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  1. I was only here for three years because I didn't really know the site before. I am guilty as charged for posting frivolous stuff on the forums. If I am honest I think this was insecurity that I didn't have the skillset of the other users. This has been a unique site led by the finest host. How does one quantify that ? Because it is the most stone-cold honest of all by a long mile. Thus any "brash" or "rude" qualities have always seemed entirely in context to me. In that spirit, I must say End of EOSHD vid is one of the finest presentations of all time, evoking a range of emotion, from a certain perhaps unintentional humour to mostly the feeling of tremendous sadness. I don't want to get political or peddle my own corner, but the Lockdowns have been very tough, and horrible to see what is happening to others. I risk yet another frivolous post, but Andrew I truly hope you stay and extend my very best wishes to you if you choose otherwise. 🙂 ❤️
  2. It's just the raw honesty which keeps me coming back for more.😃 Crazily enough the review does make me want to see it.. Good 2021 all..
  3. Discussing C70 ? Sorry, I still can't see where - can anyone just point me there please.. 🙂
  4. Is this site now boycotting Canon, after the R5 experience ? It's just that the Canon EOS C70 4K Digital Cinema Camera has been announced and there is no mention of it on this site. It looks pretty good to me, but I was wondering Andrew's take.... 🙂
  5. For the Sigman current and previous Foveon cameras, does anyone have any thoughts about the quality of Quattro vs Merrill ? Here is the article with the comparison (the Japanese woman's face). An Ode to the Sigma Foveon Sensor
  6. Mr. Yamaki is a really cool guy. It would be great if the Foveon video camera were released even without a high iso. Andrew, your video looks stunning to my eye. 🙂
  7. But how might they fix it ? Surely the case would have to change for a proper fix ?
  8. Apologies if the test footage was already posted:-
  9. I really would very much like to see the foveon sensor FP version. However, my undestanding is that the current Sigma foveon Quattro line is actually a backward step from their own previous Merrill models, because they did some sort of compromise to reduce the capture time, but it cost in terms of "micro-contrast". I read about it here:- https://medium.com/ice-cream-geometry/an-ode-to-the-sigma-merrill-506dd0864169 So hopefully, they will go back to the previous Merrill readout, but I'll submit to the wisdom of others here.
  10. They do seem committed, but the Foveon full-frame being cancelled - I read someone saying the FP sales may have been the real reason, or will they still do the Foveon in the future ? I hope they do it.
  11. At the very, very top. I know things are relative and many other users (plus Andrew of course) may have a better handle than me on these things. I want this camera and it is way too pricey, but here's the thing - why should anyone care what I want ? And most respectfully to others here the reverse argument is also true. No one is going to send me to the deepest tropics to capture the wildlife anytime soon...or the coldest tundra, or a high end fashion shoot, but if I was of such calibre, surely 1DX Mk3 is what I would want in my hand. And the potential video quality in-camera is out of this world. Canon have answered Andrew's spoof "Canon Rep" vids and the "C800" mockup in a very big way and deliberately shown no quarter to Atomos on the way - that is very impressive for sure.
  12. Will it do video continuosuly without overheating warnings ? Fuji and Sony are both a lottery in this respect and have led a spec war to the bottom. 6K is a gimmick if it only means a few minutes at a time without seizing up. I think that may be one reason why Canon is so cautious. But if Fuji have truly solved overheating, it could be fantastic....
  13. Sounds like someone may have invented a compressed version of the truth too. Btw, notice how Canon announce 1DXMk3, and a head honcho immediately flees with his holographic flipcam. Remember that whole thing with the original C300 and Scarlet, even though Canon had done absolutely nothing to provoke Red in any way ? http://reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?63669-SCARLET....&p=825560&viewfull=1#post825560 http://reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?63669-SCARLET....&p=825630&viewfull=1#post825630 How does it look now ?
  14. Regarding audio, I believe FP has a built-in microphone, so isn't the "proper" workflow to record scratch audio and sync up to separate audio recording anyway ? Otherwise surely we're talking XLR type inputs....which changes the idea of the camera ? Like a masochist, I may hold out to see what the Canon mirrorless version of 5DXMk3 is like (excellent for a price I'm sure), but common sense says to me grab the Sigma now...
  15. I hadn't previously been aware of the oil splashing issue on their high end models like 1DXMk2. When I looked further I found a refernce from Canon dated 2009 stating they would fix it going forward. That does worry me if it has still not been addressed by now. https://cpn.canon-europe.com/content/news/EOS_oil_spots.do Probably only in a tiny minority of cameras, but fact is that we are not all high end photographers, so many users "treat themselves" to expensive kit beyond what is financially sensible. Imagine getting a lemon in that situation. But these Mk3 specs in a mirrorless could really tip me to getting one.
  16. Agreed. So curious about what Sigma manage to achieve with video resolution on the Foveon version, which could be more like the Bolex reincarnated. Purely from memory, Andrew wrote the Bolex shoots at ISO 100 and pretty much has to stay there, and one expects similar video compromise with Foveon, but it might well really shine if played to the strengths.
  17. On the Youtube comments, one person asks "What is happening in the highlights?" The FP does look relatively more blown out as the girl approaches into the sunlight.
  18. How might 1DXMk3 heat manangement compare ? Does Mk2 have an internal fan of any kind ? (I think Panasonic S1H has a very silent fan, and Sigma FP is a fanless design).
  19. Some sites have mentioned that Sigma FP has timecode. Maybe that will make the list at some point.
  20. Netflix won't take any prisoners from any "enthusast" camera no matter what the specs, so S1H is an impressive solid benchmark recognition of quality. Now could 1DXMk3, or even FP, ever enter this terrotory, as I think 1DC was once approved for broadcast use ?
  21. Andrew, how does the Sigma DNG quality compare with your memories of the Digital Bolex image quality, which I believe was also DNG but from a ccd sensor.
  22. Wow, FP is starting to ship ? Great news. The early hint of quality is most welcome too.
  23. Shooting greenscreen in the Arctic is not something to be sneezed at. ?
  24. Apparently Canon have confirmed a 5DMk5 is in the works, but also mentioned that a pro-grade mirrorless is being developed. I wonder if the mirrorless will have these specs, and the what the release timeframe could be. Olympics 2020 too wishful...?
  25. Very good article with interesting perspective, but could an unconscious bias still be creeping in ? Hypothetically, if the Panasonic S1H had originally been announced with these specs and price, with Canon announcing nothing, I'm guessing Panasonic would have gotten accolades and Canon still the punchbag. Perspective is a strange and fickle thing. I was so tempted by the Sigma FP but now want to see the Foveon version. Crazily, I am in a cold sweat for this MkIII, but yeah the price is beyond me.
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