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    Hey guys, I mentioned this in another thread and thought it was worth it's own. I'll be at NAB this year for 2 days, Monday and Tuesday. I've been there a few times before and I generally find myself walking around like a schmuk hypnotized be all the flashing lights. If you guys have some companies or products you'd like some inside info on, it'd be a win/win because it'd give me some purpose. So by all means, if there's something you'd like to see, or some specific questions you'd like answered, please add them to the comments below. Most of the big bloggers do a great job with all the major announcements, so I imagine you'll get enough info about the big stuff. But what about some of the smaller companies who have some pretty sweet announcements but may go unnoticed? Or if you have a good question about a major announcement that has gone unasked by the main bloggers, let me know. It's not uncommon to even see the CEO's standing around. I can get answers straight from the horse's mouth so to speak. Keep in mind that I would really appreciate specific questions. I'm not kidding when I say I easily get distracted and forget to ask even the basic stuff. So the more specific the better. Also, I probably won't have time to do a bunch of editing, but I can definitely take some photos or even shoot a quick video of something if you need that. I'll be checking in periodically Monday and Tuesday, so if something comes up Monday, let me know and I can do some recon for you on Tuesday. I'm happy to do it. Below are the requests or on the agenda so far: Kinefinity Aputure Lilliput SmallHD 360 cameras DJI - X5R? Blackmagic Probably some more that I can't think of right now. But anyway, let me know. Added: Edelkrone - new products/quality? Letus - Helix Zoom Atamos - HDR, flame Tascam - new product? Yuneec - new drones Sardonic - booth C12042 360/VR/3D - 1 cam vs multirig, Nokia OZO Lytro - size, price, storage, power
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    Stick to Nikon ai-s - lovely lenses. Here's some useful links, that really helped me out when choosing which lenses to buy (the first link has spot on evaluations, the second is just serial numbers/dates): http://www.naturfotograf.com/lens_surv.html#rating http://www.photosynthesis.co.nz/nikon/serialno.html#35
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    Kinefinity: I understand why you are adding ProRes, but why did you drop cineform? It is the codec that I prefer.
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    This was mine dilemma as well, but I ended up with GH4, because I really needed a better camera performance for a project than my t3i's. We'll see what the GH5 can do, but to be honest, the GH4 performance is solid, the 100/200mbit codec is great, the 4K's nice, anamorphic shooting is now a thing, the battery last long enough and there is no overheating. Yep, there are downsides as well, but you'll always have to sacrifice some specs. So far, so good, I'm hyped for the GH5, but I'm really fine with the GH4's performance.
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    Andrew, there is some Glitch wrt to Uploading Pics from a Smartphone. I had to use a laptop, just to be able to Upload this Pic. Anyway, I don't know why people continue to create confusion, when everything is outlined so clearly. Please read and watch everything, and stop misinterpreting things. And, thanks ntblowz
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    I did love it, and still do. Last year I started using the C100ii for convenience. It's light and has all the video features I use. After awhile I got tired of the weak codec compared to ProRes or RAW files. I sold it and picked up the FS700 + Odyssey combo which I absolutely loved. I shot a few jobs with it and I realized that when going handheld it was just too heavy/bulky (with the O7Q). I tested out the Ursa Mini 4.6K and loved it. It was small and pretty lightweight with a great onboard monitor. ProRes, Raw, great DR. Time will tell how I like it. Haha.
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    Interstellar and The Dark Knight Rises are two obvious modern examples....there have been many over the years where 'traditional' scope formats have been intercut with Imax material , or simply for use as a creative device in the narrative. To minimise Aspect 'jump' - many home video transfers slowly expand the black bars out to reveal a 'taller' (often center cropped) aspect. (for when film is conformed for 16:9 being fullest image area to showcase letterboxed and 'square' Imax or 4:3 archieval format material You'd probably be able to outfit that Inspire 1 with a small focus-through 1.5x or 1.33x anamorphic, and get some pretty good results...if I had a drone, it would be the first thing I'd do
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    Otto K

    Petition for Samsung NX1 hack

    For people hoping that NX500 and NX1 have the same hardware, bad news, documented here https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500_nx1_modding/blob/master/doc/NX1_NX500_hw_differences.md TLDR - NX1 has more ove everything.
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    Pavel Mašek

