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  1. Hi AL: Thank your your help. It made me think more about what is going on with the Smooth Track settings and the interaction with the trigger. To solve my problem I did the following: Set up a custom profile for User 2 Smooth Track Settings Speed High Deadband low (I have mine set at 10) Sensitivity High Now when I rotate my body (and trigger not depressed) the Ronin S maintains it position relative to my body and allowing me to create my pan. Thank you again for your input. Don
  2. Hi AL: I am new to these gimbals. Might I ask how I put the Ronin S in follow mode? Don
  3. HI ST: Delighted that you like the thread. So far, the the only thing I have been able to come up with is to hold down the M key to put it in the sport mode. Then, camera always points forward. Not quite sure this that use sport mode as my goal is to make relatively slow and deliberate actions. While I really do not want to do use the joystick to counter act the movement, I have given it a try. I have adjusted the pan speed down (and turned off joystick tilt), but I have been unable to come up with combination of rotation of me and and an amount of counter acting joystick that matches to give me a smooth pan. Seems like this would be very difficult to accomplish even for the most skilled operator. Anyways, other suggestions are welcome. Don
  4. Hi AL: The pan axis is not locked. If I rotate my body 20 degrees the right, the Ronin S will completely counter act my movement and rotate 20 degrees to the left. Does this help you understand my issue? I want the Ronin S to continue to point forward so that as I change direction of my body, the direction of the camera changes as well--thereby creating the pan. Don DSCF0034-Apple ProRes 422.mov DSCF0032-Apple ProRes 422.mov Note to the moderator. I apologize for adding these files this post. Not quite sure how that happened or how to delete them. If you come across this post it is OK to delete the attachments.
  5. Hi All: I am a new Ronin S user. I am attempting several type of shots without the use of the joystick: 1) Simple Panning and 2) Moving in/out from subject and panning at the same time. The issue is that when I rotate my body to accomplish the pan, the Ronin S counter acts my move by yawing (panning) in the opposite direction. Consequently, the action that I want which is to change the direction of the camera is defeated by equal and opposite action of the Ronin S. I have attempted various SmoothTrack settings and modified the tuning parameters to get this to stop. But nothing has worked. Does anyone have helpful suggestions for me? Sincerely, Don Barar BTW. I am able to easily accomplish these actions with my Phantom 4 Pro. When I rotate the aircraft to accomplish a panning shot, the Phantom maintains the camera pointing forward.
  6. dgbarar

    X-T3 Exposure

    Hi All: I just purchased a X-T3/XF 18-55 for use strictly as a video camera. I am in the process of the learning all of the features. Based on the settings I have now (exposure set to manual (i believe this locks the f/stop of the lens and Iso set to Auto), the videos shows a tendency to adjust exposure very quickly and is very noticeable. Is their a way to force the camera to make more gradual changes in exposure? Don BTW. I am shooting interior real estate videos. Hence, light is not always optimal and may change.
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