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  1. Hello everyone, I took some of the collective advice and did some testing with new settings. It appears that if I raise the shutter speed much higher in full M movie mode based on the fps im am shooting the AF doesnt hunt. Oddly shooting at 60P at roughly 160ss the AF works pretty darn good. Of course I will use a combo of full manual focus and some AF but I think AF is now more predictable and I have more confidence when I need to use it. thanks to all who replied. Great community and great camera! Here is the result of my last shoot. All manual 60p 720p AF on. Used the kit lens in
  2. Thanks for all the advice. WIll try to turn AF off and set all manually and see what it yields.
  3. [quote name='Michael64' timestamp='1344987302' post='15735'] Have been doing aerial photo and video for many years and one thing you must learn about aerial is first and foremost the machine needs to tuned like a sewing machine. In the video its all over the place and not very smooth. Second without the first one taking care of you will always fight with video, and three you never use auto-focus at all because that will always lead to focus being off most of the time and always doing the part you really wanted. In bright sun light you may get away with it some anythin
  4. We actually fly close to objects and at times we capture shallow DOF in low light/late evening shots. We also use EX Tele mode and need AF on for these type of shots. I've just had great results with the way it is set almost all of the time. So just stayed with it. Somewhat of a noob but have watched almost all the videos on set up and purchased the EOSHD GH shooters guide; not confident in making too many changes while doing client work etc...
  5. Hello community, Have had great results with EOS Vanilla 44 hack. Using exclusively for Aerial video and focus has been fine almost every time I have shot with settings per below. Using Kit lens to be consistant. Shooting in [u]720p at 80% slow setting[/u] in [u]smooth with -2-2-2-2[/u]; however not sure what I am doing incorrectly, but occasionally the AF begins to hunt. Again, using kit lens and same settings. S priority Is there something wrong that I am doing causing the hunting for focus? AF set to CF but dont think it matters in video mode anyway. Any settingd info great
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