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    Hey guys, late last year I bought a P6K to work alongside the Alexa I normally shoot with. The goal was to have smaller, lighter camera that would live on a gimbal or could be used in situations where a full size Alexa wouldn't work. Knowing that both cameras would need to intercut seamlessly, I set about profiling the P6K using the same process I had previously used to profile the Alexa sensor and various negative film stocks. This process generates approximately 14,000 data points per camera. I then took the visual form of this data into Resolve and created a PowerGrade that accurately matches the P6K to the Alexa. After several requests, I've now packaged up the PowerGrade and added it to my store. You can check it out here: https://juanmelara.com.au/products/bmpcc-6k-to-alexa-powergrade-and-luts The PowerGrade At the heart of a PowerGrade is a custom 3x3 matrix that aligns the P6K's colours with the Alexa's. Because this is done through a matrix in linear space, the result is actually closer to a technical transform. The benefits this brings over a LUT is that it's non destructive, there's no danger of clipping or clamping data. And if you really wanted to, you could fully reverse the transform with zero loss in quality. This is because it doesn't break Resolve's 32bit float space like LUTs do. Probably one of the best features of a PowerGrade is that is fully editable and customisable. But since editing a 3x3 matrix isn't the easiest thing in the world, I've also included a Hue vs Hue/Hue vs Sat curve approximation of the matrix which is far easier to customise. And because it's a PowerGrade you can see exactly what is being done by each node, which means that I'm not able to hide snake oil like you can with a LUT. The LUTs Speaking of LUTs, knowing that a lot of people actually prefer to work with LUTs, I also created a LUT version. It's the exact same transform but in LUT form. One of the biggest limitations with most LUTs is that they clip any information that exceeds the top of the waveform, so basically any value above 1.0. This is a big issue with BMPCC footage as enabling Highlight Recovery or working with any ISO above 400 pushes valuable information above 1.0, where it is permanently clipped. With this BMPCC specific requirement in mind, I developed the LUTs to accept and work with values exceeding 1.0. So no matter if you enable Highlight Recovery or push the ISO to 6400, the LUT is able access and process all the information extending above 1.0. Anyway, check it out and let me know if you have any questions or comments. I'm keen to get feedback from any users to see what can be improved or expanded on. Comparisons Here are a few comparison images shot with the P6K mounted on the Alexa's top handle. The Alexa was using a Zeiss Milvus 35mm, the P6K was using a Zeiss Milvus 25mm, then cropped in post to match the FOV. The Alexa images are untouched, the P6K images feature minor exposure adjustments only. Check the store link for more images.
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    I hear there is a new virus coming from cameras, the first camera to human transmission has happened already with Red users. They say the species of camera which originally spread the virus is the GFX 100 so if you come across one of those at Map Camera you better let them know you have come to take it away. Don't forget to go in wearing a biohazard suit. Wild camera markets should all be banned and any remaining Iscoramas sent to me so I can disinfect them safely. There is a very small chance the virus may mutate into something even more serious which literally makes Blackmagic users brains go invisible. To stop that happening and to avoid a worldwide blackmagic plague, Grant Petty must immediately put an EVF, IBIS, autofocus and E-mount on a 6K Pocket camera, and hand it out for free to EOSHD users. The WHO agrees that is the only solution.
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    Fuji X-T4

    ^Agreed. Most of my clients don't have a clue what I'm shooting with. Could I get by with a 5D3? Probably, most of my deliveries are still in FHD. New gear can be inspiring though and the features they bring are useful to me as a DP. XT2/XH1 has a 0.2x crop when shooting 4K. So you're really at 1.7x instead of true 1.5x APS-C/Super35 like XT3/XT4 has. Again, no client would ever notice that but it does make a difference when composing. I personally skipped XH1/XT3 coming from an XT2 but will probably pick up an XT4. I just love those dials, overall IQ and lack of OLPF on X-Trans sensors.
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    Subtly brilliant. Seems to work with my Mate 30 Pro. The file that comes out of it is quite incredible really. Definitely cinematic.
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    P6K to ARRI Alexa - Resolve PowerGrade

