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    Really hope that all the R5 expectations be fulfilled. But it is interesting that all after these years of crippling, everyone is believing in a magic cam from Canon with amazing specs, and even already stating that will sell all their gear to come back to Canon... I think that a more cautious approach would be wise, and hold the excitement until the specs are confirmed.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro

    Fuji X-T4

    Still beyond me why Fuji dropped their best LCD hinge implementation - the XT100. That one and the S1R are the best LCD hinges, pleased everyone - flip and flippy at the same time.
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    Kinda shooting yourself in the foot when you try to deny that Blackmagic are innovative... and then you go and post this.
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    Fuji X-T4

    Loved the early look at the camera. Was a huge fan of the XT3. Ultimately decided to stay with my GH5 because of IBIS and flip screen. Now the XT3 has it. My wife has the XE3 with the 16-55 and 35mm 1.4– being in the same ecosystem would make projects a lot simpler to pack for. Would love to see the Viltrox primes announced soon though, the Fuji 35mm 1.4 is slow and loud for focus.
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    Andrew Reid

    Fuji X-T4

    The X-T3 body design is a bit naff, a bit hipster. I want the X-H2 and I want it now
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    Andrew Reid

    Fuji X-T4

    I still prefer to shoot with the X-H1 😂 Hopefully X-T4 will be an X-H2 down to the millimetre and even the exact curvature of the nice deep grip.
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    I reviewed the EVO I for fstoppers. Bottom line: good hardware, some nice features but the gimbal performance was horrible with constant and severe horizon drift (roll axis). I still see some drift on the video posted above. It also suffers from multiple glitches. The colors were a bit "flashy". It had some potential but they need to fix that. As for the EVO2, I'm curious about the quality if 8k on such a small sensor with a very limited bitrate (120mps). There is much sensor an h265 can do and the lens won't exactly be Sigma art... Looks like a useless gimmick to me. It's advertise as a digital zoom feature. Perhaps because they can't mount a proper optical zoom or don't have a good gimbal tech to stabilize it? I'll try to get my hand on the EVO2 for review. We really need more competition on this field. PS: the support chat is very good and responsive with Autel. Big difference compared to DJI...
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    Despite them having a really nice image from what I've heard Ursa's aren't nearly as reliable/durable as other picks like alexa for cinema use and Sony F5/F55 for high end doc/TV etc.
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    The URSA can't hold a candle to Arri. What quality do you sacrifice by using the URSA vs an Arri ? It also depends on the budget for the commercials being produced. The FS7 is used a lot and so are RED's, so I don't think Arri dominates on the commercial side because of reduced budgets. If you're making the next bond film are you going Arri or with the URSA mini ? It's laughable that you would even bring uo the URSA mini.
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    Kinefinity price drops

    NAB is still two months away, and then it might be what, up to four months (or even MORE!) until products shown at NAB are widely available in stock? So you might be waiting for a product, that may or may not exist, and if it does exist, could perhaps is half a year away?? At what point do you say enough is enough, and pull the trigger and buy? If a Kinefinity is what you want, and it seems like a good deal to you, then buy! If not, then don't. As simple as that.
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    Avenger 2.0

    Canon EOS 1D MKIII specs revealed

    Good day to sell your Canon EOS 1D MKIII btw. Just had someone drive to me from the other side of the country and saw him search 10 minutes for the movie record function before I delivered the bad news...
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    No love for the Canon T8i ?

    It shoots 4K at 24p exclusively, so that means it is meant for serious cinematographers only. No home videos, blockbusters only. No wonder no has the cohones to step up to it.
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    No love for the Canon T8i ?

    FHD up to.... 24P!! WHAT. THE. FVXK. Please tell me that is a typo, otherwise what kind of sick joke is this? Edit: "Full specs on Canon's site says 24 fps for 4k, and 60 fps for 1080p." That's somewhat less bonkers. But still, surely you'd just rather buy a Panasonic G9 instead for roughly the same price?
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    Adam Kuźniar

    Lenses - Sticky Topic

    I love how that Vazen 28mm looks on the GH5 - it almost feels like it was made for it. Shame it's not a bit cheaper
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    Fuji X-T4

    You could buy a grip for it...
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    Fuji X-T4

    I like the compact size, but that grip is terrible. After using a friend's XT3 I found the grip to be terrible. It's not just that it's small, there's no lip above the middle finger so when held in one hand all of the weight is supported by friction alone. I looked into grip attachments, but they all just add more mass to the grip, none actually add that contoured lip that rests on your fingers. I looked into designing and printing my own, but the placement of the shutter release means that even with a small contoured grip, your index finger has to contort to get to the shutter. It's probably fine for a lot of people, but 8 hours into a hike and I'm climbing a rock to get a shot, that little lip is so much more comfortable and secure. Long story short, that design is an absolute deal breaker for me.
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    Fuji X-T4

