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    I am a trial attorney, fly fishing for salmon, songwriting and performing, cinematography, recording, working to preserve the environment, and feeding the poor.
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    5DMK3 (Magic Lantern), BMPCC4K, BMPCC6K,

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  1. Greetings, Last September 2020 I received my Canon R5 from BH Photo along with a 800mm RF Lens. I did a little photography using my R5 with a EF 70-200mm IS and was never satisfied. Over Thanksgiving I shot with the 800mm and was shocked I couldn't get an infocused photo. I'd shoot auto or manual.... Raw or jpeg. Every photo was out of focus. I sent the camera back to Canon's Professional Service in Virginia and they sent it back saying they made slight adjustments. When I got it back it was worse. Close up shots are more in focus but shots in excess of 300 yards are worthless. I am very sad and upset. I've shot Canon's for over 35 years, most recently 5DMK3, My R5 photos are watered down (blurry) and totally out of focus. Does anyone have any thoughts? I recently have heard that a batch of these cameras have the same problem. Any one have any ideas what I should do. I live in remote Alaska without any camera shops... Thankyou, Joe Ray Ps: I included two perfectly focused photos. Open them 100% to see what I am talking about. Both were shot with a tripod.
  2. Andrew, After using my Canon R5 for several days here on the Kenai River, Alaska, I wish Canon would give us a different aspect ratio for the video, such as 2.39/1 or 2.40/1. This option was something I really enjoyed with my Canon 5DMK3 with Magic Lantern...
  3. Dear Andrew, I just received my Canon R5 today with the firmware at 1.0... I have been an avid user of Magic Lantern since 2012. Question: At this time, would you upload 1.1.1 firmware or reave it at 1.0 for the time being? I love your site and the knowledge I gain... Sincerely, Joe Ray Skrha
  4. Andrew, assuming this SSD works from the camera, what steps are necessary to download the SSD to your Mac Pro? How do you even connect to your computer?
  5. Andrew, I have been a follower since Magic Lantern days with the 5DMK3. I recently bought BMPCC 4K & 6K and now a Canon R5. I want to tell you how much I appreciate all your genuine concern and hard work in getting a fix for this camera. Though I am an attorney by day, I shoot a far amount of singer-songwriters-musicians in concert and limiting the use of the camera to 29.59 seconds is unworkable. Lets hope this limitation can be defeated also... Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to a R5 manual from you too. Peace, Joe Ray Skrha, Kenai, Alaska
  6. The BMPCC 4K & 6K have good audio inputs. I shoot and record separately. I shoot a lot of concerts and festivals and always carry a Sound Device 744H or MixPre3 and record off the board. This can be done the same way by running both Lav mics into the recorders directly while running a scratch audio off the cam. It will take 5 minutes to sync in FCPZ or Resolve with 24 bit 192 sampling audio for your final project... Hope this helps... Joe Ray Skrha
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