    Nice work!
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    Magic Lantern Raw Video

    hope i can also contribute to how awesome the eos m in 2.5K 3x crop is "Wissenschaftshafen" ML RAW 12bit recorded at 2520 x 1054 in 3x Crop Mode upscaled to 4096 x 1716 23,976 fps export in MLV App with fixed dots etc. edit in Davinci Resolve grade in Davinci Resolve and FilmConvert Nitrate Film Stock Fuji Velvia 100
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    Probably mentioned before, but just to put it here - the off the shelf 108MP HMX does not actually capture 8K, it's tops at 6K and Xiaomi upscales it to 8K. Only Samsung's own version shoots 8K, with a heavy crop.
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    Fuji X-T4

    I fully agree, for all of us who are working professionals means we need to think about the business perspective of any purchase. When I buy a Panasonic G85 later this year it will be purely a hobby expenditure, just like buying a set of golf clubs would be, thus the price / benefit / ROI doesn't matter. So long as I like and enjoy it, plus I can afford it. While if I buy some $5 pouches to protect my "G3 IEMs" which I hand out to the director/scripty/clients/producer/etc then those are clearly a business purchase for me, and I can easily see a positive ROI from them thanks to their low low cost and the protection and professionalism they'll provide my "G3 IEMs". Thus I purchased these instantly when I first read about them yesterday. But if I buy a new Lectrosonics SRC, then maaaaybe I can convince (fool?) myself there is a positive ROI somewhere in the loooong term from owning a fourth Lectrosonics SR While if I was to buy an Aaton Cantar X3 recorder full kit (with Cantaress / Hydra / etc) then I know my ROI is going to negative on that! That isn't a smart business decision. I'd lose less money buying that set of golf clubs instead. Now to bring it back to the wedding business, and to stop talking about the sound department, did you get any more clients due to filming with a X-T3 instead of an X-H1? Did any of those clients you did get, did they pay you more because you had a X-T3? Did the X-T3 save you time? (remember, time = money) I'm going to take a wild guess and say the answer to all those question is a no. In fact, just maaaaybe the X-H1 is a superior camera for weddings than a X-T3? As due to the huge amount of footage taken, often 8bit is preferred over 10bit (thus the X-T3's big advantage is negated), and due to the nimble handheld nature of shooting weddings the IBIS exclusive to the X-H1 shines through as a big strength of the X-H1. Perhaps you could have gone all of 2019 without buying any cameras at all?? Or maybe only a very small purchase. For instance, hypothetically speaking if you just had only 2x X-H1 but already have a spare Ninja V lying around then there could be a good positive ROI from getting the cheap X-T200 (or X-T30) when they were announced. As the Ninja V unlocks unlimited record times, and a third camera would add a real tangible benefit at a low low cost as a locked off wide to save you in the edit when both the A & B cam gets compromised during a wedding (sometimes just due to bad luck, someone walks across one camera, and from the other camera angle the bride is looking ugly in that moment). Or just simply to improve the edit! To spice it up by cutting to another angle now and then.
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    Yep, my Oneplus 6 blows away any iPhone when it comes to cinematic looking video. It's quite insane what the ability to turn off sharpening entirely can do.
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    Or Panasonic, who make some of the very best fancy multi function toilets. Panasonic - Great for IBIS, Great for IBS. Have that Saatchi & Saatchi !
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    This was a nice moment at IBC 2019. Hopefully John can come back and tell us about the Olympus! He's much missed here.
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    First Music Video

    This forum is always such a great source of information and insight so I decided to sign up because I finally get a chance to share this super low budget music video I made. I'm friendly with the band and they didn't have any money really, I did it partly as a favor to them. I had never done a music video before so I also saw it as a creative opportunity to see how far I could stretch things. And after several locations fell through it seemed like all I was going to have to work with was the bands (very small) basement/practice space for the span of about 9 hours. Set up took about 2 hours. Shot for around 6 (with one of the three members having to leave for an hour in the middle for personal reasons). Used about 60 dollars worth of black fabric to try and black out the walls of the basement. The band bought the masks and fake money for almost nothing on Amazon. Everything else I already owned from doing weddings and short films. I shot everything with a gh5-sigma 18-35 combo. Had one big light with a soft box for the main source and two small leds backlighting . Edited it myself in less than 2 weeks to meet the deadline of their album release. Hope people enjoy, I love feedback! …and for those of you that can't enjoy some goofy political satire, you've been warned lol
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    The YouTube comment section is trash. It’s either filled with brown nosing drivel or toxic troll turds. There is almost nothing in between that spectrum. I would be tempted to just disable comments on any video I put on YouTube, but then it kills your discoverability because apparently Youutbe things important things are happing in the comment section 😒 But then again, maybe that is a hidden feature...🤔
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    Fuji X-T4

