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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    i am not comparing i am just saying it lacks stab, that is my opinion of course you don't need it when using tripod, using slider, hmm it depends on the build quality, dolly same story, there are many that shake the camera and why comparing with red or expensive products ? comparing a 1500$ camera with some 15k$ others is a nonsense as the equipment are not the same and the way you work with it and the team around are not the same. for gimballs many prefer to use them with stabilized lenses or body in order to avoid jittering. this camera is the kind you want to use handheld sometimes, expecialy with the great af, having a stabilized lense would be such a great thing
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    The DJI Osmo Pocket has been a serious surprise to me. At first glance, this thing really looks like a consumer product…but honestly, it shares the image quality we have come to know and love of the higher end Mavic Pro’s! The field of view is just right…wide enough..but not fisheye like a GoPro. The D-Cinelike grades beautifully and 4K at 60fps is wonderful. Using the device with a mobile phone is really the best way to get all the features, but if you want to go light and small just use the tiny built in display! I was seriously surprised with how good the image was on the DJI Osmo Pocket…and for me, I would rather have one than a GoPro. Here is our official video review:
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    I have heard that Fuji's motion looks more cinematic then the BMP4K. Personally I can never really notice differences in motion cadence. The Black Magic rolling shutter is less, closer to a cinema camera. While the XT3's is still very respectable, better then the hybrid competition (other then the GH5). I agree with Django, this camera really is a killer. I think the BMP4K is just as much a killer though. RAW, Prores, 4k high speed for $1000, are you kidding me? Its high ISO performance is probably better then a lot of RED cameras or Arri. That said the continuous auto focus was what really sold me with the XT3. 10 bit, fuji color, excellent high speed, and amazing continuous auto focus. I don't think the XH2 is coming until 2020. I had sharpness on -4 here so its a good example of how organic or not organic the image is.
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    I would say that straight out of the camera the Fuji colour looks very nice, but not necessarily like film. You probably wouldn't mistake it for film, that's for sure. The BMPCC4k, from what I've seen, looks a little more filmic with vintage lenses, but both of these cameras are going to require some work in production and post production if you're trying to lose the video look entirely. I think there's also a bias in the kind of footage we've seen from both cameras. The Pocket seems to have been bought by more indie filmmaker types, while the Fuji seems to be in the hands of more photographers from what I can tell by going on YT and Vimeo. So I think the Pocket footage is appealing if you match that profile. A lot of the Fuji footage is badly shot, exposed and graded. The Fujifilm can also shoot stills, so it kind of depends if you need a hybrid or not. It also has good autofocus. Do a search for H1 footage, and you'll see more Fuji footage with a filmic treatment. https://vimeo.com/265565687
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    The Osmo is smoother and image looks a little better than the Hero7, but is it a waterproof crash cam? That's the main reason I use a GoPro in any production. Seems like a solution looking for a problem given the volume of action cams sold in the last 5 or 6 years. Plus a phone/action cam gimbal is cheaper and the Osmo IQ doesn't look any better than most current 4k phones. I guess if you don't have a GoPro or a phone and need stabilized video this makes sense, otherwise there are other options that don't require yet another device. Maybe I'm too cynical and just going into device overload now that I'm carrying the Sony's for stills/video, a gimbal for the a73, my iPhone XSmax, a Osmo phone gimbal, a GoPro, a 360 camera, and a Phantom 4 for productions depending on the needs of the day. Chris
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    I think it is your beta software, You have got this test between D750 and Z6 and surprisingly when you consider Dpreview lab test, the z6 is better than the D750. I don't doubt the test because the pink shadows is typical of the older Nikon camera and it has been better since the latest ones.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    That cage looks great. Thinking about getting the whole setup with a gimbal, side battery grip, follow focus, T5-mount etc... Waiting for BRAW as well and hope they can fix the red clipping issue as well. Moire and aliasing isn't a problem at all when using some diffusion.
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    Bmpcc 4k as a upgrade to my nx1

    The stills feature of the P4K is not intended for photography. It's intended as a quick way to capture the scence so that you can recreate the look for continuity when filming a production that stretches over several days. So characters will have the same hairstyles on day one of filming as they do on day two for example. This is why it captures in the same resolution as the video. You will be sadly disappointed should you believe this functionality means it is a hybrid camera.
