New EOSHD Pro Color 5 is out now, for all Sony mirrorless cameras including the A7S III!

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Pro Color 5 is finally here! Newly refreshed for the Sony A7S III as well as current models such as the A7 III, A7C and A6400.

Pro Color 5 has been developed for over 2 years since version 4.

The acclaimed EOSHD Pro Color gives you cinematic straight-out-of-camera image quality, improved skintones and colours in all shooting situations.

For the first time you can use Pro Color 5 in 10bit and in 8K mode.

On the A7S III, Pro Color 5 is able to bring even better results than Sony’s new color science offers, with more choice beyond just S-Cinetone.

Pro Color 5 the first universal version – no longer do you have to buy a particular version to suit your camera model.

Also for the first time in the series, Pro Color 5 works with cameras even if they lack advanced Picture Profiles. Sony A9 and A9 II are now supported!

Find out more about Pro Color 5 on the dedicated EOSHD page here

Berlin Bike - Pro Color 5 / A7R IV

With Pro Color 5 I fix a range of issues with Sony’s default settings and color science, and bring a filmmaker’s eye to image quality.

The results are an improvement not just on the Sony A7S III in 10bit, but on all the 8bit cameras too – past and present.

What’s new and improved?

  • Updated profiles (“Venice style”, “EOS Style”, and more) for all current Sony models including the existing A7 III, and new A7S III
  • New video modes supported and tested including Sony A7S III 4K/120fps, the new 10bit codec, 8K on the A1 and 4K on the latest A7R IV
  • In addition to the main Pro Color profile ,there are entirely new choices of look compared to previous versions
  • Wider color gamut cinematic profiles inspired by the Alexa, Leica cameras and Canon 1D C
  • More flattering skin tones to get away from the dead ‘zombie’ or ‘yellowish’ look Sony’s color science is prone toward
  • Reduce color clipping and posterisation in artificial light and 8bit
  • Tames the Sony auto white balance system
  • Reduces off casts and digital looking hues to make any scene look more natural
  • Better highlight detail retention and more dynamic range
  • Updated guide with extra help to get color exactly where you need it to be
  • Capture the Hollywood orange and teal look by maintaining both warm and cool tones in one shot without an overall cool or warm cast
  • A more balanced realistic look without the usual magenta or green bias
  • Deeper reds and oranges (for better looking fire, candle light, street lights, etc.)
  • All in-camera with no post required
  • No installation, software or special firmware required

EOSHD Pro Color 5 works on ALL Sony mirrorless cameras. Please view full compatibility notes here!