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  1. Hi Aquias, I know that you are considering a wireless system. I have a Sennheiser G4. Works well, but on are occasions there are issues with electronic interference that prevents you from finding a band to sync the transmitter and receiver. I am assuming the Sony would have similar issues. Recently I have transitioned to wireless belt packs. TentacleSync manufactures their Track E which is 32 bit unit with a lavaliere microphone. These are $350US/unit. A couple of these and the Tentacle Sync E connected to the camera would be about $950 US. More expensive than a wireless syste
  2. Hi All: Here is a Gerald Undone review between the Zoom F2(not the Bluetooth version) and the TenatcleSync Track E: Don Barar
  3. Hi All: Here is a Gerald Undone review between the Zoom F2(not the Bluetooth version) and the TenatcleSync Track E: Don Barar
  4. Have no idea as I have yet to purchase. I was hoping that someone had tried it and could report back how well it worked. Don
  5. Hi Iron: The information provided is very weak. If it picks up the TC from the TenticaleSync app on the phone or via Bluetooth then RECVIDEO has value to me. If not, well it is just another useless app that I have purchased occasionally over the years. Don
  6. Hi All, I just received a TentacleSync Track E audio recorder. On occasion, I have a need to shoot video with an iPhone. There is a mobile telephone app called RecVideo that supposedly picks up the time code from the Track E audio recorder. Has anyone used this application? What are your thoughts? Don Barar
  7. Last line should read "With my current Ronin SC........."
  8. Hi All, I am considering purchasing a Ronin SC2 with RavenEye and have the following question. In know that I need my mobile telephone to launch the DJI application and Active Track. One I establish an object that I want to track does the mobile telephone still have to on. I ask, because once I have started Active Track I would like to turn off the telephone to conserve battery. With my correct Ronin SC using Active Track it rapidly drains the battery on the mobile telephone. Thank you in advance. Don Barar
  9. Hi Xavier: Thank you for pointing this out as a possibility. I was unaware of the possibilities of mis-match between full levels for 8 bit. Why would applications make this change? What applications are you aware of that do this? Do they have a way to toggle on/off? BTW. The examples captured in 10 bit. Don
  10. HI Majkel: The solution is to transcode to Prores 422 in FCPX. This is how I do it. When you import your files, allow FCPX to generate optimized files. Optimized files are a Prores 422 transcode. Do your editing. Then when you complete your project, delete the optimized files to conserve storage space. For some reason Compressor is not properly transcoding to Prores 422 and with my X-T3 exposure was being added.. However, optimized files in FCPX do not have this problem. I have written to Apple on their bug reporting and they have never responded. If you are an FCPX user,
  11. This might be a little off topic and it may or may not help others using FCPX. Never transcode your H265 files to Proress 422 before importing into FCPX. Allow, FCPX to generate optimized files upon importing. The optimized files are ProRes 422. Do your editing. Once you have completed your project, delete the optimized media and you will be left with a smaller project file that only has the H265 media. If you ever need to edit your project, allow FCPX to again generate the optimized media. Hope this might be of help to others. Don
  12. Hi Jay, Thank you for performing these additional tests. Hmmm. I am beginning wonder if this is a Fuji bug or if companies not properly updating their software to properly handle 10 bit HEVC. Any one out there with a camera brand other than Fuji that can test 10 bit HEVC to see if when transcoding to Prores 422 there is shift up in the RGB parade? Don Barar
  13. Hi Jay, Thanks for writing. I am using MacOS 10.15.6 Catalina on a late 2016 MBP15. That is what I found with Video Pass Through. It leaves the video untouched and does not transcode to Prores 422--even through it still names the file Prores 422. However, the main issue remains as to why Compressor shifts the RGB parade up for when transcoding to Prores 422 from .h265, 10 bit, 420 files. As an experiment, I tried transcoding to Prores 422 the same .h265, 10 bit, 420 file using Adobe Media Encoder. It seems to process the files just fine without shifting the RGB parade up
  14. Hi All: I need to amend my initial comments. The above represent .h265 10 bit 420. Compressor does not properly transcode this to Prores 422 and imparts a significant shift in the histogram. On the other had, Compressor does properly transcode to Prores 422 files that are h264 8 bit 420. Sorry for any confusion. Don Barar
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