    That tiny grip is very disappointing again.
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    Great lighting here and excellent story.
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    My greatest impression - thanks to @Django - is that now we have option to check I wish it button at one of the official selling page. Moreover, that button being located somehow under title information about Being developed (without info when, no really what, except misty alluring descriptions)... It's so funny that, in all market uncertainty, giants started to behave at crowdfunding manner or as political opinion polls before elections. When at march 2018. Blackmagic made their announce for 9 month in advance, it was for me like very cheeky behavior conceived to prevent buying cameras from other manufacturers (I noted that it will open Pandora's box of announcing) - at that time it was commonly to all (not just camera, but computer etc also) industry to announce full specs and fixed date 3-4 months ago, not so rarely even publishing preproduction tests or - symbolically - showing body under the naive, pure, poetic veil as Eva1. Do you remember those not far away days? Now such behavior, when Petty went out with preproduction model showing how BM writes to USB-C disk and full list of promises seems as fairy tale. Look at us - actually we are talking about our own assumptions build over assumed possibilities judged by Canon previous strategy... inside of topic that call for our assumption of what Panasonic Sony etc can do regarding these assumptions squared chaos. Imho little bit as specs-addicted-zombis in some Twilight zone
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    Ajouter à la liste d'envies... envy
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    I think the hype has died down but its a hugely popular camera. I see it being used a lot and I know a lot of people who are planning on purchasing it. I usually tell them its a good choice. I personally am thinking about getting one as well. The Pocket 6k had my attention but now that I think about it the Pocket 4k is probably a better option. Longer battery life, larger FOV with a speedbooster(1.34/1.24 crop depending on speedbooster, compared to 1.6), being able to mount a speedbooster also means a stop more light making it superior in low light, 4k RAW without crop(6k is not always wanted). I am thinking about an S1 or S1H as well but the Pocket is such a good deal at $1000 used. The internal RAW and beautifully easy menu system on Blackmagic is hard to beat.
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    Stabilization and C-AF on fleek... hum, not. Doesn't seem like any of the knock-offs really comes close to the Osmo Pocket image quality. Just that they were able to learn from DJI's mistakes regarding ergonomics/connectivity (one has a built-in joystick, some 3.5mm mic input and of course bluetooth/Wi-Fi onboard (one even with bluetooth audio recording)). DJI should follow it up already with a 1" sensor Hasselblad Pro version.
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    If you're an indie filmmaker, then I highly highly recommend checking out HitFilm Pro! https://www.facebook.com/groups/426174967509293/ https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-pro
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    I've worked with more than one professional cameraman / DoP who uses the monopod in a belt pouch technique. With small cameras, all the way up to a C300 in this manner. If you take long enough to make the film then you'll end up being able to outright buy an ARRI for your next film 😉 Not only is there the crazy talk of an ARRI Alexa Classic for as little as US$6K (or even, I know of one person who got one for only US$3.5K!!! Although I tend to see them usually up for sale for around US$7K to $8K+), but I have even seen an AMIRA sell for under US$15K!! Working with an AMIRA currently on a film, wish I could own one!!
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    I think that everything starts with inspiration as motivation - so, my suggestion would be to watch tutorials about manipulation and effects in 3D space done with Fusion, Nuke, Flame (how to change background, tracking components, even how to make enough visually suggestive simulated 3D objects from 2D images via projection maps etc). Although great and best for fast 2D effects, AE is not as much suitable for proper 3D, but has tone of ready made templates, great plugins. Also, for everything higher than several layers/intervention, nodal structure or 'tree' becomes more and more suitable. So Fusion for obvious integration with Resolve, Nuke still a bit more if you really plan to get a job into big industry players, Flame if you like to feel yourself as noble and elite member as it could be. UI logic of Flame is for me pick of the software aesthetic. Of course, there's also powerful Mistika, but it becomes, I'd say, nowadays more exotic than really differentiated. Besides, I found that nodal thinking in accomplishing 3D tasks is the most interesting encounter of logic and creativity in all software's usage. (If you wish to happily lost your mind in endless possibilities as, say, top chess players - than go into cosmos of Sidefx Houdini.)
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    thanks for sharing, certainly some food for thought there.
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    Snapdragon 865 is coming...

