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    My experience with BMD has also been above average. They swapped out my Pocket Camera when it had a sensor with a few stuck pixels, no questions asked. As compared to the Panasonic service center when I sent my GH5 in for repair and they charged me while under warranty due to my GH5 having some minor cosmetic damage that had no effect on the issue I was having resolved. Even if BMD was gaurded about the answers they gave on the NAB floor, I would rather have a company not make a promise they can’t keep then offer a 3-year warranty they won’t honor. The GH5 is treated like a consumer product by Panasonic. Blackmagic treats their customers as if they are professionals.
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    Wedding videography advice

    Sounds kinda spammy coming from @Video Gems Productions in the 3rd person??
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    Andrew Reid

    Nikon Z6 Low Light

    Still not following you I'm afraid. Are you saying that the image is noisier at ISO 4000 1/50 F4 than ISO 4000 1/50 F1.8? In that case your exposure is brighter by nearly 2 stops due to F1.8 vs F4 so you cannot be exposing both shots the same with both the 50mm and 24-70. A brighter exposure always shows less noise at high ISOs, no matter what the camera.
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    Nikon Z6 Low Light

    Sure, if I can’t open the aperture any further. Of course I will apply more gain when it is required. But my point was that same gain can look different depending on exposure.
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    My New Pocket4K Android App

    Pleased to announce that my Pocket4K app for Android is now complete and is with beta testers so barring any calamties will be available from the Play store on the 21st of December. Here is a screen shot with a quick run through of the features from top to bottom : Across the top we have the controls for Aperture, ISO and shutter angle. Next up we have the colour temperature and tint controls, the preset white balance selectors, the Auto White Balance button and, of course, the Record button. Beneath that we have the 8 snapshot memories which you can use to store and instantly recall 8 different custom settings of ISO, Aperture, Shutter Angle and White Balance. To store the preset you long press on the memory slot that you want to use and to recall it just short press. Haptic feedback is given to indicate that the preset has been written and the currently loaded preset is denoted in orange (M1 in the shot above). Presets are stored in non volatile memory so are always available in any session. Next is the focus controller, which is operated using the slider and/or the fine tune buttons. A long press of the button moves instantly to closest focus and infinity respectively. The AF button in ths row activates the single shot auto focus. To accompany the focus controls, you then have 6 memory slots (A to F) to store focus points and you can switch instantly between them by simply pressing the required one. In addition, next to these are the controls for A-B-A focus transition and the speed control. Again, all focus points are stored in non volatile memory for use in any session. Finally we have the controls for applicable MFT power zoom lenses with the same interface as the focus controls (including long press for instant minimum/maximum zoom) and 4 non volatile memory positions for later recall. There is another function that it can do that I'll let you know about closer to release date and I will put up a little demo video of it in action late next week.
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    I tested the c300 mark ii with noise reduction and odyssey 7q raw recording vs the alexa. The results may shock you! Testing the Alexa Alexa Mini vs Canon C300 Mark II in terms of sharpness via the Odyssey RAW to Pro Res, with desharpen in post as well as in camera codec with noise reduction set to minus 1. This is a new feature in a firmware update. You have to go into other settings and turn on and to minus 1 - you can't just leave off. Graded with my chart2 lut - link to that and stills here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u3qmjg7iysvxlsf/AABk1BLbSY1Yy9JoDSYjo1Qva?dl=0 also stills are there to see better please email me any questions or if you want the source files - I can get them to you on a sd card if you want.
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    Which all in one mic/recorder?

