Sony NEX-5 release date announced for May 11th, no 24p!!

UPDATE: The rumours were right! Now expect the NEX7 for September’s Photokina.

Sony’s much anticipated mirrorless HDSLR is released in a few days. What do we know?

It will be available in Hong Kong and Japan from May 11th and a limited stock global release that same day.

Whilst an attempt at a global release is good, unfortunately 24p is missing from the spec sheet. Stop reading now?

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Panasonic UK recognising GH1 banding issue

Above: the GH1’s sensor and related circuitry

A DPReview forum user from the UK was unhappy with the amount of banding on his Panasonic GH1


He called Panasonic in the UK who asked to see samples of the banding. After analysing his photos, they replied that the problem with too much chroma banding, in vertical and horizontal lines – was outside of the usual tolerances. They suggested he return the camera to the reseller for a replacement, which he duly got.

Surprise – the new replacement was much better.

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Copyrighted music in HDSLR videos

Here is an example of a guy with a disgusting attitude towards creative people.

James B. Venice

[SIZE=”5″>”[/SIZE]You Zacuto guys might want to edit out the “**** *****” trailer at the end of your video. They are using a soundtrack from Steve Joblonsky without copyright permission.

Not cool. I would hate for all your hard work and “original” content to be ruined by the kids at *******.

I work for Reprise Records and we are contacting them now about the theft of his music. Please remove that section of your video or contact us at our media relations department at 818-840-2405.

Thanks for and take care.[SIZE=”5″>”[/SIZE]

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