    With this launch: Don't buy ANY other Android Phone above 200-300 bucks (if any), take it as a friendly grounded advice. Snapdragon 865 is the only one designed and ready from scratch exclusively to the 5G advent even from an external modem but future proof, post LTE age: https://www.androidauthority.com/qualcomm-snapdragon-865-5g-modem-1062538/ https://www.androidauthority.com/snapdragon-x55-modem-955052/ Other than that, you're throwing your money away, a pure waste in 2020. Let alone [email protected] https://www.dealntech.com/snapdragon-865-vs-855/ https://www.androidcentral.com/qualcomm-snapdragon-865-vs-snapdragon-855 https://www.digit.in/features/mobile-phones/qualcomm-snapdragon-865-vs-snapdragon-855-plus-performance-comparison-51451.html
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    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    The iPhones actually take the first image before you press the shutter (i.e. they’re constantly buffering). Android phones might do the same, I don’t know.
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    I finally tested SlimRaw (trial version) with Wine and Debian 10, and it works like a charm!
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    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    Time for Panasonic to give us a GH6 in 2020 from 2023! 😉
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    thanks to you and emanuel, for the info you guys provide. I'm not that vigilant on staying up to date with the pk4. Hardly ever go to the bm website, not because they have jerked my chain or anything, but i just seem to lack the interest in general. In the comments on the details page when you go to get the update file i did however ask them to investigate a means of retrofitting a flippy screen to a p4k, i'd pay another $200 to have a flippy screen as then, for me the p4k would be killer. How far that request makes it up the chain of command is anyone's guess. by the way i notice a certain loss of enthusiasm down here in the p4k thread. Has the reign of the mighty p4k thread come to an end ? 😎 Do we now all migrate down to the eos r5 thread and worship there for awhile or is there life after p4k ?😉
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    Insta360 ONE R modular camera series

    Finally got the insta360 One R Tested quickly yesterday on a skiing session. Here some observation compared to the One X that I have since a year: + Gopro swivel mount is great on action cam especially in case of impact as it tend to lose and not break like the tripod mount of the One X. I wish it would be like the Max that the "wings" are part of the body and you don't need a frame. + Water proof without the stupid venture case is good, no more crappy stitching or strange vignetting while using it in snow or water. + Screen is small but visible in daylight and quite intuitive to use + You can use apple watch to control it and to get the GPS stats, I find the phone not ideal while doing sports.... much prefer the watch as remote. I wish it had GPS in the camera itself like gopros + battery seems to last longer + Phone app is better you can edit without copying the file first so you save space and you can have a quicker turnaround -+ with the frame and swivel is noticeable heavier that the One X but the shape is better for helm mounting, rollbars, handlebars, etc... - USB C, MicroSD card door is quite cheap and hard to use while inside the frame - Construction seems less polished than the One X - 25 fps not yet available Video quality is exactly the same as the One X nothing more nothing less. Did not test yet the 4k mod (seems very similar to a Hero 8 so not a bad option to have) but with the advantage that you can enable and disable FOV and more important stabilization in post. Did not order yet the 1 inch as you cannot find it nowhere Bottom-line if you use the One X as action cam then this is quite a big upgrade if not then is not worth the upgrade cost. My One X is on sale and I keep this one.
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    "Double Punch" is what we called it in the olden days. But, yes, LUMIX cameras are troublesome for accurately triggering recording. The only solution I've found is to make myself put forth a concious effort to literally read the record clock for a second, make sure it's rolling, and get on with my work.
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    The S1 to the GH4 is too big of a jump IMO. Panasonic has tweaked their color science substantially since 2014 and pairing the two would be more of a headache than it's worth. The G85 will get you much closer, but really I would try to spring for a GH5. The 10 bit will be a huge help for you. If that's too much, then consider a used original Blackmagic Pocket. HD only, but it's great HD. Remember, when matching cameras you often have to match the best image to the inferior one. Don't cripple your S1 - get something that can almost replicate it. Just my $0.02.
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    Yes almost Every camera has a higher bit rate in Photo mode than Video mode unless it has Raw Video. Even then it is probably lower. I don't care if Photo mode has 20bit output the higher you go ISO wise the less DR it has, it is as simple as that. You are applying gain to it and gain is noise. And a 5D mk III has about a whopping 9.5 stops of DR if you are Not using ML. 11 if you are using ML Raw. Photo is always about a stop and a half better than video mode in Raw on average. No clue about a Fuji X-T3. Don't care about it, ain't buying one. It's a Fuji, odd duck cameras. They always have some goofy ass sensor with Bozo the Clown colors.
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    Avenger 2.0

    No love for the Canon T8i ?

    If you switch to PAL you will be able to do 25p (only), guess it doesn't have the power to do 30p in 4k.
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