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  1. I am mainly a lurker here - mainly - but I'll decloak and will say "yes, please" for that one. It'd be much more interesting, and useful, than the gear debates. But I also know that those topics cost a lot of time, and might go up in flames easily - so I'd be thankful, but also understanding if it doesn't happen :).
  2. I kickstarted the Compagnon explorer+, and really quite love it, mostly. I am out in the mountains often (have completed the Mountain Leader Training) and always felt that most camera bags just don't live up to mountaineering backpacks in terms of comfort. I REALLY like the Deuter backpack on the Compagnon explorer. It can hold a decent amount of photography gear, but might just be too small for more video-centric setups. For anything longer than just a short trip I'll also still need something that can hold more volume to fit all my camping gear and clothes in (not necessary weight). I wish the Compagnon would have straps to tie the one or the other bit to the bottom of it, if necessary. I wish they'd take that bag and make it even larger, volume wise. But by and large I am really happy - even carrying a pretty heavy and big tripod attached to the side is fine for several hours hiking.
  3. He's not a photographer either - quite evidently - just someone ranting on youtube; an entertainer at best.
  4. Look if you can find one second hand, and if yes get the refund?
  5. They do have GH-5 / G-85's IBIS hardware & software that could / would be fairly unique if they'd managed to build that in for handheld use. But ... eh - given no-one did that for a camera like this I doubt they will.
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