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    • Hypercardioid condensers are neat for this application, but also very sensitive to sibilances which gets you really close to your subject. Which you may or may not want. Obviously a condenser mic will always sound better, but they are not gentle when the subject turns their head against the mic. A lav would be safer because of their omnidirectional pattern meaning the sound won't change as much when not faced directly towards the sound source. Also lavs are way more flexible, and take very little time to set up, especially when moving around, and a lot easier to carry around than a big mic stand on smaller projects. Especially if you're on a budget a lav is the way to go. I like the Sennheiser AVX system because of the rugged antenna, but the g3 has the advantage of being able to use AA batteries. my 2 cents
    • OP is doing videos for a while, its maybe one of his first customers, but its not his first video. 200€ is way too low, if he asks 200€ now. Offcourse the client will hire him. But you will not be able to negotiate for a much higher price for the next video. They come to you because you are cheap, not because you have skills. You cannot live from a 200€ dayrate (when taxes etc pass through it), then you are better off working for a production company. Well 1000€ per day might be too high as well, over here 1000€ per day in Belgium gets you a veteran DOP with Arri amira + light kit + movi + sliders etc. 
    • good advice here! stay calm and assertive  
    • You are mad people.   1) First of all it is his first job, ever. I did a lot of free, low payed jobs in late 90's so I can learn different skills in our field. 2) Also, southern of Spain unemployment is at all time high, almost double the unemployment rates of Madrid, Northern Spain and Catalunya. When the rates for a normal 5 days/40 hours per week, is almost 800€ (it is half of those in Greece, unemployment is 30%), and he is probably getting black money (non taxed, but not insured either, that happens a lot in southern Europe), how would you ask for a day inside a studio shooting models? 3) if he got his mirrorless, with a couple of lenses, how do you charge for equipment? Usually it is around 2% of the market value (not when they were new). 4) I can't stress that enough. lack of experience, it is his first job, something happens on set, people see you differently and some how more sympathetic if they know you are just trying to braking in - and you get 200€ - thatn youbhave advertised yourself like - I do it all for 600€- type of guy. It takes one person being on set half a dozen times to realise one is inexperienced, and that is not a good thing. Imagine people being in the industry for decades, you can loose face, and future jobs just like that.
    • Hello! I was contacted to make a recording of a musical which has two one hour long parts. I need to rent a 4K camcorder which wont give me heating or other problems. I would appreciate a lot some recomendations, mostly if they come from people who have tested it! Thanks!