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  1. Ouch, that sounds unfortunate. I’d focus on documenting exactly what’s going wrong so you can confidently say to Canon here’s the problem and I need you to fix it. From your description it’s not clear whether the problem’s with the R5 or the 800mm lens. I’d start by narrowing it down. Take a known good lens, EF mount if you still have one, and shoot a series at different apertures and focus distances; repeat with the same lens and a known good body, eg your 5D mk3. Chimp as you go and repeat anything that looks soft to make sure it’s a genuine problem, not user error. Next, shoot a
  2. I'll go further and say there should be a future for M4/3 but might not since Panasonic's backed themselves into a strategic corner. To start with, why should M4/3 hang around? Well, aside from the obvious benefits that it generally yields smaller and lighter camera kits —especially for telephoto—has sufficient image quality for both stills and video and is broadly supported, there’s two other distinct advantages. The first is, for any given sensor generation, a M4/3 sensor will read data off faster. This is where I think the traditional camera makers have gotten lost. Did the stunning ju
  3. Unless we see some signs of life from Panasonic on the m4/3 front soon, that's probably the right conclusion. It's been three years since their last substantially new m4/3 camera, the GH5S. Compare that against the four S series bodies and new lens line launched and the attention they've lavished on that mount. Here, for example, is a description of their promised future firmware update. What irritates me is there's no business case for the L mount, at least not for Panasonic. Assaulting Canon, Nikon, and Sony where they're strongest is simply foolish. To succeed, the S series cameras wo
  4. The idea for internal storage is to free up space in the camera -- for a larger battery, bigger heatsink, even a more powerful processor -- while pushing the need for any additional storage to the Thunderbolt ports, which can link to fast SSDs. How often would you record more than 512GBs in a session and not be using a rig and external monitor where you could easily slot whatever storage you need in?
  5. This is just a Wishlist, not even speculation what a potential GH6 might have. But if I were Panasonic -- which I'm not! -- I'd go bold: micro 4/3s is always going to have a perceived, though not necessarily actual, image quality deficit versus 135 and APS-C formats. So play up your strengths and use the cost savings from the cheaper sensor to bundle in better tech. For the body, pick up the refinements from the S series like that gorgeous 5.7m dot viewfinder, highres touchscreen, and 8 way joystick. Also sweat the details, for example, calibrating both the EVF and touchscreen from the fa
  6. One thing to note, we're not seeing the steady trickle of rumours from Panasonic you'd expect if the GH6 were imminent. All the 4/3 rumors post that kicked this thread back to life shared was that, yes, Sony's listed a new m4/3 sensor in their catalog. It's pure guesswork that's heading to a GH6. Where're the hints and teases you'd expect from the Panasonic side ('Breaking! the GH6 features [shiny new spec]!'?
  7. Would the IMX 492 even be suitable for the GH6? It’s got a max readout speed of 31fps, which wouldn’t be fast enough to adequately drive DFD autofocus. Perhaps it can readout faster at lower resolutions; for video, 6k, 4K, etc.; for stills, selective sub-sampling that’s higher than the viewfinder resolution, which is really all you need before capturing the frame.
  8. What in particular do you prefer about the Fujis over the Z6?
  9. It’s hardly inspiring that Panasonic seems to have lost interest in m4/3s and would prefer to focus on the L-mount. Those resources could all have been put towards the GH and G series and new or revamped lenses (even something as simple as refreshing all the primes to give them similar form factors and features). When a company seems to be putting its interests over its users, its fair for those users to wonder if they should stick around.
  10. Panasonic’s L mount push still seems quixotic to me. Canon, Nikon, and Sony users won’t move as the benefits aren’t sufficient to justify repurchasing their lens stable, and the AF’s second rate. And there’s no cross-comparability with m4/3, so what’s the incentive there? Strategically, I’d say going all in on m4/3 makes more sense. The smaller sensor has significant advantages, so long as they can capitalize on them: better IBIS, faster readout, deeper DOF, more compact body & lens packages, and, hey, less heat. Leave 135 format to the other three.
  11. Cliff, are you basing this on any firsthand knowledge? Or is it just speculation that, of all the companies in the industry, Sony Semiconductor refuses to sell PDAF sensors to Panasonic?
  12. I find the lack of credible rumours a bit disconcerting. I mean we’ve now seen the R5 and A7S III, know the Z6S’s coming, and there’s not even a whisper about a GH6? Not a great sign.
  13. However nice the cameras may be, I have no idea how Panasonic plans to make a success of this system. The most likely target market is high-end Nikon and Canon shooters, but they’re used to their respective brands, have a stable of lenses, and want autofocus that works. Micro 4/3 shooters moving up? Maybe a few, but there’s no interoperability between systems. They could just as easily move to R or Z mount, or even Fuji. That leaves video shooters, but are there enough to make this viable?
  14. So, anything on the GH6? NAB is April 18-22, are we going to see it then? Or Photokina in May? Though I think NAB‘a a much better audience for this camera, especially if Panasonic gives it all the bells and whistles. Also, with the E-M1.3 failing to deliver a new sensor, what are the odds Panasonic will come through with the rumoured ~40mp one?
  15. The iPhones actually take the first image before you press the shutter (i.e. they’re constantly buffering). Android phones might do the same, I don’t know.
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