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    Already installed. 1080p60 All-I 200 Mbit 10 Bit will be my GoTo for slowmo from now on. The details and noise structure are insane considering it's only HD video. Especially after Nnedi3 upscaling. It basically looks like 4k. Am impressed. Seems like sharpening at -5 is completely disabled? Still searching for sharpening halos... That would be amazing!
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    http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/fts/index2.html GH4 - In VFR (Variable Frame Rate) shooting mode, there were cases where the image stabilization did not operate when non-Panasonic interchangeable lens is used. This bug has been fixed. H-HS030 - Macro - Dual I.S.2 is available by this firmware update. (in case of the usage of Camera with this function) H-NS043 - Nocticron 42.5 - Dual I.S.2 is available by this firmware update. (in case of the usage of Camera with this function) GH5 - 1. Compatibility with "LUMIX Tether" PC software This new firmware enables GH5 tethered shooting via USB, using “LUMIX Tether" PC software. Users can control the camera by connecting it to a PC via USB. Click here to the LUMIX Tether Download Program 2. Improved auto focus performance - Auto focus performance for subjects with low contrast in photo shooting is improved. - Tracking auto focus performance in video recording is improved. - The customized AF area can be continuously displayed in [Multi AF] and [Custom Multi AF] during live-view. - The AF area in [Multi AF] can be moved to the other edge (side, top or bottom) when it reaches one edge. - The start point of AF lock can be set on the live view screen in advance in [AF Tracking]. - The AF area can be moved while the shutter button is half-pressed or while recording in [Burst Mode], [6K PHOTO] and [4K PHOTO]. 3. Improved performance in [6K PHOTO] and [4K PHOTO] - The waiting time to start the next burst shooting sequence after [6K Burst] and [4K Burst] is shortened to less than half the time. - [Loop Rec] is available in [6K PHOTO]. * Use of Panasonic SD Memory Card with Video Speed Class 90 is recommended for [Loop Rec] of [6K PHOTO]. 4. An additional ALL-Intra Video Recording mode- 4:2:2,10-bit ALL-Intra video recording mode is added to 4K/FHD video recording. * Use of SD Memory Card with Video Speed Class 60 or higher is recommended for 4K ALL-Intra video recording. Operation is confirmed with Panasonic SD Memory Card with Video Speed Class 90. 5. 4K HDR video recording - [HLG] (Hybrid Log Gamma) is added to [Photo Style]. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a mode to reproduce both bright part and dark part in an image, making it look just as human eyes see. The camera records video with a designated gamma curve compatible with ITU-R BT.2100, and you can now choose Hybrid LogGamma (HLG) in [Photo Style]. - A low-bit-rate recording mode 4K HEVC for HLG was added. This enables playback on AV equipment compatible with the HEVC compression format, such as Panasonic 4K HDR TVs. 6. Enhancement of the Anamorphic video recording mode- High-Resolution Anamorphic mode, which enables video recording in 18-mega effective pixels, is added. * Recorded in HEVC - [Anamorphic Desqueeze Display] was added, which lets you view an enlarged image in Cinescope size while recording with 2.0x and 1.33x Anamorphic lens. - [Video Guide Line] is added to display the image in a variety of aspects, such as Cinescope, 16:9 and 1:1 while recording video. This can be used not only in Anamorphic mode but also in other video recording mode. 7. Enhancement of Body I.S. (Image Stabilizer) - [I.S. Lock(video)] is added. This powerfully compensates for handshake when the viewing angle is fixed. - A new handshake correction mode is added, which provides optimum correction when using 2.0x and 1.33x Anamorphic lens. - In VFR (Variable Frame Rate) shooting mode, there were cases where the image stabilization did not operate when non-Panasonic interchangeable lens is used. This bug has been fixed. 8. Correction of white balance setting - When the K (Kelvin) value was changed after adjusting the color temperature with 2-axis white balance compensation, the setting was reset. This bug has been fixed. 9. Improved usability of Time Lapse Shot - The time to finish shooting and the number of recordable pictures are displayed on the stand-by screen. 10. Improved usability of Power Save LVF - Power Save LVF can now be used during all stand-by display options. 11. Wireless functions - The Bluetooth Remote Control function can be used with Image App, which will also be updated at the same timing with the GH5 firmware release. - If the camera has not completed image transmission when it is turned off, it restarts transmission when it is turned on with the [Auto Transfer] function. 12. Other improvements - A rating function using a Fn button is available in Playback Zoom and Multi Playback. - The following functions can be assigned to Fn buttons - [Constant Preview] [6K/4K PHOTO Bulk Saving] [Min. Shtr Speed] [RAW Processing] [Rec/Playback Switch] [Destination Slot] and [Mic Level Adj.]. - The DISP.Button can be locked. - In Relay Rec, there were cases where the video file number was not able to be reset. This bug has been fixed. - In Relay Rec, there were cases where the video file number was reset after formatting the SD Memory Card. This bug has been fixed. - In Backup Rec, there were cases where the file number was not reset even after applying resetting. This bug has been fixed. - The image quality when applying the following settings is improved: Extended low ISO, [i.Dynamic] (Intelligent D-range Control) and Highlight Shadow. Notice for the Change of Specifications
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    Official V2 firmware out! http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/fts/dl/gh5.html
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    What would make you choose this over the 4k 60p?..does that extra 50mb and all intra make that much difference to the footage? I cant see myself using 1080p intra when i have the 4k 60p option....
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    Ha! Did you look up what it was shot on, or did you already know? ;-) I posted it because I get a little tired sometimes of discussions of higher end cameras as "cinematic", or writing off various cameras as *not* cinematic. Basically we're living in an amazing time of abundance, with a luxury of choices when it comes to cameras. *Any* dedicated video camera with interchangeable lens mount and 4K is a top notch choice that can be "cinematic", As your lighting/grading/composition/movement/filters/lenses/etc will all add up to making a much much greater difference than whatever camera you choose from those options! If a person is not happy their results are not "cinematic" with such a camera, then very likely the problems lies with themselves! Not the camera body.
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    Ahhh... so, first you got to appoint a custom button to enable 'operation lock'... and only then can you activate operation lock for a couple of different other input methods like the DISP. btn.
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    Ok, this is what I've been waiting for. From what footage I have seen the GH5 > EVA1 + C200. This camera rocks. Load of new firmware now imminent. I am quite excited to see what I can do with it. I just watched a few videos on YouTube of the new firmware... great DR, detail in the shadows is good. Also shadow noise seems a non-issue with this firmware. I am sure it will not be perfect in every way, but this is pretty good from what I can see. Even with YouTube compression, the footage still holds up. Nice work Panasonic! This is a good day for the GH5 faithful and a good day for content creators as a whole. Win Win
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    I can confirm that my normal sandisk UHS-II (not V rated) works without any problems. No stops until the card full. UHS-I card stopped after 23 seconds. Also, the AF is veeeeery cool.
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    Such a pity for D16. As they said, it was hard to make a profit without increasing their margins & price. I would love to see a D16 v2 even with the same sensor but in my opinion it would be nice to have: - removable battery - EVF, either build it or detachable. - Some compressed codec with backed in LUT support. - Half the size (XLR inputs can be a detachable module, no crank , V90 SD card support) - Half the price Maybe they could sell their rights to a Chinese company ... Such a wonderful sensor, look at this color:
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    If am not mistaken it was Belkin v90 cards of amazon Thats sweat deal Jon, i paid 2500euro for GH5+12-60 2.8-4 5year warranty
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    Jan G

