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    Fuji X-T4

    That tiny grip is very disappointing again.
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    P4K's sensor is a different one though... GH5s, not GH5
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    IBIS is great for handheld work in my opinion. I don't know why people expect it to replace a gimbal though. Isn't it great enough to be able to take the jitter and hand shake out of a steady handheld locked-down frame? I remember the time when a tripod or shoulder mount was necessary for just about anything. We are getting spoilt!
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    Shot this with an XT3 and GH5.
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    Favorite lenses FD 24 1.4L

    I have had this lens for ages. Not something I have used a real lot but I do love it and think I am going to use it as the only lens I use for a few weeks. Mine does not have a build date mark (that I can find anyway) and is a battered old copy externally but nothing wrong with the glass. A small lens for the speed. Is actually usable in a pinch for landscape infinity shots though much better stopped down or close in. Has a large hand ground front aspheric element. On Sony it also works great as a super fast 2x zoom for jpegs and video. Well worth getting if you can get one at a decent price (there are some that are at collectors prices on Ebay). Just snaps walking around. wide open and 5.6 at distance. Close in at 1.4 and again at 2x clearzoom. I took a photo of a friend I met that i would love to post but do not think she would appreciate it. Will have to find a nice stranger to shoot and post as well as video from it.
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    Great stuff. I used my C500 as a reference point when creating Z-LOG on my Z7. The C500 is now sold but was a great image. I'll keep my 1D C for a while longer. It really helps as a benchmark for Pro Color and all sorts.
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    No love for the Canon T8i ?

    Is it mirrorless? Does it have sensor stabilization? Does it do 4K60p? Anything in 10-bit? What's the 4K crop like? Will it DualPixel autofocus? Dual cardslot? Full sized HDMI? Mic-in + headphone ports? Let me save you the speculation. It's an entry level Canon camera. It will have a bunch of regurgitated specs, underwhelming features and a whole lot of impact from the Canon Cripple Hammer. Will feel overpriced too. Especially looking at the competition. * mmkai: '4K/UHD shooting at up to 24 frames per second' ~ https://www.notebookcheck.net/Canon-launches-the-EOS-Rebel-T8i-DSLR.454020.0.html I've been living under a rock/been slightly off the grid for a couple of days, so didn't actually notice anything about it. But it's hilarious, first they need firmware to give people 24p... now they won't go beyond it, lol.
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    For those grading in ACES this Z-LOG L works wonders if you set the ACES input transform to one the following: Canon C500 Daylight v1.1 DCI-P3+ Canon C500 Tungsten v1.1 DCI-P3+ The gamma curve seems to line up perfectly, creating great highlight rolloff and natural color.
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    Ajouter à la liste d'envies... envy
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    Stabilization and C-AF on fleek... hum, not. Doesn't seem like any of the knock-offs really comes close to the Osmo Pocket image quality. Just that they were able to learn from DJI's mistakes regarding ergonomics/connectivity (one has a built-in joystick, some 3.5mm mic input and of course bluetooth/Wi-Fi onboard (one even with bluetooth audio recording)). DJI should follow it up already with a 1" sensor Hasselblad Pro version.
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    Sigma has come close to offering an affordable package that gives you everything you'd need. No compressed RAW or good auto focus though or intermediate codec. Full frame is cool as it gives an edge in low light. At some point that will no longer matter and sensor size will become pretty irrelevant. Once someone comes out with the equivalent of an S1H with Canon like auto focus there won't be need for much more for most people, especially if it has compressed RAW as well. In terms of more professional filmaking there really isn't a huge drive for better cameras. Its really this one man band stuff that is pushing the innovation imho. There will come a point when the one man band has everything he needs and that will drive down innovation as there simply won't be a demand for more.
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    If you're an indie filmmaker, then I highly highly recommend checking out HitFilm Pro! https://www.facebook.com/groups/426174967509293/ https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-pro
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    I think that everything starts with inspiration as motivation - so, my suggestion would be to watch tutorials about manipulation and effects in 3D space done with Fusion, Nuke, Flame (how to change background, tracking components, even how to make enough visually suggestive simulated 3D objects from 2D images via projection maps etc). Although great and best for fast 2D effects, AE is not as much suitable for proper 3D, but has tone of ready made templates, great plugins. Also, for everything higher than several layers/intervention, nodal structure or 'tree' becomes more and more suitable. So Fusion for obvious integration with Resolve, Nuke still a bit more if you really plan to get a job into big industry players, Flame if you like to feel yourself as noble and elite member as it could be. UI logic of Flame is for me pick of the software aesthetic. Of course, there's also powerful Mistika, but it becomes, I'd say, nowadays more exotic than really differentiated. Besides, I found that nodal thinking in accomplishing 3D tasks is the most interesting encounter of logic and creativity in all software's usage. (If you wish to happily lost your mind in endless possibilities as, say, top chess players - than go into cosmos of Sidefx Houdini.)
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    Just put this video out about filming as many scenes as you can in one location and the reasons why you would want to do that. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!
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    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    The iPhones actually take the first image before you press the shutter (i.e. they’re constantly buffering). Android phones might do the same, I don’t know.
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    Both, I use the strap "technique" all the time with the GH5 and they nicely complement each other especially at long focal.
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    Lenses - Sticky Topic

