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  1. Video blocked but yea, I enjoyed watching the beautiful camera work on their show.
  2. I thought you were older than you look!
  3. The little triangle on the screen shows the optimal normal recording level. It can bounce a little over but average at or below. Reduce room reverb with hanging curtains, sheets, rugs
  4. If the deadcat fits over the foam then it's meant to.
  5. Because you were replying to me and I wasn't talking about Australia...
  6. NZ is not part of Australia. Those are new homes, and I agree they are getting bigger as the area of land decreases to almost the same size as the house. The existing average would be closer to 70m2. I've lived, and helped build, in both countries so that's what I'm basing my opinion on.
  7. Not only that, but the size and quality is completely different too. US houses are like mansions compared to here. It can easily be over $10,000 just to get the local city council to look at the plans to build a house here, without the land being touched or any guarantee you can build anything. Well there is that
  8. Mmm, the slowest I'd go for is the 25mm 1.4 or something like the Kamlan 1.1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_O3drNt01Q I just think 2.8 is too slow for that described. If you're at 3200 iso it's a bit rough. Anyway, wider aperture with candles = bokeh balls!
  9. My suspicion is that it *is* neat video and also that the stabilizer *is* mercalli and the deflicker *is* flickerfree. All I can say is that I was quite worried about losing my plugins when swapping to Resolve and found out that it had all the same functionality built in. Very very similar functionality
  10. Aha, quoted for truth. It takes two to tango.
  11. Orangenz

    Rec709 Luts?

    I believe "conversion to Rec709" luts require you to use a specific in-camera setup and profile. That makes retro fitting a conversion LUT onto existing footage problematic if you used something different. I think the leeminglutpro.com luts are quite good for getting to rec709.
  12. Picture profile/HLG It is preferable to use a preadjusted profile like Cine D when using 8bit. Too much post on 8bit vlog can produce colour artifacts. If using 10bit then whatever you want.
  13. Go Resolve And Luminar seems a good deal on the PS side. And note the Adobe playbook includes multiple levels and discounts as the customer offers resistance.
  14. Panasonic G85, not a camcorder. If high-school level kind of thing then mobile phone with a Takstar plugged in. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Takstar-SGC-598-Photography-Interview-Shotgun-MIC-Microphone-for-Nikon-Canon-DSLR-Camera-DV-Camcorder-for/32787037899.html
  15. You don't like Casey Faris? I've found his work quite helpful so far.
  16. MP4 HEVC for your panasonic hdr tv is 25p only. When you say Rec2020 do you mean the HLG Colour Style? That is only available at 25p, not 50p. For editing in post at 50p and you want the most dynamic range then CineD is good, then add a post LUT from Eoshd or LeemingLutPro. LPCM MP4 and MOV are the same files, different "container". No difference. Use LPCM if using PC. HDMI recording mode refers to sending the signal out the HDMI socket to an external recorder. That is the only way you can get 10bit at 50p. Colour space is called "photo style" in the movie menu, page 1.
  17. Lite user of Vimeo bandwidth is nothing to do with being a professional or not. You've got to stop reading into my words stuff that aint there. I just uploaded a few but I guess they were 4k goliaths and took up a load of space. Either way we both stopped paying didn't we. Getting those emails from vimeo is something big users should be aware of. The psych manipulation from Adobe when cancelling is also bad.
  18. Apparently you don't know what "basically" means. So you're a light user and this discussion about professional Vimeo use doesn't apply to you. Congrats.
  19. How much did you upload? Then they sent And Bold format is theirs.
  20. And as soon as you stop paying, they stop hosting. Basically all your videos disappear completely. I thought it was a bit off. Not even a 720p version left behind.
  21. It will find it even if set to private. For most music it will just turn off monitisation and the video can remain up with no problems. If you have music from Sony, like their premium music that shipped with Vegas then some spammers will claim it as their own. A simple dispute in that case wins every time for me.
  22. https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/Panasonic/Global/Learn-More/lumix-af-guidebook/LUMIX_AF_Guidebook_1809.pdf And some discussion about the lens with UK rep Carol. She notes it will probably not have I.S.
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