    I think you're misunderstanding my point. It is not that they MUST stand far away, of course the guests on the red carpet can come as close as they wish. But I'm sure there are also guests who stand at a sub optimal position an extra foot or two too far off, or just don't stop and only give a throw away comment as they pass by. That is what I was meaning. Yes, I do agree with you under those conditions. But for your average joe they'll get a much better result with a reporter's mic in shot than trying to handheld a shotgun correctly just out of frame. Been there... done that! As I've done this for a laugh one friday night while drinking with a buddy.... we made this: (he did all the directing/editing, and ALL THE ACTING! Both of them! And I did sound/lighting/camera all by myself. And did twice the amount of drinking to make up for the lack of his drinking)
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    Nikon Z6 Low Light

    I don't think so..... but if a person wants to remove that variable then just use a bodycap instead
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    If you check on the left in your edit timeline, you can set for each track of video / audio if they will automatically move up when you delete something. I always directly deactivate that, I don't understand why it's on per default because I can't even count anymore how often I accidentally deleted video when I just wanted to delete the audio, etc.
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    Alright phoenix, the lens point has been beat to death now lol
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    Interesting finsd concerning video AF : The Z6 behaves differently when using adapted Sigma lens (I have to check if it is the same with an adapted Nikkor lens), native Z lens and when using the touchscreen AF. The transition is really smooth (I find it pleasing) when using the native lens, but faster with the Sigma. It's like the AF settings were ignored with the latter. When using tap focusing, the native becomes as fast as the Sigma.
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    I had a similar experience as you. I am sure Panasonic has some great service in some places of the world. But I had a terrible experience and the after sales was absolute crap (including one in Adelaide and another in New Delhi).
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    You just find can't find it possible to say anything positive about Z Cam??? First you say they'll have plenty in stock as it won't sell, then when told that is not at all true, you say the opposite "oh there is no interest in it thus stock is low" Just can't win with you....
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    Nikon Z6 Low Light

    Remember that noise is a linear thing, which is why bright objects are cleaner than shadows when viewed with normal display gamma. Also there is only so many photons around to begin with and that sets a base value for how little noise there can be (don't ask me how close to it we are tho). There might also be the camera compensating to match t stop and f stop between lenses. Meaning if one lens loose more light than another and that gets compensated for it will be noisier.
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    Myth. No more than the major players. Ain't you the guy who had two Fuji units to come back to the warehouse? FYI BMD has the best service available you can find out there. E : -)
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    you guys know its nearly 2019 right ? time to upgrade, get a drone i say 😀
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    There is the kipon baveyes EF to Fuji speedbooster. Optically not the best, but it's available. Stabilized zoom lenses? 10-24mm, 18-55mm, 18-135mm, 50-140mm, 55-200mm, 16-50mm, 15-45mm, 50-230mm, 100-400mm and the upcoming 16-80mm stabilized primes? 80mm, 200mm Yes, they are a young system and there are only something like 30 autofocusing lenses, but again, if the bmpcc4k is interesting, AF is probably not the highest priority. And we can always argue about what the competition has, Fuji has the outstanding MKX lenses if anybody is into video for real
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    It's actually been in and out of stock a few times at B&H.
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    For some reason your LUT doesn't work with footage I shot on my iPhone 3, could you check your settings and re-upload?
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    Ed, this is on par with Spinal Tap and Best In Show. You have a great sense of humor combined with an awful lot of creative talent! These tests are fun and informative.
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    Thanks Ed for the commentary over the camera test, black screen and still images. I felt like I was in the room ; ) It is inspiring to me that everything you do, touches on genius.
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    Nikon Z6 Low Light

    It is a dual gain camera.
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    Christof Haberle

    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    I am mainly a lurker here - mainly - but I'll decloak and will say "yes, please" for that one. It'd be much more interesting, and useful, than the gear debates. But I also know that those topics cost a lot of time, and might go up in flames easily - so I'd be thankful, but also understanding if it doesn't happen :).
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    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    GH5 with Voigtlanders, done very fast but I hope it turns out sympa...
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    Google, reddit, youtube, etc. I just started 2 days ago. Nodes is ok for color but I'm hating it for fusion right now. Take a small old project and remake it in Resolve if you want to learn all the basics. https://www.reddit.com/user/jayaretv https://www.reddit.com/r/colorists/comments/31k26f/where_to_begin_with_becoming_a_colourist/ https://taoofcolor.com/ https://www.learncolorgrading.com/
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