    That Vazen looks really cool. If you're into anamorphic then it might be a situation of "the only lens you'd ever need" having the width of a FF equiv 31mm spherical lens, putting it squarely between the 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm lenses. Many classic films were shot on a single prime, and that one isn't too big or heavy (720g), unlike the 40mm (1.8kg).
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    Kinoptik primes

    No experience, but the guys over at reduser seem to like them.... https://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?159096-Kinoptik-anyone and this was apparently shot on Kinoptik and Alexa Mini:
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    there's a LOT of options, if you're a bit familiar with AE, I'd start there...! you can do an incomprehensible amount of stuff in AE, and it's a bit more approachable than Fusion, for example, or some of your other options what is your intended use? if you need to make full 3D characters that's another story...
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    I also have the iPhone XS Max and noticed the same thing in my brief hands on with the 11 Pro. Don't know what they changed exactly, but I don't like it.
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    DIY screen flip mod coming soon? It would be great to have anamorphic mode. Maybe director's viewfinder has one? And soon will be able to record. I hope Sigma also consider a slightly larger model, with IBIS, EVF and flip screen. I get the feeling future is bright for Sigma's full frame cameras.
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    No, unfortunately the GH3 won't trigger from HDMI. The solution is a custom one but isn't too daunting or expensive to do. Adafruit make a tiny board called a Trinket M0 which amongst other things can be used to emulate a USB keyboard. The way this would work is to get a standard generic cheap remote release controller for the GH3 like this one Then split it out to the Trinket so that when you press the record switch on it the camera receives it but so does the Trinket and then you have it send out "CTRL+R" on the USB port to the MixPre to start recording and then "CTRL+S" when you stop. With this, you'd never have to remember to press record or stop on the MixPre. If there are enough people interested I don't mind doing a thread on how to do it and throw the code up as because it uses a simple trigger people can modify it for different camera types. Would be a few weeks though as I've got quite a bit on.
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    Lenses - Sticky Topic

    Actually really quite interesting, e.g. how they combat focus breathing and T-stop measurement conditions. Sticking to cinema lenses... Vazen now as well with MFT 28mm T2.2 1.8x anamorphic. Almost looks Veydra-sized. https://www.cinema5d.com/vazen-28mm-t22-18x-anamorphic-lens-launched/ https://vzlens.com/product/vz28/ , also: get both 28 & 40mm, get $400 off
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I have considered your reply for awhile now and i dont consider my comment as overly sexist, merely more of a play on the facts. If it had of been a bloke standing there behind the camera i would have come up with another comment regardless. If you want to see sexism at work i suggest you go immerse yourself, in the girls on film thread. Now there a chance to have a real argument against sexism.
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    Poor Olympus E M1 Mark III video specs

    Lx100 with flippy screen and great AF would make an awesome travel video/vlog camera. Dont know why they held back!
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    Camera owning plans 2020

