at this dpi, power consumption will be scandalous.
  15. Both Sony and LG are now producing wall sized commercial microLED displays. Its still overpriced for consumers, but the price decline has been dramatic. If you want to provide content for that massive sized medium, you definitely need a pro gear, and 8k is bare minimum. But camera makers completely ignored this emerging technology that gonna change interior architecture of our buildings forever.
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