    4k 60p can now be shot in DCI 4K at 400mbps vs previously only ultra HD at 200mbps
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    OnePlus 7T or the newer Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro I'd rather buy not only because DxOMARK has rated it as the best smartphone camera system ever released. It won't break your bank account either as seems Samsung and Apple counterparts intend to in every single yearly launch.
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    Fuji X-T4

    Here it is. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iX8rilmgVJwsmYQKF145o3Cu8HJ8A0sR/view Well, so much for the anamorphic mode...
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    How long before we get 8K RAW on a smartphone? Here is 7.2K RAW on the Mate 30 Pro (still DNG of course) Sensor quality gap is narrowing to enthusiast interchangeable lens cam Although something is wrong with how Adobe Camera Raw interprets colour
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    Dang, what are the chances that iPhone gets this feature as well?
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    The problem is not really the Android version, but how much of the Camera 2 API the manufacturer exposes. Just bought a Galaxy S9, and 4k60 is not available because of Samsung's implementation of the API. They found a way to circunvent it in the Exynos versions, but in the Snapdragon ones (like mine) is not possible. Every manufacturer have some kind of issues in its implementation. Better look at the Filmic's Pro blog, and in forums about Filmic Pro to know how it works with each phone. Or, if you live in a country that have return policies, get the phone and try.
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    Same guy at the Japan Times https://www.japantimes.co.jp/author/takashi-mochizuki/ Maybe it is indeed a load of old amateur DRAMatics
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    excellent article, scientists data is always welcomed to show some lights in any topic.
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    Not to mention MapCamera having to issue a profit warning if my trip next week gets cancelled.
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    1 Shot Car Chase Scene

    Car chases are always exciting, but this scene just looks rediculous. Huge props to the camera team, but have been a highly stressful situation for the guy in the passenger seat.
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    Camera owning plans 2020

    In addition to my Sony A7III and a BMPCC4k I plan to add an Olympus EM1 Mk 3 to my kit.
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    Here's an informative interview about viruses that move from animals to humans and how scientists track down their origin https://www.wnyc.org/story/new-coronavirus-wont-be-the-last-outbreak-to-move-from-animal-to-human
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    i dunno. Seems like its hard work to get people involved in anything. We had the $200 camera challenge, kyes, soviet lens challenge. Neither of them got a lot of traction considering the population of eoshd. Recently mr reid's even suggested a cooke lens hunt which sounds intriguing but finances for me are bit constrained at the moment. long time ago i learned, you can lead a horse to water but that don't mean the horse is necessarily going to have a drink ! I quite liked the challenges aspect tended to push me into doing things i probably wouldn't have tried otherwise. Not that the results were spectacular but the point being i had a go. Might be time for another "challenge" perhaps if we bash away at something long enough maybe someone else will jump in and have a go as well.
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    It's real : ) Look for Camera2 API instead to begin with, rather than anything else : -)
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    tell me about it. Have to do everything manually too many customers. 😄
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    Fuji X-T4

    In the comments the mod confirms a number of times it is 240fps at 1080p. Sweet.
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    Brian Williams