    I need that EF mount adapter now!
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    Canon were first to 4K in a stills camera as well... 1D C in 2012. Panasonic we tend to appreciate because they are first at accessible prices. Sony are usually second with even better specs, but lately seem to have forgotten whether the accelerator pedal is on the left or right of the car. Canon clearly had the technology for 4K from an early stage and it seems they have repeated same step up with 8K, early too. Being "early" isn't often associated with Canon, but R&D department seems to go a lot faster than the marketing and actual camera releases seem to suggest. The big unknowns are: 4K crop factors and frame rates Internal RAW or not? 8K rolling shutter and frame rates (as well as any crops - could be 2.35:1 for all we know) In what modes Dual Pixel AF works and when not Spec and pricing of R6 (if it is 1D X III video spec and internal RAW I would go for that over 8K instead, even if more expensive than the R5) Codec type, bit depth and bit rates There are MANY areas where the cripple hammer could come out but looking at 1D X III which was remarkably unscathed, unusually for Canon, it bodes well!?
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    In good hands, the camera can deliver. Like our @John Brawley . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpD4SFNvWZU&t=0s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzhMs4uXXJM&t=0s
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    Now with the most recent adoption of AV1 in Netflix and youtube, i think that internal codecs are going the AV1 way, it's really efficient supporting up to 12bit and 4:4:4 color space. Also IT'S FREE OPEN SOURCE MAGIC!!! Implementing Prores is a more hard thing to accept in my opinion, It needs to be hardware encoded to be efficient in smaller cameras, also licensing and chip development it's quiet a risk for mirrorless cameras. That's why Panasonic opted for a 10bit h264/265. its cheaper, smaller and, let's be honest, quality wise it's not really far from Prores HQ. The only benefit of apple's codec it's the easy to use and adoption in NLEs.
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    I'm happy with the lowlight performance of MFT with regards to the GH5S. Gives us a GH6 with a dual gain sensor thats performs a bit better and it will be good as a A7III or A7SII....and no one complained about their performance. I've shot candle lit scenes in a cabin in Norway with a f2.8 12-35 at ISO 6400 to 8000 on the GH5S. A few shots at 8000 needed some noise reduction that took about 5 mins of my time to process. I've shot video of Elk with a 50-200mm f/2.8-4 at dusk on the GH5S at 200mm f/4 ISO 3200-6400 with a monopod. Video came out great. I had other photographers and video people there too lugging around 400mm FF and crop lenses...they absolutely HATED to re-position. I wonder why? So I no longer fret about lowlight ability with the GH5S. IF the GH6 can take what they did with the GH5S and improve upon it, I am more than happy. Especially if I get glorious IBIS and full V-Log. I have never yet needed to shoot something wider than 18mm and faster than f1.7. When I do I guess I'll buy one of the new Laowa f0.95 ZeroD primes that are coming out this year. I prefer to have my humans subject's eyes and ears in-focus in my talking head shots. If you shoot f1.2 FF like Tony...well god help you.
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    Not if the Full Frame is significantly bigger! M43 is about smaller bodies and lenses, not just cost. I can carry 3 bodies and 3 zoom lenses in a backpack and it will be nearly equal in weight to one full frame camera and zoom lens. I mean the GH5 with 35-100 lens combined weighs less than the popular 70-200 f/2.8 full frame lenses alone!
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    I'm not trying to pick a fight here. But, I don't know... I felt the same, but after trying out mft... I got to call it as a I see it... Most of the above is mostly B.S. from online pundits. 1) <-- Very subjective and its content based not related to sensor size. 2) <-- Well, watch this video and tell me that 3 feet is really a big deal (may be switch out the lens for the 16-35mm): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFH6bmesqVE 3) <-- Plenty of bokeh on mft here (by the way thats my video with the stupid Yi Camera): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv0QRR3Nbh8 4) <-- This I agree with - but manipulating light with reflectors, external soft boxes, LEDS, flags, etc. even time of day (the golden hours) and working within their limitations is half the fun. 5) <-- This matters if you are not using any editing tools at all, but I've taken some amazing pictures with the 7D. And, they looked great straight out of camera. Funny story, I was working with a friend for a wedding, I told him... man its just a 7D + a couple of L lenses, he said that it will be fine. He was shooting with a 5D mark 2, and the groom wanted all my pictures instead. After reviewing my photos, my friend was blown away by them too, mostly because I captured a lot of those "intimate" moments.
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    Canon EOS R5 8K monster official topic