    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    Hi Jonpais, i also noticed this, so I did a comparison in photo mode using a 25mm prime from panasonic. First I took a shot in 4:3 mode en the exif says 25mm is 50mm in the 35mm equivalent then I took a shot in 16:9 mode and now the exif says 25mm is 54mm in the 35mm equivalent this is the same crop as in movie mode. So this confirms tweaks answer and is not a bug. Regards, Jan
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    I signed the petition about a year ago. I am happy to hear they got a response from Samsung. My question is would you guys be willing to trust Samsung again after leaving us hanging like this? and if not what kind of commitment would be needed from Samsung for you to trust them. For me, I would need to see a 2-3 year lens release roadmap schedule similar to what Sony did. It's not that I need a lot of lenses I just need to know they are committed to developing the line and that an NX3 would follow after the NX2. Actually, who am I kidding I like my NX1 so much I would probably buy an NX2 no matter what lol. I can only imagine if they made the NX2 today it would probably have some ridiculous specs like 4k 120p and 1080 @ 480
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    Old Fords NX1 +Pro Mist Filter

    Shot this throw away footage about a month ago. at the time I was all into that Steve Yedlin post and talk about resolution and haliation (is that how you spell it?) Went on a tear looking for a some Tiffen filters from my NX "S" Lenses average price was $100+ for a pro mist black. I scoured until I found a Pro-Mist 3 for $18 on amazon. I was walking past a classic repair shop and found these subjects... I put mega film grain on it trying to match that Yedlin look. All Hand held stuff. and if for some reason you want the 1.8 GB output from resolve (not sure why) its here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0mz6D_bQOx7dHRLZzJ4bThCdm8 Next Test I got a Tiffen Ultra Contrast Low Light....
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    Best super 35mm camera?

