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  1. Can I ask anyone at all for some information on something I have been wondering for some time. The original BM pocket camera impacted on Digital Bolex, and the Bolex must surely have impacted on the Ikonoskop. Yet the analogue ccd family of sensors used in the Ikonoskop and Digital Bolex were never used again in the cinema camera world.....but are still in use in cameras marketed to different markets, and I can't help feeling these might really be cinema cameras in disguise, so to speak. But the connectors and image output formats puzzle me, as the specs show 12 bit uncompressed, and the sockets vary from ethernet to cameralink. Here is an example of a camera using the exact same sensor as the Digital Bolex. https://www.imperx.com/ccd-cameras/B2340/ There are other variations elsewhere, some of which come with an optional Nikon or Canon mount. Does anyone have either experience or any views at all of these cameras ?
  2. Andrew, the BM Arsegate post and the subsequent retraction post showed total, total honesty each time, and that is worth much.
  3. I've browsed here for months, but it was Andrew's masterful command of literature with the last line which finally convinced me to sign up. Staged, it ain't. 🙂
  4. I seem to recall those early BM cameras had very mixed reviews for reliability, and they kept obsoleting their own cameras with future announcements when some people were still stuck waiting for the current one to ship. The price is certainly cheap for those specs... maybe too cheap ? Now that full frame Panasonic looks a completely different story. Andrew, off-topic I know, but do you follow Apertus, as I believe there will be Magic Lantern on steroids when that ships.
  5. The problem there is it is good in low light and 10 bit.
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