    Exploring "ST" command

    Any idea what can be "nrmenable 0 - 1 (0:off/1:on)"? Noise reduction in movie mode? :-)
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    On the other side you can t push a7s footage that far without having artifacts.(and I m not talking about greenscreen work). You tend to get a lot of red color noise in the shadow with a a7s when you push a bit , and even neat video have trouble getting ride of it I just sold mine to get the Terra , even with a shogun ,8 bits is still 8 bits, and the colors, even if better than a GH4, are still far from any recent cinema camera (I m a VFX artist/colourist btw). I m not saying that the terra will be mind blowing as there is no footage out yet , but from what I saw the kinefinity colors science is definitely not con/pro-sumer grade .
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    Nikkor, I own the Mir 24n 35mm. It's an excellent lens for video, very creamy look and long smooth focus ring. Also like Bioskop.Inc states it focuses so close it is practically a macro. If your looking for something in the Zeiss league you should look into the voigtlander lenses, I own the the 28mm, 40mm, and 90mm and they are all very sharp with great colors and rendering and small. I have a D750, i'll throw up a Mir 24n test with in up in the next couple of days.
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    @jgharding would have raised so much money he'd be able to bribe the head of business planning of Arri to sell him one.
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    Canon 18-80mm f4

    https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/products/details/lenses/cinema/compact-servo/compact-servo-18-80mm-t4-4-ef Thoughts?
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    Flolight Bladelight

    Has anyone else here had experience with Flolight's Bladelight? I have spent some time with it during a couple shoots now and been quite impressed. Color rendering is good and form factor is pretty unique. The flat panels have their place I suppose, but, after purchasing several a few years ago, have rarely actually used them. They seem like the type of thing I most often see used atop a camera hotshoe from the guys who bring their cameras to document NAB I wrote up a fairly long review of sorts here if you're interested in the Bladelight. A field-power option would be nice, but, at least the one I have, is only AC power.
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    Canon 18-80mm f4

    Seems cool if you need a workhorse servo zoom for your C100(ii)/C300(ii), but probably not of interest to a lot of us.
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    Please invade the Canon booth in full SWAT gear and demand a 5d mark IV release.
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    Who needs a prototype. it's a c100mk2 without recording or monitoring. They've told us that. We know the size. Logic tells us everything we need to know.
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    Mattias Burling

    So who uses noise reduction?

    Thats why I said "might", but your right. My apology
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    That is 2700dpi on a panel that size dude. Why would you need more?
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    They do have "sports mode" which massively reduces rolling shutter. Also the new 5K sensor will have a global shutter
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    Cheers, good luck with the trip! Looking forward to seeing what the Terra is all about.
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    For me, the power features ruin the potential of this product. Doesn't make sense to have a micro type product, which you have to put on a rig to power up. Might as well have one of the larger ones off a different brand for less money.
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    This video cites several films which switch (or otherwise play with) aspect ratios.
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    Don't confuse mega Pixels with mega Dots (R, G and B sub pixels). This screen has 5 Mdots or 1,66 Mpixels and the Leica has 4,4 Mdots or 1,46 Mpixels effective resolution!
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    Sony a6300 vs Panasonic gh4

    If you want to shoot moving things outside (in the heat) then I wouldn't recommend a6300. GH4 is the most versatile 4K shooter with options, but as others have said G7 may also fill your needs and costs even less. I'm also waiting to see what GH5 has instore.
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    Not saying that it will over take normal film making, but I think it'll help you get extra jobs over someone else if you know how to edit or shoot VR. It's getting pretty competitive out there and utilizing new tech helps to give an advantage. With that being said, if it's not something you enjoy then it's not worth it. No reason to get into new tech if it's something you'll hate doing every week.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions guys and please keep them coming. The busier you keep me the better my NAB trip will be. For the VR/360/3D interest, I must confess I know very little about this. BUT I am very stoked to learn more, so I will be looking into this for sure. From this thread I have some ideas of what to look for, but the more help I can get from you the better. Companies, products, and questions. @Oliver Daniel posted some great questions on another thread recently. Do check that out to see how its done. I think I've added all of your suggestions to my OP, but check it out to make sure I haven't missed anything.
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    I'd argue against and say, avoid VR and VFX artists like the plague. Those sticking to their guns and insisting on pushing the envelope with true cinematography will find themselves sitting in a niche when others have all jumped on this technology bandwagon just like they did with 3D. I think most worthwhile film makers who fell foul to the 3D fad 3-4 years ago probably feel deeply embarrassed by that point in their career.
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    Sony a6300 vs Panasonic gh4