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    Super 35 Conversion Help

    So Super35/the Arri Alexa (90% of movies you will have seen will be shot on those formats) have a crop factor of around 1.45 (I got this number wrong at first, updated my earlier post), unless they were shot anamorphic in which case we get into the story of horizontal crop factors and we get really freaky, which we will not do now. Your 1dX II has a crop of around 1.3, so the angle of view is WIDER. If you don't want to exceed 18mm angle of view when compared to s35, you'll have to put a tighter lens on your 1dx mark II. In your case the crop factor of a 1dX II when compared to super 35 would be around 0,9, so you wouldn't want to go wider than a 20mm roughly. However, to make your life easier: in real life a crop factor of 0,9x is is so incredibly, insignificantly small that it really doesn't matter, just go for the same lenses you would use on Super35 and you'll be fine.
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    grading is really important to have the film look. globaly to me the main weakness of fuji are the lenses, they are not stabilized, and that is quite a problem for video especialy when you have such a great af system. fuji need to upgrade their lenses if they want to make it big on the video market
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    Thanks Mirekti. Yes, I do have the IBIS on. It would be imposable to hold a 200mm steady handheld without it. Usually you can get away with wide angle lens and holding hand held but the longer the more shack will be introduced. It will be interesting to see what Panasonic does with next iteration of GH5 and GH5's. The IBIS is nice but wish I had a small shoulder rig or mono pod to get even smoother shots. I could have done warp stabilizer in post to help it out but wanted to see what it looked like without.
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    Pocket 4K Aperture Value Issues

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there aren't many topics on here about anything to do with RED because not many people on here own them. Oddly enough, I do though and have had an EPIC X for seven years and I'm not sure I follow when you say its got the same problem ? It reports those same Canon lenses just fine on its adapter and reflects the actual aperture values (rather than the 64 'send it and we'll let the lens work it out' routine) correctly for the same lenses, with no repeats. It also reports the aperture back correctly from the suitably equipped PL lenses I've got as well so its not an issue I have come across or can reproduce. The design of the product has an MFT mount integral to it though so it was obvious that they would use a selection of those lenses. What they shouldn't have done is say that those lenses are fully compatible because they patently aren't. That's got nothing to do with it being 'dirt cheap' or who they are selling it to. Anyhoo, for what it's worth, my Android remote app fixes the problem so that it will only send the values that each particular lens has a valid matching aperture for. So if a low rent whining prick like me can resolve it then hopefully the $400M corporation can do the same at some point.
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr18=daylight&attr13_0=fujifilm_xt3&attr13_1=sony_a7iii&attr13_2=apple_iphonex&attr13_3=apple_iphonex&attr15_0=jpeg&attr15_1=jpeg&attr15_2=jpeg&attr15_3=jpeg&attr16_0=12800&attr16_1=12800&attr16_2=32&attr16_3=32&normalization=full&widget=1&x=0.8544922414269147&y=0.15056123036628802 This is a great tool to use. In jpeg mode it gets you close to what video will look like.
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    Yep ! https://vimeo.com/299173698 If you want I can send the file on google drive.
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    Here is my second run and gun with the ProtoDNA. GH5 4k handheld with Bolex 8/19 1.5x with Zeiss Tevidon 100mm f2 with Rectilux ProtoDNA.
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    In the context of the original post I was responding to you can't make up the difference between and Alexa's DR and colour capture buy subsampling an 8k 'consumer grade' sensor.