    Apparently the gang over at DVX User are still fans as well. http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?356594-Maximum-F3
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    Best super 35mm camera?

    The Sony PMW F3 was and still is a great camera! Just had to post some great examples of what can be delivered with this camera. Copy and paste only the underlined. https://vimeo.com/93482666 The Caravan https://vimeo.com/100404599 One In - All In short https://vimeo.com/82889552 Someday Soon https://vimeo.com/231103934 AFI https://vimeo.com/41164521 Mr Roberts short https://vimeo.com/95472923 The Good Wild Man by Grug (Dreamsmith Presents) https://vimeo.com/24823960 Insect https://vimeo.com/83833648 Trinkets short film https://vimeo.com/67683780 Inside Fighter short https://vimeo.com/33312169 Goosebumps https://vimeo.com/201181688 Agent F teaser https://vimeo.com/24606481 Indigo Teaser https://vimeo.com/55131809 Ice -cream Harrods https://vimeo.com/173607846 Invicto comercial https://vimeo.com/136651224 Comercial https://vimeo.com/136658635 Comercial https://vimeo.com/151151128 Fashion Ad The Clubsuit https://vimeo.com/189398621 Rocks and Splashes https://vimeo.com/36493981 Wish it Was True Music Vid https://vimeo.com/58104857 Rick - Tysabri by Ed David https://vimeo.com/50934216 Duracell by Ed David Ed David https://vimeo.com/138387726 Heather Hardy by Ed David
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    Don Kotlos

    Don’t forget about Digital Bolex!

    You will need to shoot the original real life image though I do wish they would allow baking in 3D LUTs with the GH5. So much potential.
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    Wes Anderson - Isle of Dogs

    Haha, good one! Wait, are you seriously taking Wes Anderson seriously?
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    Don’t forget about Digital Bolex!

    Take your GH5 and take a picture of that image. Take the GH5 copy and the original into any tool which does shot matching. Perform the shot match operation. Test and tweak further to get both images to match as close as possible by eye. Save out the resulting 3D LUT. To generalize and automate this process, so the resulting LUT will work better in the general case, use machine learning to train a neural network to create an optimized LUT based on GH5 input and <target camera> output
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    Hi all, I've been a long-time reader of this blog/forum and wanted to report back on my first paid documentary commission that I just delivered. The project was for a local community outreach project that links in education and culture with Carnival arts (http://www.thenewcarnivalcompany.com/). I spent since last January (on and off) filming 4 schools and community groups as they learned about the theme (70 years of India's independence) and how that learning influenced the making of thier Carnival costumes. The last 3 minutes of the documentary is essentially a music video of the final parade through the town of Ryde, Isle of Wight. I filmed everything with 2 Panasonic GX80 cameras in 4k using primes indoors (mostly native Panasonic lenses with some Voigtlander 17/42.5). For the Carnival itself I used the 12-35 and 35-100 2.8 zooms. Everything was handheld except some of the multicam wides and the interviews. The cameras were great as it was easy to be incognito, film in the historical sites, and the cameras were not intimidating to those I filmed. I shot in standard 0, -5, 0, -5 and only focused on exposure and skintones when colour correcting. The auto WB actually worked very good. The audio was a mix of built-in camera mic, Shure VP83f, Rode SmartLav+/TascamDR10, and Instamics. I also tried to use the http://www.ohrwurmaudio.eu/ binaural microphone to better capture the ambiance of the carnival, but in the end I didn't get around to syncing it or using it. The Instamics (although quite visible in the interviews) were so useful as I could get the kids to put them on themselves and didn't have to worry about touching, and wiring up lavs. Some lessons learned: I had to move really, really fast as it involved kids and the teachers and leaders were busy - it was really run-and-gun. I missed having the audio input as I could have got better ambiance audio without having to sync - syncing is a pain. I wish the GX80 EVF was better as manual focus is hard enough. S-AF on the native lenses was key as I could ensure focus and cut out the hunting. I need to learn more about and practice audio post production and improve my editing. There are some obvious faults (interview eyelines, cluttered backgrounds, slight focus issues, IBIS panning judder, under/overexposure on unmanned b-cam) but overall the client and the organisations that funded the project were very happy with the film. It took me about 70 hours of editing with 15 hours / 700GB (including multicam) of footage.
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    AF much improved from what I can see.
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    Man I so badly want to have that camera. I have the GH5 and have to keep reminding myself that the look is only 1 part of the equation. The shortcomings of the DB and the virtues of the GH5 are impossible for me to ignore for telling stories. But I just really really really love that image. It's like an onion... makes me cry. Why oh why can't someone put that sensor in a dslr sized body. And, can a manufacturer return to CCD tech? Is a 4K CCD possible?
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    Andrew Reid

