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  1. I'd argue that cameras will become a very specialised tool, with smartphones the go & do everything majority. In some specific circumstances - at the very difficult types of, say, wildlife photography, or action / sports photography dedicated cameras optimised for that will probably always outperform the general type smartphones. In big film productions, in situations where reliability and where many different aspects need to play together - sound, light, etc. - dedicated, specialised tools will also always hold their own. Always been the case - in any industry dealing with technology. I've just worked at a research institute - some of the scanners and devices there are definitely behind the curve on what is technologically possible compared to what a mass market approach could do - but they are in their niche, and small volumes of what is sold, so specific that they are still the best there is. GPS trackers for animal tracking, for example. Not even as accurate as a smartphone, maybe, but produced by two-three person teams for the needs of specific animals. Need to be small enough, light enough, or robust enough depending on each case. That's sort of where I think there'll always be an equivalent market niche for companies on the video / photography side. But that's not through mass market appeal.
  2. I am mainly a lurker here - mainly - but I'll decloak and will say "yes, please" for that one. It'd be much more interesting, and useful, than the gear debates. But I also know that those topics cost a lot of time, and might go up in flames easily - so I'd be thankful, but also understanding if it doesn't happen :).
  3. I kickstarted the Compagnon explorer+, and really quite love it, mostly. I am out in the mountains often (have completed the Mountain Leader Training) and always felt that most camera bags just don't live up to mountaineering backpacks in terms of comfort. I REALLY like the Deuter backpack on the Compagnon explorer. It can hold a decent amount of photography gear, but might just be too small for more video-centric setups. For anything longer than just a short trip I'll also still need something that can hold more volume to fit all my camping gear and clothes in (not necessary weight). I wish the Compagnon would have straps to tie the one or the other bit to the bottom of it, if necessary. I wish they'd take that bag and make it even larger, volume wise. But by and large I am really happy - even carrying a pretty heavy and big tripod attached to the side is fine for several hours hiking.
  4. He's not a photographer either - quite evidently - just someone ranting on youtube; an entertainer at best.
  5. Look if you can find one second hand, and if yes get the refund?
  6. They do have GH-5 / G-85's IBIS hardware & software that could / would be fairly unique if they'd managed to build that in for handheld use. But ... eh - given no-one did that for a camera like this I doubt they will.
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