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    As I say, they've recently updated it in the past few weeks to fix issues they had with Mojave so a lot of it will be related to those previous problems. I have not switched to Mojave so can't comment but I'm on High Sierra 10.13.5 and it works fine for me with the latest version installed. It even gives me a Touch Bar emulation at a cheaper price than upgrading my MBP With regard to price, it is a one off price for the regular version ($20-ish) and a subscription add on for the pro version which lets you use the iPad as a digitiser. I use it in a few different ways, depending on what I'm up to. In FCP-X I have the iPad Pro handling the interface and the MBP full screen as the picture monitor. For work, I will be editing pictures on the MBP and use the iPad Pro to view and control the FTP application so I can keep an eye on the transmission of the pictures to the agency without having to swap applications. As Duet works with any iOS device (and the one off payment covers you to use it on all the devices linked to your Apple account) then I tend to use an iPhone more than an iPad for that as it saves space and is an appropriate screen size for a smaller application. There are other similar products out there though so have a look around.
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    Oh that that where the only bug in that project. Have a look at Duet. I use mine with the Mountie clip system that attaches it to the side of the laptop screen but any old stand will do. They have recently fixed the issues they had with Mojave.
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    Hey, hey, seems do I need your medicine?! *sigh* oh boy, take a look but on your belly button ; ) That use of the verb 'to cry' is coming from where? From the substantive already used in my previous posting? Be creative for your own sake. What didn't I clarify? Are you actually able to read anything other than your insults addressed to the other side? Because of what? Don't worry, pal, I will never quote you again without asking permission, no worries, no need to freak out... LOL Need to pay attention who has actually written it... haha You go directly to be the only one in my ignore list so far, sorry, I won't even quote you this time or I can't get rid of you. Well, I won't repeat myself. You have several posts for the subject matter from my side, pick the part suits that. Not my problem you ask to clear up something the whole world already got except you, but the quote here can still do it for you as easy as:
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    It's actually a good point it not having 60p 4k. It hadn't occured to me that it didn't, so I was glad for the info. And its a z6 thread, not a z6 autofocus thread, so perfectly on topic.
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    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3d8pq66127r38xi/AABbzFN1L5amxx8Jy6bdt1ECa?dl=0 Here are some raw (4:1) files for you guys to play around with. As always please don't use these commercially.
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    Or the Pocket 4K... They are not FF anyways. Yes, you can match with them: DOF coupled to a focal reducer and/or fast glass; low light performance too from the new generation of sensors even without adapters. Not higher resolution acquisition à la Z7 though.
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    I've seen and enjoyed it actually. Pity they've forgotten to add 4K/60p. I had bought 1 camera unit at least : -)
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    Disagree. I love to crop/re-frame videos in post a lot. I almost always export in 1080p, but having 4k is very handy. Although I don't *need* 8k, it would be a helpful addition.
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    There really is no reason for 8k for 99% of us even if you're editing in 4k or 1080p. Most cameras already are downscaling down to 4k. I've never felt like I've needed more detail when working with 4k. If anything there have been times when I felt like there was too much detail that it looked too sharp.
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    My Macbook fighted with h264 4K25p 100mbps 8 bit files OK. It's on its knees with h265 4K50p 10 bit files. 8K it's the last thing I need from a camera for the next ten years!
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    Unfortunately the Moore law and hard drive technology are not developing as fast as the sensors. I can't even imagine the hurdle to edit 8k video in h265 and/or store it in raw. Proxy can help for editing but not much for storage. The latest high end CPUs are just expensive rebranded server processors. Most NLE don't use all these cores and Intel keeps postponing the 10nm architecture because they can't manage it. In terms of hard drive technology, the first HAMR and MAMR drives should be available next years with increased capacity but the prices should hurt because of the production cost. Right now I'm very happy with 4k and I prefer to focus in HFR, HDR and 10-12 bits codecs. I'm no against 8k but computer are not ready for this yet.
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Great work Sage! I have been using you're luts the last couple of weeks, and it just works perfectly. Im currently shooting on a gh5 with atomos ninja V Here are some stills. The video can be seen here
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    Well, I didn’t expect it, but at least you got the sarcasm. Go troll somewhere else. Like, wth does your 60p got to do with autofocus? Loser.
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    U mad bro? Hahahaha oh my god too funny You quoted my honest post to the thread which was about autofocus and wrote something completely unrelated together with your usual shitty smileys. In what way was your message meant to be constructive? Address? Seriously? Hahahaha Get a life.
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    @Emanuel don’t bother answering to this guy. Could have been funny, but he is so retarded it’s actually sad.
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