    Don’t forget about Digital Bolex!

    The other camera with this Kodak super 16 sensor was the Ikonoskop A good place to find them used is here - http://www.rawcinemashop.com/used-gear-market-place/ Might be worth looking for some on eBay as the prices may have come down quite a lot. https://www.eoshd.com/2012/11/ikonoskop-a-cam-dll-vs-blackmagic-cinema-camera-first-impressions/ The Digital Bolex and Ikonoskop look was one of the most unique I've ever seen from any digital camera. Limitations and all - all part of how special it looks. https://www.eoshd.com/2013/03/ikonoskop-a-cam-dll-versus-blackmagic-cinema-camera/
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    I noticed that I get an error message now when attempting to use 2 card backup. i.e. save video to both cards simultaneously. It says there not identical, although 1 have 3 of the same cards. Maybe someone else can check this. Ok Jonapis, thanks, I didn't RTFM yet😫
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    Even 900$ is a silly number. You had to pay double the money a couple of years ago for similar things, triple the money for much less 5 years ago, before that most things that it does weren't even possible. Canon's latest M cameras cost as much, or more doing much less (except Dual Pixel of course). You have to put things in perspective. For some, GH4 is still the second best m43 video camera, with even 10bit capabilities. GH5 is as new as you can get. There is a 2 month waiting list in my country, I do not see a GH6 possible for at least 2020, but I see a couple of more significant hardware updates in the next couple of years. Firmware 2.0 it is just out by the way, and tell me what other camera does all those things for less than 1999$. Only Sony is close to reach Dual Pixel, and all their latest cameras are nowhere near the Canon AF experience.
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    The user manual you posted says non v60 v90 cards will not allow backup to 2nd card in ALL I 400.
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    The de-squeeze is nicely implemented
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    What a handy gadget-ballons to diffuse sunlight http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=71898
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    Some other cool things: Movie menu p3, Stabilizer - I.S. Lock function (video) - when angle of view held stationary this turns super grippy tripod like I.S. on. Custom menu p3, Operation Lock setting - Display button
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    Great read! Now I need to find out more details to the helium balloons used as diffuse clouds that he mentioned.
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    I decided to take the plunge and purchase 3.0 and my first impression is Wow! I've only tried out the Pro Log Cinema setting with the cinema luts, but what I've seen has been beautiful, gorgeous, and lovely--just like my wife :-). A little background: I've been shooting with an A7sii since July 2016 and with an A6500 since November 2016. I've been on a constant hunt to find a color combination this picturesque since I have purchased the cameras. You name a color setting and I've probably tried it. I was hesitant to buy 3.0 because I bought the original EOSHD settings and didn't think they were anything special. but I admit that the samples by Ethan, Tom, and others piqued my interest and so I decided why not. I'm glad I did. I've got a shoot later this week. I'll try and post examples this weekend.
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    Wes Anderson - Isle of Dogs

    i had like... 1.25 hot dogs lol. jas got the lions share mmmmmm.... bacon wrapped prawns....
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    Best super 35mm camera?

    Has timecode and genlock too, which I as a soundie appreciate.
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    Best super 35mm camera?

