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  1. The point of the post is that Amazon can say it sells US products with a warranty when the product is totally different than what is advertised. It's more than a shopping skill. It's like going to car dealer for a Lexus and getting a Kia with a supposed Lexus warranty; and then when the car breaks down, discovering that the dealership completely lied and that there was no Lexus to begin with and therefore no warranty exists. Obviously at a dealership, one can look at the car. But that's not available online. One has to trust the dealer/seller. The point is that Amazon is a convenient but not a reputable dealer. As you will notice, the watch was purchased June 2 and Amazon guarantees that it is a US version with warranty.
  2. This is a warning that many of you may already heed. My experience: In the past I've learned to be wary of Amazon vendors. Some will sell international versions of cameras that are not supported in the US, for example. Last summer my wife and I purchased two Samsung Gear Fit2 watches. Mine stopped working the first weekend in November. I sent it in. Samsung responded today that they cannot fix the watch because it is an international model and will need to be shipped to Italy for repair. This week I thought of purchasing a second X-T3 from Amazon rather than from B and H. I'm glad I didn't make that mistake.
  3. That said, it's what my work provides and now I've got a problem. I've edited a three minute video shot on a Sony X70, 422 XAVC. However, the encoding dialogue box says that export time is estimated at one hour and forty minutes. I don't recall this problem before the most recent update. What can I do--knowing that I have to use Premiere--to speed up the process?
  4. Advice: Remember that the most important equipment you have is within you...your knowledge and abilities.
  5. I sold my A7sii and purchased the X-T3. So far I like the change.
  6. $300 off the cost of a Fuji Xt-3. The camera is such a new product, though, that I doubt it happens.
  7. Nice. I'm strongly considering purchasing the bmpcc 4k this week.
  8. I shoot primarily real estate profiles and events with the combo. If timing follows past patterns, then an FZ2500 update should be announced within the next two months or so. I'd probably go for the FZ2500 update as well, depending on the FF's price and lens availability.
  9. I really like the combo. I used to use an A7sii with a Sony F4.0 28-135mm PZ lens and an XLR-K2M as my main camera and an A6500 as my primary combo. I still use the A7sii for low light. But I wanted something more traditional for a main camera. I thought about getting a Sony Z90 or a Z150, and I've always liked Panasonic. Hence, my decision to purchase the DVX200 and to move toward Panasonic cameras. I like the convience and colors of an FZ2500. I may purchase a GH4, GH5, or GH5s in the near future; however, I'm waiting to see what the camera announcement on the 25th has to offer. My biggest complaints about the DVX200 are the LCD sucks outdoors and the internal Vlog is unusable because of banding.
  10. I use an FZ2500 and a DVX200 on my shoots. Once a Ninja V arrives, I think I'll be pretty well set 🙂 for all my narrative needs.
  11. Andrew, I don't fully understand your reason to close the XF705 thread. Many threads on here deal with expensive cameras and camcorders that aren't mirrorless or dslr.
  12. $7000? I know the OP referenced the Z280, but it also sounds like the Z90 for an extra $4000
  13. I presently use a DVX200 most of the time. I use an FZ2500 for really tight shots or if I need a long (>200mm) zoom. I like the camera but its vlog sucks. That said, a few profiles (TDCat's, for example) have fantastic, baked in colors.
  14. I come here for entertainment and for camera information, not to read the political posts of what I consider idiots from both extremes. Subforum, please.
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