The EOSHD Panasonic GH3 Shooter’s Guide

The EOSHD Panasonic GH3 Shooter's Guide

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It’s finally here!

A complete ground-up rewrite following on from the popular GH2 book, this is the biggest Shooter’s Guide yet at 250 pages and 12 chapters.

This book designed to be a permanent accompaniment to your Panasonic GH3. It contains everything you need to know to become an expert GH3 cinematographer.

Full of tips based on my own experience with the camera, this is a digital e-book (PDF format) and delivery is almost immediate after ordering.


  • EOSHD’s recommended camera settings for filmmaking
  • EOSHD’s 15 recommended lenses for the GH3 (with new tri-shot test gallery)
  • Official foreword by Panasonic and exclusive interview
  • Post production chapter and 10% off Film Convert Pro 2 with every book
  • 250 pages long!
  • A Total Beginner’s Guide in the Appendix and filmmaking-lingo-buster
  • Shooting tips from Andrew Reid
  • Recommended accessories and audio gear
  • 1 year in the making

With a brand new landscape orientated design this Shooter’s Guide is clearer and more attractively photographed than ever, with 100’s of original images and photos. You have full chapter navigation on each page in the footer and it’s fully iPad / iPhone / Android compatible.

GH3 guide - anamorphic

Above: Susanna with pink hair – shot on one of the lenses recommended in the book for the GH3 – the FF58 from Dog Schidt Optiks!

Full contents listing

Chapter 1 – Introduction

  • Welcome to the Panasonic GH3
  • Exposure and manual controls
  • Frame rate
  • Resolution
  • How best to view footage

Chapter 2 – Recommended Settings

  • Cinema settings
  • Record mode
  • Dials
  • Buttons
  • Quick Menu
  • Main Menus
  • Features which can be ignored most of the time
  • Features which should be turned off
  • Function buttons

Chapter 3 – Recording Video

  • Recording quality and settings
  • Shutter speed and its effect on footage
  • ISO sensitivity
  • Manual focus
  • White balance
  • Controlling the information you see when shooting
  • Avoiding rolling shutter skew

Chapter 4 – Features for Filmmakers

  • Ex-tele crop mode
  • Histogram
  • Record Highlights
  • Time Code
  • Built in EVF

Chapter 5 – Lens Recommendations

  • Introduction
  • Summary of recommended lenses
  • 5 recommended “Micro Four Thirds mount” lenses
  • 5 recommended “cheap but good” lenses
  • 5 recommended “unique and special” lenses
  • Search tips to improve your eBay hunt

Chapter 6 – Lens Samples Gallery

  • Introduction
  • Samples from all 15 recommended lenses

Chapter 7 – Lens Adapters

  • Passive mount adapters
  • Active mount adapters
  • Metabones Speed Booster adapters
  • Anamorphic adapters
  • Types of lens which are incompatible

Chapter 8 – Shooting Tips

  • Introduction
  • 5 simple things you can do to shoot better video
  • Choosing the right lenses for your shoot
  • Specific GH3 shooting tips from Andrew Reid
  • Editing technique

Chapter 9 – Photo Styles

  • Introduction
  • Recommended Photo Style settings
  • Photo Styles gallery

Chapter 10 – Post Production Techniques

  • Sharpening in post
  • Slow-motion
  • Even slower-motion
  • Grading with Film Convert Pro 2
  • Stabilizing handheld footage
  • Noise reduction
  • Exporting for Vimeo and YouTube

Chapter 11 – Audio Recording

  • Introduction
  • Internal mic
  • External mics
  • Dual-system recorders
  • Linking a dual-system recorder to the GH3’s mic socket
  • Audio controls and monitoring

Chapter 12 – Accessories

  • Recommended tripods
  • Recommended tripod heads
  • Tripod leveling base
  • Monitors, HDMI cables and EVFs
  • Lens support and rails
  • Follow focus
  • LED lighting

Appendix A – The Total Beginners Guide

  • Introduction
  • Immediate improvements to give you better video
  • Know your manual controls
  • Know the filmmaker jargon
  • Sensor size explained
  • Lenses and sensor size “crop factor”

Appendix B – Sample Footage
Appendix C – Further Reading at EOSHD
Appendix D – More EOSHD Shooter’s Guides

GH3 guide - lenses

GH3 guide - manual video control

GH3 guide accessories and audio