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  1. Soon they will make a fake f/1.2 bokeh that 98% of people can't realize its fake. But even then I would buy a f/1.2 lens if its in my budget range. Because I do enjoy using that kind of thing. Probably I will have fewer choices by then, and more expensive ones, due to inevitable bankruptcy of some ILC brands and very low production volume.. but it will encourage me more to get it.
  2. Nikon and Sony PDAF is all about masking on pixels. Sensors can be same but with different masking.
  3. Not defending this crop nonsense, but 1.7x crop video is same as 1.5x crop in still. The number is bigger because of 16:9 ratio.
  4. 60p is 1.7x cropped and will be available via firmware update in 2021. Sorry to ruin your dream so early.
  5. Nikon is not in the list of h265 licensees.
  6. Who could imagine we gonna have point and shoot camera with full frame sensor in 2020?
  7. Wait a minute.. we have a full frame camera with a CPU that in lithography tech is far from being as state of the art as recent smartphone CPUs, and yet is capable of processing 8k video for one hour without overheating? Imagine what this camera could do with a Qualcomm!
  8. Camera control board shouldn't report 65c in 8k recording.
  9. I miss the old days when we could buy a camera and use it right after opening the box. Now we have to do some engineering research and detective work and even simulation! first.
  10. Imagine they release a firmware fix that removes their media alert limits. It will be the first official admission that they used cripple hammer. Its embarrassing either way.
  11. I told you few days ago the chip has issues in idle state. Nonody in firmware office forget to code "go to sleep when there is no demand".
  12. Very unlikely. Nikon tends to pay the least amount of money for license fees.
  13. I guess many of these guys are confused about definition of "direct sunlight".
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