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  1. Sorry for trying to help. All I was stating was does not work. As far as 50 flight I do a day so this is not my first rodeo. I have helicopters as well as multicopters and carry various different cameras for Canon to Red Epic. As far as settings pre-set modes will not deliver the quality needed or at least not for my work. Manual mode and learning lighting and settings is what it takes to get quality video. Michael64
  2. Have been doing aerial photo and video for many years and one thing you must learn about aerial is first and foremost the machine needs to tuned like a sewing machine. In the video its all over the place and not very smooth. Second without the first one taking care of you will always fight with video, and three you never use auto-focus at all because that will always lead to focus being off most of the time and always doing the part you really wanted. In bright sun light you may get away with it some anything less and the odds go way down using auto-focus its the nature of the beast.
  3. It wont hurt the camera but if the patch ups the bitrate to more than the card can handle it stop recording and say something like recording cancelled due to card write speed. Mine did this and locked the camera and I had to take the battery out to get it working again. You said you is working so you should be okay and glad its working for you. Michael64
  4. Per Lichtman Thanks for the reply it looked to me as if the bitrate was up but this is new to me. Been in photography for about 5 yrs. with Canon but just getting deep into video and the GH2 so alot of reading, learning and asking question are ahead for sure. The video look super clean and shadows looked real good but just whated another opinion on the numbers from Stream Parser. Michael64
  5. New to the GH2 Hacks here is a screen shot of Stream Parser, question is do these numbers look like I have the patch install and working properly. Michael64
  6. Update  I got the patches to show up with the buttons at the bottom in green. One question after loading and you check the patches do what increments checked or unchecked and then on the new options they are checked as well do you want them checked or not checked. I guess what Iam asking is what does the check marks mean. Michael64
  7. marike6 I think that is my problem it show the patch but it does not have the ini. extension for some reason. I extract it in WinZip to the same folder but if I click on it it show notepad and the information on the patch is this right or wrong. Iam missing something I know. Thanks for helping. Michael64
  8. Having trouble with PTools loading patches. It loads the GH2__1.11 firmware but it does not see the patch thats in the same folder as the firmware. None of the bottom buttons are green I know I an missing something but for the life of me cannot figure this out. Any and all help would be great. Michael64
  9. I thought  I got it to work but it did not. How do you know the setting/hack is together before you save the file. I have tried Sanity and Vanilla 44 as well as the No Adverse Effects hacks. Iam doing something wrong or not doing it in the right way or not in the right order. It should not be this difficult should it. I thought I had Vanilla 44 installed on the card a Scandisk Extreme 45mb/s card  but when I tried to record in locked up and said recording was stopped due to card write speed. I could not turn the camera off so I waited but still had to take the battery out. Installed just the 1.11 firmware again and thankfully it works again but scared the +++++ out of me when it happened, so need to figure out what I am doing wrong. Michael64
  10. conscius Thanks for the info helps alot Take care. Michael64
  11. conscius Which settings (Hack)  or you using and with what SD card. Michael64
  12. conscius Thanks very much for the explanation very good and it worked for this time. Again thanks for helping. Michael64
  13. Thank you for the help with this, I am a new to the GH2 world I do aerial now coming for photography using Canon gear and the GH for video seem like the best you can get in the price range of cameras. Now I have to figure out PTool and loading to SD card. Not sure when you load the Firmware version 1.11 then how do you get the settings file to load with the GH__1.11.bin file. Thanks Michael64
  14. Is the vanilla 44 a good stable hack Michael64
  15. I know this has been talked but which hack works good and and does not need a card above 45mbs I a have alot of the Scandisk Extreme 45mbs cards and would like to use them if possible. Michael64
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