    This could very well be a case of irrational exuberance. Take a look at the camera. We know that Panasonic required a vent on the back of their S1H to do 6k. Look at most cinema cameras that do 6k or 8k. Fans are usually a must unless you have an exceptional heat sink and w/o an EVF. Add an EVF to a camera and you have lots of heat. Try doing 8k for any extended length and you'll have a shitload more of heat. Canon's 1DX Mark III is capable of up to 2,600 Mbs but has a body the size of a 1969 Buick and no EVF. How is Canon dissipating heat on this smaller camera with 8k capability? I see forums littered with phrases like "Canon take my money!" Really? Not only have we not seen the full specs. No one has been able to test the camera. Something seems fishy to me.
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    lol, saw others online calling it the 'E-M1 Mark IIJ' (so not 'III' but the 'J' of 'joystick' added) or the 'E-M1 Mark II Mark II' (a 2nd iteration of the Mark II). xD Pretty spot on.
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    Poor Olympus E M1 Mark III video specs

    It would be so nice if they could make some joint venture or so deal with Blackmagic. At least they share for the moment some influential ambassadors. It seems as that, for some reason, they are not allowed to put at least one 10bit (24p) recording option. Having IBIS that now reach gimbal level but with more natural movement, being best waterproof in a whole with lenses (plus not so extremely expensive underwater adds) , Olympus could be very special and unique tool for indie's just with base 10bit solution.
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    Fuji X-T4

    Yep, respectfully useless, but I thank you for the thought 😂 Switching back and forth several times a minute all day between video and stills with a pair of bodies and a pair of gimbals, changing lenses from time to time... Err, no! I have tried to embrace gimballing twice and both times did not get on with it...but each to their own and all that!
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    Mark Romero 2

    Fuji X-T4

    Well... with the X-T4 release, maybe pick up another X-T3 body at a good price used and get a gimbal??? As you can probably tell, I have no idea of what your workflow is like on site, so I my suggestion is probably as useless as can be. That hasn't ever stopped me in the past
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    Fuji X-T4

    I precisely said the stills, which we shot RAW so no picture profile to talk about. IQ wise video was great (I actually used the recommandations from this forum in a post I created prior to the trip and that was great). I edited hundreds of stills from both cameras, since we shot with a friend and myself. Many times we got "duplicates" like similar photos of a sunset for example taken with both the A7III and the XT3. And I confirm the A7III shots were much superior both in Dynamic range and noise control. It's just what I see on my screen. I agree, LX100 was disappointing. For sure a GH6 with proper AF would be killer, so would be a smaller S1 with better AF. Panasonic makes great video cameras, their main flaw right now is AF across the line.
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    Fuji X-T4

    Definitely my experience was based on XT3 and not XH line or future XT4. For sure if it really has better battery life, grip and so on it could be a great package. I guess I just made a focus on a few aspects during the 2 weeks of travel but they frustrated me very much and had a better experience on the Sony. now reviewing the footage I have more keeper on the Sony due to AF, IBIS and not missing key moments with battery issues. Also I have to be honest, now I want to stick to FF. There used to be a time Where you could only find good video specs at a good price and good form factor with M43 sensor size, or APSC, but 2020 should finally bring us all of this into a nice FF package and with a very decent weight and size unlike old FF DSLRs. Between an XH like body and an EOS R like body, there isn’t much difference. Some savings on weight with glasses... but FF rules it for me (and for stills also mostly). I am not even mentioning marvels like the sigma FP that almost competes with M43 sizing. Having GH5 video specs in an LX100 form factor would be great and have a real advantage and I could see myself using that in combinaison with a FF system. At least there is a lot of difference between the 2.
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    Fuji X-T4

    I have used during two weeks of shooting in a recent Asia trip the XT3 and Sony A7III. The XT3 was a massive disappointment. I had to use 4 batteries in a day where I used 1 for the Sony. The grip was awful. The AF was much worst than I anticipated. The lack of IBIS ruined some footages and the stills we took at the same time same place are laughable versus the Sony. I am much more interested to see what the A7SIII and Canon bring at this point
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    Poor Olympus E M1 Mark III video specs

    This company is blind to video shooters. New model, same codec, frame rate etc. This could really be a video beast with that great IBIS.
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