    You know exactly what I'm trying to say, come on now. What if I told you that in my opinion the Mazda CX-3 is the car to get rather than the McLaren 675LT Spider? Is it really a fact that the McLaren is the actual better car? Doesn't it depend on your own personal criteria of what makes a great car? So the 675LT Spider goes faster, well the Mazda has the better mileage, etc. How's it different when you talk cameras? You might have different criteria, hence different opinions. Non of the opinions are good as facts (albeit some opinions might be more reasonable than others) unless you make your conclusions quantifiable and post proof comparing results. He didn't present a fact, he even said it's his opinion... twice for crying out loud (based on his personal critera). He doesn't have to provide proof as he claimed it's his opinion. Just let the man have his opinion, already. Geez. If you want to go against it... sure. Ask him about his actual criteria. Then you can come up with measurable results and compare it, proving you're right. But even then there's a question of taste. How do you quantify something that 'looks good' to you? That's different from one person to the next. Not sure why you need everyone with the same opinion here. It's a forum. I value people that share their experience and opinions.
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    I see they have another YT-channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTfbWPH2Mb0uV3WfjGcYLMg (via their EU Support page). With e.g. So I take it you have both the GH3 and GH4? Then I would just swap out the GH3 for one GX80/85. The 5-axis B.I.S. or Dual IS even is worth some of the trade-offs, but you wouldn't want to lose the options the GH4 provides... so keep that one around a little longer until the GH5 arrives. Yeah, that has got to be a sick camera! It has to surpass the GH4, GX85, BMMCC and A6300, so on the one hand I like they're taking their time, hopefully it will be all we need it to be and more. Definitly worth to wait and see what it will be about. I'm probably going to sell off my D5300 and get the GX80 instead, but it will be rough losing the 24MP APS-C option for stills, especially the Nikon color and organic rendering too. Still though, in-body stabilization is a great tool, but a different one than a gimbal stabilizer is. So, I think getting it to work or getting a replacement is still the better option than calling it quits. Unless you just wanted steady footage, rather than adding fluid motion to shots... but you're right, the GX80 looks rather compelling, but I thought the same about the A6300 at first... and finally didn't end up getting that one either. Time will tell. Anyways. Good luck!
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    Thanks! I balanced it watching a video from Cheesycam with H1 and another one from Pilotfly. It's supposed to be a 2-minute balance so I don't think that's the problem. Hopefully I can get it sorted with the update today. If not then it's probably a faulty unit and I have to send it back. I think they buy the 32 bit boards from Basecam Electronics who also makes the software. They don't have IOS app either, only Android. I agree that's very weird they don't support Apple products. I actually considered sending it back, selling my GH3/GH4 and getting 2 GX85. The image in 4K is probably better, but I'm not sure it's worth loosing Cine profiles, slow motion, vari-angle screen, batterylife, etc. I haven't seen any info on the crop either. As I said earlier I think the GH5 is gonna rock, so it's probably best to wait another 6 months!
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    PS - It is more than feasible for a company like BM to see the surge in demand for 360 video and create a fully integrated 1 camera, multi sensor system... For example, if you build a rig with 6 micros... it is a bit cumbersome... If BM themselves did it, there could be one central SD area rather than 6... Maybe 2 larger power units rather than 6... Possibly even one super fast processor instead of 6. With a system built from the ground up for 360 video, you could create space for better cooling, better sync, realtime stitching etc. So a clever company could make a 1 camera system that works like a 6 camera system... but fully integrated and thought out.... Hell, they might even save money on the overall cost. This is what I expect to see at NAB, if not this year.. then next.
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    Geoff CB