    Fuji X-T4

    Seems digital stabilization is coming along with the IBIS, as well as 240fps https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-t4-coming-with-digital-image-stabilization-that-works-in-conjuction-with-ois-ibis-x-processor-4-and-240-fps/
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    short short extreme sports video 4k50p F-Log with fujinon 50-140mm f2.8 ois
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    Yes I absolutely do hold a grudge after my Pocket 6K debacle and being treated like an idiot by Patrick Hussey at IBC. My support of Blackmagic ended there and then. It's over. You can point out all the wonderful unique features to me until you are blue in the face mate. It doesn't change anything. They have lost a customer in me and someone who was there right from the first camera. Perhaps you can get back on topic and re-read the original post in this thread which actually has nothing to do with SSD recording or mini XLRs... It's about people. About the staff who have been mistreated. For me this is an ethical problem, going far beyond whether an LCD is visible in daylight or not.
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Within the week; I'm finishing the last details and trying to figure out email. Email is a logistical nightmare
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    So having shot with the bmpcc4k now for most of 2019 figured I'd share a finished video if anyone is thinking about doing wedding work with one.
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    Yes I completely agree. And a build in ND too. A lot of the basics we are still waiting on. Pro camcorders aren't my cup of tea, and I will never swap the mirrorless / stills camera form factor for a C300 type body to get these features. So I do want to see this addressed in the GH6 and whatever comes next.
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    I think punch in focus is essential for cameras where you are focusing yourself. Especially if the screen is small and need to ensure you have focus in the right place. Can you make do without it, sure, but I shouldn't have to. SSD recording isn't essential, but I find it very useful. Personal prefernce. Wire isn't that much a problem for me. And as for mini XLR, not the only solution for audio obviously, but like mentioning SSD recording, something the Pocket has that many other professional cameras in this price point do not. Just balancing the negativity here with a few positives.... 😉 Speaking for the negatives you mention, I don't gloss over them at all.. they are valid points of criticism, which you have mentioned one or two times. 😂😂 I neither defend them or excuse them. I just wish to balance them with the various points that exist in the Pocket 4Ks favour. And there is more to it than just the ability to record RAW and ProRes. And whilst I wish to see BM consider battery life, IBIS, AF and a better screen for outdoors in future models, I would also like Panasonic to consider things like punch in focus, SSD recording option, and a few other things the Pocket has, along with ProRes recording when updating their cameras next.
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    So one other camera only does Punch in focus... And one other camera does SSD recording... I hadn't seen these new tough SD cards. Worth noting for my Panasonic cameras. I recall looking at the Panasonic XLR Module.. but I'm talking about what the Pocket 4K has internally over other cameras. Aside from the Fuji, it does speak much when a basic function like punch in focus can't be found on any other mirrorless or DSLR. This is more criminal given that the smaller 3" screens often employed on these cameras makes focusing harder and what with the Panasonics poor AF, quite essential I would say. But all cameras have their faults and omissions that are surprising.
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    As soon as other cameras have introduced ProRes and RAW internal, I would expect Blackmagic would have given us another camera model. You could just as easily ask what if BM introduced one with IBIS, AF or EVF, why would you shoot anything else. The Pocket 4K and 6K are not perfect, but they have their unique features,as useful and basic as IBIS and EVF... Punch in focus during recording... shouldn't that be like standard for any camera that records video professionally. Recording to a SSD drive via USB... no serious camera for video should be without it. Yes cards are good, but some like SD cards, which Panasonic favour are very fragile. I've had to bin a few last year for failing and in one case, one got stuck within a GH4r. CFast is a better option for cards and frankly for a professional camera should be the sort of standard over crappy, flimsy SD cards. But SSD recording is so very useful to me in my work. How many cameras offer this in this price range? Mini XLR... how many other mirrorless / DSLR cameras has this? The Pocket implements LUTs much better than my GH5; I can't speak for other manufacturers. With the Pocket 4K, I have the ability to record with LUTs embedded. There are also more options for your own custom LUTs than my GH5 provides. Also, when a camera crashes and all my Panasonic cameras have been guilty of this from time to time, I get error files that I can't retrieve unless I outsource. On my Pocket 4K, I don't lose the file at all, maybe a few seconds, but hardly significant. BTW... my Pocket 4K whilst has crashed a little more than my GH5, it isn't the worst camera for this. That honour goes to my GH4 and one of my GH4rs. Both have given me loads of error files I can't use. Plus the look and colour science of BM is superior to Panasonic in my opinion. So whilst I welcome ProRes and RAW to someday make an appearance on a Panasonic camera, I would also welcome at least some of the above to be included on them too. Not to mention great AF as well. Panasonics biggest failing. Of course, I have a list of things I want for future BM cameras too, including AF; no one camera is perfect alas.
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    To be fair, that is a studio camera. It doesn't have a battery. As such, it's designed to always be on sticks, so form factor is less important.
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    Camera company staff dramas on GlassDoor

    after this, hard to believe people complain about the form factor of the p4k 🙄
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    Gee, you just reminded me how super old I am with my couple of GH1 cameras! Thanks.
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    Andrew Reid

    Fuji X-T4

    I still prefer to shoot with the X-H1 😂 Hopefully X-T4 will be an X-H2 down to the millimetre and even the exact curvature of the nice deep grip.
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    Magic Lantern Raw Video

    I feel the same. So many capable cameras out now and then the 1Dx III on the horizon but 1080 RAW on the 5d III is so good that I just want more cinema lenses and to make more films.
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    ToF to Circumvent PDAF Restrictions?

    I think these sensors will be for other applications such as automotive and factory automation so it will be a while before we see it in a camera.
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