    That's a great deal. Another really nice piece shot on the F3. Cooke zoom I believe.
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    Wes Anderson - Isle of Dogs

    Happy Birthday Jasper! Lol how many did you have? Bacon wraps nicely around prawns too. <🥓>🍤</🥓>
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    Very cool 30 day sea voyage timelapse

    Those guys really ride the planet!
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    So... you're upset that Panasonic's flagship is better than their lower end cameras?
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    I love the D16. I even bought it twice
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    I really think it's more like a hardware limit. You need hardware acceleration for 10bit H.264 and H.265. It's silicon, not software. If you don't feel like you got what you paid for on the G85 and GX85, then I'm amazedballs. They really do go beyond the specs you'd expect for the price. Any closer to the GH5 and what would be the point of ponying up $2000 for it? Making the G85 any better would kill the GH5 stone dead and nobody wants that to happen. Sensor readout speed isn't fast enough. It's not just the processor. Again it's not just software. The sensor has to be fast enough to scan for CDAF at over 240fps. If they gave users the option to buy V-LOG for an extra $100 on a $500 camera, they would lose $1500 not gain $100. I'm all for generosity, and Panasonic are much more generous than Canon. You could argue that Sony having S-LOG on their consumers cameras gives them a bad reputation because a lot of consumers don't know how to grade it properly and it ends up all over the internet making people think Sony cameras shoot weird looking video. You don't expect 1st class service when you buy an economy ticket on a flight though do you? So why expect it with cameras?
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    The G85 is a year old now, the GX85 about 1.5yrs. I'm not sure it's fair to compare them to the 6mo-old GH5, rather than the GH4, which they outclassed in some ways. The G90 and GX90 (or whatever the next generation are called) will certainly get some trickle-down features from the GH5. Personally, all I feel I can reasonably ask to be improved on my G85 would be higher-bitrate 1080p. 25mbps is a bit too skimpy when things start moving. Outside of that, it's been a great upgrade/sidegrade from the GH4 for me. Better color, better lowlight, and most importantly, IBIS. I paid $550 for the camera, I don't expect it to share everything with the quadruply-expensive GH5- even if it technically could (i.e. "artificial" marketing segmentation) share some things. Panasonic has every right to do this, both legally, and I even feel, "morally"- Panasonic is by far the most responsive to our segment of the market, and even if their cameras are "artificially" limited, they're still by far the best value on the DSLR/DSLM market for shooting video. If I was going to expend energy bitching at/about a camera company, Panasonic certainly wouldn't be my first choice. The way I see it, get busy switching, or get busy hacking, because I don't see much coming of the angst otherwise. Will it, though, actually? The last Panasonic to be hacked was the GH2. Vitaliy hasn't had any luck with the GH3 onwards, and Magic Lantern's work is all Canon-based, I don't see them starting from square one when they have their hands full with the Canons. I think holding out hope for a hack is a complete pipe dream at this point.
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    Watkins Glen Vintage racing edit

    Hey guys here's a quick edit I threw up yesterday, filming racing is something i'm hoping to get into more in the future. GH5 with a couple different lenses, good ammount of slr magic 25mm .95 in here. Graded with filmconvert
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    Wee man !

    Sorry yeah, I meant South coast NSW. I live in NSW.
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    Andrew Reid

    Nikon PR nightmares

    Look at all those heavy lenses, poor ladies. Someone get them a Nikon J1 All these men buying D850s with 42MPs better watch out they don't grow bigger breasts On a related topic... Isn't it time Canon and Nikon put their 80 year old male management in a retirement home? Or would that be agist?
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    Hey, I've been lurking for a while now, and now it's time to post something. I have a GX80 for a few months now. Last week I found the following video about a DIY windbreaker for the built in MIC. Now I thought that I could design something similar that could be 3D printed. So I did tonight. I still need to find some fabric to test it, but if it works I'll share the files.
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    Rod Gotfried : https://vimeo.com/157995688 https://vimeo.com/191130528 Joshua Morin: https://vimeo.com/159937841 https://vimeo.com/118014639 https://vimeo.com/113397445 Casey Wilson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIzhGCzBtUQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lY0D-oocp7s Oliver Astrogolo https://vimeo.com/181612110 https://vimeo.com/126747807 https://vimeo.com/137925379
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    Sony A7SII colors suck!!!

    Sorry wasn't trying to be mean, but when someone is blaming a product for not being good and it's really due to their lack of knowledge well then let's call a spade a spade. A forum full of knowledgeable people are trying to help and the op is being stubborn in my opinion. This post is almost troll like. Maybe that is why I am caught up wasting time typing this out? Dunno...
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