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  1. Jadesroom

    Sony ZV-1

    I ordered the vlogging kit. I like the portability and the camera has some nice features. I wish the lens was a little wider; however, the camera is pretty light and I can easily get the wide angle I need with a selfie stick.
  2. Given the speculated price of the R5, the Fuji X-t4 sounds like a better deal to me.
  3. At least according to Fuji Rumors which seems to be on top of a lot of things. Too bad. The rumor seemed too good to be true.
  4. Any guesses on the price for this camera?
  5. Are you positive that it will be 2.5mm? Sad if true. The preamp probably won't be very good either,
  6. I was a little over the top. I should have said, "Those who follow the political climate closely...."
  7. All bright, intelligent people know that the color made by the LUT will be the color of reelection. BTW, I am a "person of color." Not all minorities need what to think by a bunch of liberal whities.
  8. What do you think the chances are that it will be a Black Friday special? I'd like it to be a few hundred dollars cheaper. ?
  9. That's the great thing about filmmaking: There's no right or wrong, only tastes. What is good for one filmmaker will be different for another, whether it be plot, script, acting, even color. MCU movies are great to okay in my opinion. But so are some of the Scorsese movies. Raging Bull is great, but I know several people who can't understand why anyone would want to watch a black and white movie about a washed up Italian boxer.
  10. The Sony RX100vii for $1200. Similar cameras sell for much cheaper and have as many, if not more, features.
  11. This looks like the perfect solution for someone like me who would like to shoot some vlogs and match footage shot with an x-t3. I notice that it's will have a 2.5mm microphone jack with a supplied 3.5mm adapter. Does that setup cause any noticeable loss of sound quality?
  12. I'm primarily interested in Fuji and Panasonic, but enjoy seeing the others.
  13. The point of the post is that Amazon can say it sells US products with a warranty when the product is totally different than what is advertised. It's more than a shopping skill. It's like going to car dealer for a Lexus and getting a Kia with a supposed Lexus warranty; and then when the car breaks down, discovering that the dealership completely lied and that there was no Lexus to begin with and therefore no warranty exists. Obviously at a dealership, one can look at the car. But that's not available online. One has to trust the dealer/seller. The point is that Amazon is a convenient but not a reputable dealer. As you will notice, the watch was purchased June 2 and Amazon guarantees that it is a US version with warranty.
  14. This is a warning that many of you may already heed. My experience: In the past I've learned to be wary of Amazon vendors. Some will sell international versions of cameras that are not supported in the US, for example. Last summer my wife and I purchased two Samsung Gear Fit2 watches. Mine stopped working the first weekend in November. I sent it in. Samsung responded today that they cannot fix the watch because it is an international model and will need to be shipped to Italy for repair. This week I thought of purchasing a second X-T3 from Amazon rather than from B and H. I'm glad I didn't make that mistake.
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