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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3d8pq66127r38xi/AABbzFN1L5amxx8Jy6bdt1ECa?dl=0 Here are some raw (4:1) files for you guys to play around with. As always please don't use these commercially.
  2. Dji is supposed to release a focus motor that will allow the Ronin-s to focus virtually any camera.
  3. Yes it can. Look at any modern computer, usually the proccessor's heat sync is connected by small copper pipes filled with gas to the heat block and on modern computers this can be up to a foot or more away (although usually it's less than a few inches). This property is what allows laptops to be so thin. They could easily use an external heat sync and put a water tight seal around the pipes going to it.
  4. ...I'm guessing the sensor itself is sealed in the front with the mount. The heatsync for the sensor is what is exposed. If it was sealed correctly and used an all weather fan they could have potentially made it "wheather sealed," but I'm sure they're using the fan for more than just the sensor heatsync in this case.
  5. Nah, Apple tried that and everyone hated them for it. I think this is the smarter approach when it comes to creating a standard.
  6. There's already a feature request for BRAW ? https://adobe-video.uservoice.com/forums/911233-premiere-pro/suggestions/35405632-support-blackmagic-raw
  7. It's the most they've had on that website for any current feature request. Here's the link: https://adobe-video.uservoice.com/forums/911233-premiere-pro/suggestions/33864517-support-for-prores-raw?tracking_code=f1fd9a4ffb3ab15db819b004dfd11282 Correction: There are currently 676 votes Not the greatest. I know they just announced a fall update that resolves a few color management problems they've had for quite some time, but I also know a lot of people (Myself included) have switched over to Davinci Resolve because of adobe's slow update schedule and instability. Blackmagic seems to implement new features faster than adobe can fix their old ones.
  8. Actually if you watch the announcement video of prores raw by Atomos, the CEO briefly mentions that Apple has restricted prores raw for the first 6 months. The reason we have access to prores raw on so many cameras right now is because the Atomos Inferno supports it. Apple and Atomos released prores raw together. I know there's been a feature request since the beginning to get support in premiere, and it currently has over 700 votes. Yet Adobe has had no word on an update, and seeing that it's been 5 months... Well RED Raw is only available on red cameras so.... Blackmagic raw has the potential to be way more widespread
  9. I hope so. I've been waiting since the beginning for Prores Raw to be supported on any windows based NLE and Apple has been purposefully holding back. Apple deserves what is coming to them.
  10. ...a 10mm lens with the 4x crop and a XL speed booster would come out to about 24mm (1.9 base crop multiplied by .64 by the speed booster multiplied by 10 for.the lens and multiplied by 2 for the 120fps crop.)
  11. Yeah, that stinks. Maybe we'll get prores raw at least. It's no DNG, but it's pretty close
  12. Doesn't the odyssey record to dual ssds?
  13. I'm gonna take a guess and say it can only do 4k60p DNG at 3:1. Not even the atomos inferno can do 4k 60p to DNG
  14. Agreed. Though I really like the "mag" approach, it takes up less space and looks like it has the potential to be a more solid connection. Plus it reminds me of RED ?
  15. Not sure if you guys had seen this yet. I think I'll end up going this route https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1992653517699491&id=218039178657651
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