    Nx1: 16-235 vs 0-255

    Just purchased the Pro version of Resolve from a fellow board member. Haven't heard how it handles the NX1 files, we'll see if it works better with 0-255.
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    If you've shot with the Pocket (we use a couple) then you've got it rigged for your uses (we have one in a cage and rails and one moves around.) Both have MBSBs and we pull maunal focus. That's how you use these cameras. They have shi*&y little buttons and a horrible screen and no variable frame rate beyond 30. So if you love the look and codecs - which is why we all love using them - then you work with the limitations. So logically, especially after refining their camera/feature chops wih the new Ursa Mini, EVF and Video Assist, if they built a Pocket II with a VA level screen, a bit more mature interface and (of course ideally) a super 16 crop version of the new 4.6 sensor - you've got the camera of the year for this market. It doesn't have to be fieature rich for people who already shoot wih their cameras...like you would with film cameras. They just need to mature it with the tech and functionality they've come along with. I think we'll see something like this at NAB.
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    SLR Magic, please! See if you can pin them down on a release date for the rest of their PL APO prime set.
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    Edelkrone? Just to get a feel for their products, they look excellent but get mixed reviews. They have 5 new products to unveil as well.
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    I use the Mir-24 (35mm f2) a lot for video work & it is good - probably the best Russain lens that i've used (I just use Russain lenses or Nikon ai-s). It comes in Nikon or M42 mount (i've got the M42 version) - the different mounts have different bodies & the Nikon version apparently has more/better MC. However, I don't really think that its in the same league as a Leica, but then what lens is - it is as good/better than the Nikon 35mm f2. Very good lens, focuses very close (almost macro) & cheap for the Nikon mount version - quality control with Russain lenses can vary.
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    I just ended up selling my (unused) Beholder DS1 on Ebay. After joining the Beholder Facebook group, I realised that all the necessary tweaking wasn't for me due to lack of time and it is also one more thing to carry around. I think I'll rely on my E-M5II (and maybe the new Gx80) for stabilisation for now and look at the DJI Osmo if I need something for more dynamic movement.
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    Sorry to hear that! That kinda blows! I do believe Dave had the same issue and only managed to get it right after they showed him exactly how to balance the camera. But I take it, you've already got that down. I hope firmware can fix it! I hope, because the shipment had to come all the way from across the world, that nothing happened during transport leading to this outcome. Either way... it sucks. Atleast I guess I'm glad they're responding promptly, although, it should've just worked with a Mac, I take it that's roughly what 70% of the people getting these are using (PC myself though)? I hope you can work it out and able to start playing around with it soon. Fingers crossed!
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    The Alexa 65 is rental only
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    But i thought "black magic" & "wait" were almost equivalent for new products. You should have your Alexa by now
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    Obviously too heavy, but it should meet your CA and sharpness requirements: Sigma 18-35 with both a dumb adapter and focal reducing adapter. On a BMPCC that gives you a range of 32-106mm f1.0-1.8. If you're on m43, pretty hard to beat. The hyperprimes from slrmagic are also awesome, but much pricier and their housing differs from lens to lens. The art zoom is a rig up once affair that can be get any shot wide to portrait. I'm in love with this lens. And after renting a Zeiss Otus set in EF, I'm still convinced the Sigma is an amazing choice.
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    Oh, wait a minute, I'm getting something through... I see... a shape... it's in the sky... no wait... it belongs on the sky but isn't... it's a STAR... Let me get a clearer picture... "Please insert another 50 ct" <inserts coin> Ah yes! The star isn't in the sky... it's on a tile on the floor... I think it must be the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Zach, as this is happening in the future, this must mean that you... you... I see you playing tourist in LA. Get some napkins too. You're gonna spill some icecream on the Walk. Zoltar thanks you and wishes you a prosperous future!
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    What is the camera that these are going to be used on? Also how large aperture do you want? If you only care about MF then Zeiss milvus (21,35,50,85) will best fit your criteria. These will also keep their value and probably you won't have to buy these focal lengths again.. Otherwise Sigma ART can give you very very good quality, bright & AF (but no 85mm yet). If your mount is Sony FE , then the new sigma adapter can give very nice AF.
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    I see... yes... something's going to happen in the future...
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    Mattias Burling

    So who uses noise reduction?

    Please feel free to point out the part in my post where I was unclear about messing with you. You said for Youtube its fine but "High End" needed NR. I then said that I didnt use NR for TV either. Meaning, no its not only on youtube that NR isnt used. You then quickly pointed out that it wasnt High End. It just sounded funny to me thats all. We all know that there are many shows, commercials, events and movies on TV that are way way more "High End" than many Hollywood films. And we all know that there is also simple things like news. So that you felth the need to point that out was funny And the whole NR for "High End" still sounds weird to me. Can you give a few examples of what is "High End". I took GT as an example. No I havent worked there. Dont even watch it, think it sucks. But I have worked on productions with more money involved and way way more viewers. But it wasnt high end and we didnt use Noise Reduction Why you feel the need to tell me about lights being taken out is also wierd. Thats photography 1:1. I think, you wrote a post that made you sound a bit elitist and instead of writing "that came out wrong" you kept going. But thats just my theory
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    I don't agree with the people saying Fuji's colour is anything less than stunning. In video mode the XPro 2 can compete with all of the below cameras for resolution and detail in 1080p, whilst giving far more pleasing colour and variation in tone out of the box. All shot on standard profiles. The others look like they have a veil over them. If it looks too dark or crushed then it's your monitor that needs adjusting not the Fujifilm film simulation. Also for stills I'd rather use the XPro 2 than any of the above. It's far more Leica-like and enjoyable during a shoot.
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    So who uses noise reduction?

    Stop shooting with ISO 6500 on a t2i and you won't need noise reduction. ?
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