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  1. I thought the video was quite interesting as an indication of rolling shutter and also the helicopter rotors at a distance. I expected to see a real "swirly-bird" but was pleasantly surprised. Anyone else have any views on rolling shutter based on that ?
  2. Apparent launch date 20th October. www.mirrorlessrumors.com/sigma-fp-will-be-launched-on-october-20
  3. @ thephoenix, generally on a forum, surely a person should behave as if they are in the living room of the host, especially with a non-corporate site like this one ? Where is any satire in your attached video since this seems the actual tone of the post anyway ? I mostly see people helping each other, so am genuinely confused by this.
  4. C'mon thephoenix, it's clear footage will come, but the article is surely a welcome update ? The camera was seen and thoughts shared, then everything reported back here. Of all the sites, I find this one the most integral.. πŸ˜‰
  5. I have a collection of Canon FD lenses. Could anyone recommend a decent adapter for this camera please.
  6. Does the ssd have to be powered separately or is it standalone, does anyone know ?
  7. I find this camera fascinating but I am completely in suspense over a rumoured Foveon full frame version coming in 2020, and if that one will do video at any level. An FP camera with Foveon sensor would be amazing (would it not ?). Does anyone have any views ?
  8. Hi Andrew, I'm probably speaking too soon, but you do those wonderfully funny spoof videos about Canon releases and specs, but when they finally release the C500Mk2 and give a date and a price, everyone covers it except for you who chooses only to mention en passing in a speculative article about Fuji. C'mon, is that entirely fair, give Canon their due... πŸ™‚
  9. Comparing to Blackmagic, I admit I've never handled one, but I read reviews talking about issues like fixed pattern noise in some models. Are those still with the 6K or has any teething been sorted out ?
  10. Andrew, are you under pressure from outside (the older Red threads seem pulled down) ? It is difficult to be objective when we are not lawyers, so I hope the line between keeping the story apart from those just stirring the pot proves possible. ☺️
  11. The guru of FD to EF conversions appears to be Eddie Houston. You'll pay, but the quality is reckoned to really good, and I understand he was a Canon engineer back in the day. http://thelensdoctor.co.uk/page5.html
  12. I don't know if it is an urban legend but I have heard BM have a lot of quality control and reliability issues, so I have to say the Sigma fp looks more interesting to me. It will be interesting to see the price compared.
  13. I trust this judgement, but I understand companies like BBC and Netflix have exacting broadcast standards, and I was wondering if any of the mirrorless cameras, or the upcoming Panasonic video orientated professioanl mirrorless, will satisfy that sort of criteria...
  14. Sid

    Sigma FP

    Looks fantastic, but will it be prone to overheating for continuous video shooting ?
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